Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Oh my God!! He did it again!! I really like this president, and most of what he stands for (no, not everything!), but the next time he says "Nu-cu-lar" instead of nuclear, I think I'll rip his freakin' tongue out!!

state of the union address tonight...

Well, tonight is the state of the union address, Feb 2, 2005, and all the news shows have said it will mostly be about the domestic side the administration (hate that expression like poison!) has plans for . Anyway...I personally think that the president is right about having to do something about Social Security. We HAVE to save it, nobody has tried to yet, but, well, maybe this should've been thought about and mentioned years ago. And from what I can understand, they're not going to privatize 100% of it, only about 25%.And they're a few years, we won't have the 'baby boom' generation paying into it...they'll be getting it. Which isn't a problem, they more than deserve it.
Also, I really wish someone would explain to me why the Democratic party is expected to be the party of the minorities. Hmmm...Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, & he was a Republican. A long time ago, I know, but let's come forward a few years...who is trying very hard to put 'minorities' on his staff and they're having a very hard time getting them through. Who did former President Clinton have as his secretary of state? Madeline Albright, who met Kim Jong-Il and described him as 'charming'. Yes, she was a woman, but, didn't she actually look like a grandma that would be taking a plate of homemade cookies to anyone she met, including Kim Jong-Il! So what, exactly, has the Democratic party done for black people? A lot of the things have been something to do with making it easier to get welfare, etc. Which, if they were just a little more honest about it, seems to be more of a way to keep any disadvantaged person more dependant on someone to take care of them, rather than encouraging them to step up to the plate, work hard, and take care of themselves! Wow...I think that would be them trying to 'hold them down', wouldn't you? The feeling you get when you CAN finally work your way up and support yourself is totally amazing, and I would think that would be the ultimate goal.