Wednesday, June 08, 2005

All kindsa stuff!

Hey!! I'm trying to put a cool hit counter on this page, and I go to the html page, and I'm NOT good at 'deciphering' it, so any help would be greatly appreciated! And maybe some 'blinkies'? Geez, I'm SO backward about this!! Oh, and how do I post pictures on this web page?? GRRRRR!! I get the fact that you have to copy & paste the html code on the template page...but I don't know WHERE!~!
Okay...yesterday was fun! Kim (ya, the same one...we've been best friends since 8th grade!) came over and we just sat here by the computer & looked at the photostories I made for Tiff, & Truman, & my dad (of our old house), and we realized that the wallpaper was the same stuff we had (they left it on in the hallway beside the front stairs & by the stained glass window, and in the kitchen & dining area!). And we also talked about the time that she got crabs! We both remember that perfectly, me because I was there when she realized it! I never laughed so long in my LIFE!! Because we were sitting in the dining area of my old house, and Mom was in the kitchen. She had just made us leftover meatloaf sandwiches for lunch (we were spoiled, remember?), and she was back in the kitchen cleaning stuff up. So, she couldn't hear us. Anyway, Kim started looking funny, and scratching her crotch (anyone who knows guys, that's what it looked like!), then she looked at me and said, I think something's biting me! So that's when I started laughing, and we ran upstairs and went in my bathroom, she pulled her shorts down, and screamed, IT'S CRAWLING ON ME!!!! Then, (you won't believe this, but it's totally true! we WERE only 14 at the time!), she grabbed a razor, and shaved herself totally, then kneeled in the bathtub, a took a mostly full bottle of ALCOHOL! & poured it all over it!! Screaming all the time, cuz it hurt!! Of course, I thought the whole thing was a HOOT...but then, it wasn't ME!! I was the helpful best friend, of course...I told her, I told you not to go out with Boe, didn't I? He WAS a dirty....Oh, will she kill me if she finds out I put this on here! I hafta go eat my baloney sandwiches...I might come back later... BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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