Monday, September 25, 2006

random Monday thoughts...

Just random shit, floating around in this thing called a brain (to use the term loosely~!)
Hmmmm...because of the commercial on tv in Ohio, against Mike DeWine (who I got a real physical letter from last year in the US mail, complimenting me on one of my letters to the editor in our paper!), I'm totally reminded of some songs Tif & I used to have a cassette tape of and we used to sing it together ALL the time!! The first one I think of is, "Willowby, walloby, elephant sat on Tanya!!" I know whose album that YOU??
When Tif was about 10 or 11, Kev & I were married, and I was a produce mgr at a store up in Findlay (I LOVE that town!), and I needed a babysitter for the weekdays. One of the girls that was a cashier there, said her mom babysat for her kids, and offered to watch Tif, too, all I had to do was drop her off at her house on my way to work, & pick her up there after work! And her house was only a block from the store, so it was perfect! So Tif rode an hour up there every morning with me. A lot of the time she slept, but other times she'd tell me the dreams she had the night before...that was REALLY neat! One I'll never forget is when she had a cold, and a huge hypodermic needle was chasing her all over the house saying c'mere! you need a shot for your cold!! sorry...I still hafta laugh about that one!! And once when we were out in the country on the way up there, she was asleep, but I saw a pheasant fly over the car~! It was amazing looking!! Yeah, I'm a total 'city slicker', but I can still appreciate the wonders, right? Then on the way home, we'd come into our town out past a farm (gone now...the new high school is out there!), and Tiffany always rolled her window down and yelled "MOO!!" at the cows that were 'outstanding in their field'! Haha!
We went to Cedar Point when she was 5, before I was even dating Kev, and she didn't even want to get on a merry-go-round with me! All she wanted to do was stay in 'Bear Country', ya know, the Berenstein Bears? She sat in there with me & Sister Bear, and colored pictures all day!! She STILL talks about that!
Kev & I went to the Cleveland Clinic last Thurs for an appt with my ms dr again. I've asked her "Why do I hafta come up here 3 times a year for? It's truly not like you're gonna come dancing out here yelling 'They found a cure!'?" She just laughed and shook her head...then sent me to make my next appt for Jan 2007. Well?? I can ask! She did notice that when I was standing, my left leg is 'hyperextended'. And now that she mentioned it, I notice that ALL the fuckin' time!! Oh well...I'll do more stupid exercises, & just deal with the shit! Yeah, I'll play the damned hand I was dealt...(bitching & whining & pissing & moaning all the way!)...but I DON'T have to be happy with it!! Boy, does the 'dealer' get an earful from me every night! I figure that sooner or later, I'll just get a recording saying "This extension is out of service...please, never call back..."
Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Cincinnati yesterday...I wept for them (nahh...not really...I was pissed, though!). Big Ben needs some time off, I think. He is a great quarterback, but he needs to take time to heal physically from everything! But, HEY!! OSU won again Saturday!! Next Saturday night at 8 pm ET, it's Iowa in Iowa!! WooHoo!
Maybe more 'randomness' tomorrow!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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