Friday, March 20, 2009 week,,,new attitude!

All right, all, I haven't taken any more pictures after my haircut, for now, I'll stick with all the stupid kitty pictures! But they are funny!
I've been out a few places on my scooter in the last couple days, seeing people again, I had an appointment with a person at a church today. I got off the bus up there at the back door, and there were a bunch

of guys hanging around the picnic table with an ashtray. So as soon as I told the driver thanks, I scooted over to the group, saying, "This must be where all the kewl kids hang out, huh?" and got my cigarettes! A couple hours later I came out, and everybody was gone, except there were a couple guys volunteering, they were scraping the windowsills for painting, and we just talked about how gorgeous a day it was outside! And I really wish I would've had my camera with me today, cuz the sky was SO blue, and had little puffy clouds! Plus, I was downtown, and those buildings down there are just, well, they're solid-looking!! They need my camera!
I've just been a little introspective for the last week or so. It was two years ago this week I was officially dumped, & I know, this is taking a long friggin time to get over. But, I was a happily married woman with jobs & a life for 15-17 years before's gonna take some time to get over! But I'll do it, no worry!
I got out of the shower Wednesday, and came out here to open the front door to let some sun in, and looked down at the porch in front of my door, and my mailbox was laying in front of the door, and I had a new mailbox next to my front door! That was just another awesome thing Bro did for me! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was wanting to get a new mailbox beside the door, because the one I've always had was on the porch wall out toward the steps, and I was getting to the point that I can't walk to the mailbox anymore. So, he got me a new one, and put it up while I was in the shower, and it's right outside the door I just open the door & stick my hand out around the corner of it!! Holy crap!! I came back over to the desk and called him, and said, "Oh, XXXX, thank you!!" He just said, "Libby, it's just a mailbox." That started me laughing & crying at the same time! Sometimes the littlest things that you do for someone, might seem little to you, but it's the world to them...
One of my friends that I worked at GTE with came over for a few hours the other day. That was just neat! She's about 15 or 20 years older than me, and she's very religious, Wesleyan. And we sat next to each other at work, it was an office with about 1000 people working there then, 3 floors, and we never would've met if we hadn't ended up being "cube-mates" lol! Seriously, I don't think anyone would've ever guessed that we would be this good of friends, you know...I smoke, she doesn't, I watch tv, she doesn't, she wears dresses and keeps her hair in a bun, I don't...but we just get along great. I guess it's because we both have tolerance and don't try to push our lifestyles on each other. Her husband is the part-time pastor at their church, and he's really nice too. They're just good people, and have 4 good sons, one of whom is a missionary with his wife in, I think, Kosovo! They just have neat stories to tell! Her life is like a book! I wouldn't want to live it, but, she wouldn't want mine either. And that's okay with why is there so much trouble between religions? (people in the religions) I guess that'd all go back to the whole tolerance thing...tolerance seems to be in such short supply these days. sheesh...I'd think everybody would have more immediate things in their lives to fight about, wouldn't you?

Tom and I still are on the phone or seeing each other a lot, I just am taking advantage of the better weather and going everywhere in town that I can on my scooter. We just want two totally opposite lifestyles...if you think about it, we're kinda like the couple in 'Green Acres' tv show! hahaha!
And, did anyone hear on Nancy Grace the other night that they tested Lee's (Casey's brother) DNA, because the FBI wanted to know if he was Caylee's dad too? Well, I guess he's not...but, damn, I wasn't the only person in the world to suspect it!
Well, I'm gonna go read one of the books I got off ebay, an Ann Rule one. I'd never heard of her before, but, Cindy said I'd like her books, and she's right!! Good thing I still have a lot of my ebay gift certificate from Christmas from Bro left!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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