Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday night/Monday morning...first one in December!

YAY!!! We're on the way to being #1 again!!! It's been an awesome football weekend!! Not only are the Buckeyes going to the national championship game, the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked the shit out of the Cincy Bengals...sorry, x! *teehee*! And last night the Blue Jackets beat the Calgary Flames 4 - 3...does it get any better than this?? Yay for winter sports!! Nascar just doesn't do it for me...
I got a case of those Clementines today (tangerines)...I love those! I wait all year for those!! They're so easy to peel...they were called 'zipperskins' when I was a produce manager, in another life...
And almost no seeds! I've already eaten 3, but only 1 had seeds in it...
I'm watching the TLC tv show, 'Jon & Kate + 8'. Holy crap, I'm SO glad I never saw anything like this before I had Tif when I was 18! For those who've never seen this, it's about a couple that has 6-year old twins, and 3-year old sextuplets!! All it does is make me thank God I stopped with one!! I remember Mom following me down the hallway at the hospital from the delivery room to the recovery room, and her saying "It's a girl!! I bet she treats you like you treated me!!" (of course, my mom wouldn't say anything 'bitey' like that under normal circumstances, but...). And I told her right that minute "She's gonna be an only child!!" She just kinda said, 'Oh, Libby, everyone says that at this point!' Ha! Let me ask Tif an only child?? Come on! It's not bad enough that it was more physical pain than I had ever felt in my life, but, ya still hafta raise the baby!!?? Geez...I still, to this day, 24 years later, well, my ribs ache when it's cold & rainy, cuz her feet were tucked up under them! Actually...they feel like that now, cuz it's been nothing but raining today, and it's in the upper 40's/lower 50's now! And it thundered earlier, which is so much crap! I WANT SNOW!!
I'm not in the mood to write about much serious stuff today...I think that qualifies me as a "fluff blog" This has actually been a "fluff weekend" here at home too! I meant to make egg salad today, cuz I love that stuff...did I make it? Hell no! All I've been doing is eating junk food, & reading, and watching tv. I seriously ate a whole f*n bag of Bugles overnight last night! Also, 1/2 pint of 'Moose Tracks' ice cream!! I really need to eat a lot of the pints of ice cream in the freezer, cuz...I need to make room for the peppermint stick ice cream that I always have on my birthday this month! Gahhhh...oink, oink!
Bro called me this afternoon to tell me that they're going to make sure they get me out to his house on Christmas Day, any time of the day I want out there, he's having Christmas dinner, and he said I should come out as early as possible for the whole Christmas morning stuff! He is SUCH an awesome brother/dad/husband/uncle! And he said he wanted to tell me not to get them anything...I said "Not even towels or something?", and he's like "NOTHING! I mean it! All we want is for you to be here!" Oh...what in the world have I done to deserve him? I know his kids have always felt like this about him too....he's just fun to be around! All four of his kids stay at his house on Christmas eve, isn't that cool? They're 30 down to 16. The 16-year old still lives at home, but the others all have their own houses in town. Last year Christmas eve, they were getting ready to sack out, and even though there's like 5 or 6 bedrooms, they're laying in the back half of the living room under the pool table!! (which is ENORMOUS!). Oh, and Bro & wife's 32nd anniversary is on my birthday, the 17th. And, you know what? I'll put money on it that Bro's wearing a pair of Teva sandals, the tire tread kind, on Christmas, because he was wearing a pair on Thanksgiving!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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