Thursday, November 29, 2007

cold... this me?? Well...I dunno...
I haven't been paying much attention to any politics stuff lately, but I have liked Mike Huckabee since the beginning, I just never thought he had a chance, but he's pretty much showing a 'real' side of himself that I never knew he had!
It's kind of strange, because I always thought he sounded pretty good, but he was always so overshadowed by Romney, Giuliani, and McCain, it almost seemed like a vote for Mike Huckabee was a 'wasted' vote. But, from what I've seen from him lately, he's talking to you as if you're sitting right across from him, and he's honestly looking you straight in the eyes. He's not nervous, shifty-eyed, and only attacking the other candidates, even though he surely could, he's keeping himself above those 'elementary school' arguments!
The only times I think I've heard him seriously attack anybody are the two things he's said about Hillary Clinton, once in the last debate when he said "yeah, I like to joke around, but there's really no joke in the world about Hillary Clinton becoming the president of the United States..."...I and many others LOVED that line! And his line last night about sending Hillary to Mars on the first spaceship there!
I even like what he says about illegal immigration...that is SUCH a hard thing to get your arms around, especially when he's talking about the children of illegals going to college in his state at the in-state price. Lots of people think 'that's not fair!' It's not, right? However, was it fair for the kids who were lugged up here by their parents even before they knew how to talk? Tell me how it would be fair to penalize the kids who went to school in America all their lives, for their parents' actions?
Also, it was a great line when somebody asked Huckabee 'what would Jesus do?', and he said "Jesus wouldn't be trying to run for public office!" Gotta love him!!
He's the only candidate on either side, as far as I know, that has talked about how antiquated our infrastructure of electricity and our air traffic control, and I think he's pretty serious about it...I don't know who would be best for that position, but I'd really like to see Warren Buffett up there in the financial area!
Okay, I guess I don't get to choose his administration...but I can dream...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday night!/Monday evening

Okay, this is what got done this weekend!

Tif and bf brought the tree in from out back...cuz last year, she got the lights on exactly right, so we put it away with the lights on it! I was asleep still when they brought it in, so I missed most of it! That's okay, she's really good at this! I've always told her she ought to hire herself out to some of the super-rich people in town, in the great big houses, where they're doing this for 'house look', not with their kids, for fun! Hmmmm...maybe that's where some of the 'commercialism' to kids comes from...although, the parents would never in a billion years admit it!

But, seriously, wasn't that the best, most important part of Christmas when you were a little kid? Getting to go up in the attic (which you never did any other time)!

I always loved decorating the know, digging through all the 'old-fashioned' ornaments, digging up old ornaments that one of us had made forever ago, and it always had a picture or 2 in it! And since Dad was a pretty big-shot guy at work, there was always a HUGE Christmas party at one of the big theatres here, with all kinds of food & presents....The only thing I didn't like was the fact that all of us 'little girls' (3-5 yrs?)...well, I was NOT the only one that hated those itchy, scratchy, beautiful dresses. And the patent leather Mary Jane's~~! haha!!! I sill remember the red one with the white scratchy collar, with a black velvet 'pinafore' over it, and those white underpants that all little girls had to wear with dresses, cuz they had ruffles on the butt. But we looked like angels you know? For an hour or so...
I hate to say this, but, yeah, it was the
'good ol' days'! I didn't have to think about money, paying the bills, making dinner, shopping for anything, all I had to do was PLAY!!
I need to stop watching 'Leave It To Beaver' & 'I Love Lucy' every nite I guess...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Is there a statute of limitations on hatred? They always say 'don't carry it with you.'. Well, believe me, if I could give it to the people who have earned it, I would in a heartbeat. Problem is, in the long run, I'll feel sorry for one. Maybe.

Friday, November 23, 2007

black friday, 2007...

It really isn't that cold out today, 40's or so....I might just take my scooter out & ride around here. After all, it is the opposite direction from all the stores!
So did everybody have a great Thanksgiving yesterday? I hope you all did! Tif & boyfriend took me out to Bro's, stayed awhile, then went to bf's mom & dad's (she sd that was her compromise for this Christmas...did I teach her about compromise, or what?).
So, no, I'm not going out 'Friday shopping' today. After last year, I don't ever see myself doing that...
I had fun yesterday at Bro's, though. He or Psycho had brought Mom to his house, and all her brothers, sis-in-laws,nieces,nephews, and lots of family I didn't even know were there!! There were probably 30+ people there, and we filled the dining room + tables in 4 other rooms! Bro is such a good guy to me, he said he knew I'd have a hard time getting to the kitchen/dining room/wherever the food was, so he came over & asked what I wanted...y'know, turkey,ham,stuffing,scalloped corn,etc,biscuits,oh, and did I want to try my cousin's specialty cranberry salad? You know me...I kinda looked up at him and made a face and he laughed...about 10 minutes later he brought me a HUGE plate of food, with gravy over the whole top of it (that IS the only way to eat, you know?). So, I'm sitting there eating with Bro's daughters, I took a forkful of what I thought was stuffing under the gravy...and it was a forkful of cranberry salad with cool-whip on top & graham cracker crust under it. HAHA! Fortunately, it really wasn't bad at all....I think it was cuz of all the gravy...isn't that just kinda like a big brother, though?? But, there aren't too many people I know that love to cook like him! Hmmmm...that gene skipped us other 2 kids...seriously, he even makes his own salad dressing for the tossed salad, and that's all he serves! (it is the best, though...).After we all ate, I went over in the living room, found a 'person-sized' pillow, put it up in a huge chair with a bigger footstool, and I was out for about 2 or 3 hours!! Seriously, I woke up, and both of my big brothers were laughing at me because the 2 Yorkshire terriers that were there had been up jumping all over me the whole time, licking my face...mmmmm. But it was a fun 10 hour day!
All right...that's it for now...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

first post for November 21st, 2007...hafta keep my mind busy for the next few days...

I've become totally hooked on imaginative & creative campaign ads! The trouble is, we don't see them on tv! We have to look all over the web to find 'em!!
I found a good one tonight for Mike Huckabee....i don't care, I HEART Huckabee!!
Or Barack Obama

And here's another good one for her...hmmm...awful easy to find Hillary ads but don't worry, I'll be an equal opportunity hater!

Okay...this is one for the Hillary-haters...
Okay...done for now...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY! Actually, all of the Swift Kids for Truth videos are listed on the right side of the page when you click on one of 'em!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Nov 20, 2nd post...

Wow, do I ever feel SO MUCH BETTER after that last post!! I spilled my freakin' guts about everything! (geez...I hope really bad nobody knows that language...I'm not even gonna say what one it is!).
Do you even believe that big fat, hairy beast taking up most of the queen size bed?? He doesn't look happy right there because I took this picture about 4:30 AM, with a flash, and woke his lazy comfortable ass up!! heheheh!
I actually almost adopted another cat yesterday. Tif's friend's apartment suddenly went animal-free, and she and her daughter maybe she's five yrs old, had to get rid of their cat. They brought her over yesterday afternoon to meet me & see if Truman got along with her (her name's Sophie). She's a beautiful cat, female, spayed, front soon as Tif's friend took her out of the carrier....PHHHTTTHHH,PPPHHTTTHHHH-GROWL-WAHHHH-RRRRRRR!!!! From BOTH of 'em!! Tif thinks Tru started it, I think Sophie hissed first, but, whatever! Nobody in this house touched Sophie, and the friend got her back in the box immediately!! So the friend had to take Sophie to the animal shelter. I told her not to worry, someone will adopt her quick, since she's got all the stuff done. After all, that's where Truman (aka: Pretty-Boy) came from about 8 years ago! Yes, I picked him out...mostly cuz he was pretty...but also cuz I was on my knees looking at the cats there, and he just walked up and walked up my legs, and I ended up flat on my back on the floor, while he was on top of me sniffing my face!! So, actually, to be truthful...he picked me!
Well, today'll be my second day of iv's! And it didn't really start hitting me with the 'speedy' feeling until last night around, no sleep for me, between the steroids and the big purry hairball last night! But...I thought ahead, and got a homemade lasagna dinner delivered about 7, cuz I knew I'd get hungry, but wouldn't want to make anything! So, for a huge chunk of lasagna, garlic bread, and a tossed salad, well, Bellacino's won't deliver under $10.00 (can you believe that order only was about $8.50?). When I was giving my order to the girl on the phone, I just told her to add as many M & M cookies to it as I needed to get the order over $10...I got three, and each one is as big as two hands!! And I'm in the middle of the first, and damn, is it good!!
The girls from across the street came over Sunday and they got the 2 little Christmas trees put together and we put one in here (the big room in the middle of the house, that used to be the dining room, til I needed the table moved out of the middle of the room). And one is in the living room...yup! The upside-down Christmas tree, which I will put a picture of it on here in December. Both trees I got came with lights on them, and the upside-down tree has Christmas ornaments on it!! And each of them was only $20.00! And Tif's gonna come over & help me put up our big tree in the corner of the living room. So I'll have three trees up this year...the nurse that's coming for the three days for these iv's has SIX in her house, even a little one in her bathroom!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, the 20th, I think...

Hey, this is pretty cool....
आईटी'एस तुएस्दय मोर्निंग,नवम्बर २०थ्, २००७, ऎंड इ वास दिअग्नोसेद विथ मस १३ येअर्स अगोक थिस वीक...वहत कंद ऑफ़ मोठेर्फुच्किंग बुल्ल्षित इस ठाट??? ऎंड, अ वीक आफ्टर मीन & केव'एस फुच्किंग १७थ् अन्निवेर्सरी इन फेब, हे फुच्किंग मोवेद आउट!! गोद, दमन हिम तो हेल, ७ तिमेस ओवर!! वहत हप्पेनेद तो "इन सिक्क्नेस & हैल्थ,यू ल्यिंग मोठेर्फुच्केर!! इ वांट सो बाद तो गेट आउट फ्रॉम वेअरिंग थिस लास्ट नेम, बेकाउसे आईटी'एस नोथिंग बुत अ लेबल ऑफ़ शाम नो, अच्तुअल्ली, प्रोबब्ली तो यौर व्होले एन्तिरे फमिली तू!!
बौंसस!! लिब्बी!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday, 11-18...ALREADY!!

Yeah, these are some of the leftovers from Halloween!! Toldja right now I have NO ambition to do anything!!
Joe called today,he was going over to his mom's cabin & gettin it ready for winter. He's nice like that, but, shhhh, dont say I said that!
I was thinking this morning, you know how we always tell kids if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all! Well, I want to add to that...."if you're not going to say something truthful. keep your damn mouth shut!" and "If you promise to do something, do it! If you don't, all you're doing is, well, showing weakness."
Okay, has anyone seen the commercial that the little girl is suggesting "Let's play 'sneeze tag'! Oh, holy crap, that is funny as hell!! Cuz, didn't everybody play " Chinese freeze tag" when they were young? That was the most fun thing we ever did when I was about 6 to 8!! I'd be staying overnight with my best friend who had 7 older brothers & sisters & great next-door neighbors, and as soon as it got dark, we'd go out and play freeze tag & hide & seek in the front yards up & down the block! And always ended up getting yelled at by the guy at the end of the block, across from the big haunted house, cuz we were on his 'lawn'. Not in his yard, on his 'LAWN"! I always had some of the best time of my life at Chris's house when we were little! They had the biggest house I've EVER been in! It wasn't a mansion-type, but it was a huge 3 story with an enormous attic & an enormous basement! So there were plenty of rooms for bedrooms!!
Cleveland Clinic called me Friday, my iv steroids are already set up for Monday, Tues, Wed, this week! The medicine supplier is gonna deliver the solu-medrol Monday in the morning, and a nurse is gonna be here to do the 'pokey-thing' with the iv's starting Monday afternoon! WooHoo! How fast are they?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday, nov 14th!

I took all these pictures on November 3, except for the one of my porch...but, can you even BELIEVE how HUGE (yes, Joe, the dog's huge!) that dog is?? Okay...maybe it's only ginormous.
But it was QUIET!!! A dog that looks like that doesn't look like it would be quiet enough to keep in town, but he was all calm and everything, just standing there watching life go past on Indiana Ave. He's the kind of dog that, if he barked, you'd know it!! haha!
Well, last night my 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, her parents, 5 of Mom's grandchildren, and I got together and had a big 85th birthday party for Mom at the nursing home! Bro went and got 3 or 4 huge pizzas & a bunch of salads from Donato's and brought them, and the nursing home had already arranged for us to use one of their big meeting rooms at the front of the building, which had big comfortable chairs with arms, not, like, folding chairs. Mom got lots of presents & cards...I had sent her 20 blue hyacinths, and Tif went to Mom's room & brought the vase of them back & put it in the middle of the table, and everyone was making fun of them cuz they're still closed! By the way...I always order flowers from, and they always send the BEST!! So...only one was a little bit open, and you could see the dark blue it's gonna be. So everyone asked if that was the green onions to be sliced into the salads! haha!
So...85th birthday!! Wow! And I'm so glad that everyone was able to be there. Well, for some reason, Bro's youngest girl couldn't make it, but his son even brought his girlfriend (whom I'm sure is gonna be his wife...she's so sweet, and they've been together for a few years~!).
I called my neurologist today and left a message for her that I'M READY for steroids!! I just have NO energy or ambition...kinda that feeling "What's the use?", and I HAVE to get rid of this!! I think a lot of it is the time of year, and the fact that, for unmentionable reasons, I'll never feel the same about Thanksgiving, or the day after Thanksgiving after last year...
Plus the fact that I can't go out running around on my scooter, cuz it is starting to get cold! Cold with snow I can handle...cold with ugly brown grass and ugly BARE tree limbs...well...boring!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Monday night...

That's the BEST car in the world, the 94 Geo Metro! Well, I don't know for sure if that's a 94, but it looks exactly like the one we bought new in 94, same color, and all! Honestly, it WAS a great, 3-cylinder! car, I know everyone makes fun of them, but it was perfect for me! All I wanted it for was to drive 5 miles a day out to GTE, and work there 8 or 9 hours a day, and come home, who needs a big 'boat' to do that?? It was great, it was a manual (which I liked driving better than an automatic...which even brought the price down more!)...honestly, it was exactly what I wanted for, like, 8 thousand or so...and it had like 12 miles on it when I drove it off the lot!! Originally, I'd wanted a purple one, but the dealership said that would make it cost another 4 that important! It didn't matter what color, I was gonna be inside it! Honestly, it was my second favorite car I ever had (obviously, the BEST was Rhett, my 83 Mazda RX-7!). The Geo was the original "Scoots"! And all 3 of us went to Myrtle Beach from Ohio and around Myrtle Beach, and back for like $100.00 in gas!! Yeah, gas WAS a lot cheaper then, but you don't really realize it until you write in on here!! I guess my scooter isn't all that bad, all I hafta do is plug it into the wall when I get home, and that charge will last for 7 miles!!
I really liked that joker on Halloween! That was one of the best costumes! Plus the 2 dachschunds (wiener dogs, ya know?)!! Another great costume I saw years ago walking down the street was really scary! It was a Santa outfit, and he was dragging a big burlap bag with 'something' in it down the street, and he was super-ugly...and all I could think was 'That's a body in there, I bet!", cuz he wasn't going to any houses (he WAS probly in his 30's!). And, of course, the last picture is that favorite house that always looked haunted! BTW, the guy with his boy in the last post is Joe.
I haven't been out taking pictures lately...& today, it got totally rainy, and it's supposed to rain all week, and I heard them say on the news tonight that it might be snow Thursday!! Auuuugggghhh! But, I guess it is time for it, we got spoiled this year!
I don't really have anything to write about today, cuz I haven't done anything for a couple days. Well, I talked to Mouse last night, and she was having a helluva time with her new puppy, JJ! And, obviously, since I watch 'Good Times', you KNOW exactly who I think of when I hear her bitch at him for doing something to mess up the house!! HowEVER...she also has SIX, count 'em, 6 cats!! I guess they're all inside/outside cats, because she lives a few miles out of town, but not so far that her next door neighbor's German Shepherd dog didn't get hit last week, I bet that scares the shit out of her! It would me, and I'm not the animal freak she is! She always told me, for the last 20+ years that she likes animals better than people!! And I always liked that about her, that she could actually be honest, like that!!
Honesty IS a rarity in this life, not many people are, especially lately! And it's almost funny, the way lies bite you in the ass without you knowing it, and get around to the people you want to hide them from, isn't it? Almost funny...
I feel like I've done my job for tonight. I just went out and cleaned Truman's box. Grrrr...I hate doing that, but I'd hate to have him outside worse! He used to tell me 'Thank you' in his own special way every soon as I'd get done, he'd crawl over me and pee in the box!! HA...just like a guy...he used to, right?? lol!
It's raining right now, yuck!! At least snow is quiet, and it's like a wonderful frosted surprise when you wake up! I even felt like that when I had to drive an hour to get to work! An hour NORTH, mind you! When the bank's sign across the street used to read 10 degrees lower than where I came from! Most days were fine, the road was plowed and everything...but there were a couple times when it was a 2 hour drive to, obviously a two hour drive home!! Those were great days, and I know nobody believes that, but they were the BEST!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, November 09, 2007


...eliminate the motive, establish an alibi....

Thursday, November 08, 2007


How totally CUTE are all these?? I think thats a dragon in the stroller, but I'm not sure...then a dad and his son, then a ghost, then a ninja who captured a helpless pretty little girl...okay, that last description came out of left field, but I'm sure the ninja boy would be flattered...
All these pictures were taken without a flash, except the dragon! So, obviously, it was light at 5:30, and almost totally dark at 7:00! I love that, it was even before daylight saving! I remember years ago, when everyone was all against Halloween, trick or treat was like, on any day but the 31st, and it was from 4 pm to 6 pm! Until we got a sensible mayor...
All right, I need to shut up about Halloween...but, dammit, I had fun! Just as much as anyone in these pictures!!
So, no, I didn't go trick-or-treating & get candy myself...but, I did go over to Certified tonight and get all kinds of big 'king-size' chocolate bars, and all that. And guess what else I got Wednesday...that's right...I had the bus take me out to Fantastic Sam's and Tif, well, she gave me a totally different look! Now I have chin-length straight brown hair with a slight tinge of red! Oh, this is hard to recognize myself in the mirror these days! lol! But Tif said that looking down at my roots, my hair's natural color is a '6,7,5', what she put on me, and all the other girls were saying "I wish I had that!! I have to color to get that! (I didn't point out that was exactly why I happened to be there!) lol. Anyway, being Tif's mom gave me a substantial discount, but then she put her salesperson's skills to work on me, & I bought a bottle of shampoo, bottle of conditioner, and a bottle of for the 3...$50.00! damn!! + the huge ya think I can take that off of my taxes next year?
When I went to get candy today, it was 4:30 pm, and it was FREEZING! Especially by the time I got home!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, November 05, 2007


Finally!! I SAID I was gonna post them!! The tree at the top left is from my back deck, it's in my next door neighbor's front yard. The 'whatever-it-is' on the right is in my front yard after it got its candy, bottom left is a cute little bunny, and the hand on the sidewalk is kinda heading toward it....luckily, he never saw it!! haha! And there's a group of trick-or-treaters on the sidewalk out there, but...they're out there grouped around a group of people that live a few streets away that live on a one-way street, and got disappointed cuz they weren't getting any trick-or-treaters, and they got together and packed up and headed over here, and checked with us to see if we cared, we said no, so they set up a 'campsite' out by the street (nobody lives in the house there), and handed out all kinds of candy!! Now...that's how crazy about Halloween our town is!!

Okay, I only have a few minutes before the bus gets here, to get my ass going to the's windy as hell outside today!

The girl across the street came over yesterday, just to hang out & bs. That's neat. I had an older friend when I was that age that lived across the street when I was that age, but I was mostly the babysitter for her little baby boy she & her husband just had. She was 27 & I was 12 when we first met...and she was the biggest influence on my teenage years...well, before I realized how much fun it was to 'lead people astray'! Anyway, she and her husband moved to Michigan about 3 years later, and that was pretty much it...but about 10 years ago, I really was wanting to talk to her, and I found her! In a different town, with a different name (divorced & remarried). And, no, I didn't even use the internet! Just called around to MI towns I knew her mom had lived in, and finally found her listing, called her, she was so surprised, and my friend happened to be over there right then! So....blah, blah, blah, but , we're emailing...hell, THIS is how long ago it was...we had WebTV!! Before we ever got a computer!! How many of you started out with that? So, that's kinda the way I think of Aub (that 12-yr old Midget football cheerleader across the street). It's good, I've grown out of the stage of having fun leading my friends astray...good thing...
'kay.. it's getting late...hey, one of my favorite commercials is on..."Abe & the beaver" for Rozerem (sleeping pilll)!
And, it was really strange this morning...I was in the shower & all of a sudden, it was like a radio turned on in my head...and I couuld hear, clear as a bell, Gloria Gaynor, belting out..."...I shoulda changed that stupid lock, I shoulda made you leave your key..." Holy crap, I haven't even heard that song much since 9th grade! Wow! Then I went on to The Pointer Sisters, "We are family...I got all my sisters with me..."(in my head...) that was 8th grade!!~ ...who knows, maybe I shouldnt've read "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet", by Stephen King right before I went to sleep last night?? ("madness is a flexible bullet"...if you read the story, you understand it!)
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday Nov 3...daylight saving time ends tonight, remember?

I know I said I was gonna put pictures of the dressed up kids on here today, but I just can't get past looking at these! Tomorrow? Or next time I post!!
The big white house at the top is the one across the street from Bluestone, yes, the one Joe & I seriously thought about renting togeher. It is SO beautiful! As a matter of fact, X, I just may have to add that one to my list too!!
The church up there is across the other street from Bluestone..that used to be the Kings' mansion, and they were, I guess, big shots in this city, and when they got too old to live here, they moved to the house I grew up in for the rest of their lives...we bought that house from their daughter, who had inherited it.
And that gate up there is in front of the property behind Bluestone, and beside another house that's awesome! It's an octagon, and it's built up on stilts...I'll post a picture of it later.
Yeah, I know, ya didn't come here for a local history lesson, but...
Here's something that's not at all serious...
Don't watch it with pop in your mouth!
I've been trying to call Mom almost every day, but she's usually in the dining room, or in physical therapy...she's just getting to be a 'gadabout', isn't she? lol! No, I'm VERY glad to hear that she's not just hanging out in her room. That would be way too much like what I did for a few years, and that's not good for anyone, no matter how old you are! I found that out the hard way...don't ask!
So that's actually my reason for not blogging every's way too neat outside...I'll have more time to write when it gets ugly outside, which, according to the weather reports, will probably start this coming week, seeing as they're saying it's gonna snow here!
Anyway, I called Bro yesterday and left a message...he called me back...from freakin' Scottsdale, Arizona! He and his wife were out at a car wash, washing their car, and, I think I heard them squirting each other with the hose...yes, I controlled my mouth and didn't say "Bro, act your age! You're 53, for God's sake!" Naww, they're great together. They met right after my brother graduated, and was working..he went downtown one Saturday, to get a pair of sandals...remember, this was the early 70's...they were a pair of sandals that had the tread on the bottom that looked like part of a tractor tire!...he fell in love with the girl that sold him the sandals...and now they've been married since my birthday, 1976, and have 4 kids! How many of us have a life that works out like that!! Nahh, he paid his dues for it, as far as starting his businesses and everything. He told me yesterday that he & Mom, & his son had gone out to a fairly new 'assisted living' home, here in town, and after they took Mom back to the nursing home, Bro went back and put a deposit down for a room for Mom, when she's ready!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November of the dead, according to some!

Okay, did everybody have their best Halloween EVER??? I did!! I was out taking pictures for about 3 or 4 hours that afternoon, and I met and talked to tons of people, then got home at 5 pm, just in time to get the candy together for the trick-or-treaters that show up promptly from 5:30 to 7:30! And, damn, the $32.xx of candy I got at Family Dollar
almost made it...well, it was okay til 7:05...probably a personal best!!
I'll put some pictures of some of the kids on here tomorrow. Some of them were dressed SO 'ky-ooot'!
The top picture on here is just 2 trees...but they're incredible!! I can see them from my deck in back! The "WAVY" thingys are a few houses down the block from there, and this next one is part of a garden/sidewalk edging...and I just
happened to look down & see that one lonely little red flower growing in the middle of all the dead leaves!
The next two pictures are of a house here about a block away from where I grew up, and the Harding Home...this IS the prettiest streetcorner in town, remember??

This house was always referred to as The Bluestone Manor. I don't know if it's supposed to be haunted or anything, but...just LOOK at it!! It'd almost be a frikkin' CRIME for it not to be!! A lady was pulling in the driveway, and I seriously, seriously almost stopped her and asked her! Would that have been rude? haha.
This is the side door of the house...I thought it was almost like the dog on each side was posed there...except they were barking! heheh! I don't know, but they have to have an electric-eye dog thing so they don't run away! Cuz they ran about 50 yards down to the right of me (the south), and I was watching, kinda worried that they might go out in the street, but no matter how far they ran, they never came closer to the sidewalk than five feet! Hey, you know what? I'll make the supreme sacrifice of some of my valuable time, post-mortem...I, myself, will come here, and haunt this house, for FREE...part-time, of course, because I'll be FAR too busy with my list of people and houses I already have to haunt!! *snort* I'll put a picture or two on here in the next couple days of the mansion/church across the street, and across another street is the big old HUGE haunted house that Joe & I talked about renting (as roommates) in, like, 1986! We both probably still have old pictures laying around of the inside of the house, because it was empty, and had a big FOR RENT sign in the door! We didn't ever get inside, but we took all the pictures from all the windows we could get to!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!