Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tif's gonna be 27 Saturday!

It's almost October!!! Yah-hoo!!

Well, Truman's still at Dr Y's. His liver was biopsied yesterday, but they don't have the results back yet. I talked to Dr Y at 4:45 pm, and asked him how's Trumie, & if he was eating yet...he is one of the nicest & most understanding people I know. He said, no, he still won't eat, they're having to syringe-feed him. And then he said the results may not be in until Monday! I kinda groaned, and asked if it would be ok if I left him there til the results were back, just because I'm having a pretty big ms relapse, and I can't hold Truman with one hand, and feed him with the other at the same time...shit, I have a hard time eating myself, when I feel like this!...ugggghhhh....but he was all, "That's fine! Don't worry about it!" It's probly gonna cost, but he's with people I trust, & that makes it worth it.

And my pretty little baby Tiffany will be 27 Oct did the time go? Now she's a great enthusiastic mommy too! And in college to be a labor & delivery room nurse! She'll be the best at it, cuz she's very empathetic. I know I was very blessed to have her. But I'll never forget taking her up to Findlay to be babysat by my friend in the summer of '94 when I worked up there...Driving up was nice, I listened to WJR talk radio, & after about half an hour of extra sleep, Tif would wake up & tell me all the dreams she'd had the night before...they were always interesting...especially the one where she had been being chased around by a giant injection needle! Then every evening when we came back to Marion after I worked all day at the store up there, she told me about the fun she had with Kris's kids. When we drove in from 23, at that time, there was a farm (right across from where my apartment is!), and there were always cows out by the fence...Tif always rolled her window down and yelled "MOO!!" at them...great times!

Happy Birthday, Tiffany! I love you!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This has been the worst week of poor Truman's life. Kev took him to the vet Tuesday, cuz he hasn't eaten anything since we moved here August 13th (Friday, remember?). So, he was found to be dehydrated, and got the iv started around noon Tuesday, and he's had it in since then...and, no, he didn't get to come home until today. They've been doing every test under the sun, all kinds of blood tests, x-rays and everything. I went in Wednesday to visit him, he just looked so sad & pitiful, laying in the vet's office with an iv hanging out of his arm. oh, he is a cat, I guess its his front paw. But he did stand up and lick my hand, give me a 'head-butt'. I think he got his xrays Wednesday, and the blood test results back that day. There was nothing wrong in any of them; kidney, thyroid, liver all were good, except that he has a "fatty liver" :-/ The dr said that his skin is yellowish under his fur, but the blood doesn't show anything wrong with his liver, but, he's on antibiotics for a few weeks. So he's home now, but if he doesn't start eating, I have to get him back to the vet for a liver biopsy. Also, his abdomen was mri'd yesterday...nothin'! Actually, it's good news on the face of it, but the vet can't figure out what the hell it is! When Tif saw him here last week before he went to the vet, and she said he was so skinny, he looked like an alley cat! And if he doesn't eat on his own, I'm going to have to syringe-feed him! Kev bought some chicken breast & boiled it & left some here in bite-size pieces, but Tru's not having anything to do with it, he just glanced at it as he walked by the dish. aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!
i went to see my ms dr today, good appointment, she's gonna let me do 3 days of iv steroids followed by 10 days of prednisone again...woohoo!
Okay, I'm tired, and Truman already went to bed, so I'll go see if he left me any room:-/
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

saturday, sept 18, a week later...

I had fun last night...a friend from high school called me around 9, & asked what I was doing last night...I said...well, reading, watching tv, eating leftover pizza, mac & cheese, etc....Sheri, "no, you're going out drinking with me & Bounce"...hahaha! They came over about an hour later, & we went out just to, the American Legion...for the karaoke, for heaven's sake!! Not to sing, just to watch & laugh, & bs with each other! And that was great! Especially cuz we werent close in high school, we knew each other, talked sometimes, but that was pretty much it. Well, except for the time in tenth grade that Bounce kicked my ass, across the street from the school...that was actually the one & only fistfight Ive ever been in! And, yes, she kicked my ass well & soundly *hanging head in shame*...I don't even remember why it was, but I'm sure that my smartass mouth had a bit to do with it...Holy cow, I was only 15, for heaven's sake!
She & Sheri were friends then, so I mostly listened & laughed last night! Bounce doesn't drink, but she's exactly the way I used to be in the 80's, no inhibitions, say & do anything. Sheri & I were saying 'Thank God she doesn't get drunk!' ;-)
Since we took my regular wheelchair last night (easiest to get in and out of a car), it's good that the Legion had a seat on the back stairs to the basement that I could sit on & ride down the stairs. So,Bounce picked me up out of my w/c and sat me on the seat, & buckled the velcro belt around me, and then said the standard line that everybody around here knows from Cedar Point...keep your hands and feet inside the ride...stay completely seated until the ride comes to a complete and final stop...enjoy your day at Cedar Point! hahaha! How could you not know that you were in for fun that night???
By the way, that one picture up there is the one that I got in the little tickets they have like lottery tickets..I didn't win $$, but I got a ticket with 1983 on it, and to us, that was a good sign...that's when we graduated high school! And, yes, I did drink last night, but not drunk...a screwdriver & a Bud Lite.
Geez, it's been WAY too long since I went out with my friends, not just someone else's friends or family! And we've already got together on FB & one of our guy friends from school wants to come next Thursday, when we're going to an actual bar.
I did glean some informative tidbits from the night...
If you're just sitting there, listening to the music, and not talking, the drunk guy next to you is going to invariably put his arm around you and pull you close, yelling, "What's wrong? " over and over...
It was definitely neat to go to the American Legion-to listen to people doing karaoke, instead of to a dance club, now that I'm in a w/c...good friends are more important than you realize sometimes...
Sheri was laughing really hard at the guy trying to hit on me...or laughing at the looks I was giving her... :-/...She said, 'Well, we're not teenagers anymore...'..I said 'That's why we're here at the Legion...looking for sugar daddies, right?'
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The picture at the top is out my bedroom door to the hallway
The teeny little skinny door is a pantry in the kitchen behind the refrigerator....And the last is Mr Truman, thinking he can blend in & hide in the arm of the loveseat!
Most of the last few days I've been kinda hanging out in here, just looking at all the stuff I've found that I had & didnt know I had...of course, books I forgot about, & a big "Happy Mother's Day" sign on wood that she & Kev made out in the garage, where his woodworking tools's a funky shaped piece of wood that Tif glued about 10 pix of herself to it from then (maybe she was 6 or 7?). & my old baby book, which has about ten bajillian cards in it, from people I've never heard of! Cuz at the time I came along, Mom & Dad & Bro & the older one lived in Dearborn, MI, and Dad was in purchasing at Ford (Mom was originally his secretary (yeah, ok, I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad dirty joke...), but lay off it! They were great people! Then Dad transferred to Marion to be in purchasing at Eaton. Oh, and I just heard on the news the other night that Whirlpool is doing a lot of hiring, that's really cool! I remember when I was about 3 or 4, Mom's best friend here in town was telling her she had to go & pick her husband up at work. So, me being me, I broke in & said "Where does he work?"...that got me a few chuckles. Mrs G said "Whirlpool"...I nodded solemnly, and said..."Oh, I he a lifesaver?" Now I don't have to explain where the precociousness comes from, do I?
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Truman is still familiarizing himself with all the different places he can get to in here! And, if you'll notice on the picture where he's all stretched out, he's maybe retaining his 'boyish figure'...after all, he's only eaten maybe half a bowl of food since we moved here! Of course, there are quite a few spiders here, so maybe he's snacking on those? Naaahhhhh, they're big & so scary I saw one turn around & look at him, and he turned around and ran! That's okay, I got it for him...

Seriously, when Tif & Talan were here the other day, I was in the living room with Talan, watching him crawl for the first time ever!!, Tif was in the kitchen getting a cream soda pop, & I faintly recall hearing her say "Dear God, that's the biggest spider I EVER saw!" If I hadn't been all gaga over Talan crawling, I might've paid more attention!! Duhhhh...

And I'm happy as heck that a guy came from the phone company today (Frontier phone co)...he hooked service up outside at the main line, then came in & checked all my phones to make sure they all worked. Yeah, he was eye candy too, and that didn't hurt any...hehe...we actually had a nice conversation about our favorite ice cream flavors...seeing as how I felt I had to give a perfunctory explanation of why I had a second refrigerator in my bedroom (he was checking the phones, you dirty minded people!)!

Well, my neighbor from across the street from my old house sent me a FB message today...he's moving in here, 2 apartments down! That's funny! I'll be able to be a neighbor without him having to shovel my sidewalk & take my trash out & everything! And Truman's gonna love having his old friend come over to pet him!

The apartment management is going to install shower bars in each bathroom next week. WooHoo! And I got my first piece of mail addressed to me at this address today. The squeeze bottle of honey I ordered from Mayden the beekeeper! I take that as a big sign of good luck!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1st, 2001