Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday the 10th...

...and the countdown goes on...

Let this be a lesson...karma kills!
Okay, well, it's really shitty outside today...foggy, icy rain, just a total yuk day! I just's 33 degrees out. It's days like this that make me glad I'm not a mail delivery person! lolol!
Speaking of mail, I got 2 of the things I ordered today...they're really great! Don't you love it when something you ordered gets to you on time, if not earlier than expected, and it's absolutely perfect for the people you got it for? I also got a special announcement of the Barry Manilow concert coming up in Cleveland. But, dammit, I'm not gonna make it...I honestly DO wish I could...I still like him! *shrug*.
Does anyone ever wish there were still the old Bugs Bunny cartoons on every Saturday morning? I even used to rent those instead of movies at the video store, cuz I laughed harder at those than anything!
I called Mom this afternoon. She's doing well, still hates doing physical therapy, but does it every day, which is great. And I had to giggle, cuz a nurse came in and gave her a menu for the next 3 weeks, and she was looking at it to see what looked good. Kinda reminded me of, like, when you're a little kid in school, and the lunch menu gets passed out for the next week, and everybody looks it over to see when they want to buy, and when they're having something gross and you know you're gonna bring a peanut butter sandwich instead!
She said some of the stuff looked good...and then said she's eating more..."that either means they're cooking better, or I'm hungrier, I guess" hahahaha!! I think she's getting much better at 'smart-assness', don't you? Yeah, I'm taking the credit for that!
But she is still a "high-maintenance" woman, which I'm definitely not! She was telling me that she always sits with 2 or 3 other women at lunch & dinner, and one or the other of them is always sending something back to the kitchen. What?? I can see doing that at a restaurant, but I think I'd be a little bit 'wary' of sending food back cuz I want it done different if the people doing the cooking worked side-by-side with the people that were in charge of taking care of my health day in and day out!! And, no, I didn't mention that...I'm not gonna 'upset the apple cart' here! :-\
But, yes, she's doing well, and we're all looking forward to Christmas at Bro's!
Hey, I don't think I ever said anything more about the SMC stuff that I got suckered into signing up for. Well, I sent the whole thing of stuff back UPS within 10 days (I had 30 days to change my mind about it!). And I did everything the recording said I had to, sent the box to this address, wrote a letter and sent it to that address...then I got a letter in the mail that said I needed to send my return ship # and all that stuff, they would keep billing $40 a month until they got it! That pissed me off! Like they hadn't already made it hard enough to get out of it already! So I called Visa, and told the cust svc rep I talked to about it, and he said 'let me try to call them for you'. I gave him the "returns" phone number, and told him good luck trying to get someone to talk to. I sat there on hold with him for about ten or fifteen minutes while he tried, and he came back on, and was pretty jerked at them himself by then! So he said he was taking all the charges off my bill, starting back in August when they started, and that would take care of it, I shouldn't hear from them again, and if I did, call him back! That's all it more snail mail, no more email...take THAT Tom Bosley!!
Geez, I had something last night that I was gonna write about, but I have absolutely no idea what it was. I was up most of the night reading the MSN Money webpage that had a message board about the worst Christmas presents people ever got...there were 3,xxx messages there!! Most were funny, some were sad...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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