Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday evening...

Okay...last night something happened that nobody would believe. My little girl, Tiffany, (21 years old...a beautician, I know, I know...), called at 11:30 pm, and said "Mom...Ricky just asked me to marry him!! He gave me a ring in a push-up (ice cream thingy)! I was so totally lost on this, that I had absolutely no idea what to say! So, I didn't say SHIT!! I just sat there with my mouth hanging open for a minute, until Tiff says, "Mom? Mom? Are you even still there??" I finally said 'well, that's neat...' she said 'aren't you happy?' And I asked her if she was, & she said I said, well if you're happy, I'm happy for you! Then she asked if Dad was here, so I called him to the phone (thankfully passing it off!). Then when he got done, he came in here to the dining room, & we talked a little...(she still lives here, so she was coming home soon). Then he went somewhere...I thought he went to lay down on the when Tiff got home, I hugged her, admired the ring, did all the appropriate stuff that moms do...she went around the corner to look for Kev, and he wasn't in the bedroom! I knew for a fact that he never went upstairs, so she went out back and there he was standing on the deck, smoking, and staring at nothing. So she went out there to talk to him, and they came back in in about a half-hour. We all sat here a little bit, then she went to bed, then Kev went to bed...and I just sat here. I still can't believe this!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

kitty stomp...

Did you EVER know that cats can stomp? Yup. They can. Truman's always been good at it, even though he's not a huge cat (11 lbs), and has no front claws (good!) Kevin and I found that out (AGAIN!) last night. Now, cats are cute, and cuddly IF they come into your bed at night, and just want to snuggle up with you, or curl up at the end of the bed, and sleep, but, noooo, not my wittle swee' pea! He waits til 3 am, and then comes up and sticks his butt in our faces, while crawling over our heads on the pillows! And then, I try to keep him off Kevin, cuz he's the one that has to get up & go to work the next day...and I doubt very much if he wants paw prints with kitty litter in them all over his face when he gets to work. So, I pull him down next to me, cuz I can sleep late the next day...but...I think we've got the only cat in the world that licks people's hands more than a dog would!! And Kevin hates that even when he's awake! So I let him do it to me, just so he doesn't try it with Kevin! And, quite often, Kev wakes up with all the slurping going on by Truman! And, trust me, he HATES waking up to that noise! The only thing he hates worse is when Truman SUCKS on the comforter on the bed!! He was doing that once, and Kevin said 'That's gross! Don't let him do that!' And I told Kevin 'Leave him alone! He's just nursing!!' Kev almost puked, but I thought it was funny! We've actually had to close the bedroom door at night, because, well, you know...anyway, when we come out of there, Tru's standing right outside the door, and runs in! Or he stands outside the door and meows as loud as he can! He's SO much worse than a little kid! I told Kevin right after I got Truman that maybe we oughtta cut a cat door in the bedroom door. And all I got for that was a dirty look. But for a long time, Truman has been Kev's cat! Even though I was the one that went to the animal shelter and picked him out! But when Kevin comes home at night, Tru's already been at the door meowing for 'Daddy' for a half hour. And when Kev walks in, Truman jumps on the table to get his "heinie" scratched, and wherever Kev goes after that, Tru follows him around like he's a dog, and Kev's told him "heel!" HOLY CRAP!! I'm the one that saved him from "the Green Mile"! Doesn't he remember that?? Okay...I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, I can say pretty much what prayer was answered now. I was really hoping that something would change bigtime for Kevin at his job, because he hates it SO much, he's told me for a long time that as he drives out to work every day, he just feels like pulling the car over and puking. And, no, it's not cuz he's drunk, before you ask! Like I said, there's about 500 people that work at that office...he was kinda promoted about a year ago to a position of assistant supervisor, which sounds a LOT more glamorous than it actually is....there are about 25 others in this office that do that, and actually, all it is, is to talk to the customers that are pissed at the company, and ask the reps on the floor, well, demand, to talk to a supervisor. So, it's actually Kev's job to solve their problem, so the supervisor doesn't have to! If he can't (which has only happened a couple times since he's been in that job), then he has to take a message & the supv has to call them back the next day. Anyway...the boss of this center came to his department last week, told him that they were going to need a new person to do the systems department, and she wanted him to apply, and he should put her down as a reference. Well, that was what I was so overjoyed about...and that sounded great, cuz when I worked there (10 yrs ago, of course!) systems was just a couple of people that handled the computer system for that center. Well, it now seems that it's changed since I've been there...actually, until they get a new 'systems boss' that's what it'll be. But the new job is going to be almost 100% different. When they posted it this week, it said it's going to be 20% travel! Which Kevin doesn't want at all, wouldn't even want it if I was 100% healthy! Cuz that could mean going almost anywhere, New York, Indiana, Hawaii...and he doesn't want anything to do with that! We talked about it last night, and I asked him if he would want to do it even if we had never gotten married, & he said no...pretty much, that answers MY question. I prayed about it again last night, then woke up today and said 'don't even apply, you don't want it' which is what he had already been telling me & his family., even before anyone at work knew he didn't want it, he was asked to do something else that he's been wanting to do! With no travel, it's all in this building! Not a management job, but, who cares? He already makes almost 20 bucks an hour, + free insurance, so, pee-shaw! And he said today when he called on his last break, that he and some other people out there are scheduled to have a meeting with the vice-president of the company tomorrow. So, I look at that as a signal that somebody recognizes that he's doing a good job, anyway. Even though he never went to college, which is usually the first thing they look for, a college degree.
So, I'm done for now, till I think of something else.
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Monday, June 27, 2005

one more addition for today...

Website of the day...


Hey everybody! Here's a cool quiz...I got 9 right!
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tagged answers...

Hey, I FINALLY have time to sit down here and do the tag questions! tagged by Christine, who hates her husband..

Name 5 things most people like and I don't give a shit about (or words to that effect!).

1. spare time...I'm home too friggin' much anyway, and, well, if I could drive, there's plenty of stuff I'd do, but, I don't think I should...unless I somehow, miraculously, HEAL!, and get my license back...but that prayer's not getting answered right now...ok, ok, I God's time Libby, not yours!!
2. Nascar...well, I like it sometimes, in limited amounts.Like the road courses, Watkins Glen, which is coming up...oh, and Tony Stewart...he's, like, just the hottest thing in racing! (Tiff swears she's gonna marry Kasey Kahne...I told her I hope she does, then she can take care of her parents in their old age!)
3. Celebrities who spout off their godforsaken political views, and then they're all hurt and offended because their 'former' fans think they're stupid assholes that think their opinions mean any damn more than ours! Sorry, I need to go off on a rant here...there isn't a whole lot I care about more than politics! And it makes me SO MAD when people who don't read anything about it, only watch ABC, NBC, & CBS, and think they know everything! And say they'll vote for Hillary Clinton, if she runs, because they loved Bill Clinton, and they think that it'll be just like having him back! Grrrrrr!!! If you think Bush isn't the right president, well, wait til you see what 'Hitlery' will do! She's the most evil, power-hungry person in Washington. I beg your pardons, if I was offensive...
4. NBA- yeah, I know, everybody talks about March Madness, and all that...and the finals, just over, which I did watch, but only because Detroit was in it, and they were doing great!!
5. ...and for the last...and, actually, the least...TOM & KATIE!!! Is everybody ready to PUKE the next time you hear a news story about them?? As a matter of fact...they aren't NEWS!! News is important stuff, like, politics, war on terror, missing kids, weather, oh, I don't know, ANYTHING but Hollywood stuff! There's a place for that, and, it's not on the national news! Maybe the national...enquirer!
Okay, I'm done...I want to tag...op~, if nobody else got him; Rookielover, come on, play with us!; & nuttymom.....she knows exactly who I mean!
Lotsa work...I have to go & watch the Twilight Zone (the new ones, in color...this one has George Costanza (Seinfeld)!
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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Okay, yeah, I know, nobody will ever like me again after this post...all it takes in this life is to say one time "I don't like dogs". Holy crap, the shit will hit the fan!! But...I don't and I admit it....well, I do like SOME dogs...OTHER PEOPLE'S!! Kinda like some people say about kids...'I like 'em, but I'm glad they're not mine to deal with all day,every day'. We've tried having dogs...the first one we had was a present from 'Uncle Ken', for Christmas 1991. We always go to their mom & dad's for Christmas morning (you know, Ken always has us sing "Happy Birthday, dear Jesus..." before we have breakfast!), we're all in the living room opening presents, Ken says I have one for Kev & his family in my room, and he goes down the hall and in a second, there's a Dalmatian puppy running down & jumps right in Tiff's little 7-year old lap...scared the shit out of her!! So, we brought him home, named him Amadeus, & loved him like crazy. But after he grew up & into his size, he realized that he'd pretty much do anything he wanted! He absolutely refused to listen to anybody but Kevin, and chewed on the wall in the kitchen, and on the woodwork in here...the vet said to put jalapeno juice on it & he'd quit....HA!! That huge, enormous monster went up & LICKED it off everywhere we put it!! By then he could stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders and look down at me! And he weighed about 85 lbs by then, and it wasn't fat, it was all muscle! So then he got teased all the time after that by the 2 or 3 little kids next door through the chain link fence, and he got really mean, actually ended up biting Tiff, and that's when we started to try to give him away...yes, that's right, GIVE him away! Purebred dalmatian, for free...I would've asked why, what's wrong with him? before I wanted him, wouldn't you?? Anyway...we gave him to a total of 4 or 5 families, but he never lasted more than a couple of days anywhere...we would get a call & they'd say we can't handle him, he just growls & snaps at us if we get close to him...if you don't want him back, I'm taking him to the pound. So, of course, Kevin would go pick him up & bring him home. So as a last resort we took him to the animal shelter, and asked them if they'd try to get him a home. But, if nobody wanted him, call us back, we didn't want him to get put to sleep. They said ok, then called us 2 days later to say they couldn't put him out for adoption, he's too mean. So, guess what? Kevin went out and picked him up! Grrrrrrr!! So a few days later, Kev's mom's chiropracter's daughter wanted him. So that's where he finally ended up! A few years later, I worked with a girl who raised beagles...Kevin had always had beagles when he was growing up, so, brilliant me, told Lynn when her dog had puppies, we wanted one...a few months later, I got to come home & tell was good, she was a great puppy/dog. We had her for 5 yrs, then decided to get rid of her cuz we were getting ready to remodel our house. So I put an ad in the paper that we were giving away a purebred beagle, female, never spayed, loves people & kids...and people came over right & left for her (Buffy). And I actually got to choose her new home! I told everybody, well, we'll call you...(like a job interview!). So she went to a great family with 4 kids, and I talked to Buffy's "grandma" a few months ago, & she told me Buff was fine, and had even had 3 litters of puppies!
But, I wanted a cat, so in 1999 I went to the animal shelter & adopted Truman (best cat in the world!). Oh, and something else about Amadeus....told you he ate everything, right? Well...he somehow got one of my red bras out of the drawer, laundry, wherever...then he ate it, (we didnt know!)...actually, we knew when Kev had to chase him down in the backyard & pull it outta his BUTT!! (won''t happen with a cat...) Okay...goin' to bed..
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, June 24, 2005


I'm kinda you think God sometimes saves you from your self-destructiveness for a certain reason?
Because I'm gonna admit something here that I did regularly, and hardly anyone knows it (not even Kev!) Well, after reading everyone's remarks about the drunk-driving dumbass (which I totally agree with, and thank you for!)...BTW, the article was in the paper with his arrest & his charges...I'll put that in...anyway...I used to get drunk 2 times a week when I worked up north. And when me & all my friends were done drinking at the bars, we'd leave, and go whereever, and do stupid shit, then around 4 (or 5 or 6 or 7 am), we'd all take off to go home (everybody always asked me to stay with them, but I never did), and I'd drive home, an hour south, usually at least half-drunk. I thank God every day that I made it, and I NEVER had any near-misses, except the time I was tired after I had worked 24 hours straight to cover for the manager, when he called in 'lazy' one day! That time I was so tired that I acutally nodded off while I was driving, and almost ran into an overpass, but, I swear, I felt a hand on my shoulder that shook me, and I woke up before I even veered out of my lane! Believe me, Tiffany was never with me, I NEVER drove drunk with her in the car! She stayed overnight with my mom & dad every Tuesday and Saturday nights,because I always had Wednesdays & Sundays off.) I even used to see Kev's boss (this was WAY before we went out!) driving to his job in another town north, while I was driving south to go home! We'd wave sometimes across the divided highway! So, when I'd get home, I'd drag myself up the stairs to my apartment & go to bed for a few hours, then go over to Mom & Dad's & get Tiff. The absolute LAST time I drove after drinking was when I was going out with an old boyfriend (named John...are all Johns assholes, Christine?) and we were at a bar about a half-hour north of here with, actually, the owner of the company's son!, drinking, of course. I decided at 2 am that I wanted to go home, John wouldn't take me. So....I took his keys, & went out & got in his car, started it...but the headlights wouldn't come on, no matter what I did! (you know hitting the dash, kicking, cussing it out, etc!)... so I just said WTF, and went driving down the two-lane highway with no lights, at 2:25 am! And nobody saw me, and I made it home safely, and John had to come up & knock on my door the next day for his keys! HAHA! So I broke up with him for good (after 2 years, off & on!! I was stoopid!) And never drove drunk again. So, I always wonder...was I just saved so I could become a good Mom to Tiffany, becaause she had nobody to raise her but me? So, does that mean that she is the only reason I'm still here? doesn't matter, I'm happy I am, & happy I was here to BE her mom...but I dunno...
Oh, here's the stuff about that driver...

E. Perez, 20, was arrested on charges of aggravated vehicular assault, no operator's license, underage consumption, driving under the influence and reckless operation.
(copied & pasted from our paper,I took out name & address)


Thursday, June 23, 2005


Okay....nuttymom came up with a good game the other it's my turn! Can everybody remember all the cars you've ever had in your life, from your first to present?? Tell me about 'em! My first car when I was 16 was a 1972 8-cylinder Comet...booger was really ugly, but, man, would it GO! That was originally my mom's first car. Then in a few years, Dad bought her a Honda, and he must've put the Comet in storage for me, cuz I got it in 79 or 80, when I was driving...(told you I was a spoiled brat, didn't I?). Then, after I left Tiff's bio-dad when I was 19, and got my job here in town, worked my way up, and was transferred to a store an hour north, they got me a Honda Civic, 5-speed...I LOVED that car!! Then, aabout 2 years later, maybe 3, I was driving around a different town up north, and some old lady went through her stop sign, and totaled my car! And I wasn't wearing a seatbelt (there was no law back then). So my face got bashed up, and so did my car, but I was more pissed about my car! I sat in it at the junkyard & bawled for about an hour! So, after that (you wouldn't BELIEVE this!)....I got a!! HAHAHA!! It broke down more than I can even remember! All I know is that I think I WALKED more on rt 23 N than I drove when I had that! And got more rides from nice truck drivers! They're definitely safer than just somebody in a car!! Then I traded the Yugo in for my favorite car, a silver Mazda RX-7! Then got a gray cavalier, then a great little Geo Metro (green again, but not booger!). Now we have a bright yellow Dodge Neon, and I like it(don't get to drive it, but I like the color!! it's your turns!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I've been sitting up late every night in the living room reading! I used to read about a book every couple days, but....since there are computers, and email, and news, and blogs to read, ....oh my gosh, it's almost like I don't have time to read anymore! And I REALLY miss it! So, anyway, Kevin's mom & dad gave me an eBay gift certificate for Christmas, and I'm just getting it spent now...but, it may take some time. Anyway, I have 3 books I just got on there, & I'm only about 20 pages from the end of the first one. And it is SO GOOD!! Albeit's something I've always wanted to read...."Soylent Green"! It's actually quite depressing, but I'm hooked!! Tiff recommended the Nicholas Sparks books (The Notebook...I bawled my eyes out so hard I woke Kev up [3 rooms away, out of a sound sleep!], & The Wedding, etc...So...I usually never bid higher than a penny on any of these books (if they're paperbacks). And I won Soylent Green for a penny...but it did actually cost me 4.00, because of shipping....still, it's worth it! Kev asked me once why I didn't just order them new from Amazon, and I told him, "These used books have CHARACTER!! Besides, it's not like the words are gone after someone reads them...they just create memories in their brains, and then the words are passed on!" I don't really know how else to put it, but... once I bid like, $5.00 + shipping on a Robin Cook book (a medical mystery...he has tons of books, and he really IS a doctor!)...when I got it (it was a hardcover with dust jacket!), it was in this great big box, and there was a letter in there from the girl I got it from, saying she didn't want all of these anymore, so she wanted me to have them! And when I looked, it was like, a complete collection of his books!! All hardcover w/dustjackets!! So, those kept me busy for a long time!! Geez, I LOVE that girl!!
Anyway, I think I'm gonna go finish that book...I should be able to get it finished in a half-hour or so. (I'm a fast, fast reader!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

lotsa stuff...

Okay, I'm back. First things first...there was something in the paper tonight about the wreck. Only two of the three guys were hurt bad enough to go to hospitals (???) (hard to believe, isn't it?), & the other walked away without anything! The guy who flew out of the backseat went 60 feet from the car, and into a guidewire! And he was lifeflighted to a trauma hospital in Columbus, and he's in serious condition there now.
So I was just remembering some of the funny stuff that happened with Tiff when she was younger. She used to have a friend whose mom watched her after school in 4th grade....the mom was one of my friends. Anyway, they had a clothes dryer down in their basement that wasn't hooked up to heat anymore, they were getting rid of it. So, Tiff and Kasey used to sneak down there, and climb in one at a time, and start it, you know, just each flipping...(brainiacs, i tell ya!). And back when Tiff still believed in Santa, 2nd or 3rd grade,but she was wondering if the other kids were right, and he wasn't real, we told Kev's little brother Ken, and he dug out his Santa suit, and we set the camcorder up on auto-record, and showed Tiff what we were doing...and we all swore that we'd get him on tape when he put the presents under the tree. So she went upstairs to bed and Ken came over wearing the suit about an hour later, carrying the presents in a big bag (he had the big white beard and everything!) and put them all under the tree, then I think we all sat down & had a beer or something...but we still have that video, and Tiff always says 'That was Uncle Ken, wasn't it?', but nobody's ever confessed to it! Every kid should have an Uncle Ken! He used to come over in the evenings & play 'hide & seek' & 'go to court' (?) with her and all her friends for a couple hours at night! How cool was he? He's about 2 yrs younger than Kev, & he always acts like a kid!
So, this morning, Kev & I were watching tv, and someone said "she means well"...I looked at Kev, and said, 'You know what? When someone says that, I'd run!"
And, oh yeah, Tiff brought home a bottle of shampoo a few weeks ago, and said 'I got your kind of shampoo, Mom' I looked at the bottle, and it's called 'Dumb Blonde'! Grrrrrrr....
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Monday, June 20, 2005

car wreck....

Saturday night was really weird! I actually forgot all about writing about it yesterday! No, none of the three of us were IN the car wreck, but...I was sitting here Saturday night/Sunday morning at the computer playing a game and watching the news, and all of a sudden Tiffany came running down the stairs (it was 3 am) and she says "didn't you HEAR that?" I said no, what? And the computer is right here in the dining room & I'm sitting about 10 feet from the front door! She said "That car wreck! It sounded like about 3 cars!! I can't believe you didn't hear it, it woke me up!!" I asked her, are you sure it wasn't a dream? She went to the front door & we walked to the front of the front porch (yes, I walked with her...even though I was hanging onto her arm...but STILL!), and we looked down the street, and there were all kinds of lights down there, and all kinds of our neighbors were walking down the street, too! That's so WEIRD that I didn't even hear it!! So anyway, Tiff went down the street with a couple of the neighbors, & actually was down there for about 45 minutes! She came back & said it was only one car with 3 drunks in it! What had happened was that they had been driving about 80-100 mph down our street (speed limit is 35...), from the bar up at the main street, and hit the cross street one house away from us, went airborne, and the three crashes everybody heard was that car bouncing! So, the guys weren't wearing seatbelts (dumbasses! even Tiffany knows better!). They ended up about a block down the street! When everyone got there, the 2 guys that had been in the front seat were sitting on the curb, and the guy that had been in the back seat had been thrown from the car, & was laying in the middle of the street dying while the paramedics were working on him! Tiff said that when they walked past those two guys on the curb, there was a cop talking to them, telling them, 'you better hope he doesn't die, cuz if he does, one or both of you will be in prison for a LONG time!!' And what had stopped them was a telephone pole that they hit sideways and broke into three pieces! Tiff said the top part was just hanging by the wires! When she came home, she was telling me about it, and she talks loud, so she woke Kevin up, and he ended up walking down with her to see. So, I think that was the news from this town that night!!
By the way...when I heard Tiff thunder down the stairs that night, it kinda reminded me of when she was a little kid (maybe 8?) and she and her friends used to think it was the height of fun to get in a laundry basket and ride down the stairs...all fun and games, that is, until they hit the wall at the end!!
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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day is Father's Day, and I've been reading a lot of blogs, news, etc. Also giving Kev his Father's Day presents from me, ya, I know, he's not MY father, but...he did tell me a day or two after we were married that he wanted to adopt Tiffany, and that means as much to me as it does to her, believe it or not! But it was SO GOOD for Tiffany to have him as her dad all her life! And her bio-dad signed his parental rights away with no argument, which actually hurt her feelings a lot, when she was 18, and old enough to think about the meaning. But she was six when it happened, and she had only lived with me all her life, didn't even know what it was like to HAVE a dad! And this is hilarious...she knew that she would have Kev's last name, like me...but she also thought that she was going to get his middle name, too, and she would be Tiffany Allen ----! Then I told her, no, I like Tiffany Leigh...I named you that when you were born, and we won't change that! ;-) (no matter that I got her middle name from a Stephen King book I was reading while I was pregnant, 'Christine'.).
So anyway, Tiff got Kevin a shaver, and I really spoiled him! I made a card from me, and from Truman (our handsome gray cat...who follows Kev around when he gets home from work! The epitome of 'being a pussy'!), a book about Nascar racing called 'Sunday Money' which looks really good, and a $50.00 Home Depot gift card. I got Home Depot this time, because he always gets Best Buy cards, and he still has some of those left from Christmas & his birthday! They'll get used, though...
So, anyway, I read something one day that just said it all...maybe not a father's day thing, but something fathers ought to maybe remember..."The best thing a father can do for his kids is to love their mother"...just something to remember...
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Friday, June 17, 2005


Well, I actually DID get some REAL sleep last night! I got super-tired when I was sitting here watching tv, and I went and flopped down on the bed, and woke up once, for about half an hour, but slept from basically 8:30 pm to 10 am! That is beyond weird!!
Kevin was home at lunch today, and we were talking...after he went back to work, I was thinking about the job he does at work. I worked there for 4 years, before I had to retire cuz of ms, then he went out & got hired there, just basically for the $, not cuz it was his kind of more than mine (office job...bllleeaahhhh!). But, basically, I'm VERY much more outgoing than Kevin...he's more like "If I don't know them already, I don't NEED to know 'em". oh my God, what a baby! So, everybody out at this office of about 500 people knew me, by first & last name (both are 'offbeat', to be nice...). And one of the first 4 weeks he was in training class, sitting over against the wall (I don't know why, cuz all the people like him...he's very good at the job, and helps other people if they need it), all of a sudden, this girl I knew from that office came running down the hall and busted in the door, and yelled, "Okay...who's Mr 'Libby'?" I bet he was just about ready to find a hole in the wall (or make one!), and crawl in it!! That was hilarious (to ME...not him, I don't think!). But he dealt with it...still there, five years later....still doesn't like it, though...but I was able to add to it this Feb 16, when I sent him 15 red roses at work for our 15th anniversary! I'm so glad the lady that took my order knew me!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

forgot this!!

I haven't been looking at weird stuff lately, but someone may have fun with this!

deep thoughts...(ya, me haha!)

Okay, I have a dumb question for everyone, okay? can ya HANDLE IT?? (haha!)
All moms and dads: have you ever made up stupid, descriptive names for your daughter's (or sons!) dates? That's mine & Kevin's 'entertainment', if you will. Don't worry, we don't humiliate her or anything, we're lucky, she's been with me all her life & her sense of humor is as warped as mine! Also keep in mind that she's now 21, so she can drink, legally, finally! But we have made up names (well-deserved!) for every guy she's ever gone out with...for example, her first boyfriend was 'Stick Boy', cuz he was skinnier than me (or her!). Next was 'Mean Boy', cuz he actually tried to hit her at school...before the great big huge black guys that were her friends in her class went after him and "showed" him why that was a mistake! Then there was 'Bum Boy', who was not too bad at first, but lost his good job, and never tried to find another! The one she's with now isn't bad,(at least he's cute! & has jobs all the time.). But...he's like 2 years younger than her, so he's 'Youngster'. Is that wrong ;-) ! Aw, c'mon, you'd do it too, and you know it! So, lemme know! I'll post what else is on my mind later, after Kev's been home for lunch!
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

some really stupid questions, & other thoughts...

Has anyone else wondered about this "problem" with Viagra, and all the other 'ED' drugs for men? I asked Kevin about this the other night when the news was on about men on some of those drugs can start losing some eyesight...when you were little, didn't your mom tell you, "Don't touch that all the'll go blind". HA! But then Kevin looked at me and said, " many little boys listened?" OMG! Well, let a guy go complain to his mom about his sight NOW!
Okay, got that off my for the real stuff...
It's gonna have to be very vague at this point, but...If I had any doubt at all about God listening to prayers (I didn't, but you don't always see results when WE expect them.). So I've prayed for many things, as everybody does, I'm sure (whether they admit it or not!), but some answers & direction (for Kev...shhhh...) for about the last 3 or 4 years especially, and something happened Tuesday which may have actually been an answer, and, oooohhhhh, I WISH I could be more specific, but I can't! My ms is still here, so I guess it's not time for that TOO, but...that can wait!
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Okay...I had a great laugh last night when Tiff got home from her boyfriend's.They have a doberman that lives there, but it's half Tiffany's (don't ask!). Anyway, (& keep in mind I have one of the most warped senses of humor of anyone you've EVER met)...Dixie got hit by a car last week, & the fuckin' driver didn't even STOP, even though Tiff & Ricky were right there! So, they've had the dog back & forth to the vet's ofc all week. (no THIS is not what I think is funny!) Yesterday, he did surgery on the leg that almost got taken off, and he told them last night that Dixie only has like a 10% chance of keeping her leg, he may have to amputate it. So, Tiff looks up at him & asked what are you gonna DO with it? I WANT it, if you hafta take it off! I don't remember what he said, but when she told Kevin & me that last night, I was going to the kitchen, and stopped right then...."Great, Tiffany! You can make a 'leg lamp' for Christmas!" She just stood there for a second, then covered her mouth (so I didn't see her, of course) and 'snickered', then turned around and said I can't BELIEVE you said that about her!! Then Kevin busted in with his "D'oh", and she had someone else to be offended at!! Thank goodness...he saves me like that all the time!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i gotta quit staying up so late!!

Well, so here I am again, it's after 2:30 am Tuesday morning, and I'm sitting here, instead of being around the corner, in the bedroom, in bed with Kev. He's probly gonna kick my ass for never going to bed...but...he KNOWS I'm a night person (ever since I had to retire on fucking disability, anyway! I WAS a morning person, out of necessity when I was able to go to work!...but, that drove him & Tiff nuts, cuz they just want it quiet in the morning when they're getting ready!). Anyway...I'm hooked on the tv shows that are on overnight! I always have the Discovery Health Channel on, watching what Kevin says is 'gross stuff', like emergency room stuff, paramedics, plastic surgery, and last night there was a show called 'Life of Grime', and it had some people like, cleaning up the apartment where a guy shot himself. Kinda reminded me of the movie 'Curdled', which is about a woman who did that for her job. But I love that channel! Especially on Friday nights, they have 'Dr G, Medical Examiner'. She does the autopsies at a hospital in Florida, and figures out what killed them.
Anyway, I'm getting pretty sick of all the news shows going over & over & OVER about the Michael Jackass-son trial today. It's freakin' over, he was ruled not guilty, it might or might not be what you wanted, but weren't on the jury, now, WERE you? Yeah, I did my share of yelling at the 'stupid jurors' when they announced the verdicts, but, remember, I also thanked God when Scott Peterson got convicted, too! (even though his death would've come sooner if he was put in prison for life w/no parole, and put out in the general population! I'd guess he'd live for, maybe a year...instead of the 25 he'll probly have in his own private little cell, til all his appeals are over!). Of course, I also have the opinion that convicted child molesters should be sent to prison for life with no parole, put in the general population also, and forced to wear pink shirts! How 'uncrowded' would the prisons become then? It would save tax money for the schools, anyway...
Kevin also sat here with me at the computer tonight for about an hour and kinda showed me a little about html, which probly nobody knows perfectly, but he at least showed me how to kinda recognize what I'm looking at! I don't know how he can teach himself 'computer stuff' so fast! We both started out working at a grocery store, he was the meat manager, I was the produce mgr, we never touched computers there, just unloaded trucks & did the merchandising for our depts...and I was the one who took 2 years of data processing in high school, & was gonna go to college to, hopefully, learn systems, before I got pregnant with Tiff...but I'm very glad I did! Cuz I never would've done it otherwise...I just wouldn'tve had TIME to!! So HOW DOES Kev teach himself this shit so FAST??
Speaking of merchandising in the grocery stores...the one I was almost the proudest of was not produce, but was in the 80's, when you could do anything, and nobody got 'offended', and it was when I worked in another town...I took over an end display and had the night crew build a big display of boxes of prunes, with packs of toilet paper running up & down each end. They had to do it overnight, so the manager didn't see it til he came in the next morning!
OK, I'm done...for Monday, anyway!
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Monday, June 13, 2005


What's up with this shit?? It's not giving me a choice of font sizes, styles, or colors! I think I REALLY fucked something up the other night playing with the html page!! HELP!!
So, anyway...I was watching tv this morning (Dr Phil & Montel, of course!), and there was a woman on there who had a 16-year old son who was getting high every day, drinking, skipping school, breaking & entering & stealing. But then it came out that his dad had left ages ago, and, it sounded like he was trouble anyway. But when the boy was older, the mom moved her boyfriend in, who yelled & screamed at the boy, and beat him up and tried to strangle him, he admitted to it cuz the boy was beat up, & had handprints around his throat. So, what would YOU have done? SHE let him stay for 3 more years, and told Dr Phil that "I loved him.". Hmmmmm...more than you LOVED your son?? Oh puh-leez! People like that do not deserve to be parents! Usually, I don't blame the parents for ALL of the kid's behavior, (especially when the kid is that old!), but in this case, WHY did she stay?????? I was single from the time Tiff was 1 til she was six. And if ANYONE I went out with had EVER even raised his voice at her, he would've been GONE, no matter how much I liked him! Holy crap! Your kids come first, no matter what!!
Okay, that's it for this 'diatribe'.
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Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm considering a lot of 'politically incorrect' things today...but, keep in mind, I'm not a friggin' politician, so, I'm allowed to!!
First of all...I was watching Fox News this morning (big surprise...), and they were talking about how if Michael Jackson is found guilty, they're prepared for riots. Actually, if he's found not guilty, they're expecting people against him to riot. I don't understand why black people would all be for him...they probably don't like alleged child molesters any more than white people, do they? I'm pretty sure of that. Then, also, I'm concerned about the fact that a lot of people are saying that this whole thing is 'racially motivated'. What? He's more white than MOST white people are! Most white people TRY to be darker! Why else would tanning beds be so popular? They even sell them for home use. And they sell all kinds of stuff to make skin artificially dark. How could any white people BE prejudiced when they try SO HARD to make their skin darker? HE'S the one carrying an umbrella over his head (no, actually, he wouldn't LOWER himself to carry his own umbrella! His 'bodyguards' do it!). Speaking of that, why are they calling white people 'prejudicd'? Michael Jackson is the one who's rejecting the race! I see more black people in George W Bush's cabinet than I do surrounding Michael Jackson.
Okay...I'm sorry to sound so offensive, well, I guess I AM offensive about lots of stuff, especially if you ask Kevin, who ought to know, since he's put up with it for 15+ years! And my mom, who gets offended when I say I'M crippled, which I am! (if I could walk by myself, maybe I wouldn't say it?).
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Part Passionate Kisser
For you, kissing is about all about following your urgesIf someone's hot, you'll go in for the kiss - end of storyYou can keep any relationship hot with your steamy kissesA total spark plug - your kisses are bound to get you in trouble
Part Romantic Kisser
For you, kissing is all about feeling the romanceYou love to kiss under the stars or by the seaThe perfect kiss involves the perfect moodIt's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet
How boring could I be??

Hey, a friend in Cleveland sent this today. It's addicting!! Try it!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005


I LOVE this song! I was trying to figure out how to make my photostories into a dvd for my dad, but no luck yet! I'm trying to use the 'my dvd studio deluxe' that's on my desktop, but I will have to ask Kevin how to do this shit. But, actually, when I did, he said he didn't know it well enough to just tell me, but he'll sit down with me tonight & we'll "figgerr" it out!!
So anyway, I got sidetracked onto the Windows Media Player, that we have all our music on, and I'm playing 'Libby's playlist', which has a lot of my favorite songs on it (cuz I made the playlist out of our cd's!). So, right now I'm listening to some Sting (he's so hot...but I like him for his brains, you know!), next is Steppenwolf's 'Magic Carpet Ride'...But I also had 'Love Song' by Tesla, which is the BEST! I've got that song as the background of our 15th anniversary video...because (little background here), before Kevin & I EVER went out, we were sitting in the office of the store we both worked at, talking to the assistant head cashier, and we had both just broken up from our last relationships (you know, for him it was the flying heifer!), and we both told Debbie that we were both going back to celibacy (or virginity...but I don't think I could've gotten away with that one, since Kev knew Tiff, and she looks like a "mini me"). So when we went out for the first time a couple months later, we were each sitting in our own cars, thinking the other one had stood us up, because he was at the back door of where we were supposed to meet, & I was in the front! So, I had my car's radio on (as all 23 yr olds do!) and that song came on, and all of a sudden I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach, & I thought "I'm gonna marry him!!", and I STILL think that was so STRANGE!! God really DOES work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? Cuz 4 months later we were married!
So I also had some Kid Rock, and after that 'Rapper's Delight', remember that ? From the 70's!! I need to listen to this stuff more than watch the news 24/7!!
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

All kindsa stuff!

Hey!! I'm trying to put a cool hit counter on this page, and I go to the html page, and I'm NOT good at 'deciphering' it, so any help would be greatly appreciated! And maybe some 'blinkies'? Geez, I'm SO backward about this!! Oh, and how do I post pictures on this web page?? GRRRRR!! I get the fact that you have to copy & paste the html code on the template page...but I don't know WHERE!~!
Okay...yesterday was fun! Kim (ya, the same one...we've been best friends since 8th grade!) came over and we just sat here by the computer & looked at the photostories I made for Tiff, & Truman, & my dad (of our old house), and we realized that the wallpaper was the same stuff we had (they left it on in the hallway beside the front stairs & by the stained glass window, and in the kitchen & dining area!). And we also talked about the time that she got crabs! We both remember that perfectly, me because I was there when she realized it! I never laughed so long in my LIFE!! Because we were sitting in the dining area of my old house, and Mom was in the kitchen. She had just made us leftover meatloaf sandwiches for lunch (we were spoiled, remember?), and she was back in the kitchen cleaning stuff up. So, she couldn't hear us. Anyway, Kim started looking funny, and scratching her crotch (anyone who knows guys, that's what it looked like!), then she looked at me and said, I think something's biting me! So that's when I started laughing, and we ran upstairs and went in my bathroom, she pulled her shorts down, and screamed, IT'S CRAWLING ON ME!!!! Then, (you won't believe this, but it's totally true! we WERE only 14 at the time!), she grabbed a razor, and shaved herself totally, then kneeled in the bathtub, a took a mostly full bottle of ALCOHOL! & poured it all over it!! Screaming all the time, cuz it hurt!! Of course, I thought the whole thing was a HOOT...but then, it wasn't ME!! I was the helpful best friend, of course...I told her, I told you not to go out with Boe, didn't I? He WAS a dirty....Oh, will she kill me if she finds out I put this on here! I hafta go eat my baloney sandwiches...I might come back later... BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, June 06, 2005

It's gonna be TOO hot tomorrow!

It was WAY too hot and sticky out yesterday! Today was a little bit better, but I'm scared of's gonna be 93, and sunny. Now, if you're used to it, or if it's a dry heat (haha), that's not too bad, BUT if you're in central Ohio, you know that just means it's gonna be fucking TOO hot and humid!! Okay...other than that crap, I haven't done a whole lot today. Oh, yeah! I made another awesome Photoshow out of all the pix we took at my old house! I LOVE doing this! I can make each picture dissolve into the next, or pinwheel, or flip right or left, or turn like book pages! And the music I looped in the background is "The Sad Cafe" by the Eagles, which is SO perfect for it! I think I'm gonna make a dvd out of it, and give it to my dad for Father's Day. I think he'd like it...
Anyway, I was just thinking about how much my friends and I used to, I'm not throwing a pity party, I'm just amazed at the shit we did (and got away with!) Because, Kim used to stay with me every weekend, since her mom & dad moved her family about 7 to 10 miles out in the country, and we did all kinds of shit, and my mom was, well, just...too trusting, I guess! Possibly that's because she was a teenager in the 1930's & '40's! She had no clue of the difference between then and the 1970's & '80's! Okay...she was 42 when she had me, and Kim & I 'took advantage' of that...but what teenager wouldn't?? Anyway, a lot of Saturday nights, we'd have my mom & dad take us across town (to the 'bad side of town', as they referred to it.) But we had good friends that lived 'over there'! So we'd have them drop us off at Denise's house. Then they'd drive away, watching us go in the front door...they didn't see us walk through the living room, chat with Denise's pothead brothers, then walk out the back door to freedom!! Then we'd plan our night of getting some beer, wine, etc, and when we were gonna split up later to each go to our boyfriend's houses (ya, we were 14 or 15), and when we did, we'd meet the next morning at my boyfriend's house at 7 am, and then walk back to my house (giggling & swapping stories all the way!). And we actually got away with that shit for a couple years until we got our driver's licenses! And THAT, my friends, is part of the reason Tiffany didn't get away with much, if anything! And what I haven't done, Kevin has! Once, after Tiff was driving when she was 16, she went over to her boyfriend's house, and it was 'on the other side of the tracks'...(yeah, here I go, following in my parents footsteps!). So, when she came home a few minutes late, she used the fact that there was a train as an excuse...I said, yeah...if there were railroad tracks to cross, you were in a place you shouldn't be. Ken was here, and I thought he'd die laughing! Gotta go to bed! g'nite!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I did something worthwhile this weekend!!

So, Friday night, I finally learned how to do something worthwhile on this computer that has everything! Kevin showed me how to make a photostory with the pictures we have on here...since I have hundreds of them (I went crazy over the last few years with my digital camera...). So, since I have every Windows media thing on this computer that is made, I did two photostories on here. One is of Truman's pictures, and the one I worked on for a couple of days with Tiffany's pictures, from birth through high school! I even put the one on here that I scanned a couple years ago of me holding her on the delivery room table (I look like shit, of course...that's what 20 hours of labor does to ya, I guess...hence, she's an only child!). I put her first picture that was taken by the hospital in their nursery on, too. So hers is 5 minutes long, and I put music in the background, MmmmmBop, by Hanson! Because that was our 'Myrtle Beach' music when we all took our one and only vacation to anywhere, we always think of Myrtle Beach when we hear that song! And I put the song 'Time And Tide' by Basia on Truman's! Now, I can make dvd's of them, and save them in our safe deposit box. Now I want to do some of my house I grew up in. Because I moved out of there Apr 8, 1983 to get married (mistake!), and I called the old man that lived there at this time (he's since died), and asked if myself and my family could come back over and go through it one more time, and he & his wife were happy, and said yeah! So...we went over and went through it one more time on Apr 6, 2003...almost 20 years to the day from when I moved out! And my name, height lines, and dates are STILL on the closet door that used to be Mom's closet, written in pencil, from 1970 and later!! They said they had never wanted to paint over that, it was like history of the house! That's a HUGE compliment! The house was built in the late 1800's, and my dad bought it and moved us there in the meantime, President Harding's secretary and his family lived there (the Harding Home is right behind the house!). So, there's TONS of history there! I even have a picture on the computer of the secretary standing in front of the house with his family in, well,, anyway, while we were there, I took tons of pictures of everything, lots of it in the third floor attic was still mine & my friends' stuff, like the window we painted like stained glass, cuz there's a 6 by 10 foot stained glass window on the second floor, and I wanted my own!! Okay...I'm rambling, probly cuz it's so hot & sticky!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

London, England...

I remember back when I was a kid, my parents took me to London twice on vacations. Once when I was 6, and again when I was 12. The one when I was 6 was neat, because I was still young enough to get along with my parents, and everything over there was exciting! I remember that trip, we had a room in a big fancy hotel for the whole two weeks, and I remember it was real fancy! A big thing I remember is that one time we were in the restaurant, and I had to go to the bathroom. It was a little down the hall from the main restaurant, and Mom pointed the way, she could still see me. So, I remember walking down the hall to the bathroom doors, and looking up, and one said "Yeomen" and the other said "Wenches". (and I fully remember that, I even remember the SCRIPT it was in!). So...I trudged back to the table and said "Mommy, am I a yeoman or a wench?" haha!! and, keep in mind, I was young, and pronounced it "yee-oh-man"! Another really cool thing I remember from that trip is the fact that we went to Trafalgar Square every day! There were all kinds of statues there, and the biggest was surrounded by 4 huge, enormous lions (statues, of course!). And I always climbed up on them and sat on them, although I had to take turns with all the other kids there, some lived there, some lived other places around the world!
Our second trip wasn't that much fun, cuz, of course, I was 12, & had grown into the 'teenage-type' years. So I was totally b*****, and I'm sure not much fun to be around! So that trip we went to other places, that I wanted to see. The Tower Of London (scary as hell!), Madame Tussaid's Wax Museum, another museum called "The London Dungeon", which had everything scary & creepy in London's history! beheadings, etc! So guess what I begged for as a souvenir...a guillotine, that was about 12 inches high, and has a real blade in it! I still have it, and it's actually pretty cool! Then, as we were walking in the area beside the subway (or the 'tube', as it's called there!) a guy in a business suit went running past us to get on his train, and he tripped and fell, and landed on his head, and all I could see was a pool of blood spreading, before my mom grabbed my hand and hurried me away! Something else that creeped me out there was the fact that we were walking over the Thames River in downtown London, on one of the bridges, and I looked over the railing down at the water, and I saw a HUMAN ARM floating by!! I yelled for Mom & Dad, and they saw it, but we were all in shock, and didn't know what to think until after it floated away! We were actually there for a month that summer (would've been 77, 78, somethng like that). We were renting my dad's business associate's apartment, & wow, was that a trip! The 'bathrooms' there, are, quite literally, BATHrooms! So, in our apartment, there were 2 bedrooms, a big living room with a tv, but it only got 2 channels, BBC1 & BBC2. Yawn!, a BATHroom, and, down the hall, a toilet room with a pull chain toilet! How quaint (at least that's what my mom said...Dad & I were NOT impressed!). Mom's always been a big fan of ANYTHING British! So, actually, she REALLY oughtta love Kev, cuz he's a descendant of the first prime minister of England! (she does like Kev a lot, just cuz she knows nobody else would be there for me the way he is!). And I remember seeing Buckingham Palace, and all the guards outside on horses, with their big hats. And, they are ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to smile or anything, no matter what happens! Cuz Dad has pictures of me standing in front of them. He also has pictures of me feeding all the pigeons in Trafalgar Square (billions of them, always!). Okay...I need to go play with my dvd studio program on here....
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

unanswered questions...

...why, oh, why, does the company that makes Midol PMS make it SO HARD to get at the pills? If you have f*n pms, you're already pissed off enough. Someday, a pissed off woman with pms is gonna break in that company's door with a Uzi & take 'em out for it!
why do they call 'cat litter' that? Isn't the stuff you scoop out of the box CAT LITTER??
why do they say you got a haircut when you actually got your hairs cut? Don't you expect someone to say "you got a haircut? which one?"
why are there tanning beds close to beaches, such as in Myrtle Beach, in Florida, et al?
what's up with the Dollar Stores having stuff that costs more than that, even though most of the stuff IS actually a dollar? and why don't they make it clear that some of the stuff is manufactured (such as toothpaste) for other countries that don't have flourinated(sp) water, so there's WAY too much flourine for Americans?
for people who have city water that tastes good....why do they have to drink bottled water? Especially like, movie stars that live in Los Angeles? Does Los Angeles have that bad of water? Should we be as worried about that as we are about Mexico's water?
do people actually realize what 'chitlins' are? and that some are sold as 'clean chitlins' and the other ones stink very badly when cooked?
has anybody ever heard of a 'chicken omelette? or eaten one? think about it, isn't that one of the grossest things you ever heard of? think of possibly a mom & her 'baby' together? and then you eat it? Eeeeewwwww. this website helps a little, but doesn't cover everything!
why in the world are there so many different 'tanning oils' now? didn't we used to lay out using baby oil?
why are the people we love the most in the world, the people that we talk to the rudest? some of the shit you say to the people you love the most, well, you wouldn't say it to a stranger! I really think people need to realize the value of being 'nice', as old-fashioned as it sounds!! To everybody, not just strangers! But don't forget about the strangers who help you!
That's about it for now...I''ll probably think of more later....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!