Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dec 6...

How gross is this?? Pardon me while I retch...'s everybody doing with their Christmas shopping? At the risk of feeling waves of hatred radiating worldwide over my computer...I'm pretty much done! least I got one box of stuff from today. Pretty good...ordered Dec 3, here Dec 6! Can't ask for any more, well, yeah, free shipping...oh, yeah, I got that too! You can usually find something to help out somehow shipping, % off, lots of stuff, lots of stores!
Has anyone out there ever been a big loser on an investment or anything? Not a bet, or a gamble (well, I guess the stock market is one way to gamble...), but, like, say you've been investing in this one stock faithfully for years and years, and you thought you knew the product better than almost anyone on earth...then all of a sudden one evening, you open your eyes and find out it's tanked. Gone, finished, completely closed down, liquidated. isn't that a pisser? Been investing the better years of your life in this stock, and now it is no more? And here you thought your future was safe & secure, and now you're on your ass and have to figure out what else to do now.
Okay...just thinking...also decided tonight with Joe that we belong on the island of misfit toys...he's a 'Joe-in-the-Box'...I'm the little red wagon with square wheels...I guess we're making progress..remember when we were 'Jaded & Bitter'? But it was a whole helluva lot more fun as Jacky & Wolf!...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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