Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday!! and it's not raining!!

Now, the baby is funny as hell...that squirrel is just plain fucking sick!! Where do I find this disgusting shit??
I'm bored today. Yesterday Tiff & Zak brought Jenga (their papillon dog, and yes, she's been spayed!) over while they were going to be at work, so I 'babysat' for my grand-dog. She is so good and cute, she's actually the only dog I like!! I mean, she doesn't pee or poop in the house, she's nice, 'plays well with Truman', and only weighs about 12 lbs!
I was thinkin' today...what's some of the books you read when you were young, that you'd still read again? A few years ago, I bought a copy of 'The Phantom Tollbooth' from Amazon, and it was SO good to read it again!! I also had the whole hardcover set of all the Raggedy Ann & Andy books, the whole hardcover set of all the "Little House On The Prairie" books.I know they're in boxes in my mom & dad's basement now! Holy crap!! I just thought of that...where the hell am I gonna put 'em if I need to take 'em?? Oh, and I can't forget the old 'The Egg And I' book...and "Cheaper By The Dozen" (completely different and far better than the recent movies!)..."Helter Skelter"..."The Stand", which Mom bought for me when it first came out in the 70's, and I was home from school with the flu that day...! There are probably twice as many books over there as there are in here, since I don't drive anymore, I order my books from somewhere (usually eBay!), cuz I can't get back & forth to the library. Oh well...that was always one of the saddest days of my life, when I had to take the books back to the library. Even though I brought home a paper bag full every week and read all of them, I hated taking them back!! I guess that's always been one of my (many, probably!) pet peeves!! I HATE getting rid of ANY book, even if I'm not fond of the book, and will never read it again!! I can just see it now...someday, when they find my cold, dead body curled up dead at the bottom of a ceiling-high stack of books...I guess I'll finally be'll see me on the news some night and they'll be talking about "that crazy old lady that lived down on the corner"...
And, damn, I was just out in the kitchen digging through the freezer, and I found a whole sealed half gallon of Good Humor neapolitan ice cream! WooHoo!! Gotta go do something about this!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


WooHoo!! I just got done 'book shopping' on, that is so much FUN!! I got an email reminder from ebay yesterday, telling me that I still have a couple gift certificates in my account from my birthday in December!! Okay, so I just went to Paypal & added it up...I sent a total of $21.00 including shipping to 3 different sellers, and I'll be getting 9 'like new' hardcover/ dust jacketed books in about a week! I can't wait!! The best buy I got was from the seller that had 7 books for $.01 + shipping! And, Dale, if you happen to be checking this out, well, in your honor, I bought that bunch of books because it had a James Archer book in there!
I'm not really proud of myself for what I'm choosing to watch on the tv in the computer right now *shudder*...I just turned it on "My Super Sweet Sixteen". I've probably lost every bit of respect I might have earned here in blogland, haven't I?
Mom came over yesterday afternoon with a thing of beef & noodles she made the night before. That's, like, my favorite thing to eat! Besides strawberry cookies & cream ice cream, & the ice cream bars...which, by the way, I had a quart of that ice cream for my 'appetizer' before dinner tonight...
So, this is an example of where I get my sick, stupid sense of humor...Mom was telling me about a joke she loves where there's a guy who is at his Mom's house, for some reason, he's on his deathbed. His brother walks in the room to talk to him, and asks if there's anything at all he can do for his brother before he dies. The dying one said, "Well, I can smell Mom making that strudel that I love. Would you go tell her I'd love a piece of that, that's the last thing I want to taste before I die?"
The brother goes back out into the kitchen, then comes back to the bedside. "Mom said No, it's for the guests after the funeral...".
See??? I had nothing to do with that inheritance!! I think she's really not all that worried about seeming 'proper' to me anymore. I love it! But I'm so sorry that we couldn't connect like this before she had stage 4 lung cancer. I also told her about the time Kim peed out the third floor attic window when we were about 14. She was a little bit shocked at that one, though. I said, "But Mom, it was at night, it was dark!", and she said 'but what about the cars that came down the street with their headlights on when the light changed?', I said, Well, I almost forgot about those...Even though we were on the phone at the time, I could see her shaking her head, burying her face in her hands....
Then I told her about the time Kim's little brother was purposely being a total little pain-in-the-ass. We chased him down, and then Kim held him down in the middle of the living room (her mom & dad weren't home and we were "babysitting" him), and she gave him the world's biggest hickey on his neck! We were 13 or 14 and he was 8, so I bet that went over like a lead balloon at school. I do know her mom almost killed her...
'Duggy' did get her back later, though. He pushed her in her closet in her bedroom upstairs & shut the door on her...which would have been fine, except it was one of those old-style closets with just a latch that locked when it was closed tight, and there wasn't any way to open it from inside! Then he went downstairs and left her, and nobody missed her until she didn't show up at the dinner table. Hence, the reason she's so claustrophobic now that she's never been able to get in a tanning bed...'s late & I'm tired...

Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm sick of being CRANKY!!

Time to try to get outta my 'funk'! Kim called this morning, and that helped a lot. There's a lot of stuff going on in my life right now that is in addition to everything I've dumped on this blog. Yeah, my life is truly a train wreck right now...and it's nobody's fault but my own. Well, I didn't cause Mom or Dad's problems...or Psycho's either! but, you know what I mean...
I am so happy for Bro! It's so cool that he has everything in his life so well organized, with the business and all, that he & his family can just take off pretty much when they feel like it! Bro & his wife and their youngest daughter are going to San Diego this weekend, and staying for the 4th! What's wrong with this picture, hmmmm? Everything you read about 'birth order' says that the middle child is supposed to be the fucked-up one! Hmmmm...all the families I know, well, the middle one is the one that's outgoing & confident! And Kev's family is really lucky...not one of the three kids is fucked-up!! I think I qualify not only as the baby sister, but also as an only child, cuz by the time I was 10 or so, I was the only one home! That kinda translates into "a spoiled brat"!
And I read a big article a couple days ago that said the younger your mom was when you were born, the longer you'll probably live! It said that kids born to moms under 25 years old, have a 50%! higher chance of living to be 100!! Okay...good news/bad news time...Tiff's got it made, I was 18 when I had mom was 42 when she had me! I guess I'm fucked here, too. Oh well...I see exactly what can happen when you get old, and I want nothing to do with that! Like I said before, I'm SO much more scared of living too long than of death.
Something else about having Tiff when I was 18...I had already graduated from high school earlier that year. Kevin didn't graduate til 1984 (she was born in 1983). And remember, even though we had gone to the same schools since 6th grade, we didn't know each other! After we got married, Kevin adopted Tiff, when she was 6.
Kev works at Verizon right now, doing a lot with the 'systems' and the computers & sales records, and, obviously, it's a big office, with mostly women there (probably about 300!). It's funny, cuz there have been women that work with him in that dept, that have had babies recently, and one time when one of 'em said something about her baby's dad being in the delivery room when the baby was born. Kevin just made a face and said, "Eeeeeewww...". Whereupon somebody asked him, "WHAT?? Where were you when Tiffany was born??". And he just told 'em with a straight face, "Probably study hall..."
All righty then...I think I'm gonna go read for awhile. I was digging through some books (yup, again with the books...), and I found a Robin Cook book called 'Seizure', that I was about halfway through, because I had left a bookmark in it. And that had to be about 6 months ago! But when I opened the book and looked in it, I remembered everything & everyone, & exactly what they were doing and why! Bonus!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006's a big bad dream...

...and I just wanna wake up!!!

Anyway, Father's Day was rather eventful...

Tiff took me out to the nursing home so I could give Dad the card I made him, and say hi, then we were gonna go to the hospital and see Mom. So, we get to the home (it was sad, too...I didn't see as many visitors there as there should've been on Father's Day...). Anyway, it's a great big nursing home, and we had to go down 3 long halls to get to his room. We get there, and look around the open door, and Dad's bed is empty, and made! WTF??!!

We started walking around and looking, maybe he was eating, or visiting someone else's room...Stuck our heads in the dining room and he wasn't in there. Then we asked a nurse for him. She said, hey Cheryl! (Dad's nurse), where's Mr XXXX? Cheryl saw us, got a big smile, came over to us, and said "He's gone." Oh, she SO needs to work on how she says stuff, doesn't she??? She must've seen the looks on our faces, cuz she looked as shocked as we felt "Oh, no, no, no, I didn't mean THAT!! His son came & picked him up to go eat!!"

Obviously that meant Bro, not Psycho. So Tiff called Bro on his cell, and he answered, and they were over at his oldest daughter's house, and they had just had filets, baked potatoes, & vegetables (Dad's favorite Sunday dinner, & he DID EAT!) and wanted to take Dad to the hospital to see Mom, so we told him we'd meet them there. We all pretty much got there about the same time (was kinda funny...two wheelchairs [mine & Dad's]), hardly fit in the room with Mom's bed, and Tiff & Bro standing there too! We're all talking, laughing, etc. when all of a sudden we hear Psycho's boots stalking down the hall to Mom's room....Jesus-God, it sounded like the soundtrack to a Stephen King movie!! yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh all you want...we all did, after Bro & Dad & Tiff & I left. Psycho came in the room, looked around at us, and tossed a little bag of stuff on Mom's bed to her, and said 'I picked up the stuff you wanted from home.' muttered in a rather theatrical monotone. Tiff says, "What, Grandma? Underwear??" In her rather theatrical excited kid's voice. Which I KNOW Mom hated that...she did have a roommate! So, that was my cue..."Tiffany, she's in the hospital...Surely she knows enough to go commando HERE!!" lol! although, Mom didn't lol...she doesn't think it's proper to discuss underwear in mixed company" Psycho spent the next hour or so while the rest of us were there, propped up in the corner, with his arms folded, looking for all the world like a warden! once again...good thing he never, ever tried to go into the fucking customer service career path,, huh?

Then Bro & Dad & Tiff & I got ready to leave. Bro pushed Dad's w/c over beside Mom's bed cuz he wanted to kiss her . When they got there, they couldn't reach each other to kiss, so Bro tilted Dad's chair up and Mom leaned forward......really sweet as hell, then Tiff busts out with "'s a Kodak moment..." I think Bro & I almost both peed our pants!! Good thing he didn't drop Dad! HowEVER...after it was done, Psycho muttered 'She probably didn't need that...'Holy fucking shit with flies!! How can he possibly be related to me & Bro & Tiff (& Bro's 4 kids.). Thank God Bro & I have enough taste not to start a big screaming match right in Mom's hospital room. However, Tiff told me later that Psycho was muttering smartass remarks all the time we were there...and Bro was sitting in the chair right next to Tiff, and after every pearl of wisdom they caught, Bro whispered to Tiff "Shut up, you fucking ASSHOLE!!" Did I ever mention how much I LOVE him???


Thursday, June 15, 2006

i guess i'm crabby again...

Nope...I guess I'm NOT myself today...the whole problem with that is...everybody must hate me today...shit, I hate myself when I feel like this!!
I called Mom this morning around 10:30 am, just to find out how she was. And Bro was there, to check on her on his way to the office, which was very cool! So I asked how she was after she'd said she didn't feel right yesterday. She feels good was exactly what I told her...she had forgotten to take all her medicine yesterday am (heart stuff, blood pressure stuff, etc.). I told her yeah, you might not think it's doing anything, but trust me, it is!! With all my ms medicine, there's not too many people that know more about meds than me!! She said yeah. Then she said that she & Psycho were sitting at her house last night (after he took her out for dinner, mind you...), talking, and he was telling her about something, and she didn't understand it. So she said to him, she didn't understand, start over...and he, well, it seems to me, he got in a 'snit', and left and went home to his house! My God!! This Psychopath is 54 years old!! A 6 year old, I could see doing that...
Then, after we kinda skipped over that subject, cuz I know she gets defensive about him, she said "Oh, hold on. I think someone's here." She puts the phone down, then comes back and says, "No, it wasn't anyone..." Then she said, "I thought maybe it was Psycho, but it's not" (said with great disappointment, I must say). I said, doesn't he work? She said yeah, but sometimes he goes in late. Then she said, "I just feel bad...." Shit!! I told her Mom, you have NO REASON to feel bad!! all the while I'm thinking HE'S 54!!! She is 84, and has lung cancer, and she feels bad???
Of course, I told Bro about all that later when I called him, and he still feels the same as I do...(Psycho's a fuckin' ASSHOLE!), but we didn't say it we both know how the other feels. Actually, a few years ago, Psycho was over at Mom's on a Sunday, eating 'Sunday dinner' (that's big on my side of the family), with Mom & Dad, and Tiff was there too. And, to hear Tiff tell it, Dad was being himself, really gruff, crabby, telling everyone what to do, where to sit, etc...but...that's just Dad...we are ALL used to it, even Tiff! But I guess Psycho got up & pinned Dad to the wall in the kitchen (Dad's kitchen, remember?), and Tiff said he slapped Dad across the face, back & forth a few times!! She came home right after that...can't say I blame her! Dad was 80!! Bro just found out about that a couple months ago, & said he wished SO BAD that he had known about it at the time! He would've called the sheriff's office & had Psycho arrested right then!
And then Kim called me today...that didn't go all that great, either. I started to tell her what's up with Mom & Dad, but she actually said something smartass, & started laughing...I just said I was glad she found my family's problems so fucking humorous, and then said I had to go, bye. After I've been off the phone, I thought about it, and she really has no fucking clue what it's like to see Dad like this, I'm sure she still sees him like he was...still...okay...I'm cranky...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

yeah, Wednesday...

The second shirt is the one I wish I had...I already have a t-shirt that says "Bite Me", but this says it better...
My lfe is getting more & more fucked up with every day that goes by. If you dont wanna be depressed, stop reading right here.

OK, I went & put on my t-shirt that says "Bite Me", and I feel better now!!
Bro called me this morning, & Mom has called me, she's bringing Bob Evans food over for breakfast, so I'll finish after..
Mom just now left...she was here for about two hours, but she really didn't talk to me much. I really tried to get her to open up & talk to me about everything. Mom's like the polar opposite of me.......even my cousin says she wouldn't say shit if she had a mouthful! I've told Mom, even before she was diagnosed with heart disease, that she better start letting her feelings out, cuz holding them in does NO good!!
Lemme start at the beginning of this 2 day debacle...yesterday afternoon, I was just getting out of the shower (at 4:30pm!), and Mom called. I had the cordless phone in the bathroom with me (always do that, in case I fall!). So I answered it, and listened to what she was saying. She really sounded upset about the fact that her chemo dr has her scheduled for a hearing test the day before she goes back for the chemo schedule. I told her that I understood why she was upset about that, cuz, actually, I don't think she gives a shit about her hearing, just work on her fucking cancer!! I'd feel just like that too!! I guess the dr wants this done, and it's important to him, so...I asked her if she had asked him why she was having this, and she said 'no...I'll ask him next time I see him...' Fine, time she sees him will be the day after she goes to the other dr and has the hearing test!! OMG...I cannot tell her to say anything...well, I can tell her to, but she will not EVER open her mouth!
So, I came out here and sat down in the computer chair, cuz my Coke & cigarettes were out here and the battery on the cordless phone was running, obviously, I'm freaking sitting here naked, with my legs up on the desk, all comfortable & everything, and all of a sudden I hear the front door open!
It was Kevin, and I told Mom Kevin just walked in, I should go get dressed. She said 'oh, yes! get dressed!'
I said, 'well, it's not that big of a deal...he's seen it before...' I left out the fact that that's maybe why we got married...
So, I called Bro this morning & told him how I talked to Mom yesterday, and she sounded there was something on her mind that she didn't want to say to me. He said he'd like me to try to get her to talk more...cuz, basically, the only person she's actually talking to is our older brother, Psycho.
It seems that Dad told Mom & Bro yesterday separately that he does NOT want the feeding tube, said if he gets it in his stomach, he'll just pull it out! Dad keeps asking (begging!) Mom to get him out of there everytime he talks to her! And Bro just found out yesterday that Psycho had left a note at the nurses station for Dad not to call home!! Grrrrrrr!!! Bro took that order off immediately!! Thank God for Bro, my NORMAL big brother!! My biggest question is WHY does Mom ONLY listen to her Psycho son?? Bro's wife & I call Mom regularly, as do Bro's kids & Tiff! But it's like she won't listen to anyone except her oldest son! Now it's starting to seem as if they both want Dad out of the house permanently! I asked her today,'Well...would you want Dad to do this to you?' She said no, but it's not the same...I don't know what to do....Bro told me this am that if he could, he'd just wash his hands of the whole thing...but he knows he can't!

Monday, June 12, 2006


This is SO EXACTLY what I feel like today!

And the woman above is putting up a sign that says "Lost Puppy". Well, it doesn't say it, per have to read it...but you know what I mean...
How in the hell do Russians DO this shit?? Well, at least I waited til after noon...anyway...I was in the kitchen and saw a bottle of Smirnoff sitting...right there, I tellya! So I did what any normal thinking (bored) person would do. I poured a shot, and gulped it. Holy mother of God! And that's actually all there is to say about it. I've had rum...I like tequila (a little too much), I've tried scotch...I LOVE beer (again, too much)...but this shit had me leaning over the sink gagging & coughing!! My God!! What a fuckin' pussy!! I'm really glad nobody's home...
I haven't done shit this weekend...well, I did read the two books I ordered from Amazon last week. They're both by Paul Williams, and they're excellent! "Osama's Revenge", and "The Al Qaeda Connection". Not gonna say much more, but, if you read Al Qaeda Connection, that pretty much spells out why we should crack down on illegal immigration...
I'm pretty much done here...nothin' else to say...I haven't really talked to anyone this weekend, not Kevin, not Tiffany, nobody on the phone...that's probably a good thing, though, as bitchy as I feel...even Truman's avoiding me! Okay...done...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday June 9 in blogland should get this haircut??

It's kinda been a long week. Tiff & I went to the nursing home Wed to visit Dad, and he seems like he's even worse. It's like he's 'fading away'. Not just as in losing more weight (which he is), just, mentally, he isn't's not that he is crazy or Alzheimer-like, or even dementia. He's doing nothing but sleeping, probably 20 hrs out of the day, except when somebody's there. And even when we were there, his nurse got him in a wheelchair, cuz they have a salon there in the building, and it's open 3 days a week for the people that live there. It was closed Wednesday, but we had set it up so that Tiffany could use it to cut Dad's hair out there using that room. They let her do it because she has her salon manager's license. We took him there, and Tiff started cutting his hair, and his head just nodded down until his chin was on his chest, & he was snoring. So she went ahead & cut the back while he was sleeping, and then had to wake him up and make him look ahead so she could do the front.

Dad didn't really talk at all while we were there. Not because he was mad at us or anyting, just...well, I don't think he has the strength to talk. He did whisper once, to ask if Tiffany wanted paid for doing his hair. Cuz, like I've said, money is important for him (I think cuz he didn't have any when he was young, and when he got older & started working, he had enough for anything, even supported his family up in Michigan for years.) Of course she said no, Grandpa! He kept looking at her, like he thought he should anyway, until she finally said, no, Grandma gave me a twenty dollar tip yesterday, and that is plenty to cover this too! So then we took him to the dining room, they were serving lunch. They put a plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable that looked like sliced up zucchini (bleeaaahhh! I knew he wouldn't want that...hell, I wouldn'tve eaten it if I was being PAID to!!), and a cup of pudding & a bowl of Jello, and a glass of milk (whole milk! I looked at the paper that came with the food to see! Cuz if there's a real important thing he needs, it's FAT!!) But anyway, Tiff had taken the seat between us (she is, and always has been 'Grandpa's girl', even though Bro has 3 girls, 2 of whom are older), and she just leaned over and picked up his spoon, & started feeding him. OMG, I am so proud of her! She's very thoughtful, especially of older people. I told Kevin about that later, and said, well, maybe when WE get old(er), she'll be nice to us, ya think? He just snickered...

Dad ate like 1 bite of meatloaf, 2 bites of potatoes, & half the pudding, half the Jello, and drank half the glass of milk, & his nurse said that was WAY more than he usually eats! I swear, he''s gotta be around, maybe 95 lbs now. It's not that they're starving him out there, or anything. But I do know that he's not only told Bro that he's tired, just wants to sleep now, and his younger sister (8 kids in his family!) the same thing when she was down here to see him.

After we got done with his lunch, we had to take him out in the hallway to wait for the transport van to pick him up, cuz he had an appointment with a doctor at a hospital, Mom & Bro's son were meeting him there. It's to talk to the actual surgeon who would be putting in his feeding tube. But I thought about it all afternoon after I got home, and even though Dad said yes to it when they talked about it a few weeks ago, I thought more & more...would it actually be nicer & more loving, since I now do think he's having a hard time thinking clearly after the mini-strokes he had a couple weeks ago...should we let him just do what he's doing and not eat, until he possibly dies from it? I guess he did say yes he wanted a feeding tube...but that was about a month now, who knows??? He is 88 years old, and his mind still seems to be there, he just can't talk above a whisper now...but I think his brain still works...after all, the times that Tiff and I have gone out there, he always tells Mom we were there...and knows who has come to see him all the time. Shit, I just don't have a clue what to think! Damn, damn, dammit!! Fuck, fuck, fuck....with a 'horsepiss' thrown in there too! I was gonna call Bro, to get his opinion, but I called his office, and they said he's in Vegas til Sunday. I forgot he was going, it's been planned for a long time, he's taking his two oldest daughters graduated from college, and his oldest daughter just got her master's degree. My head is just all fucked up, trying to figure out WHAT to think!!


Monday, June 05, 2006


All right. Is everybody ready for tomorrow? You know, 6-6-06...I know where I'd go if I could drive..yeah, I'd go straight to Hell (the town in Michigan). I bet they're gonna have fun there tomorrow!

Okay, okay, lemme see now...ok, last one....traded it in right after this...
One evening, I was out drinking with a former boyfriend (call him John...most Johns on here are assholes, anyway) in a town he lived in that was about 15 miles away from where we worked (yeah, he was the assistant manager of the store I worked at). We were out with a lot of other people, just going around to a bunch of places. Well, when it got to be around 1:30 am, we all decided we were done, and left to go home. I took John home (to his mommy's house...he was about 23), and I took off down the road to my town, which was still an hour south. I got down the road about halfway home, to where I had to get off the 2 lane road I was on from his town, to get onto the 4 lane highway for the second 1/2 hour to my town. Just as I got off the 2 lane and went down the ramp to the good highway, well, guess what...yup...good old Ivan just never failed me...he stalled!! was like 2 in the morning! And there I sit, in my faithful (:-/ ) little Yugo, in the 'breakdown' lane. I think those were probably named after Yugos.
So there I sat, way before cell phones or anything, looking over at the sheriff's office in the town there...but it was about 5 miles away, across fields, and, dammit, I was tired! I sat there trying to figure out what to do, kinda wishing that a cop would pull up, and they could take me there. But then I saw headlights in the rearview mirror, and just kept watching. Pretty soon, I saw that it was a semi, and I was really relieved. Remember, if you EVER have to get a ride with a stranger, there's actually nobody safer to get a ride with than a truck driver! He came up beside the car, and I almost figured it was a truck driver who recognized my Yugo, for heaven's sake, but it wasn't. He gladly gave me a ride back to the sheriff's office, and I got out and called John, and he came and picked me up & took me home. (we got the car the next day). Grrrrrr!!! Okay, that's about it for the Yugo stories. Maybe one more, but that's gonna be the one where I finally trade it in!!
never forget now... Jesus loves you....but I'm his favorite!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday...'bout time!

Time for another Yugo story, everyone!!

One morning I was driving to work. The town my job was in was kind of an 'intersection' of a whole bunch of highways, going everywhere! I came in on one highway that I took from my town, and when I entered my 'work town', the road I was on went downhill, and there was a three way stop at the bottom, and the other two streets came in under 2 overpasses. All well and good, until I counted on the Yugo...I went down to the stoplight, and the Yugo just kinda died on me. And no, I was NOT out of gas!
I sat there for probably 5 to 10 minutes, trying to get that f*n' piece of shit started, while being laughed at the whole time by everybody in the cars that were going around me. How humiliating! And the people in the cars didn't even have to see me, all the people that ever went past the store I worked at in the middle of town knew that car was mine!! And this was only a 2 lane road, so it was a total pain-in-the-ass for anybody to wait til the left lane was clear, then pass, and most of the time, by the time they got around me the stinkin' light was red, and they had to stop!!
Finally, a nice truck driver took pity on me, and instead of going around me, got out of his truck and walked up by my window, and asked if I needed a ride to wherever I was going. I said "Sure!", & got out of the car, slammed the door without locking it, and went back to the truck & got in. We rode down to my store, and I got out at the light at that corner, went in, and my manager met me at the front door, and asked what the hell I was doing. And where was my car?? I just looked at him, and said, "Well, M, come on back to the break room and siddown, and I'll tell ya!"
So I'm in the middle of the story, and all of a sudden, the huge head cashier that I scared that one time by hiding in the safe, yelled back that I had a phone call. I went up to the office & got the was a freakin' cop, and he wanted to know if the Yugo was my car...I said yeah, but I don't admit it much...don't tell anyone...He said it was good that I left the door unlocked, cuz they'd had to have the car towed. (thank you! one more thing I sure didn't have time to mess with! lol!) I think the way it ended up was that M took me to where the car was, and I had to call somebody to have it fixed. Then when I finally got it home here, Dad came & got it and left his car with me for work the next day. And, damn, the next day he had his mechanic guy put a new engine in it!! Dad thought he was doing something really nice (which he really was), but, honestly, I just wanted to take the car back to where I got it, and tell them to stick it up their ass!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Okay, more pictures...

...and I hope nobody needs to be told that NONE OF THESE ARE MINE!!! By the way..Happy Half-Naked Thursday??

All right...I thought I'd post these things on here because everybody thinks 'I'm a troublemaker', and Kim was the only person to 'reap the dubious benefits' of it. HA!! I reaped puh-lenty of the benefits myself!! But, I thank God every day that I never paid for it...unless that's what my ms is...

Adventures with my Yugo (that I was stupid enough to buy after my Honda was totalled).

The first week I went back to work after the car accident that took my WONDERFUL 1982 Honda Civic (grrrrr!), believe it or not, the Yugo drove great, even though I drove over 100 miles every day, because I worked 55 miles north of the town I live in (& always have). So any car had to be dependable, with the amount of miles I put on it! (it usually ended up being about 1,000 miles a week! but I friggin' LOVED to drive!).

The week after that, the stupid red Yugo (that I had already named Ivan! as in, Ivan the red...Ivan the terrible...) just sputtered and stopped on the highway on the way to work...on top of an overpass! Luckily, it was only about 5 miles north of town (thank goodness!), so, after uttering many, many choice swear words, I pulled the car over to the side of the road, got out, locked it, gave it a good hard kick, and ran down the hill at the side of the overpass, cuz it was only 5 miles into town by that road down there, plus, maybe I'd be able to get to a repair shop that way. (this was how life was before cell phones, kids!). So I'm walking down this two lane highway at 7:15 am, knowing that I was going to be late to work (sigh...I knew my store manager wouldn't get mad, though...), and about 5 minutes into the walk, I heard a car coming from behind me, headed into town. That was kind of surprising, that road was usually empty at any time of the day, so I turned around and looked, and backed off the road out of the way. Surprise, surprise, the car went past, then stopped, backed up, and the guy leaned over in the front seat, and rolled down the window. Of course, it WAS an old "hoopty car", as people call 'em now. But he asked me if I wanted a ride into town, and, hoopty or not, it ran better than the Yugo at the moment. I got in, and he started talking, asking why I was walking, etc...(keep in mind...this guy was creepy looking, creepy with a capital creep!). I kept the discussion up, just cuz he was nice enough to give me a ride, then we started talking about our jobs, and I told him what I did and asked what he did, & he said he was in the hazardous material cleanup business! Then I really looked in the backseat, and saw a can that looked like a paint can, only it was labeled "Hazardous waste material! Do not touch!!" and it had a skull & crossbones on it!! Holy shit!!

As soon as we got to the edge of town, I made my excuses, told him thanks, he asked for my phone number, I cheerfully gave it to him (transposing the last 2 numbers, of course!). Once I was out of the car, I could breathe again!! And I went to the closest gas station and, of course, called Dad, he came & got me, called his favorite repair guy (who we got to know well over the next couple months!), and, well, I drove Dad's car to work after I took him home, my car was towed and fixed (thank you, Daddy!!), and there's more about this car in the future...