Saturday, March 28, 2009

nothing in particular today, either...

Now THIS would be funny!! Truman's gotten under the sinks in both the bathroom & the kitchen, but, luckily, I was always watching!

And, I think this looks just like a guy who tried to pick me up at a bar in Toledo. He also used that oh-so-tactful line "I'd drink your bathwater"...oh pleease...I wouldn't even drink my bathwater. And that should make me want to get my mouth anywhere close to HIS?

...and I'm taking this as a horrible warning from Truman's astral twin!

...also, one more phrase..."It gave me pause"...That just makes me think of a person standing in front of you, and their hands turning into cat paws or something...
X-Dell was at his parents' house in Cincy this week, and was going to come on up here, but he ended up having to fly home today, so we'll catch up another time this least I talked to him and heard him on the phone, so now I know he's a real person! Not just "X-Dell:The Man, The Myth, The Legend!" (or the legume?).
I'm sitting here watching "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel, I love this show! He's riding around with the guy from 'The Tydee-Whitee Company', that picks up bags of dirty diapers weekly at people's houses, and delivers clean ones, then they showed them taking the dirty ones back to the company, and they were washing them & drying them...and folding them...oh Lord! I'm sure there are worse jobs...but...I can't think of many right now...
I got a Facebook message last night, and it was from my friend, Chester! That was neat...I'm the second Libby on her friends list...she has a sister Libby, too. One of the women that works at Haley's hair salon told me "My niece is named Libby, too!"...and I expressed my sympathies to her...but she said she likes it! Obviously, these people didn't grow up at the height of the "Libby, Libby, Libby on the label" commercials! Sheesh! When my Mom told her sister what she was going to name me, my aunt said, "What are you going to name the next one? Stokely Van Camp?" lolololol! I love my aunt! But it really is a family was my mom's grandma, who, I guess was a really neat lady, and my mom loved her very much.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is the new mailbox Bro put up for me! The other one was all the way to the left of this picture...not there anymore, but it was okay when I was still "mobile".

It's kinda cold out today, and drizzly, and my butt is staying inside where it's warm! And I just checked the weather for the rest of the week, and it's gonna be cloudy and rainy til Monday! Sucks, sucks, sucks!!

Well, I have a new favorite afternoon tv show..Glenn Beck...he's not a conservative or liberal, he's a libertarian...he makes a lot of sense...he's like me, didn't like Bush, doesn't like what he sees now...equal opportunity hater...

I was up late last night (surprise, surprise...) and watching an old 'The Jefferson's'. I loved that show too, especially the maid, Florence! She said the shit that nobody dared to! Anyway, George was getting on a bowling league, and that just brought back total memories for me! Yeah, I bowled a lot starting when I got on a Saturday moning league when I was 12. And I had a lot of fun with it! Mom & G were in one on Friday nights forever. I remember Mom wanted to join, and Dad didn't, so G was right there, of course. And, since he never had a date or anything...well....'nuff said! After a few years, I remember, they needed someone else on their team, or their league, or something, and I wanted to join, so I remember, I had to sign something saying I wasn't going to be in high school sports anymore. I guess it was something to do with the fact that I'd get money back at the end of the year or something...I didn't care, cuz I was junior in high school anyway, and wasn't on anything in school (just I remember my average starting on it was 131, but by the time I had Tif and quit, it was 168! Yeah, I was good. I bowled a 269 once (just once!). I had Tif on a Sunday, and still bowled the next Friday night. But, I didn't keep up with it...too bad. My friend in Findlay (Chester) went bowling with me once on a Saturday night when we had nothing to do! She was good too, and she was a lot bigger than me...(intimidating?).

I'm just thinking about random words & phrases I've heard in the last couple days. Like "occasional table" that a table that's there most of the time, but 'occasionally', when you're not watching it closely, it sneaks off?

Or when someone says "I want to play with reckless abandon." I know him? Does he do drugs or anything? Where does he live? Do I know his family?

The right to bear arms...don't you just get a picture in your head of a person with great big grizzly bear arms?

Or maybe I'm just a goof...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

spite & malice...

This has got to be one of the funniest pictures I ever saw! And, no, I wasn't applauding behind her while she did this!

...and, this is kinda what I think about when I think of the Wall Street brainiacs lately...

Tom & I were just talking about all the financial shit going on right now...and I told him I was watching Fox News today, and when they were talking about AIG, they showed just a random shot of regular people going in & out the doors to work there, and all I could think of was how horrible it would be to just be, like, a regular person that works there now...not a bigwig, or an executive, just an office assistant, or working in the mailroom, or something! You really need your job, but, at what price, ya know? Then we talked about the enormous bonuses and all, and the government is trying to push through something that taxes the bonuses at 90%. Hmmm...You know, I don't like that idea either. I agree wholeheartedly that they should NOT get the bonus money, but somebody was asleep at the switch and let this go through, now it's a contract, and 'for better or worse', you can't break this! But, taxing it at that rate would suck and be wrong too. And two wrongs don't make a right, definitely not in this situation! Because, when I worked at the phone company and dealt with billing questions all the time, I learned a lot about know, if you look at your landline phone bill, there's so many little taxes stuck in here and there, you wouldn't believe it! And a lot of them were put on back in World War II, and everybody was told, "These are temporary taxes, because of the war, etc, they're for our own good, they'll be off soon."...they're still there. Once they get a tax on, it will NEVER be taken off. No, I don't have any idea how to get this money back, but taxing it just is not the right thing to do. What happens, then, if someone wins millions in the lottery, or inherits millions? What would stop them from taxing that at that rate? It's just a bad situation, with no obvious answers. Well, yeah, I guess there's an obvious answer, but murder is also against the law...this kind of shit wouldn't happen if people still had any honor or integrity...hell, even shame! I guess I'm sick of the whole Dem/Repub thing...I like the libertarian idea better every day. Bob Barr, Ron Paul...looking back, I wish...
I did get out today for a couple hours, rode down to the Dollar Store, cuz I had to get a birthday card for someone, and kitty litter, and stuff like that. I took my camera and got some cool pictures of the sky, really neat clouds! And there's a great place in that plaza, it's called Blue Fusion, it's like a huge game room, has pool tables, a bowling alley,'s really neat! I wish there would've been something like that here when I was a kid!! So, I was sitting there smoking a cigarette before I headed home, and a family with 3 kids walked by, and it really hit me that, no, I don't ever want to be a mommy again, I had that early, it was great, but Tif's the only one I'm a Mom to...and, you know, it'd be different if it was an older kid, like a teenager, but I guess I'm now at that awkward 'in-between' age, where I'm too old to be a mommy, too young to be a grandma! I know there are plenty of people that have kids in their late 30's, and that's okay, if that's what you want. I'm just not wanting to ever start all over again.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, March 20, 2009 week,,,new attitude!

All right, all, I haven't taken any more pictures after my haircut, for now, I'll stick with all the stupid kitty pictures! But they are funny!
I've been out a few places on my scooter in the last couple days, seeing people again, I had an appointment with a person at a church today. I got off the bus up there at the back door, and there were a bunch

of guys hanging around the picnic table with an ashtray. So as soon as I told the driver thanks, I scooted over to the group, saying, "This must be where all the kewl kids hang out, huh?" and got my cigarettes! A couple hours later I came out, and everybody was gone, except there were a couple guys volunteering, they were scraping the windowsills for painting, and we just talked about how gorgeous a day it was outside! And I really wish I would've had my camera with me today, cuz the sky was SO blue, and had little puffy clouds! Plus, I was downtown, and those buildings down there are just, well, they're solid-looking!! They need my camera!
I've just been a little introspective for the last week or so. It was two years ago this week I was officially dumped, & I know, this is taking a long friggin time to get over. But, I was a happily married woman with jobs & a life for 15-17 years before's gonna take some time to get over! But I'll do it, no worry!
I got out of the shower Wednesday, and came out here to open the front door to let some sun in, and looked down at the porch in front of my door, and my mailbox was laying in front of the door, and I had a new mailbox next to my front door! That was just another awesome thing Bro did for me! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was wanting to get a new mailbox beside the door, because the one I've always had was on the porch wall out toward the steps, and I was getting to the point that I can't walk to the mailbox anymore. So, he got me a new one, and put it up while I was in the shower, and it's right outside the door I just open the door & stick my hand out around the corner of it!! Holy crap!! I came back over to the desk and called him, and said, "Oh, XXXX, thank you!!" He just said, "Libby, it's just a mailbox." That started me laughing & crying at the same time! Sometimes the littlest things that you do for someone, might seem little to you, but it's the world to them...
One of my friends that I worked at GTE with came over for a few hours the other day. That was just neat! She's about 15 or 20 years older than me, and she's very religious, Wesleyan. And we sat next to each other at work, it was an office with about 1000 people working there then, 3 floors, and we never would've met if we hadn't ended up being "cube-mates" lol! Seriously, I don't think anyone would've ever guessed that we would be this good of friends, you know...I smoke, she doesn't, I watch tv, she doesn't, she wears dresses and keeps her hair in a bun, I don't...but we just get along great. I guess it's because we both have tolerance and don't try to push our lifestyles on each other. Her husband is the part-time pastor at their church, and he's really nice too. They're just good people, and have 4 good sons, one of whom is a missionary with his wife in, I think, Kosovo! They just have neat stories to tell! Her life is like a book! I wouldn't want to live it, but, she wouldn't want mine either. And that's okay with why is there so much trouble between religions? (people in the religions) I guess that'd all go back to the whole tolerance thing...tolerance seems to be in such short supply these days. sheesh...I'd think everybody would have more immediate things in their lives to fight about, wouldn't you?

Tom and I still are on the phone or seeing each other a lot, I just am taking advantage of the better weather and going everywhere in town that I can on my scooter. We just want two totally opposite lifestyles...if you think about it, we're kinda like the couple in 'Green Acres' tv show! hahaha!
And, did anyone hear on Nancy Grace the other night that they tested Lee's (Casey's brother) DNA, because the FBI wanted to know if he was Caylee's dad too? Well, I guess he's not...but, damn, I wasn't the only person in the world to suspect it!
Well, I'm gonna go read one of the books I got off ebay, an Ann Rule one. I'd never heard of her before, but, Cindy said I'd like her books, and she's right!! Good thing I still have a lot of my ebay gift certificate from Christmas from Bro left!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, March 16, 2009

almost st patrick's day! (green beer, anyone?)

Okay, I did more bitching about my hair! Now I'll be able to go to sleep at night without having to try to push my hair off my face all the time! And, best of all, this cut with my hair doean't need blow-dried or anything...all it'll need is some hair gel and brushed, & go! Tif highlighted it last week & I thought about having her cut it...we talked
about it, but I said no...then I realized I just had too f*n' much hair to deal with so...
The girl that gave me this cut was my best friend in 3rd grade! We were inseparable in grade school. She was even allowed to go to Florida with me & Mom & Dad for 2 wks in the summer after 3rd grade (or the year before, not sure!). We talked about my

house growing up, because she always loved it! And she said that she already told her husband that if that house was ever for sale, they were buying it! And we talked about our favorite tv shows when we were kids...and she remembered that I was a HUGE Arnold Horshack fan! Not like 'had a crush on', or anything....he just had my sense of humor! No, I was like every girl in my grade...John Travolta was THE crush!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, March 13, 2009

tarot reading for friday the 13th...

The emotional climate today is anything but cheerful, libby... The cards of Death and Temperance indicate a rupture or a loss that will cause you great pain.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my political ramblings...may be offensive

...and keep in mind. My views are probably different than yours, but don't hate me for that (I'm sure if you really get to know me, you'll find better reasons!).
I feel like Obama's taken his eye off the ball here, as far as this country's problems. In my opinion, and the rest of the 8.1% of unemployed Americans, our economy should be the focus here! Not reforming health care, getting the card check passed for unions, gun control is right around the corner, not pushing through a stimulus and budget for 2010 that is so full of pork it oinks! Raising taxes, education reform...Holy shit, yes, all of this needs done. Well, not all of it, but whatever. Rome's burning here, so put the fiddle down, Nero, and FOCUS!!

Okay...that's pretty much it for my political rant.

I really haven't been doing too much else lately. Well, I was at the dr's office the other day, and ran into the lady that I haven't seen for years, that sent me a plaque with a religious saying on it for Christmas! I was friends with her daughter in 8th grade!

And early last week I was at a different dr appt, and had the city bus drop me off at Certified, and I got a carton of cigarrettes for the week, and a few candy bars for the week, and a bag of cat food, & rode my scooter home, and, damn, that felt good! No, it's far from warm, but, THERE'S NO SNOW!!
Anyway...I've been really bad with any of my medicine. I was on avonex for the first 13 years I had ms, which was one im shot a week. Then I started getting totally stiff legs & everything, so I figured maybe I should try something else, so I tried Rebif. That's 3 shots a week, but they're only the under-the-skin shots, like diabetics have to get. They do hurt less than the intra-muscular shots, but it's not that big of a difference! So, anyway, I did those for probably the last couple months of last year, then I just gave up on everything! When I saw her a couple weeks ago, she asked if I want to try copaxone. And I said no, just put me back on avonex, because, I think a lot of the problems started when my weight got down to 88 lbs, + everything else that I had goin' on in the last 2 years.(you know, my life as I knew it was tossed aside like a used Kleenex, and all). But she agreed with me that all that shit probably had everything to do with it, so I'm going to start avonex again next month. Copaxone sounds good,'s a shot every day! thanks!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

...March..& daylight saving time starts tonight! WooHoo!

Yay!! It's March and not raining ( will be tomorrow...)
Tom called last night and we started talking about our regular subject...death, & cremation & all that stuff...(joking! really!) He still thinks the crematorium/pizza shop would be good. And I told him about the woman in New England a couple years ago that hung herself in a tree in her yard around Halloween, and people drove past a lot & thought she was a decoration, for days! Brilliant! I said that when I was still driving, I used to want to go up to Macinaw Island and drive off the bridge...then he asked what car I had planned to do this in...I said my Geo Metro. And he laughed his ASS off! Said he could just see me now...the car didn't have the weight to sink...I'd just be floating down the lake, and all, & the people that stopped would all be laughing & waving and such. Grrrrrr!!~ I guess I'd just pull out my trusty book I always had under my front seat, and a cigarrette, &...well, nothing! That would be just my luck, decide to off myself, and then I'd do that wrong too! Don't even worry about it, though. There's too many people that it would just be a relief for if I did that, so THAT ain't gonna happen...
Has anybody else been following the Caylee Anthony murder trial as close as I am? Probably not. Anyway...Caylee's mom, Casey, is charged with her murder...Caylee was 2 yrs old. And Casey just says the father is dead, he died in a car accident when she was pregnant. I beg to differ...nobody's even mentioned it, but, honestly, I think her brother, Lee, is probably Caylee's father. Just from the way he acts about Casey & everything, he just looks like that's what's up...I don't know, it's just my theory...
Anyway, I'm outta here!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Happy March!! Thank God, the snow went a lot further south and east than here! Sorry for all who got it, though!
The top picture on here, the open door is my room when I was a teenager, the one to the left goes up to the attic, the one on the right is the linen closet.
Then this one here is our front door with the mail slot beside that cool as hell, or what?
I've been watching a cool show on's called High School Reunion, and it has a class from 1988 having a 2-week reunion at a big house with a pool & everything in hawaii. I'm looking forward to their new serial starting April 15 (at 10 pm, in case you were wondering!) called "The Cougar"! Of course, it's like the bachelorette, only the woman is about 40, & all the guys are in their 20's! Ricardo, you really oughtta try to find out how to get on it!! That would be a good acting debut for you! 'course, I don't know how much 'acting' you'd do...
OMG!! The movie "Desperation" is on the Scifi channel right now, I saw it a long time ago, but I have the book, & it's really good too. And, yes, I watch tv a lot when the weather is this shitty out!! But I always am reading during commercials...I just finished the book about body language last night. That was really good! Learned a whole lot!
I stayed up last night listening to another infomercial for 'rock ballads'. Like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"...says a lot. Poison had deep songs for such shallow minds, didn't they?
Mouse called the other day. Nothin' much is going on up there...her boyfriend got laid off last week, that totally sucks. She still has her job, but it's only part-time, at a nursing home. I haven't heard of too many full-time jobs around anywhere, anyway!
Joe called tonight, he's got a job teaching at a charter school, & that seems to be going good! I'm glad, and I'm happy that he likes it! And no wonder I can never get ahold of him...the job is an hour and a half drive south, so he goes to bed at like 7:30 or 8 at night, and doesn't get home til about 6!
In other words...this economy sucks a big girl's butt!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!