Monday, June 13, 2005


What's up with this shit?? It's not giving me a choice of font sizes, styles, or colors! I think I REALLY fucked something up the other night playing with the html page!! HELP!!
So, anyway...I was watching tv this morning (Dr Phil & Montel, of course!), and there was a woman on there who had a 16-year old son who was getting high every day, drinking, skipping school, breaking & entering & stealing. But then it came out that his dad had left ages ago, and, it sounded like he was trouble anyway. But when the boy was older, the mom moved her boyfriend in, who yelled & screamed at the boy, and beat him up and tried to strangle him, he admitted to it cuz the boy was beat up, & had handprints around his throat. So, what would YOU have done? SHE let him stay for 3 more years, and told Dr Phil that "I loved him.". Hmmmmm...more than you LOVED your son?? Oh puh-leez! People like that do not deserve to be parents! Usually, I don't blame the parents for ALL of the kid's behavior, (especially when the kid is that old!), but in this case, WHY did she stay?????? I was single from the time Tiff was 1 til she was six. And if ANYONE I went out with had EVER even raised his voice at her, he would've been GONE, no matter how much I liked him! Holy crap! Your kids come first, no matter what!!
Okay, that's it for this 'diatribe'.
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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