Sunday, June 26, 2005


Okay, yeah, I know, nobody will ever like me again after this post...all it takes in this life is to say one time "I don't like dogs". Holy crap, the shit will hit the fan!! But...I don't and I admit it....well, I do like SOME dogs...OTHER PEOPLE'S!! Kinda like some people say about kids...'I like 'em, but I'm glad they're not mine to deal with all day,every day'. We've tried having dogs...the first one we had was a present from 'Uncle Ken', for Christmas 1991. We always go to their mom & dad's for Christmas morning (you know, Ken always has us sing "Happy Birthday, dear Jesus..." before we have breakfast!), we're all in the living room opening presents, Ken says I have one for Kev & his family in my room, and he goes down the hall and in a second, there's a Dalmatian puppy running down & jumps right in Tiff's little 7-year old lap...scared the shit out of her!! So, we brought him home, named him Amadeus, & loved him like crazy. But after he grew up & into his size, he realized that he'd pretty much do anything he wanted! He absolutely refused to listen to anybody but Kevin, and chewed on the wall in the kitchen, and on the woodwork in here...the vet said to put jalapeno juice on it & he'd quit....HA!! That huge, enormous monster went up & LICKED it off everywhere we put it!! By then he could stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on my shoulders and look down at me! And he weighed about 85 lbs by then, and it wasn't fat, it was all muscle! So then he got teased all the time after that by the 2 or 3 little kids next door through the chain link fence, and he got really mean, actually ended up biting Tiff, and that's when we started to try to give him away...yes, that's right, GIVE him away! Purebred dalmatian, for free...I would've asked why, what's wrong with him? before I wanted him, wouldn't you?? Anyway...we gave him to a total of 4 or 5 families, but he never lasted more than a couple of days anywhere...we would get a call & they'd say we can't handle him, he just growls & snaps at us if we get close to him...if you don't want him back, I'm taking him to the pound. So, of course, Kevin would go pick him up & bring him home. So as a last resort we took him to the animal shelter, and asked them if they'd try to get him a home. But, if nobody wanted him, call us back, we didn't want him to get put to sleep. They said ok, then called us 2 days later to say they couldn't put him out for adoption, he's too mean. So, guess what? Kevin went out and picked him up! Grrrrrrr!! So a few days later, Kev's mom's chiropracter's daughter wanted him. So that's where he finally ended up! A few years later, I worked with a girl who raised beagles...Kevin had always had beagles when he was growing up, so, brilliant me, told Lynn when her dog had puppies, we wanted one...a few months later, I got to come home & tell was good, she was a great puppy/dog. We had her for 5 yrs, then decided to get rid of her cuz we were getting ready to remodel our house. So I put an ad in the paper that we were giving away a purebred beagle, female, never spayed, loves people & kids...and people came over right & left for her (Buffy). And I actually got to choose her new home! I told everybody, well, we'll call you...(like a job interview!). So she went to a great family with 4 kids, and I talked to Buffy's "grandma" a few months ago, & she told me Buff was fine, and had even had 3 litters of puppies!
But, I wanted a cat, so in 1999 I went to the animal shelter & adopted Truman (best cat in the world!). Oh, and something else about Amadeus....told you he ate everything, right? Well...he somehow got one of my red bras out of the drawer, laundry, wherever...then he ate it, (we didnt know!)...actually, we knew when Kev had to chase him down in the backyard & pull it outta his BUTT!! (won''t happen with a cat...) Okay...goin' to bed..
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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