Friday, September 29, 2006

sunny and kind of weather!

Email friends are GREAT!! Well, we've met for dinner a few times & she & her husband came down for Tif's graduation party! I got a little teeny box in the mail a couple of days ago, and didn't have a clue what it was, cuz I haven't ordered anything from eBay lately! And I opened it, and there was this cute little beanie baby kitty, with this note! Yes, it had a definite AWWWWWW factor! Even Truman sniffed at it, and gave it his approval! (but he will NOT share his food!)

Just an idea here.....a shout out to all Democrats running for're running FOR something, you're not just running AGAINST George Bush!! If that's all you got...why should anyone vote for you? Just so you can figure out what to do after??

Okay...done. Has everyone seen the cover of the newest Maxim magazine? One of the articles in it is 'How To Live To 130!' Sorry, but in my opinion, for most people, they would never want that. I know for sure I wouldn't! Hell, some days (most days, actually, lately...), I wonder if maybe 42 or 43 might not be just too fuckin' much time! No, seriously, think about it for a minute. That would mean that you'd probly have to watch your friends, kids, grandchildren, even, your spouse all die before you. Cuz even if you all did the same thing that this article said (which, no, I didn't read it , just see the headline every day in the bathroom!), you know the chances are that a lot of people wouldn't be able to live that long! So, besides everyone you know dying, and you being left alone, what else? Well, how's your money doing right now? And your Godforsaken health insurance? Are you ready to bury at least 10 of your family pets, one after the other? Will you be able to take care of yourself and stay in your own house? Or will you be 'warehoused' in a nursing home by your great grandchildren, who never even knew you very well, and who might think you're basically 'taking up space'! Eeeeewwww...the whole train of thought is just too depressing for a sunny day...I might have to revisit this sometime...

I am REALLY looking forward to the OSU/Iowa game tomorrow night!! Usually I don't give too much of a shit about college football, but this year, it's pretty exciting.

Another stupid question...when someone says 'I'll be back, I gotta take a shit.' Well...wouldn't that technically mean that they're giving a shit?? And wouldn't it be a really gross-out thing if after they went in the bathroom to "take a shit", they came walking out carrying a turd in their hand and they said "Got one!!" God help me, I'm just sick...see ya...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

randomness again...

Okay...I didn't take a picture of my scabby knees for "Wounded Wednesday", so maybe these will suffice...I figure if you sat on the toilet without checking for spiders (or snakes!) you'll BE wounded! And the kids with the paint? I'm thinking as soon as their mom catches sight of this shit, well, their butts will be wounded!! lol!
Just wondering 'bout some stuff...
Does anyone know for sure if Preparation H truly would be good for bags under your eyes and puffy eyelids? Cuz if it is...sign me up for a lifetine supply!!

In the summer of 1995, Tif & I used to go up to Lake Erie almost every Saturday (like to Port Clinton...great town!...and to Marblehead, to the lighthouse! great town, too!) It was only a 3 hr drive, & it was WELL worth it! Because Kev worked every Saturday at the store he was at, and I was at GTE by then, and had weekends off, and it was for EVER ago, when I could still drive, Tiff and I used to just take off on Saturday mornings, and go up to the lake (Lake Erie). Port Clinton has a cool little beach along the main street, and Tif and I used to go up there and go swimming, and just walk along the beach, and explore stuff. I took loaves of bread a lot and we used to take it out on the beach and when seagulls came flying by, we'd rip up a piece of bread, and throw it up in the air and they'd catch it! Honestly, that wasn't our superb aim, either, just...talented seagulls! And once a seagull saw another eating, well, you better throw more...and more...and infinity! That's why I always took 2 or 3 whole loaves of bread with us! Once we got done on the beach, and went down the street to McDonald's and got Big Macs & french fries, and went out back to the part of the beach there and threw french fries to the seagulls, and they liked them too (huh...go figure, right? ;-D). But the next time we went there, McD's had a big sign inside that said "Please do not feed the seagulls french fries!" WTF??? Why?? Do they get constipated or something?? Oh well, whatever! There was an ice cream place across the street that had better food anyway. SO THERE!
And we went to some of those hokey little tourist attraction thingys up there. One was the prehistoric had all kindsa mechanical pterodactyl birds flying around, and dinosaurs around every corner...and there was a giant caveman looking out a hole in the cave we went through, and Tif was afraid to walk past it! lol!! fun-nee!!
BoUnCeS!! LIbbY!

Monday, September 25, 2006

random Monday thoughts...

Just random shit, floating around in this thing called a brain (to use the term loosely~!)
Hmmmm...because of the commercial on tv in Ohio, against Mike DeWine (who I got a real physical letter from last year in the US mail, complimenting me on one of my letters to the editor in our paper!), I'm totally reminded of some songs Tif & I used to have a cassette tape of and we used to sing it together ALL the time!! The first one I think of is, "Willowby, walloby, elephant sat on Tanya!!" I know whose album that YOU??
When Tif was about 10 or 11, Kev & I were married, and I was a produce mgr at a store up in Findlay (I LOVE that town!), and I needed a babysitter for the weekdays. One of the girls that was a cashier there, said her mom babysat for her kids, and offered to watch Tif, too, all I had to do was drop her off at her house on my way to work, & pick her up there after work! And her house was only a block from the store, so it was perfect! So Tif rode an hour up there every morning with me. A lot of the time she slept, but other times she'd tell me the dreams she had the night before...that was REALLY neat! One I'll never forget is when she had a cold, and a huge hypodermic needle was chasing her all over the house saying c'mere! you need a shot for your cold!! sorry...I still hafta laugh about that one!! And once when we were out in the country on the way up there, she was asleep, but I saw a pheasant fly over the car~! It was amazing looking!! Yeah, I'm a total 'city slicker', but I can still appreciate the wonders, right? Then on the way home, we'd come into our town out past a farm (gone now...the new high school is out there!), and Tiffany always rolled her window down and yelled "MOO!!" at the cows that were 'outstanding in their field'! Haha!
We went to Cedar Point when she was 5, before I was even dating Kev, and she didn't even want to get on a merry-go-round with me! All she wanted to do was stay in 'Bear Country', ya know, the Berenstein Bears? She sat in there with me & Sister Bear, and colored pictures all day!! She STILL talks about that!
Kev & I went to the Cleveland Clinic last Thurs for an appt with my ms dr again. I've asked her "Why do I hafta come up here 3 times a year for? It's truly not like you're gonna come dancing out here yelling 'They found a cure!'?" She just laughed and shook her head...then sent me to make my next appt for Jan 2007. Well?? I can ask! She did notice that when I was standing, my left leg is 'hyperextended'. And now that she mentioned it, I notice that ALL the fuckin' time!! Oh well...I'll do more stupid exercises, & just deal with the shit! Yeah, I'll play the damned hand I was dealt...(bitching & whining & pissing & moaning all the way!)...but I DON'T have to be happy with it!! Boy, does the 'dealer' get an earful from me every night! I figure that sooner or later, I'll just get a recording saying "This extension is out of service...please, never call back..."
Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Cincinnati yesterday...I wept for them (nahh...not really...I was pissed, though!). Big Ben needs some time off, I think. He is a great quarterback, but he needs to take time to heal physically from everything! But, HEY!! OSU won again Saturday!! Next Saturday night at 8 pm ET, it's Iowa in Iowa!! WooHoo!
Maybe more 'randomness' tomorrow!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Okay. I decided that since I have never, ever participated in HNT, well, henceforth, this will be known as "Wounded Wednesday". Yeah, I know the table is a f*in' mess, but it was totally dark in here when I got up in the middle of the night, and went around the corner from the bedroom to the bathroom, about 3:30 am. When I turned the light on in there, and turned around to shut the door, uhhhhh, well, is that a comforting sight to see at that hour?? Or, well, at ANY hour!! So, make sure you all participate in "Wounded Wednesday" next week, okay? Don't leave me hangin'....
A few years ago, when Tif was into UFO's and everything with me (now she's not...'Mom, that's stupid!') we were outside and noticed a light outside in the sky, acting kinda weird, and I said, "Hey, let's follow it!". So we did, it was headed to the east, and we got almost all the way out to the highway that goes north/south, and all of a sudden I just got a real sick feeling in my stomach, and told Tif I was gonna pull over at a gas station out there and call Kev (nope...this was before everybody had cell phones attached to their hands), cuz I was getting kinda/sorta weirded out by the whole I pulled over to a pay phone out in the dark outside the gas station, which was, of course, closed. And of course I didn't get out of the car, I just rolled the window down and picked the phone up to dial...and there was no dial tone. I know, I know, big deal, it's a pay phone at a gas station, near a highway...most of 'em probably don't work! But WAS creepy! So, we just gave up, didn't feel like following it anymore (ok, ok, maybe we were scared!). And we turned around and came home, tumbling into the house, both blabbering all over each other to tell Kev what'd happened. The next morning, I was in the car on the way to work, and had an AM news channel on for the news (& Rush, of course!), and heard that the cult members of Heaven's Gate, who had been telling everybody that there was going to be a UFO behind the Hale-Bopp comet, that was going to pick them up & they'd go to heaven...they were all dead on beds, covered with purple cloths?! Okay....I'm usually not bothered by UFO stuff, but...this honestly did creep me out a little...
Remember when there was the total solar eclipse in 1994? I was working an hour north of town, and Tif & I were all excited about it...we even took a trip down toward Columbus to the planetarium to get some glasses to watch it with! Then we found out that it would happen on a day I had to work....bummer!! So, I decided I'd go in to work at 3 am that morning, and work til 11, then come home & pick her up at school and we'd hang out in the yard with Buffy, our beagle (at the time), and watch the eclipse. We looked forward to it a lot, and talked about it a lot...then Tif came home from school a few days before it, and it turns out the school had gotten her worried about being out watching that!! The kids were not allowed to go near the windows during it, no outside recess, & when I showed up there that day to pick Tif up, they had sheets of cardboard covering every fuckin' window!! Holy shit!! How 17th century could they be?? If I'd been a teacher, I'dve had those kids going with me to the planetarium to get glasses for each one of them, and it would be a science class! And I know they'd remember it for the rest of their life!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, September 18, 2006

monday, monday....

Okay, does everyone just think this is SO WRONG??? This picture was in our local paper the other day. The kid found it when he was fishing in a pond close to his house...which, by the way, is about 20 minutes away from mine!! An eight-legged frog, in case you can't count the teeny little legs growing out of its chest!! EEeeeeewwww!! And this kid actually touched it!!
Other local news...last week they found 2 or 3 dead crows in the schoolyard where Tif went to K - 5th grade. About 6 blocks from our house. They tested them right away, and they did have West Nile! The news wasn't in the paper for a couple days, the only way Tif found out about it was because a mom was in FS with her kid for a haircut, and the kid said something about it, cuz his school sent home a paper telling the parents about it! 2 days before it was in the paper!
And there are various & sundry other 'odd' things going on in this area, some that can't be spoken of....
Anyway, I was just talking to Boo on the phone, and, she was telling her kids to get away from the food, dinner was almost ready! Then she told me, "I'm gonna hafta kill that kid!" And I said, real quick, "Well. Oh shit, I gotta go!" She said "Why?" I just said, "Well, duh. If I hear you kill him, I'd be a fuckin' material witness! I have enough stress in my life at the moment, thankyouverymuch!"
I was telling her about the 8 legged frog too, and she was pissed because, all those Sundays all of us cousins were together at Grandma's farm...well, WE never found anything cool like that, and God knows, we went through the woods & streams up there ALL the time! Found lots of spiders, snakes, strange bugs that looked like they had inadvertantly been brought up from the 7th level of hell, badgers, woodchucks, etc...but NOTHING had eight legs! Well, except for the spiders, and they were s'pozed to!!
Okay...Mom just called, and she still says she mostly feels fine, but today she is tired. She said last week they did a blood test that showed she was anemic, so they've started her on Procrit shots & B12 or whatever to increase the iron, and her energy, which is very good! Kim asked me today if Mom was still driving by herself, and I said, ya, she drives anywhere she wants, to the mall to shop (remember? that's her job...), out to the hospital for blood tests & for the chemo. So, yeah, she's still doing okay (or so she says, anyway), she wants to get to FS so Tif can give her a haircut & perm soon.
Okay...that's life in 'weird Ohio'! Oh, before I forget...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i'm ready to friggin laugh! can i get an amen here??

I guess it's true...apathy is just "pissed off...but no energy to do anything with it..."
Fuck!! I wanted to write something funny here today!! Gimme a do-over...

What's some of the funniest commercials you've seen lately? Maybe I'm just searching for funny shit, but I LOVE the Capital One credit card commercials that've been on lately! We went out in the backyard over at Kev's mom & dad's right after dark one night over Labor Day, and a couple of his uncles were sitting around the campfire, drinking beer, roasting marshmallows, and singing "Burn the village to the ground...doo-dah, doo-dah!" LOLOLOLOL!! Or the one where the family hops a train and the dad points to the hobos in the corner and says "Look kids! Vagabonds!" And the daughter says "What smells like old cheese?" "That's just Earl..." LOLOLOL!! Yes, everyone...I amuse easily...
Doesn't anyone besides us 'get' the band "Great White"??? I've loved them since I first heard them, they had a concert with Whitesnake in Toledo when I worked up that way, and I went out & bought the first tape of theirs I could find!! The song "Rock Me" has the sexiest guy's voice saying "c'mon & rock me..ahh, yeah" friends & I used to melt over it...and, yes, that was back in the 80' what?? Guys were guys then! Not that they aren't now, but, well, I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think women can handle 'rough boys', ya know? We really, truly totally appreciate the nice, wonderful, helpful things you do for us...but sometimes we need to do shit we can do ourselves, even if you want to help! the rant again...these songs are great too...'Mean Mistreater', 'Mista Bone', 'Unskinny Bop', and 'House Of Broken Love'.
The actual song stuck in my head morning to night lately is Kid Rock's 'Only God Knows Why'...and, of course, the line from the other one 'I'm just sittin' here, wastin' time, drinkin', smokin', tryin' to ease my mind...'.
I was telling Kev last night what Kim told me she did to her husband when he snores at night...she reaches the fuck over and pinches his nose so he can't breathe!! Kevin just looked at me sideways and said, "And how would you like to die if you ever do that? It's probly gonna hafta be in the bathtub, so I won't have to clean it up before work..." Oh, the love...
Geez...see how much of a better mood I'm in if I open a beer at 5 pm? (NOT vodka, mind you!). one a steps...
By the way, I had my very first jello shots at the 'Lazy B campout'! Jill made them all (tons of 'em!). And she is GOOD at it!! Thanks, Jill, if you're out there...remember.......they're "JILL-O SHOTS"!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, 9.12.06... Everybody!! This is the funniest thing I've seen/heard in forever!! I really hope you can get it, cuz you'll laugh your asses off! (God knows, it's the first real laugh I've had in months!)!
Well, I called my cousin, 'Boo' last night. When I asked her if she was busy, she said yeah, but she was just making dinner and could talk. I said 'Boo, c'mon, you & J have 4 kids!' (I say that when she says she's washing dishes, too, but...). She says, "Are you suggesting we eat them?". HAHAHAHA!! I love this woman, can you see exactly why she's my favorite cousin?? I HAVE to get Tif to go up to her house soon! And, she's the kindergarten teacher...did you have a kindergarten teacher that actually had a sense of humor? Well, okay, maybe she doesn't say that kind of thing to her kindergarten kids, they'd be scared of her, but, shit, I never even saw a kindergarten teacher smile sincerely, they're always too stressed!!
Speaking of stress & conflict, I'd like some opinions on those things...
Has anybody ever heard of a life between two people without 'conflict'? And if there ever is such a thing, well, is it truly because there's no conflict? Or is it because one person doesn't make their true feelings known, to avoid an argument? Because, in my opinion, that is really not fair! If you're not telling what you think, how in the hell is the other person supposed to know? Because there are no conflicts or fights, because one person keeps their mouth shut, the other person thinks everything is fine, while the other person is quietly getting ready to boil over, and it's always hidden away. So when the tipping point is reached, well, it's not a total surprise, cuz things haven't been right for awhile, but, it's a lot more of a surprise than it would've been if there had been some 'openness' up until this point. Why would it be fair to hide everything you really feel, and let it build up and build up, and build up more, until it finally gets to be too much, and you blow up? And then you don't want to fix it. The only thing I can think is that either it's too much work, it's just not worth it to try, or, you might be afraid of your feelings and confronting them. But, that's just my opinion, there's lots of couples in this situation, more than you'd ever what do YOU think?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, September 08, 2006

festival weekend

Popcorn Festival Parade...

Last night was fun, Kev's bro, sister, bro-in-law, & the twins came over & we all went down so the kids could see the parade, which they've never seen before...and, that was really cool, watching them see this stuff for the first time! Kev was still at work, so he couldn't go...that's ok...he hates parades, anyway. I thought it was good (for this little hick town, anyway!), but it was way too long, and, as Tif puts was random! As in, everything was just kinda thrown together, not grouped together, like schools, businesses, hmmmm...Kat & I were talking about it this morning, and she started a sentence with "If I ran the parade...", and it sounded funny as hell, like a children's book or something! There were some things in there that didn't even seem like they even belonged in a parade! Like one of the last pickup trucks that went past. It wasn't anything extraordinary, or anything...just a plain white pickup truck, not junky or anything, but not decorated either...not a float, nuthin....just 2 guys sitting in the back of the truck, and 2 hand-lettered signs on paper on the sides saying Kevin & Sean! Now THAT was some funny shit!! Oh! Well, they were eating popcorn, so I guess...

And I guess I'm not the only one who's ready for this weather and Halloween, either! There's a costume store in town, and they had a dark gray hearse, and a scary looking, dead looking guy, dressed in raggedy rotted looking clothes dancing on the top of it, and it was blasting the song "Monster Mash"!! And there was a few little kids running around from there, handing out cards that advertised the haunted cornfield they're going to have. And someone else had a skeleton walking around that was about 20 feet tall...I guess it was made out of PVC pipes, with a skull on top! I have a picture of it on here.

It was actually fun riding in my wheelchair down to the end of our street to the parade route. Benji pushed me in the know, he's a big nascar fan, so...I thought I was gonna need a helmet & a seatbelt!! Especially as we hit all the cracks in the sidewalk!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

after the Lazy B...

Okay...let me say...I had the very best time this weekend at "The LazyB Campground"!! Sometimes it was a little 'disconcerting', cuz we were staying in the house next door (which Ken owns), and in the middle of the night and early in the morning (although nobody was loud), people who had tents or campers out back would come in the back door of the house to the bathroom, or to shower in the morning. Cuz they could've either used Kev's mom & dad's house, but ours was the 'secondary' one! So Sunday afternoon, we were all sitting around b-s-ing, and one of the cousins said it oughtta be called the lousy B, cuz, for heaven's sake, he had to wait for a bathroom!! They didn't even leave a BUCKET outside the tent to piss in!! HAHA!!
Saturday was the Mexican Fiesta, where most people dressed in Mexican costumes, and there was a costume contest...which of course, uncle G won, cuz he was in a dress, and wig, and had big earrings made out of canning jar lids!! May I say, he actually looked good...even with a mustache!! And the kids (about 6 or 7 under ten years old), did a pinata, then after that the adults had their own pinata with stuff like mini bottles of booze, and packs of smokes, and lighters, and notepads, and stuff as prizes! To qualify for entry into the breaking of the pinata, the adult couples played 'The Newlywed Game' was fun...we didn't win, but we did get to help break the pinata. Then we played 'Bean The Beaner', where Kev's bro stood behind a big wooden thingy of a Mexican guy with a hole cut in it for his face, and we all got to throw pies (well, whipped cream on paper plates) at his face...and Kev helped me, he pushed me up to Ken, past the line (yes, I cheated!), and yes, I hit him too!
And all this stuff was after we'd eaten all we could of everything Mexican that everybody made for dinner. And fried ice cream...and Texas sheet cake...mmmmmm!
Saturday, there was golf, and then everybody got together at 5 for the big LCR competition. There were tons of people that played, probably about 40 or 50(?).And there had been a $5.00 fee for each person...I have NEVER, EVER played that game before...NEVER!! However...I ended up winning!! And Tif was pissed, cuz she was the next-to-last person out! So later, when they awarded the prizes for everything (a lot of gift cert's for people who helped set everything up)......and I won the LCR trophy, pictured above, + $50.00!! And there were some badminton can guess...there was the golden cock, and the silver cock...
Sunday was a 'community breakfast', where everybody cooked something for breakfast, outside each of their tents & campers, and in the houses...Kevin made the sausage gravy & biscuits, and in my opinion, that was the best! But the eggs, bacon, hash browns, english muffiins, toast, everything else was good too!! Now, does everyone see why I like to have prednisone this week?? There's ALWAYS food there!!
It's totally amazing that this family doesn't have arguments when everybody's together for this long! Well, one person was being 'standoffish'' all weekend, and I got about as much disrespect as I could take, but...water off a duck's back...there was family there from Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania...really cool!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Lazy B Campground...where all the fun is this weekend...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day!!

Okay! It's gettin' time to be able to actually think seriously about this kinda shit!! Nice cool weather, football, oh, EVERYTHING!! Plus it is Labor Day weekend, and Kevin's whole family is setting up their campers in his mom & dad's huge, enormous backyard, and there'll probly be about 50 or 100 people there that we haven't seen all year! Fun!! Lots of food, lots of games...oh, and of course, don't forget the drinks!!
Anyway, I don't have a lot of time on here, I still have some gettin' together to do...I really don't have much of anything else going on right now...just stuff 'inside' me, and that only gets thought about, not blogged about. Also, I have to say, once again, welcome home, Pirate!! You were missed bigtime!!
I DO have a really important, pressing question on my mind right now, and I want anyone that has any ideas to help me with it, okay? Why in the living FUCK does Iran have the right to set their own deadline for giving up uranium enrichment??? They were given a date a LONG time ago...then they sent a message back awhile after that saying, "Well...give us til Aug 31st, and we'll talk then." WHAT??????
Save a seat for me in the handbasket, willya?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!