Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tif Tuesday...

Wow...I've heard of and seen 'pterodactyl toed' cats, before, but this is over the top!
This morning was Tiffany Tuesday, and she and Sean were "ON"! They were discussing the "Hot or Not"" website, they had it pulled up at the station looking at it...and Sean was saying Tiff was "harsh"!, cuz she was dogging all the people on there...such is the reason I never liked the pretty girls in high school...ya know, they were all self-confident and that shit! haha! I am now, and Tif always has been...
No, they played some songs that totally took me back in time! "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" by Journey...I remember that from when I was a junior in high school!..."All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun" by Sheryl Crow, from the summer of 1994, when I worked up at a little grocery store in Findlay (the best city I know!), and drove an hour each way there...I remember that song being on the radio every time I turned it off talk radio (Rush, baby!)! 4th of July 1994, was an odd day...I volunteered to work that day (who wouldn't?? Double time, I was the biggest boss in the store that day...all I had to do that day was make fruit salad and cut watermelons...yeah...for $15.00/an hour...good work if ya can get it...in '94, that was good money. Anyway...I got done at work, and got out on rt 23 S, coming home, and I came up behind a whole long-ass line of cars, got over in the left hand side to pass them, and got up to the front of the line, and BAM! There was a state highway patrol car leading the fucking line! Wasn't that a "slap in the balls", as a guy would say. So, I cut into the line of cars behind him, and just followed meekly for awhile...then I started getting PISSED, cuz I was watching the speed we were going...IT WAS EXACTLY 54 MILES AN HOUR...remember, at this time the speed limit was 55!! So, I was pissed and 'bullheaded' (Dad's legacy!)...I pulled over to the left lane and passed that idiot! I could feel every single one of the other cars going "Yeah!"...so what happened? You guessed it...the little fat, short dickweed pulled me over!! For speeding!! But I sat there in my car and argued with him about it, told him he'd been going 54, & I only went 55...he said, no, you were speeding, and I said, well if I was, then give me a ticket, and lemme see what you got me at on radar...no, I'm only going to give you a warning this time.../GRRRRRRRRRRRR/!! Then he told me I should go get my speedometer checked, so I didn't do this again...i said, yeah...you should too...thanks. Ok...a long road to nowhere...
Then Tif had him play "MMMM-Bop"...remember that? Hanson??? I absolutely LOVE that song!! Tif had the HUGEST crush on the middle boy! That was popular the summer we went to Myrtle Beach...Tif was playing that song nonstop on her portable dvd player all the way down there! She was 11 or 12, and Kevin and I were in the front seats of my Geo Metro, which we bought brand new and it was my pride & joy! Got like 50 mpg...it was only a three-cylinder!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, February 26, 2007

...bang your head...

Madness is the ultimate flexible bullet...
...and that will make absolutely no sense to anyone who isn't at least halfway there...
Anyway, I'm still reading 'Skeleton Crew' by Stephen King. I think it's his best short story collection he has, even though it was done in the early 80's. I LOVE short stories, but even if you don't like them, these are full stories, almost like short novels. There's all kinds of them that I forgot all about! I'm kinda like 'Mrs Todd' in Mrs Todd's Shortcut...all she ever wanted to do was drive...
Next I'm gonna start on "Lisey's Story", by Stephen King...and that's about the only one I got that I've never read. I also got (on eBay), a book that tells about each of his stories and books he's written, and things like where he got the idea for each one, even the poems he's written. And in what section of the University of Maine it was in, and whether it was unrestricted or if you have to have SK's written permission to look in there! I got that one from somebody in Australia, the book was just released the first of February there, and I bought it that day. The book was only $25.00...howEVER...the airmail shipping cost $26.00!! Didn't matter, it was worth it. And it got here in about 5 or 6 days! I still have over half the gift certificate for there from Christmas. I did bid on a signed copy of one of his books, but I f*d up, and didn't bid enough. And it went for less than $100.00! That came from a bookshop in London. I love getting things from that website!! Someday, I'll turn around and sell something on there...but it will NOT be any of my books, G*dammit!!
Actually, the time we had a big garage sale at Kev's mom & dad's, we were putting prices on everything, and we had an old scanner we were selling. So, I was putting a price on it, and inadvertantly opened the lid, and there was a picture in there...and it wasn't one I even recognized! I took it out, looked at it, showed everybody, and they said they'd never seen the people in it either! So...I just took the picture over to a table, and put a little colored circle on it with "25 cents" on it...it didn't sell, but it sure did get a ton of attention!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Okay...the picture on the right is our cat, Truman. We took that the first day we brought him home from the animal shelter...and how perfect is HE?? I still find it totally amazing that he was still there after a month!!
And the other picture is of the house I grew up in. This picture was taken in, like, 1922, or somewhere around there. The guy in the picture was President Harding's secretary, and he lived in that house at the time. President Harding's house was right behind this one, and I learned to ride a two-wheeled bike in the parking lot out back! (cuz when I was little, they had lots of tourists there all the time to go through the house). That's the house he made his famous 'front porch speech' from. (his house, not ours).
Okay...I'm hearing all about kids being abducted now. I am SO lucky that things weren't this bad when Tif was little...or if it was, I didn't hear about it! But I did worry about it, probly more than most parents did. I had an ex-husband to worry about...'nuff said. So, we were never apart, except when she was at her babysitter's, who I always trusted completely! And one of the first things she learned was that she was NEVER, EVER, to go with anyone but me, my mom, or dad...even my friends or relatives, unless they knew the 'password' I told her! And she still remembers that word to this day!! Also, I'm thinking about the fact that I really think people ought to make sure their kids know...you NEVER let a kidnapper take you to a second place! You might have a chance to get away from them at the first place...your chances of getting away alive dramatically decrease if you're 'docile' enough to go to another place with them!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday, Feb 23...

Thinkin' about more weird shit today...wouldn't it be weird if, all of a sudden, all the lakes and bodies of water, even the oceans, were drained of water, just for a week or so? Just so everybody could find everything that's been lost down there? Like cars, airplanes full of people, my God, could you even begin to imagine what's under the water on the earth? Bodies of a lot of people that have been reported missing...cell phones that people got pissed at the person they were talking to, and tossed it over the side of the boat...everything in the Bermuda Triangle that was supposedly lost there...
"Reality is a crutch for people who can't handle drugs..."
Ya know, if I was in a car that suddenly went out of control on the highway, I think, no, I know, that I'd grab the steering wheel and head straight for the biggest concrete thing I could see, so I wouldn't end up half alive. The WORST thing in the world would be to be, like, brain-dead, and living in a hospital bed forever...I can just see my grandchildren someday..."It's Sunday! And we have to go to the hospital & visit 'Grandma the Turnip'! What a waste of a perfectly good Sunday! Groan, groan..." Aaaauuuuggghhhh!
Allright...enough depressive shit for one day...but, hey, that's what a blog is for, isn't it?
I got the book I wanted on eBay the other day, 'Skeleton Crew'. It's an old book of Stephen King's short stories, and the very first story in it is my favorite, it's called 'The Mist', and a long time ago, like in the mid-80's, Joe and I were both Stephen King's biggest fans, and, actually, we decided that the store that all the people were stuck in for days, was just exactly like the first grocery store I worked at (the one where Kevin worked and Joe was a stockboy there, that's where I met both of 'em.) Plus Kev's 'little' brother, Ken, who was also a stockboy for a while, til he went back & cleaned the meat room in the evenings, which had to be the nastiest job in the world...you know, sticking your arm down in the drain to get the chicken guts out and all...eeeeewwwwww! Nasty with a capital 'N' !! That's why I went from cashier to produce mgr...for the most part, produce is clean!! (unless it's rotten and slimy, of course...). One of the weirdest things I ever saw was when one of the truck drivers showed me what happens when you take the broccoli out of the case it came in, and put it in a sinkful of water with salt in it...you oughtta SEE all the little green worms that squirm out!! Here is also a reason to wash your produce when you get it home...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, Feb 20th...

Is this not the perfect house, or what?? It was halfway down the block from the house I grew up in, and I always totally LOVED it!! I was never actually inside it, but my mom's best friend and her husband owned and lived in the house right next to it,(in the left of the picture) and when I was teeny (like up to age 5 or so), I remember trotting down there holding 'Mommy's' hand (so I didn't get run over or anything, ya know? cuz we lived on the other side of the street) to go see Mrs. Green, for tea & cookies in the mornings, I even remember my favorite teacup I used to drink out of! She had a little gray/black poodle named Gidget. And when we left there, if we didn't have anything important to do, like walk down to the library, or anything, we'd walk through Mrs. Green's backyard, and go to the Isaly Shoppe for lunch and ice cream. And after that, we'd go across that main street to a grocery store, & get the stuff 'Mommy' was gonna make for dinner. And you know...this is like the few blocks I grew up in, especially before I could drive! The very first time I ever "French-kissed" anyone seriously was in the back parking lot of the Isaly Shoppe, around midnight on July 4th when I was 14! Wow. How weird. That was that 'first Kevin' I went out with.

And the grocery store that was across that other street? Well, that's the first one I ever worked at, and met Kev, my husband, at!

OK...I really don't have a clue where my head is at today...

Was thinking about something yesterday...very strange, doesn't involve me or anyone (well, except Psycho...but who counts him?). Thinking about the Oedipus complex, and the guys I know that have it. I only know of 2 guys that have it (Psycho's one!), and both of whom have moms that didn't work outside of the house. Anyone who knows anything about this, can you tell me...is it just a coincidence, or are guys more prone to this if their moms are home instead of working 40 hours a week? And, are girls more prone to the Electra complex now that their dads are closer to their kids now? I have no idea why I'm thinkin' more about psychology now. I guess I really wish I would've gone farther than 1 college class in psychology. 'Course, who knows? They might've committed me if I did...I dunno...okay...time for me to go...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, February 16, 2007

17th anniversary...

Wow...I guess we're officially old now...17 years...I just gotta say...wow! We went out with Kevin's whole family last night to Applebee's...that was a lot of fun. We all go out for dinner together every year on Feb 15th, because his mom & dad's anniversary is Feb 15th, and ours is the 16th! Of course, WE did the whole thing in 2 days...rings, marriage license, everything! haha!
So, since we put Vista in, we haven't put the card program back in, cuz we might want to get a different one. But Kevin made me a gorgeous Valentine & a gorgeous anniversary card with the Microsoft PowerPoint program. I have NEVER EVEN OPENED that program, don't know jackshit about it! But...it's so totally easy, I can't even believe it! I dug around in the programs on here, found it, read through it, and had a card made for him in about 15 minutes!! This is SO cool!! Now I'm gonna get into this kind of stuff, now that I know how well it's explained in here.
Okay, so get this...my mom came over the day before Valentine's Day...and she gave me a Valentine's present (which is pretty unheard of in my family...I never even got a mother's day card from her on my first one!). It's one of those Hallmark cats that wags its tail, and talks with a French accent. And...Bro came over the next day, and HE gave me a Valentine's Day card! And huge hugs, and I love you, Little Girl...you're my favorite sister... :-D !
And Tif decided last night that she's going to try to get on 'Big Brother' this year! I printed out the application for her this morning...it's 16 pages long!! That's gonna be exciting for her/me...if she gets in! One of her friends got to a third interview a few years ago, and, damn, my daughter is SO much better than her!! (you know me...I'm so neutral...).
All right, gotta go...got cookies calling...Oreo peanut butter filled 'double stuf'!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

we have vista, & i love it!

I guess I'm just not into Valentine's Day this year. (sad...).
We're supposed to get 8-12 inches of snow today and tonight...hmmm....was talking to Joe, my friend, this morning & I told him that, being kinda excited and all...he said, yeah...you know how that goes, a guy says that, and...I broke in right there and said "Shut UP! Speak for yourself!" Then we were talking about how we used to both LOVE snow driving! When we'd go out and it was snowing, we used to fight about which one got to drive!! One night we went out while it was snowing like crazy, took Tif over to my mom's for the evening, then went & got a 12-pack of beer and just went driving around in town here, (it was late, so there was nobody out walking). That was SO much fun, we weren't driving like, wildly, reckless, speeding or anything, just talking and laughing our asses off at stupid shit!
Anyway...I promised to tell ya if I liked Vista, and I do! It's awesome, and I haven't even begun to get into it and play around with it yet!! I do know that the graphics are great! Kevin installed it Saturday night, and it wasn't a pain-in-the-ass for him to do it. Of course, he is a computer guru...not a geek, just a plain ol' guru! You know...one of those people you bow down in front of and say "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy!"
So, my cold is pretty much gone by now, but...what do I do last night? I was looking around for something to snack on while I was reading one of my new ebay books...I go out in the kitchen, and see a pack of grape tomatoes (like cherry tomatoes, but better), grabbed it, and took it in the bedroom where I was reading & watching Glenn Beck, Opened the pack and just started munching them. I ate probably 4 or 5, then just sat there for a second, and realized, after all my preaching to y'all, I didn't wash them!! Holy Crap! I'll probably be dead by next Wednesday! Especially because this morning I went out to the refrigerator, and got the bag of white grapes out and did the same fuckin' thing!! Well...at least I'm okay on the banana I had last night...no washing required!
I remember a long time ago when I was produce mgr at the store up north, we had grapes in the ad, and in the middle of the week, it was all over the national news that all the Chilean grapes had to be pulled and recalled...ALL OF THEM! I was a small store, and had just gotten a delivery of about 1000 lbs of grapes for a display. So...over to the other side of the building with them to the dumpster! Except for the handful I put in a bag & gave the store manager (a new one...we didn't get along), with a note...'Love, Libby'
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, February 09, 2007

...and now, i have a freakin' cold, too!


Sonofabitch!!! HOW did I catch a freakin' cold???? Honestly, I have not been outside, or around people...it's not like I was out at a grocery store, pushing a cart around that has germs all over the handle (I really don't think customers think twice about the cauldron of germs they put their hands in when they get a cart & happily wheel it into the store! Do you the uninitiated have a half a clue of what all I, as someone who once had to go out to the parking lot, and bring them back inside, saw happening before I touched the cart (with gloves, I might add!...which I usually threw away once I got inside!). Customers, and their kids, who were all dirty, grubby, either had runny noses, or in the warmer weather, were just plain ol' digging in their noses, which, may I add, isn't a pleasing sight to see when it's a person walking down the produce aisle, trying to find that one PERFECT TOMATO by picking up each one of the 50 lbs of carefully stacked tomatoes on the 'community' display that everybody gets to choose part of their family's dinner from. Mmmmmmmm... There are lessons to be learned here!! Hear me, and hear me well!

Shit...I did NOT mean to get off on a rant about that...all I'm saying is that...for heaven's sake, wash your hands! I'm just sayin'...

Okay...anyway...another lesson here...wash all the produce when you get it home, before you eat it!

So when I was in the bathroom this morning brushing my teeth, well, ya know when you've been blowing your nose nonstop for the last 24 hours, (I shit you not! I went through a whole entire box of Kleenex, then got down to where I had to use a whole roll of toilet paper!). Be that as it may (I know, TMI), I thoughtlessly started to brush my teeth (with my usual cinnamon gel toothpaste), my hand shook a little (as it is wont to do...), and my Crest spin brush pro slipped out of my mouth and up onto my upper lip...loaded liberally with cinnamon gel toothpaste, mind you.Ya know how when you blow your nose that much the skin tends to get a little bit...well...tender!! So...it felt like I was sandpapering my skin, with an automatic sander, loaded with cinnamon!! Oh, Jesus Christ bananas, did that HURT! All right...that's the saga of the day. Like I said, we did get Vista late yesterday, so my next entry will be after Kevin puts that in, so wish us luck!!

BoUnCeS!! (and sniffs!) LibbY!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Feels like: -3°F

Do you believe this shit?? Right now, it's 12:57 pm. And, yes, believe it or not, I've been up since 9 am. And I keep watching for DHL delivery truck. Kevin ordered Windows Vista from Dell, the day it was available to order off the website. A few days after that, they emld that he couldn't get it til March 9...then they emailed him Tuesday morning, said it shipped out that day, and it was coming on overnight delivery...in which case it should've been here yesterday, right??? Well....I'm still waiting!
Schools all over the place are closed, delayed, their water pipes have frozen & broken, or they have no heat...Woo Hoo! Yeah, like I care! Shit, exactly how spoiled are the little kidlets these days? Well, lemme tellya, and I think you'd all agree with me...If the heat went out one winter day at our school, we'd be told on the radio that there was no heat in the building...so wear lots of warm clothes! Yup...simpler times....one of my VERY FAVORITE TOYS was a big ol' bedspring-looking thing, called...a SLINKY!! And people are getting shot over a PS3? Heck, Tuesday morning (Tiffany Tuesday!), she was giving the weather report on the station, like always...and from 6 to 9 am the temperature was -5F, wind chill -12...
No wonder a woman called the station that morning and reported a penguin standing out beside rt. 309.
That reminds me of the time when Tif was maybe 8, I was looking out in the backyard and saw a really pretty bird, and I said 'Tif, come & see what 's in the backyard!' She was heading out there and said 'What?'...I said I think it was a kangaroo...
Okay...I've got another huge piece of pineapple upside-down cake calling me! hear it? "Eat me, eat me!!"
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, February 05, 2007

it's a monday....but...the colts won, just like i thought they would!!

Okay...I know it isn't Tiffany Tuesday yet, but she put the laundromat lotto pictures up this weekend, so, if you feel like laughing, go here. But, make sure you go pee first...I will NOT take any responsibility for your messes!!

Damn, it is SO freakin' cold out today!! Our local city schools were closed today because of the wind chill factor being at 20 below 0! Actually, that was announced that they would be yesterday! That's so not fair! When I was little, the only time they closed school was during the blizzard of 78 or 79!

OK...Gotta go!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, February 02, 2007

rabbit, rabbit, + 1

Picture #1 is just wrong. Wrong, I tell ya!!
Well, 2 days ago, I got a prescription from my Dr at Cleveland Clinic for Klonopin, which is supposed to help me sleep through the night, without muscle spasms, like restless leg syndrome (which I always thought was just a myth!), with an added epileptic medicine to take care of tonic-clonic seizures (which I've had, but seem to be under control for the last 6 or 7 years with Lamictal), and it's kinda like Valium. All this from a .5 milligram pill at night! Damn, it's like a freakin' miracle! Anyway, I woke up last night around 1 am, sneezing, with a total cold, and I got up & sat in the living room for awhile. Then went back to bed, & slept til 1 pm, but I STILL feel like shit!!
Bro called me after I got up, he wanted to tell me that Mom had a PET scan the other day (which I had known about!), and his wife went to the dr with her today for the results, they're GOOD, they don't see any more cancer!! And Bro said that doesn't necessarily mean it's gone permanently, but it IS in remission!! Then he asked how I feel about having to go to my Dr & an occupational therapist in Cleveland, now it's to get fitted for a freakin' wheelchair!! God, that HURTS to type! crying....
Okay...I THINK I'm under control. Anyway, Bro said he wants me to get an electric wheelchair to save any energy I have. I said, well, I'm sure Dr Stone will prescribe one, the only thing is insurance probly won't pay for all of it. Then my Bro said "DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THAT!! Whatever one you want, you pick it out, and whatever insurance doesn't pay, I WILL!!" Holy crap! Like I said, he is the BEST brother in the world! That's it here...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!