Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday after Christmas... anybody back yet?? Hallloooo! hehehe!

I hope everybody had a magical Christmas, too, or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year!! Obviously, I started with my birthday...and, also as obviously, Luke was the Christmas dog at Tom's! We had a great Christmas, it's just been a long one!!

The pic of me & Tif is at Bro's house. There were probably 25 people there, and that was mostly his wife's family! Bro does Christmas dinner right, rib! And everything else! This was the Christmas for pictures as presents, though! And nobody knew about anybody else's! Bro's 4 kids, ages 17 up to 30-ish, got together and had a photographer come out to their house in the woods and take pictures of them together all over, and they had the best one printed on canvas & mounted on the stone wall over the fireplace! And they had the rest in a book! That was about the best present they could've gotten for them! Bro & his wife had no idea they were doing this, cuz they were in Arizona when they got the pix taken!! And Bro's wife did scrapbooks for 2 of the girls, and the one for the oldest girl had pictures in it of me & Kim with her when she was little! And my oldest brother (Psycho!) made up a scrapbook from one Mom had in her's & Dad's basement...he said it was already in a book, but the cover was getting black mold on it, so he took all the pages apart, and put them in chronological order, and everything! That was really a neat thing for him to do! The book starts back in 1948, before Mom & Dad got married in 1950 (there's even the write-up of their wedding from the local paper up there!), and goes forward til after I was born in 1964! There were all kinds of cool things in there! Like, ummm, hotel receipts from the hotel they stayed at for their honeymoon in Niagara Falls, receipts for $9.50 a night!! And there were all kinds of mushy cards to each other (an awwww moment for all!), and pictures of Mom at a beach, and she looked SO good! She looked exactly like one of the models from the 50's! Oh, and Dad's draft cards from the 40's were in there too! Wow!! G did a LOT of work to put that together!! I gave Tif & R 2 8X10's from their first dance that I took & had them framed & matted; and a gift card for Sears that I know they'll use! I got 2 8X10's of me & Tom framed & matted, & a couple things for jr.

Friday, December 19, 2008

weekend before Christmas!!

...Rogues Hollow and Smithville again. Between the two of us, and the kids, we had hundreds of pictures from that day!!

Well, I got the medicine my doctor said will make me hungry, and you know what it is?? Anabolic steroids!! This is definitely NOT like the prednisone I've taken before, these are heavy-duty illegal steroids, like the kind that professional athletes are always getting busted with!!! Tom brought them over from Rite- Aid tonight, and was reading off the side effects to me, and, I swear, he was practically rolling off the chair, he was laughing so hard! "You're going to have more hair on your face than I will!!" I just growled & said "Yeah..or maybe a bigger dick than you, and then you'll be jealous!!" lol...I guess...
I just hope I gain some appetite & weight back!
So, the weekend before everybody ready for it? I am, pretty much, I guess. I still have one more thing to get for Tif & R, and Truman's catnip stuff, & something for Tom's boy, but pretty much, I'm done!
Oh, and guess what! The plaque I got for my birthday was NOT from Jill! It was from an 8th grade friend's mom, who I haven't seen for about 5 or 6 years! And I haven't seen that friend since like 1983 or so!!
I had a pizza delivered from Donato's tonight, and the delivery guy was the one who's here so often that he walks in and yells out "Hi Truman!" Yeah..I never suggested I've ever been little miss Susie Homemaker. However, my uncle sent a recipe to Tom in my Christmas card that he liked at Thanksgiving, does that count for anything? ;-D Tom's a good cook, especially if it's stuff out of his garden! He makes awesome chili, spaghetti sauce, all that stuff.
We're gonna be at Bro's house in the mid-afternoon for Christmas, and we'll be at Tom's dad's sometime that day...just gonna be all kinds of stuff to do...heck, even the lady that runs the antique store said we should stop over there too! Huhh...I'm surprised, cuz I still have the book "Heidi" that I borrowed from the store forever ago! I've been done with it for months, but I never know when we're gonna stop in there, and every time I mention it, & apologize for not having returned it yet, she always says don't worry about it!
Oh hell, I almost forgot! I got a birthday cake that evening! Tom & jr stopped back over on their way home from school & work, and brought a cake from a store that said Happy Birthday Libby on it...and someone had written 26th in there! I guess I asked for this, seeing as how I told jr back in August that I was birthday=another year!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...birthday stuff... I'm officially in my "mid-40's"!...funny...I don't feel old! Kev's dad came over this morning & brought me a present from him & Kev's mom, & said they still love me, and any time I need anything, call them! I still love them too, they are the BEST! And I've gotten happy birthday messages from a lot of facebook friends, too, & Kev im'd me a happy birthday this morning too, and Tom was just here! Oh, and Joe emailed me a happy birthday in Italian! Wow...I could really get used to this....hmmm...
Also, I just left Bro a message on his cell phone, telling him & his wife happy anniversary...they got married on my 12th birthday...32nd! That's great!!'s something I had hoped would happen for me & Kev too, but...
Tom was just here, too! Damn, "so many men, so little time..."? lolol! Truly, I AM too old for that! 20 years ago though...
Nahhh...Tom is plenty! We're gonna 'celebrate' my birthday this weekend, at his house in the country! I really know it's my birthday...Bro just called back to say happy birthday...and UPS just dropped off an awesome wall plaque! Thanks, Jill!!
It's either my birthday, or I'm gonna die soon, and everybody but me knows it!... neuro's office called in an rx for something to make me hungry, so, I'll get that tomorrow and, hopefully that will help!!
I have a half gallon of peppermint stick ice cream in the freezer, it's calling me today! I remember, because that's not available all year, when I worked at grocery stores, and wrote orders for the frozen food dept too, I always ordered a few gallons extra of that, and hid it in the freezer, in the back room, so I had it all year! yeah, I was sneaky...but I always bought it in the summer, so Tif and I always had it!! I guess that was a "perk", right??
Chester, my friend from the Fostoria store, emailed me yesterday too. And I think I have friends all around the world...she puts me to shame...she has friends in England that she's gone over to play golf with!! 'Course, she played golf all the time with an ex-boyfriend of mine up there, too! He was really cute when we went out, had the dark hair, hairy chest, fast motorcycle, and all that...but he was all about "marriage & kids", the last thing I wanted to hear when I was 23!! I'm glad I got out right then! And now he's fat, too! (is that what marriage & kids did to you, Kevin? (yeah...Kevin #3!)) Chester still plays golf with him, that's neat!
Well, I'm gonna go take my 3pm nap!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

throwing stones...

Tnis top picture is the awesome inside of the Rogues Hollow Historical Society...really, this isn't a museum or anything, the police chief from 25 years ago lives here! (or maybe he was the sheriff from then...). He's retired now, and lives here as the caretaker of the hollow!

...more funstuff on Crybaby Bridge...

And this is the outside of the building....the caretaker lives in the top floor...

I heard a story this week about an old king in a small area in Africa. He and his wife, who is, of course, the queen, lived in a hut in the middle of the jungle. He was quite the collector of old royal artifacts, old crowns, scepters, anything a king should have. One day, it started to storm, and the wind was whipping around and everything. His wife got scared and ran outside to see if there was anybody that could help, cuz the hut was collapsing! All of a sudden there was a tremendous CRASH, and she turned around to see the king crawling out from under a pile of "kingly" furniture and the grass they had made their hut from. After shaking his head, and dusting himself off, he noticed a villager walking up to them. The king said he wasn't sure what had happened to cause that mess. The villager just shrugged his shoulders, and said...
"Just goes to show you...people who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones..."
sj, that was for you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas shopping's DONE!! (almost...still hafta get Truman something,,,)

Important friends in my life currently...except for the kitten, Tinkerbell, I found another home for her, because, as you can see, Truman looked at her with disdain every time she found something to have fun with!! Like (humph! how stupid kids can be!).
And Tom (my 'gentleman friend'...although gentleman may be a stretch!) & I and his boy's friend on Crybaby Bridge back in October! I was gonna put pix of Tif on here too, but I had so many of her wedding on lately, I didn't...but she's obviously very important (she's my girl! for God's sake!!)
So, last night, we went out to the store that does this kind of 'crafty' stuff in town, and I sent them wandering around the store (for an hour and a half!! they were SO patient!) while I worked with the lady in charge of framing & matting pictures, she's really good! And we picked out frames & matting for all 8 pictures I had....they'll be done tomorrow, and they're gonna be some awesome surprising Christmas presents!! Cuz I've never done anything like this for Christmas before, usually it's a present or gift card! But, you know what? Not only is this about 10 times cheaper for me, it's going to be WAY more meaningful to everybody...including me!! The only problem is that Truman really doesn't give a rat's ass about them, so, I need to find him some catnip toys! Well...he is by all rights a 9 year old boy, so...
Other than that, I'm not doing much of anything, except still trying to gain my weight back. I WANT to gain my 20 lbs back, that I lost a year and a half ago! Some people eat more when their life falls apart at the seams...I, unfortunately, lost my appetite, and it won't come back...not a good thing when you only weighed 108 lbs, like I did from age 19 on! I'm gonna ask my neuro for an rx for marinol, the drug like marijuana, without increase my appetite. My mom took that pill when she was at the nursing home, so I hope my dr will let me try it...since the steroids didn't do SHIT for my appetite this time...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
Sorry..important addendum>>>>>>
TLP just sent me the most AWESOME website! (can you see, I'm a child of the 80's?)>>>>>>>> <<<<<<
I'm listening to Judas Priest "Retribution" now...first I had 80's radio gold...too tame...went to the search, and put in Lita Ford (was my idol way back then!), clicked on "Kiss Me Deadly"...and it's heavenly!! It's total 80's hair bands! From Lita to Poison (I USED to love them till I found out that a slut that was probly in diapers when they were hot went to their concert this year with someone old enough to be her dad!) to Jackyl!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday night again...

How I love the feeling of power and control I get when I hijack a train in a deserted country area...

...luckily, a little whippersnapper showed up to help me, not the terrified passengers!

I just finished watching a great history channel show. It's the 70's, has everything, from Nixon's resignation, to women's starting to work outside the home...until the mid to late 70's, most women didn't have jobs outside the home (my mom never did after she married my dad in 1950!). And then it went on to talk about how it was actually illegal to be gay, and about Studio 54, and the bathhouses in NYC...the cocaine & LSD...Jimmy Hoffa...disco...and all the debauchery...huh...ya ever feel like you just were invited to a party at the last minute, but that, luckily, the next party was just starting, and it was even better? That's my analogy of the 70's/80's...
I got a forward from my friend Chester today, and it's a REALLY neat website!!
This guy just must've had way too much time on his hands! My song is "Come See About Me" by the Supremes.
Well, I got the biggest part of the Christmas presents I'm giving in the mail yesterday...I'm way too broke to buy presents this year, so I got some of the pictures I've taken developed as 8X10's by ofoto online, and I'm getting them framed & matted for people. I like the pictures. And, at least I don't have to worry about running out of ink in my printer in the middle, or the prints accidentally getting printed out crooked or anything!
My Christmas tree is up now, and has all the lights on it (all blue, of course!), I still need to finish hanging the decorations...most of them are the ones Tif made in elementary school!! I love the wood angel cutout with her kindergarten picture pasted on as its face!!! I let Tiffany's friend have our old fake Christmas tree that we had for the beginning of the 90's, because she has a little girl, they don't have a tree yet, and the little girl was all scared that Santa wouldn't come if they didn't have a sad is that?
Just as an aside...I was really glad to see OJ get convicted of the robbery & kidnapping in Las Vegas! Too little, too late...but the judge did well, and told him and everybody else that this sentence had nothing to do with his past problems!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!