Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Rabbit, rabbit!!

Rabbit, rabbit!! (thanks, tlp, for the reminder!)

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 19, 2010

...# 800!! ...

Eight hundred posts?? Day-ummmm...that's more commitment than I'll ever promise to another guy in the future!! lol!
I am so obsessed with Care Bears (still!)...and there must've been some magic dust in the air, and it brought this handsome little garden elf to life for awhile...
I've been on a total rollercoaster ride of emotions in the last couple weeks...and, you know, it really sucks. Drama that you get because of any physical problems is a lot harder to deal with than the emotional drama that is nothing. Emotional drama is kinda like walking down the sidewalk and having to step over a pile of dog poop. That stuff doesnt frustrate me, it's nothin'! But ya gotta figure, I was in the hospital for a couple days with 4 broken ribs in the last month...Truman just got home from being boarded at the vet's last week...and I'm trying everything to make him keep eating...
Kim & I went out most of the day the bank, the dollar store...where we "made a spectacle of ourselves" (did your parents use that expression when you were young? lol!) We were going down a big middle aisle, and ended up getting into a swordfight in the middle...using plungers, of course! The store was ringing with "En garde!!" "Touche!!" And keep in mind, I'm in a wheelchair, and Kim's running & jumping all over the place! FUN! Went to a Rite Aid to get me what's called a transport's a super light wheelchair, it doesnt have big heavy wheels or anything. Then we drove by the house I grew up in, it's getting painted now, so it's a 3 story house half peeling yellow paint, the other half bright yellow! It'll be nice...someday...
We also heard some songs on the radio that took us back to late 70s/early 80s...." heart is on fire...Elvira..." We also had a disagreement about the time that we were 16, she swears that we went to someone's house to get some stuff, & she swears that I made her wait outside cuz I was getting acid. Holy cow...I never would've made her wait outside! Sheesh~!! We talked about the time she peed out the window in the third story of that about making a spectacle of yourself...:-D
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


November?? Already??? more daylight saving time???? Crap!! The only thing sadder would be the end of January!

But...the coolest thing was that I was able to go to WalMart online & order some Christmas presents for Talan...just little toys I can keep here for when he's here.
We already got snow flurries here, but up by Cleveland, they got the 'lake effect' snow, and had 3 inches of snow yesterday.
My friend from school came over & took me out to grocery shop & go to the bank Friday, and we were out for about an hour & laughed & compared stories, since it HAS been since 30 years ago that we've even seen each other!! I totally freaked her out, though...I said, you grew up at XXX "this street", didn't you? She stopped the car & looked at me, and said "how'd you know that??" Well, really, I don't have a freakin' clue as to how I remember numbers! But pretty much, once I know a number, I won't forget it! Seriously. I still remember every phone number I've ever had...most of my old boyfriends' #'s & birthdays...So, careful what you tell security #s, etc...hahaha...I'm totally joking about that...I know how to keep my mouth shut...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

random...that's my life now, i guess...

Well, now I'm making it official, my life IS truly a whole shitload of random stuff that would never happen to anyone else!
Kim and I have been getting together as much as we can again, and that's good...I know exactly what she's going thru, but I have no answers for her, except "Life happens, you just need to know you CAN get through this, and you WILL!!" Because, obviously, for most people, life NEVER ends up going the way you always thought it would! And, that's what keeps it exciting...I guess...:-/. Yeah, it might be hard and suck at times, but, there's always a tomorrow, and usually there's something else to laugh about! And it's really important to understand you HAVE to be able to laugh at yourself too! Honestly, if you're too "high & mighty" (read 'elite' here) to laugh at yourself, I'd want nothing to do with you. Kim reminds me of this stuff every day! There was the time I'd asked her to bring over bathroom cleaning supplies, etc for me...she said okay, then half an hour later I hear a car door slam out front. I went to the front sliding glass door & opened it, and there's Kim, running across the parking lot, yelling "Dah-dah-dah-dah-dumm!! In the melody to Scrappy Doo, singing Puppy Power!! Oh. and waving a plunger in the air :-) How could you NOT laugh???
...last night's 'random' happened after trick or treating out here at the apartments...It was from 5 til 6:30, and Kim came here to pass out candy bars with me (mini ones), & there were probly 100 kids altogether, &, OMG, she had more fun than the kids! I didn't even think about it, but she's never been able to hand out candy before! She's always lived in the country since 8th grade! Anyway, we had fun...we were sitting there watching the parade of kids go by, and saw two kinda sleazy dressed girls go down the street, and we looked at each other, and Kim said "Holy shit, there's Libby & Kim!" lolol!
So, she left around 7, & I ordered dinner from the ok pizza & barbeque (their barbecue nachos are the best! regular nachos with barbecued shredded pork as the meat..mmmmmmmmmm!). So I was sitting here, lol'ing at Two & a half men, and thought I heard something outside the door. So what do I do? Well, I went over & opened the door. Nobody there...but then I looked down...there was a freaking ANIMAL walking in my door!! At first I thought it was a rat or something, but it was white & furry & soft looking, & had a furry tail about 3 inches long, not a long hairless tail. Oh, and by the way...I was barefoot! So it waltzed its way on in here, while I just stupidly sat in my wheelchair. I finally woke up to this thing that I was actually seeing, & went over & got a phone, & called Kev...asked if he was busy, and if he wasn't, could he please come over & get this animal out of my house? It freaked him out a little too, especially since I didn't know what it was. He said when I said it had a little white tail...well, maybe it's a has a triangle-shaped face...
Well, I left the front door open, & followed it around in here while it explored. It did make sure it stopped at Truman's food bowl for a snack, squeezed under the door to the pantry...when it started heading back to the bedrooms, I cut it off at the hallway, and started kicking it back to the front of the house...yes, kicking it in the face with bare feet...stoopid, but nothing happened. I finally got it close to the front door, gave it one last boot in the face to get it out, then shut the door!! WooHoo!! Then I listened, and it was frantically scratching to get back in!! wow. Just unbelievable! I heard Kev pull in a couple minutes later. He came in and asked where it was & I said I already got it out...he went out the sliding glass door, & around to the front door and looked and said "That's a ferret, someone's pet! No wonder it was so tame & friendly!" Never a dull moment here in my life, right?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Oct 22

Okay, my last post was only about one thing I've had going on in the last couple weeks. Truman is still being boarded by the vet's office, he STILL will not eat!! He's not in the 'hospital', he's just being boarded so they can do the syringe/force feeding for me, he doesn't need medicine, just food & nutrients, through his digestive tract, to get it working again. Thank God he's not in the hospital...THAT would be major $$! Boarding is only $16/day, which adds up, but he's worth it to me. He's loved more than a lot of people in the world, for heaven's sake! Even the pizza guy last night came in & asked how he was right away! So, like I said, I'm looking at it taking a few weeks. He's not eating yet, but he is getting out of his cage out there and walking around...huh...kinda like being on vacation from me?? Flirting with Brooke & Courtney all day...meeting all kinds of new people...yeah....he's in 'his happy place'. I just called & talked to the receptionist & she said he's doing the same, they're feeding him twice a day, and he's got the run of the 'cat room' out there, they're hoping that if he gets up & gets some exercise, maybe that will get his appetite going...I'm going to ask Kev if he'll boil some chicken breast and take it out there, and they can try to feed him that...that's his favorite.
Honestly, with the way my life's been since I moved here, he's better off not being here, ya know? A couple weeks ago, I was in the bathroom, going past the tub...lost my balance, and fell on the side of the tub on my ribs. Kev was here, picking Tru up to take him back to the clinic, thank goodness. I hurt, but, when you fall or get a bruise, you hurt, you know? So he got me set up on the couch with an ice pack & aspirin, & I figured I'd be okay...about an hour later I called 911, cuz it still hurt even worse than giving birth with no pain meds (yeah, been there, done that too...epidurals weren't around back then, & I didn't want to hurt the baby), and they took me to the hospital, xrayed me, I called Kev & Tif, & I was admitted because I had 2 or 3 broken ribs...So I spent 2 nights in the hospital! Now I'm on vico-prin after seeing the pain dr! He's neat! Kev & Tif took me in to see him after I got out of the hospital a couple days later (my gp told me to go to him). Anyway, he's the only dr I've ever met that was wearing jeans! (& cute, too!). So, basically, that's what I've been doing while I was gone, and thank God for Tif & Kev, they've been coming out to make sure I'm ok, Kev's put my new bookcases & desk together, & my friends from going out have been calling & coming over & saying I need to heal up so I can go out and laugh with them again! Okay, this is just a small taste of my life lately :-/...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21

Hey, I'm back! Worn out and weary, but I'm here...I feel like I've been in a blender and survived...
Doris, just in case you stop by, I did have the hospital's sw come over & she and Tif & I did all my advance directives & living will & everything! So it's here & done, & I feel better...thank you for the extra nudge!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

lipidosis...(please pray for Truman?)

Got what the problem is...lipidosis...or fatty liver disease in a cat. The article describes exactly what happened to Truman, to a T! So, it seems like the kickoff factor was the stress moving here...(cats really ARE homebodies, it seems!). But it kept on as an anorexic-type disease. He needs to start eating again & getting all his vitamins, and the only way to cure this disease is to syringe/force feed him, so he gets used to digesting food through his body & liver again. Because it seems to me (maybe I'm wrong), that he's just living off the fat in his body, that has no nutrients left.
All I know is it's awful! Thank you, God, it's not cancer...and is curable with diet & force-feeding for a few weeks, but that's the point I'm at with him now.
I thought at first I was going to be able to do the syringe-feeding myself here at home, but, after trying last night, there's absolutely no way I's not that he's fighting me so hard, I just don't have the physical ability & stamina...Truman doesn't have the strength to actually fight with me...he's so weak he has a hard time jumping up on my bed...I watched him try last night & he hit the side of the bed & had to struggle up. :-( So, I have a call in to the vet's office to ask if I could board him there so he could get fed, or even keep him in the hospital there.
We are a pitiful looking couple, for sure...(yeah, me & Truman!). He's lost so much weight he's like a bag of bones (stick kitty!). He's having trrouble keeping his balance and walking and all that, so I've been putting him on my lap when I go to the bedroom to go to bed, taking my hoveround-type wheelchair, so we BOTH ride! And then I put him over on the bed, and I crawl in with him.
Okay, I need to go eat, before I get fatty-liver disease too!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tif's gonna be 27 Saturday!

It's almost October!!! Yah-hoo!!

Well, Truman's still at Dr Y's. His liver was biopsied yesterday, but they don't have the results back yet. I talked to Dr Y at 4:45 pm, and asked him how's Trumie, & if he was eating yet...he is one of the nicest & most understanding people I know. He said, no, he still won't eat, they're having to syringe-feed him. And then he said the results may not be in until Monday! I kinda groaned, and asked if it would be ok if I left him there til the results were back, just because I'm having a pretty big ms relapse, and I can't hold Truman with one hand, and feed him with the other at the same time...shit, I have a hard time eating myself, when I feel like this!...ugggghhhh....but he was all, "That's fine! Don't worry about it!" It's probly gonna cost, but he's with people I trust, & that makes it worth it.

And my pretty little baby Tiffany will be 27 Oct did the time go? Now she's a great enthusiastic mommy too! And in college to be a labor & delivery room nurse! She'll be the best at it, cuz she's very empathetic. I know I was very blessed to have her. But I'll never forget taking her up to Findlay to be babysat by my friend in the summer of '94 when I worked up there...Driving up was nice, I listened to WJR talk radio, & after about half an hour of extra sleep, Tif would wake up & tell me all the dreams she'd had the night before...they were always interesting...especially the one where she had been being chased around by a giant injection needle! Then every evening when we came back to Marion after I worked all day at the store up there, she told me about the fun she had with Kris's kids. When we drove in from 23, at that time, there was a farm (right across from where my apartment is!), and there were always cows out by the fence...Tif always rolled her window down and yelled "MOO!!" at them...great times!

Happy Birthday, Tiffany! I love you!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This has been the worst week of poor Truman's life. Kev took him to the vet Tuesday, cuz he hasn't eaten anything since we moved here August 13th (Friday, remember?). So, he was found to be dehydrated, and got the iv started around noon Tuesday, and he's had it in since then...and, no, he didn't get to come home until today. They've been doing every test under the sun, all kinds of blood tests, x-rays and everything. I went in Wednesday to visit him, he just looked so sad & pitiful, laying in the vet's office with an iv hanging out of his arm. oh, he is a cat, I guess its his front paw. But he did stand up and lick my hand, give me a 'head-butt'. I think he got his xrays Wednesday, and the blood test results back that day. There was nothing wrong in any of them; kidney, thyroid, liver all were good, except that he has a "fatty liver" :-/ The dr said that his skin is yellowish under his fur, but the blood doesn't show anything wrong with his liver, but, he's on antibiotics for a few weeks. So he's home now, but if he doesn't start eating, I have to get him back to the vet for a liver biopsy. Also, his abdomen was mri'd yesterday...nothin'! Actually, it's good news on the face of it, but the vet can't figure out what the hell it is! When Tif saw him here last week before he went to the vet, and she said he was so skinny, he looked like an alley cat! And if he doesn't eat on his own, I'm going to have to syringe-feed him! Kev bought some chicken breast & boiled it & left some here in bite-size pieces, but Tru's not having anything to do with it, he just glanced at it as he walked by the dish. aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!
i went to see my ms dr today, good appointment, she's gonna let me do 3 days of iv steroids followed by 10 days of prednisone again...woohoo!
Okay, I'm tired, and Truman already went to bed, so I'll go see if he left me any room:-/
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

saturday, sept 18, a week later...

I had fun last night...a friend from high school called me around 9, & asked what I was doing last night...I said...well, reading, watching tv, eating leftover pizza, mac & cheese, etc....Sheri, "no, you're going out drinking with me & Bounce"...hahaha! They came over about an hour later, & we went out just to, the American Legion...for the karaoke, for heaven's sake!! Not to sing, just to watch & laugh, & bs with each other! And that was great! Especially cuz we werent close in high school, we knew each other, talked sometimes, but that was pretty much it. Well, except for the time in tenth grade that Bounce kicked my ass, across the street from the school...that was actually the one & only fistfight Ive ever been in! And, yes, she kicked my ass well & soundly *hanging head in shame*...I don't even remember why it was, but I'm sure that my smartass mouth had a bit to do with it...Holy cow, I was only 15, for heaven's sake!
She & Sheri were friends then, so I mostly listened & laughed last night! Bounce doesn't drink, but she's exactly the way I used to be in the 80's, no inhibitions, say & do anything. Sheri & I were saying 'Thank God she doesn't get drunk!' ;-)
Since we took my regular wheelchair last night (easiest to get in and out of a car), it's good that the Legion had a seat on the back stairs to the basement that I could sit on & ride down the stairs. So,Bounce picked me up out of my w/c and sat me on the seat, & buckled the velcro belt around me, and then said the standard line that everybody around here knows from Cedar Point...keep your hands and feet inside the ride...stay completely seated until the ride comes to a complete and final stop...enjoy your day at Cedar Point! hahaha! How could you not know that you were in for fun that night???
By the way, that one picture up there is the one that I got in the little tickets they have like lottery tickets..I didn't win $$, but I got a ticket with 1983 on it, and to us, that was a good sign...that's when we graduated high school! And, yes, I did drink last night, but not drunk...a screwdriver & a Bud Lite.
Geez, it's been WAY too long since I went out with my friends, not just someone else's friends or family! And we've already got together on FB & one of our guy friends from school wants to come next Thursday, when we're going to an actual bar.
I did glean some informative tidbits from the night...
If you're just sitting there, listening to the music, and not talking, the drunk guy next to you is going to invariably put his arm around you and pull you close, yelling, "What's wrong? " over and over...
It was definitely neat to go to the American Legion-to listen to people doing karaoke, instead of to a dance club, now that I'm in a w/c...good friends are more important than you realize sometimes...
Sheri was laughing really hard at the guy trying to hit on me...or laughing at the looks I was giving her... :-/...She said, 'Well, we're not teenagers anymore...'..I said 'That's why we're here at the Legion...looking for sugar daddies, right?'
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Sunday, September 12, 2010


The picture at the top is out my bedroom door to the hallway
The teeny little skinny door is a pantry in the kitchen behind the refrigerator....And the last is Mr Truman, thinking he can blend in & hide in the arm of the loveseat!
Most of the last few days I've been kinda hanging out in here, just looking at all the stuff I've found that I had & didnt know I had...of course, books I forgot about, & a big "Happy Mother's Day" sign on wood that she & Kev made out in the garage, where his woodworking tools's a funky shaped piece of wood that Tif glued about 10 pix of herself to it from then (maybe she was 6 or 7?). & my old baby book, which has about ten bajillian cards in it, from people I've never heard of! Cuz at the time I came along, Mom & Dad & Bro & the older one lived in Dearborn, MI, and Dad was in purchasing at Ford (Mom was originally his secretary (yeah, ok, I know, it sounds like the beginning of a bad dirty joke...), but lay off it! They were great people! Then Dad transferred to Marion to be in purchasing at Eaton. Oh, and I just heard on the news the other night that Whirlpool is doing a lot of hiring, that's really cool! I remember when I was about 3 or 4, Mom's best friend here in town was telling her she had to go & pick her husband up at work. So, me being me, I broke in & said "Where does he work?"...that got me a few chuckles. Mrs G said "Whirlpool"...I nodded solemnly, and said..."Oh, I he a lifesaver?" Now I don't have to explain where the precociousness comes from, do I?
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Labor Day weekend

Truman is still familiarizing himself with all the different places he can get to in here! And, if you'll notice on the picture where he's all stretched out, he's maybe retaining his 'boyish figure'...after all, he's only eaten maybe half a bowl of food since we moved here! Of course, there are quite a few spiders here, so maybe he's snacking on those? Naaahhhhh, they're big & so scary I saw one turn around & look at him, and he turned around and ran! That's okay, I got it for him...

Seriously, when Tif & Talan were here the other day, I was in the living room with Talan, watching him crawl for the first time ever!!, Tif was in the kitchen getting a cream soda pop, & I faintly recall hearing her say "Dear God, that's the biggest spider I EVER saw!" If I hadn't been all gaga over Talan crawling, I might've paid more attention!! Duhhhh...

And I'm happy as heck that a guy came from the phone company today (Frontier phone co)...he hooked service up outside at the main line, then came in & checked all my phones to make sure they all worked. Yeah, he was eye candy too, and that didn't hurt any...hehe...we actually had a nice conversation about our favorite ice cream flavors...seeing as how I felt I had to give a perfunctory explanation of why I had a second refrigerator in my bedroom (he was checking the phones, you dirty minded people!)!

Well, my neighbor from across the street from my old house sent me a FB message today...he's moving in here, 2 apartments down! That's funny! I'll be able to be a neighbor without him having to shovel my sidewalk & take my trash out & everything! And Truman's gonna love having his old friend come over to pet him!

The apartment management is going to install shower bars in each bathroom next week. WooHoo! And I got my first piece of mail addressed to me at this address today. The squeeze bottle of honey I ordered from Mayden the beekeeper! I take that as a big sign of good luck!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September 1st, 2001


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday night!

How the heck can my kitchen look sloppy & messy when I haven't even USED it yet, except to get mugs of ice water, for heaven's sake?? The big lighthouse at the top is something I bought about 18 years ago & had no place to put it but on my front porch...I must admit, it looks & feels at home here. (kinda like I do...)
Well, everything's out of the house now, & Tiff's having a garage sale tomorrow *fingers crossed for a lot of $$$*!
I don't get my home phone turned on here until next Friday, because there was a f*up with my order, and since there's never been phone service in this apartment before (whoever lived here before probly had cell instead), the phone company has to come to the building to connect it. There's already phone jacks here everywhere, so that's no problem. But I'll be okay, anyway...I have my cell phone that I've had forever for emergencies, like if I was out on my scooter & got the wheels stuck or something...anyway, I just started paying more attention to the screen, & it says I have about 555 minutes on it! So, heck, there's no problem there!
I got up today at noon...Truman didn't drag his lazy ass out here until about 4, cuz I realized he hadn't even come out here when Tif had the baby over here for a few hours. I got all worried and stuff & went back to my room to look for him. He was laying on the bed (still!), and rolled over on his back & stretched to look up at me as if to say "Yes?"
All righty then...I have a headache, so gotta go get a migraine pill & a couple excedrins (& yes, they're meant to be taken at the same time!). G'night!!
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is exactly how far I am as far as unpacking my books :-/. But, I knew this was gonna happen...the first old, obscure book I dug out a day before I moved here was a Stephen King "From A Buick 8"...very good!! I'm still reading it. But I read fast...I started it last Wednesday night, & now I'm on pg 350. It'll be done before I go to sleep tonight. All those totes & cardboard boxes are absolutely full of my books. Kev & Tif were over at the house getting the last stuff in the attic, and Kev said "She is just like you...I found a box of books up there from when you were little, showed them to her, and she squealed like a little girl!" ...Hmmmm....need I remind him she IS a little girl!! Well, I guess she is 26, but, she'll always be Mommy's little girl! :-)
We took Talan for a walk in his stroller up to the office, and around the whole place. This place is enormous!! I'll go out on my scooter by myself someday, and I'll get lost & be having to call 911! We ran into a lot of people that remember Tif from when she worked in the office. So now I know some woman is a twin, whose sister lives on a different street out here. And the one I met is Debbie, her twin sister is Debra. I went to school with twin guys named Willie & William! I came up with a funny nickname for Talan today..we were in the sun, & his hair was so red, I just called him Sunkist...but I won't anymore, that was a one-time thing! But it was funny....but if I ever hear any kid ever call him that, I'll take that kid out!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 23, 2010

well, most of my stuff is here...

Bottom right is the view out my bedroom sliding glass door..bottom left is my big bedroom closet through the 'master' bathroom, on top is the hutch from Mom & Dad's, and the clocks on the left are the two I ordered from Autumnforest's etsy shop, I thought the one with the green would be a great match for the wall over the hutch! And the other one is my haunted cemetery cloock, for the bedroom. So it's all starting to come together my mind, anyway...

I still don't have my phone was supposed to be last Thursday, but...oh well, my electric was on when they said it would be, my dish tv was on the day they said...out of the three, I'd rather go without phone than the other two!

Kim came over last night for awhile. She goes to an attorney today cuz her husband left her after a 24 yr marriage, & 3 kids...WTF's with guys?...well, I guess women do it too...the difference is that I'd have some shame...

I pulled the same shit on her last night that I did when we were 16 & riding around town one night in my car. She was in the bathroom p'ng, & I turned the light on...& the blinds were all the way open!!
Cuz when we were 16, we stopped by some woods, so she could p...I was still in the driver's seat, and while she was in the middle of that I turned the headlights on & started honking!! And she's still my friend!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Home anew, jiggety-jig!

Lemme ask this not the single woman's perfect bedroom?? A big queen-sized bed (that I sleep diagonally across!). This is totally the best decision I ever made!

So, besides the bed, and the book of true ghost stories, a flat-screen tv, with the sliding glass door to the back pond and fountain. then there's the refrigerator/freezer...Cora lol'd like crazy when I told her why I wanted it there...humph! It's just for practical, what if I wake up at 3am & NEED some ice cream, for heaven's sake?? Seriously, this apartment is so long it's incredible. Truman's cowering, well, at first he was under my bed, then he got up into the inside of the box spring, so he's REALLY well-hidden!! lol! Now after today, he's getting a lot braver. Walking around, nosing into everything...being a happy cat again!
Oh, speaking of ice cream (weren't we? or was I just thinking in a loud voice??)...Tif & Talan & I were sitting on the couch today, and we heard music...The ice cream van goes around here in the apartments!! Time for bed...g'nite!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 16, 2010

about 12 hours to go...

Yay!!! Kevin & Tiff & Kev's mom were here all day packing my stuff up, & I was able to pick out a lot of old clothes for the yard sale/garage sale she's gonna have in a couple weeks..but no, there will be no books for sale. They're all packed up & ready to go with me! Everybody's been helping & mostly doing it all for me...I feel like I'm totally worthless, & it really bites, but...
The two pictures at the top are of my new bedroom, and the other is the closet under the steps to the second floor apartments.
And if I'm not on here much for awhile, it's because I'll be reading...Kevin & Tif packed all the books I have downstairs & up...they took about 6+big totes...I asked Kev if I actually had a thousand books, & he said
"Oh yeah...". So I'll be doing a lot of re-reading...
Kim already knows I want her help to put stuff away & decorate, and she's looking forward to that...and she's good at that.
Well, I better get to bed, the movers are gonna be at Tif's tomorrow at 8:30 am to get the stuff that's over there from Mom & Dad's, then they're coming here for everything, good-bye house!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday the 14th!

Holy's real, and it's MINE! The picture on the left is the kitchen (duh), & I'm glad it's small...I'm not exactly Wonder Woman in the kitchen...unless you want a big bowl of ice cream! And I'm standing in front pf the front door...straight across is the sliding glass door to the front. I'm singin' "Weeweewee" all the way home!
Tiff & Talan went with me to sign the lease yesterday, and go through it again...the carpet is brand new, was just done in the last couple weeks...(kinda gotta wonder why? was there a murder or something? lol! and it was just painted...hmmm).
I get new phone service Tuesday, a landline, which is exactly what I wanted...and it's with Frontier, who bought Verizon in this area & it's under $50/month with unlimited US & Canada ld...& I keep my same phone #, which has been mine since 1990!...something must be wrong here, you know? It's like I heard a comedian describe life once. Sometimes things go just so damn good, you almost have to cringe...almost feels like there must be a big rubber band around your neck, & it feels okay, but then you realize that somebody is pulling on the band, stretching one part of it...stretch...stretch...something else really good gotta figure that sooner or later, they'll lert go, or the band will break, don't you??? Either way, you'll be the one who ends up getting slapped! Oh well...I've pretty much lived with that expectation all my life, &, well, it hasn't happened yet, so...
All right, dinner just got here...barbecued nachos (reg nachos, but with barbecued shredded pork or chicken instead of hamburger~!)
See Ya!! BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

countdown to Friday the 13th!

This is my haunted cemetery clock from etsy. (thank you, autumnforest...i'm still looking at the abandoned house clock for the 2nd bedroom!)

I got all the papers & everything last Friday, so now I

know the address~! And more synchronicity...I'm Apartment L !

Lots of stuff to do this week--

I'm limited in what I can do from a wheelchair, but I am gonna clean this desk up & throw away a bunch of old phone books & junk like that..and I'm trying to figure out what phone service to get, since Time Warner doesn't cover them...bummer...I've had them for years for my cable, internet, & phone, & I never had any problems! The local phone svc is Verizon, soon to be Frontier, & I'm not wanting that, cuz they don't have a free ld plan...I know a cell phone would be a choice, but my hands are just too clumsy for a little cell phone & the buttons..but I'll figure out what to do. I was thinking about that Magic Jack thingy, but a friend called me today, & she had gotten that for her mom for Christmas, and she told me, yeah, you get your own phone # w/area code...& all the calls you make outgoing are free...however, calls in to that number are charged to the person calling you! Okay...scratch that off the I'm thinking Vonage...I dunno...& cable & internet are through the company that is like a partner with these apartments nationwide.

Well, I listened to the Ohio news at 11 tonight, but now I'm TOTALLY depressed...I missed the Ohio State Fair this year, and I just might die if I don't find the fair's favorite food this year...not because it sounds good, just because it'd be neat to say you ate it! It's called "Muddy Piggies" guessed it...chocolate covered bacon...Mmmmmmm...*sarcasm here*

My first sister-in-law called the other night again. That's SO neat! She's been married for a long time (she was my first husband's sister...well, duh, she still is!)...she looked me up on mylife a long time ago~! She and her husband lived in N Carolina, now they live in Wyoming! Cool! I'd love to do that!!
Okay, night all!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I'm moving in next Friday! Okay, yes, I DO KNOW that's Friday the 13th...but I've always been a positive thinker...I tell people the obvious, that it may actually be their luckiest day just because when they know that's what day it is, they're extra careful!!

And she has me down for the apt I already saw, with the view of the fountain!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

...and does ice cream count as vegetarian?

The Isaly Shop had the VERY best ice cream!! I grew up around the corner from here, and I remember "Mommy" holding my hand, and we'd walk over there! I even remember the man that owned it. He was really nice & always was smiling...and if you weren't sure what flavor ice cream you wanted, he'd always show up with a little plastic pink spoon & let you taste as many as it took! I remember trying daiquiri ice cuz it was a neat color...the taste? Not so good...
I also remember Mommy walking me down to the train tracks to see Nixon! I might've been 4 or 5? Great memories!
We're all discussing the two 4 or 5 story department stores downtown, Frank's and Uhler's. Uhler's had creaky old wooden floors, and the money was sent upstairs through vacuum oral surgeon was up on the 3rd floor...the elevator always had an old lady working in it, to run you up to wherever you wanted to
Do you ever feel like breaking into song...ala Archie & Edith? That was truly the house I grew up in...I was Gloria!!!
All right...that's enuff for now...I'll get back...