Thursday, November 29, 2007

cold... this me?? Well...I dunno...
I haven't been paying much attention to any politics stuff lately, but I have liked Mike Huckabee since the beginning, I just never thought he had a chance, but he's pretty much showing a 'real' side of himself that I never knew he had!
It's kind of strange, because I always thought he sounded pretty good, but he was always so overshadowed by Romney, Giuliani, and McCain, it almost seemed like a vote for Mike Huckabee was a 'wasted' vote. But, from what I've seen from him lately, he's talking to you as if you're sitting right across from him, and he's honestly looking you straight in the eyes. He's not nervous, shifty-eyed, and only attacking the other candidates, even though he surely could, he's keeping himself above those 'elementary school' arguments!
The only times I think I've heard him seriously attack anybody are the two things he's said about Hillary Clinton, once in the last debate when he said "yeah, I like to joke around, but there's really no joke in the world about Hillary Clinton becoming the president of the United States..."...I and many others LOVED that line! And his line last night about sending Hillary to Mars on the first spaceship there!
I even like what he says about illegal immigration...that is SUCH a hard thing to get your arms around, especially when he's talking about the children of illegals going to college in his state at the in-state price. Lots of people think 'that's not fair!' It's not, right? However, was it fair for the kids who were lugged up here by their parents even before they knew how to talk? Tell me how it would be fair to penalize the kids who went to school in America all their lives, for their parents' actions?
Also, it was a great line when somebody asked Huckabee 'what would Jesus do?', and he said "Jesus wouldn't be trying to run for public office!" Gotta love him!!
He's the only candidate on either side, as far as I know, that has talked about how antiquated our infrastructure of electricity and our air traffic control, and I think he's pretty serious about it...I don't know who would be best for that position, but I'd really like to see Warren Buffett up there in the financial area!
Okay, I guess I don't get to choose his administration...but I can dream...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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