Wednesday, May 31, 2006


All right...that cat with its nasty nuts hanging out totally creeped me out too much!! Back to some funny pictures....

Kim called me today and said, "What'd ya want?" I said WTF are you talking about?? She said "your message said you wanted to tell me something..." I finally figured out that I had called Kim's number earlier, instead of my mom's, but I thought it was my mom's number!!

All Kim said after I told her that I meant to call Mom instead, was..."Alzheimer's..."

Well, the only new stuff that's up is that Dad saw his regular dr yesterday & he did a cat scan and said that Dad had had a series of small strokes in the last week. That explains a lot, and in my opinion, he's in the right place now because he's always had a fear of strokes, almost all of his brothers died from them.

However, his doctor said that if Dad's not gonna eat or drink (which he won't...he's severely dehydrated now....), he's gonna put a feeding tube in his stomach (think Terri Schiavo, except Dad could eat if he wanted to!). So that's what's gonna happen soon.

Meanwhile, Mom's doctors are working to schedule chemo for her. That's probably gonna start in the next week or so...

Another Kim & Libby as 15/16 yr olds story...

After Kim decided she wanted to go to the vocational school in town here, cuz she said "I'm not smart enough for college, anyway" I think she could've been better than her grades in school showed, she just didn't want to study (read-too lazy to study)..but...just my opinion. I was told I was smart enough for college, but I just didn't want to go, so I threw a fit at home and Mom & Dad let me transfer out there too, even though I was in accelerated classes geared toward college, as long as I took the data processing class. Kim was in a secretarial class, right next to the class I was in. It was one great big room with typewriters at every desk, computers at our desks (you know...the 'smart kids', yes, we had to write computer programs in the BASIC language..soon to be followed by old am I now?

Anyway, so Kim and I sat at two desks that were next to each other, even though we were in different classes, and I was always making smartass remarks to her about her teacher (who honestly WAS a total ditz). So we were always making fun of her, even when her teacher went to my teacher, & they conspired to move my desk!! It's amazing how many times an hour I was able to walk over by Kim! Mostly because my teacher thought her teacher was as stupid as we did!! He even told us! Finally, we must've pushed Mrs B over the edge, cuz Mom cornered me after school one night and said the school called and she & Kim's mom, both of us, & Mrs B were meeting the next morinng at 9 in Mr P's office (he was the superintendent!), and she practically cried (well,ok, she did cry) "what did you do THIS time, Libby??" Crap! Can't that teacher take it?? What a WIMP!!

So, we had the meeting, we talked our way out of trouble because not only was her teacher crying, Mom was too...and Mr P pretty much wrote the whole thing off as "women's vapors". Kim's mom just got pissed at Kim, and told her "quit hanging around with Libby! She's a troublemaker!" Well, okay, I was, but, you hafta remember...I was the idea person...Kim was the one that would actually DO it, if it sounded funny!! And the Kim & Libby sagas go on today...


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday...feels like Monday...

Wow...hard to believe this is a cat. I think I need to go puke now...

'kay, I'm done.
I'm really happy. My old friend, Mousy, from the store we worked at in, like, 1986, up north called me and we talked for an hour!! It's so cool that we're still friends!! And nobody would've ever guessed that would happen when we first met. People were surprised the first time they saw us out at a bar together, cuz at first when she was hired, we hated each other. I called her (behind her back, of course), a stuck up little teenage cheerleader. She called me (also behind my back) a skinny blonde bitch.
But after a few weeks, we realized that each one was nice (kinda), and everything was great...
I swear, we just sat here & caught up on everything & everyone that we used to hang out with at the store...okay, we gossiped, I admit it! We even laughed about my old boyfriend up there, who turned out to be dating her at the same time, on & off! Whoredog!! dad was taken to the hospital from the nursing home yesterday, cuz the nurse said he was really unresponsive. Bro & Mom called me from the ER and told me. Then they called back a few hours later and said he was better now since he'd drank a glass of apple juice, and he was on his way back to the nursing home. When I called Mom this morning, she said it's like Dad is trying to starve/dehydrate himself, cuz he's not eating or drinking anything at all out there! Bro had told him the other day that if he wanted to go home, he had to eat something! And Dad told him that he never thought he'd end up like this, for God's sake. He's tired of this. Oh, shit...that's the same thing I've been saying about my health for years! I never wanted to end up like this, either! The big difference is that I was 30...he's almost 90! Okay, okay. I really feel like my whole fuckin' life is out of control right now. Not getting along too wonderfully with my husband right now either. But, I can't go out and 'walk it off' or drive it off...probly a good thing I can't drive at the moment, anyway. I would 'drive it off'. Off the highest fucking bridge I could find!! bullshit, horsepiss, ratshit, batshit...that's all I can think of, anyway...besides fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck ALL of this bullshit!! The last time Tiff mentioned moving out, cuz she's getting to be that age, I said, 'You can't leave me here!!'


Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday, Memorial day weekend..

Okay, I'm taking today off from thinking about serious shit...
I think it's about time to go get some French vanilla ice cream outta the freezer. I'm kinda gettin' sick of salad. Kevin and his brother are going over to the Nascar truck race tomorrow. I had a ticket, but I really don't wanna go. I guess I'm just not into racing...unless it's a road race. Now that's interesting, more so than going in a circle...'s another 'Kim & I story'.
When we were about 15, we were out walking around one night (evening, I guess), and, of course, you know how guys honk at you when they drive by & see a girl (idiots!). So these 2 guys stopped & asked us if we wanted to ride around with them for a while. Of course, we said yes, cuz they had a few quarts of beer in there that we could see. We climbed in, and rode all over town with them, even waited while the driver drove the car over on the really, really, really, bad part of town, and said he needed to go see someone in an apartment upstairs, to get some 'doobie'. So the other guy & us waited in the car (in the dark, behind the apartment, beside a creepy alley...), drinking all the beer and talking. Well, he came back down, and got in, and had the pot. The other guy rolled the joints, and we just sat there and watched, and ooohed & aaahed over his skill (like nobody else in the world back in 1979 knew how to do something that clever...yes, girls learn about manipulation around the age of 15 or so...). Then we rode around town for awhile longer, then went over to the high school and ran around on the football field for awhile...then we had to go home. They dropped us off a few blocks away from home, and we went home, and pretty much forgot about the whole thing. You know, it was just a fun evening, and nothing more.
A couple weeks later, Kim called me at dinnertime. She sounded like she was having a freakin' heart attack or something and asked me if I'd seen the paper yet. I said no, hold on, and went to the living room & got it. Got back to the phone, and she said "Open the cover". I did, and, lo & behold, there was the guy that went up to the apartment that night...he had been indicted on two rape charges! Yeah...don't ever try to tell me that someone wasn't watching out for us. We also found out a few weeks later that the two guys had a habit of hanging out in a parking lot a few houses away from my house!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday...can't get MUCH worse, can it? (please no?)

Mmmmmm.....this MUST be a Texas picture, huh?

I had Tiffany take me out to the nursing home Tuesday afternoon so I could see Dad. And, oh, my God. I am so fucking glad I went, just to see for myself how bad he was. I had called the nursing home Monday, and talked to Dad's nurse, and she said he was doing the stuff they told him to.
I STILL am in denial that it was really my DAD!! I know I haven't seen him since Christmastime, but still! I've talked to him on the phone a lot since then, and he's always talked to me, and everything, but yesterday when Tiffany pushed me into his room at the nursing home in my wheelchair, she just stopped and stared, and I was glad she stopped, because I was staring too! That was NOT Dad (it really was)!!When wegot there, and he was laying on his back with his mouth open...and I really thought we were in the wrong room, because that wasn't my was just an anonymous 150-year old man. And that's exactly what he looked like.
I was trying to wake him up, calling, "Dad...Dad...", and he didn't move or open his eyes, or anything. Then Tiffany starts calling, "Grandpa..Grandpa...", and he still didn't hear us. I got real scared, I was afraid he was dead or something, but Tiff said his chest was moving. We just kept it up, and finally he did wake up, but it took him a few minutes to figure out who we were. And then, when we started talking with him, he hardly said anything, because he really sounded like he had no breath. Then he sat up on the edge of the bed, and I got up out of my wheelchair, and went over & sat on the bed beside him, and just leaned over and hugged him real tight, and put my head on his shoulder, and I had the big 'cry hiccup' so I wasn't sitting there crying on his shoulder, cuz I knew if I did that, all three of us would be crying like idiots, and making a scene or something! Or making 'a spectacle of myself', as Mom always put it! When I was hugging Dad, it honestly felt like hugging a skeleton! Shit! I know he weighs 102 lbs now, but I didn't realize how much different that was from me, at 108 lbs! He's lots bigger-framed than me, and his shoulders felt like there was no skin or anything over his bones. Honestly, I love my Dad, but...Mom isn't well enough right now to take care of him. But I still don't like the thought of Dad living in a nursing home!! I never would've thought it would be like this. Tiff was upset at how Dad couldn't talk, and she took her cell phone out in the hall and called Bro, to tell him how Dad was, cuz we weren't happy at how he was. Bro couldn't come right then, cuz he was on his cell, & on his way to a business meeting, but said he'd send his son over later.
I haven't talked to Bro yet, but I AM gonna ask him, WTF was he thinkin', when he & his wife & kids said, "He looks a lot better now!" No he doesn't! Even Tiff said he doesn't, and she saw him last weekend at home!! God, I SO neverwnt to get to that point!! I hope Dr Kevorkian is out of prison!I Tiff brought me home after that, left, and I went in the bathroom and buried my face in a bathtowel, and screamed & cried. I hate saying that, but DAMN, did I feel better after that!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday, Monday...lah,lah..lah lah lah lah...

All right!! I've fucking HAD IT!! I've been calling Mom at least once a day to make sure everything's okay with her, and she always says she's doing well, but then tells me how bad Dad's doing at the nursing home, and how he calls her all the time & says he wants to come home, and won't cooperate with anybody there. Our oldest brother (54) is at Mom's house all the time for dinner, & to hang out and visit for a few hours afterwards. And, no, he has no girlfriend, no kids, no wife, and no friends! Just cats...TERRIBLY VICIOUS cats that he has brought home when he saw them living wild out in the country when he sees them from his car!

So, last evening, X brought Mom by our house because she wanted to drop off some cake, and then he was going to take her to the grocery store. I think so he could pick out what he wants her to make him for dinner or something...:-/

Right after she left (and, no, X didn't come to the door, he knows he's not welcome here and never will be, after the way he's treated all 3 of us!), Bro called and said he wanted to talk to me. I sat down here, and started to tell him about Mom having been here for a minute with X, and what she said that X had said about the way Dad was doing, and halfway through my sentence when I said X's name, Bro burst out, "X is a fucking asshole!!" Huhh?? I was shocked!! This is the 'diplomatic' brother, who owns his own successful company, has been married for 26 years, has 4 kids, 2 of who have graduated from college, the oldest with a master's, his boy is taking over the company soon, youngest girl still in high school. Ya know, it was like hearing Condoleezza Rice spitting "Kofi Annan's an asshole!!" Anyway...he saId to hold up, I've only heard one side of the story. He said that he, his wife, and all of his kids have been out to see him at various times, and they ALL think he's doing a lot better than before, now that he's eating, and exercising. I talked to his wife, and she said he looks a lot better, and is getting a better attitude. Then she gave the phone to Bro,it turns out he's worried about them wanting to keep him there from now on, when it seems as if, with a nurse that came to visit a couple times a day, and maybe Mobile Meals, he could come home to his house, that he bought back in 1986 and they've lived in since then...and he had it paid off in 5 yrs. Holy shit!! He's right, Mom was bitching to him about Dad yesterday, and Bro said, "Mom, come on. You two have been married way too long (56 years!) to let it end up like this!" Shit, I cannot believe this!! Everyone can think "Oh, it's just sibling rivalry, that's it..."....No, that's not it.You honestly would have to know our family. Bro & X always got along well. I was the only one that didn't like X when we lived at home, and I was in, like, 3rd grade, and X was making me cry and he was yelling at me all the time. I remember crying to Mom about him always picking on me...and he was in his 20's (?). Mom said Libby, he's just jealous of you, I think. What?? I was 8!!, how fucking pathetic and dysfunctional can the situation get?? Yup...say it all together now slowly...Oe-di-pus!!


Saturday, May 20, 2006


I don't know what to write about today. Well, I do, but I'm using severe avoidance tactics to deal with everything going on right now.
My bro went to the hospital Thurs morning, and talked to Dad about the fact that he was going to have to go to a nursing home because of Mom's stage 4 lung cancer, and that she needs to take care of herself right now, and when she's dealing with her diagnosis, she shouldn't have to be depended on to be someone's maid or caregiver. From what I understand, it was all very calm and civil and Dad understood completely where he was going to go, and why. Bro wouldn't let Mom go out there with him, he told her to stay home, he could take care of this...and it seemed like he did, he handled it very well, and diplomatically. (he's always been the go-to guy when me & our oldest brother, or our parents got into it...he likes to say "I'm neutral....think of me as Switzerland!").
So they took Dad to the nursing home yesterday and got him settled. This morning Mom called me and said that Dad had called her Friday night and demanded for her to get him out of! She said well, where should I take you? He thought about it for a second, and said well, maybe you could take me home? She told him no, his doctor and hers both said he can't stay at home with her on their own with no nurses. Turns out, she found out that he wouldn't do anything for himself, refused to eat anything, refused to get out of he'd refused breakfast, refused to get out of bed and get dressed and get up...holy shit! Now you can see exactly where I get my bullheaded-ness from, huh? I don't know anything about nursing homes at all, but in my Dad's situation, the doctor wants him to get up and move, even if it's just to the tv room where other people are, he even wants him to get some physical therapy. Which Mom joked with the dr about...'you gotta be kidding! somebody's gonna have to be standing over him with a whip for that!' and the dr said, well, somebody out here WILL make him do it. Aaahhh, it really is worse than anybody knew. Mom said he's had a habit lately of sittting in their rocking chair in front of the bigscreen tv with a blanket...over his head. And when she was there this morning, he looked at her and asked her who she was. She said Oh Bob, you know exactly who I am! But yet, all the tests they've done on him, all the dr's say he does not have Alzheimer's.This whole thing just sucks, and nobody can DO shit about it! I just found out today that my oldest brother was the only one who talked to Mom's dr after surgery, and when he told him about the cancer being stage 4, he also used the word grim. I know, I know....It is what it is...well, pardon my mouth, but what it is, is a big fat load of horseshit!! Dammit!!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

wednesday.... my dad's in the hospital. He went to his regular dr for, like, a checkup yesterday, and the dr checked him out, and said, "You belong in the hospital now!", because he's so unhealthy, is now down to 102 lbs (he used to be 150+!), he does nothing but sleep all the time, doesn't eat more than a couple bites of food at a time, then goes back to the couch and goes back to sleep. Holy crap!
My bro took them to the dr yesterday, Mom called me last night & told me about him having to be in the hospital, and she actually sounded a little relieved that she'd be able to sleep. And I felt good for her too, as bad as I feel for Dad. Life will be much more settled and peaceful for her.
But I called bro on his cell today, and he said that honestly, he thinks Dad walked out the door of his house for the last time yesterday...he's going to a nursing home next, as far as what his dr thinks. Dr has set him up with all kinds of tests for the last year, chest x-rays, and every other test they do to an 88-year old man. And Dad never went to any of them! Now bro & I are worried that even if they find something wrong, they won't be able to fix it, because he's so weak now! Geeez....a month ago, everybody thought everything was great...including Mom! She said before she found out about the cancer, she felt great! Actually, she still says she does!! So WTF is up with life?
Outta here...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday...and Kev's on vacation this week!!

No, no, this isn't Truman...he's far too sophisticated for this kind of crap (at least, that we know of).
I hope everybody had a great & wonderful Mother's Day!!
Kevin made me a cool card on the computer about how raising a daughter is so hard, and we'll laugh about it all someday...cuz that's what people usually do in insane asylums. And Tiff got me a Cookie Monster card that said I love cookies...& Mommy!!! And flowers. Tiffany & I went to Kev's mom's church with her and Kev's sister & her daughter (5 yrs old) for the mother's day mother/daughter thingy, and Tiff & Kat & her little girl showed up wearing t-shirts they'd made that were cool, and said "I love Mom!". How keey-ute!!
My mom still can't go anywhere, but I do call her everyday, and Tiff's over there right now, and so is my cool brother, and they're having Chinese food for dinner...GOOD! Better them than me!! I'm picky, don't like Chinese food...well...I like Ramen noodles (did you say Ramen poodles, Jill??).
Anyway, all the shit's still up in the air about what'll happen with Mom (& Dad). A social worker from the assisted care place they've been talking to was over there with my brother Friday, doing an evaluation on their levels of disability. I guess they're coming back this Friday to go over it. But, as far as anything goes, I absolutely am sure my dad needs a nursing home, and Mom would be great at an assisted care place. And she's saying that too. Because, ok, Mom has already had about 4 heart catheterizations, and her blood pressure is up around 180...she takes a lot of heart when I called her she had just taken a digitalis, cuz she said her chest was feeling tight. I asked why, she said my dad's still laying in bed, and just called her to bring him a ginger ale (from the other end of the house, of course...). The dr's have Mom on oxygen sometimes (she can take it off & put it on when she feels she needs it). So the company delivered it the other day, after the guy left, Dad walked in there and looked at it, and said "Insurance better be paying for that! I personally don't even think you need it...." and walked away 'grumble, grumble...' And this July will be their 56th anniversary....anyone with a doubt of whether love or money is more this again!
Okay, I'm done with this for now...

Thursday, May 11, 2006


My brother brought Mom home from the hospital she's at home with Dad, and, actually, well, she told me the first time I called her after she got home she wished she was back in the hospital. Not because she feels bad physically, but because my dad is driving her crazy. I guess he's being his usual happy-go-lucky self...not! No, my dad has always been the crabbiest person I know, and bossiest...he was a pretty big boss at work, he must have been hell to work for. I know when he retired from his job, when I was a junior in high school, he never had friends that called him or anything. I thought that was weird at the time, but as I've gotten older, I realized you reap what you sow....
When I talked to Mom yesterday at 10 am, she was really pissed, & I don't blame her a bit! Wouldn't you think that when a person has been in the hospital for 4 days, had a lung biopsy, and been told that she has stage 4 lung cancer, she ought to be in bed, not doing SHIT, trying to get used to everything you've learned? Well, turns out Mom had to make dinner Tuesday night & clean up after, of course, yesterday he yelled at her to make his coffee, then while we were on the phone, he was yelling at her that he wanted her to make him a scrambled egg for breakfast...
...and here I sit, halfway across town, and I can't drive to get over there or anything, and she better not drive either...Kev's at work, Tiff's at work...I was on the phone with her this morning, and heard the other phone click a couple times when he picked up the phone to listen. Unbelievable! Now does everybody understand WHY I got pregnant & married before I graduated? And when I took Tiffany & left him, I rented an apartment for me & freakin' WAY was I gonna go home, even though they wanted us to.
Mom told me on the phone today that my older (not oldest) brother is coming over today, and the two of them are gonna go check out an assisted living/nursing home for them today. He & I talked about it over the weekend, and, honestly, Dad's the one that needs a nursing home, but assisted living will be good for mom too. Brother's been going through all their insurance papers to check stuff out all weekend, they still have his ins from work,+ Medicare, & Social Security, pension, so a lot of stuff'll be taken care of...the whole thing just sucks ass, that's all! When they sold the big 3 story house in 1986, & bought the one story house, everything was supposed to be perfect, wasn't it???? SHIT!!!
But I'm awful glad I had the steroids when I did, so I still feel good enough to deal with this. Oh, by the way, I found a really good breakfast today...a 1/4 gallon of Nestle's French Vanilla Ice Cream!! Mmmmmmmm....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I guess I was wrong when I thought that life was done kicking me in the ass for at least a little while...teach me to think, huh? No, that's not right. Usually if that ever happens, I get over it, blah, blah, blah. But, everything since Friday still has me fucking trying to figure out which way is up or down...I've heard the term 'soul searching' before, but I truly never grasped the real concept until this weekend. Mom had a biopsy on one of her lungs Friday at the James cancer center in Columbus. She's already had a third of the other lung removed about 5 years ago...she's never had anyproblems with that one anymore,but a few weeks ago, the dr didn't like what he saw on this one, so he biopsied it Friday. My Dad didn't go to Columbus with her for the 4 days, cuz his health is not even close to being that good anymore, so my middle brother & his family have been keeping him fed, taking food over to him, etc. And my oldest brother works in Columbus, so he's been able to be at the hospital a lot with Mom. Oh, by the middle brother called me Friday night...Mom has stage 4 lung cancer...
Before Kev, Tiff, & I went down there to see her for a few hours Sunday, my midddle brother called and told me that Dad had called him that morning at 8 am, and told him "I've looked all over the house all morning for your mother, and I don't think she's here. I don't think she was even home last night..."
Libby! Gotta stop...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday!! and it's SUNNY!! two days in a row!!

Wow!! It's really great to feel like this. Ya know, not tired & dragged out all the time. Prednisone has to be my favorite drug EVER!! I sound like Patrick Kennedy here? Nope, not touching that one....

Okay, I've got a few of the pictures from the radio show...Tiff's doing the eyebrow waxing, & you won't believe Candy / Jesse!! Candy's about 7 months pregnant with her first baby (she's the one I told it'd be a girl a couple days b4 she got her ultrasound). When they were on the air, one of the dj's said she should name her daughter Jesse, when she has her! I think that would be neat! Even as a middle name!
I am getting way worse about eating today! It's weird, sometimes when I'm on pred, I get real hungry, then other times, I don't....guess what kind of time this is...I've tried to explain it to Kevin, it feels like my stomach is just eating itself! Between 7 am & noon, I had 2 strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, one of those new Wendy's deli-style sandwiches (leftover from last night), a handful of twizzlers, and a pepperoni hot-pocket...oh, yeah, and don't forget about 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk, a bunch of orange juice...holy shit! At least my jean shorts don't feel too tight...(yet?).
Tiff did my ms avonex shot again last night. She's been doing it once a week for at least a month now, and she's so good at it! I told her last night I was really proud of her for doing that for me...especially since I know she has absolutely no interest in doing anything 'nurse-like'...I watch all the surgery channels on tv while they're eating, and Kev & Tiff bitch when we're eating pizza & I turn on the show about Dr G, Medical Examiner. She's pulling the brain out, Kev & Tiff & Zak are retching, and I'm 'diagnosing', while I'm eating! :-/
I was wrong about Zak's graduation, it's this weekend. So Tiff's up there til Sunday. She got stuff like, hundreds of balloons, and a huge blow-up palm tree that holds a bunch of beer & ice, and everything.
Okay....Kim called this morning, and I'll do something about that's kinda funny, but really gross, mixed in with something very odd...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More randomness...

Hmmm...happy Mother's Day??

I'm just happy I didn't qualify for this picture!

Tiffany & a co-worker, Candy, did a commercial yesterday on a local radio station. Actually, they were there during the whole morning show, from 7 to 9 am. Tiff waxed one of the dj's eyebrows while they were there, and they were all making fun of him for whining, and they put pictures of it on the website! There's also a picture of Candy beside Jesse, from Toy Story 2, because they look SO MUCH alike!! (keep in mind, Jesse is a WOODEN DOLL!!). Then they were doing the promotion for the commercial, it's a big bunch of stuff for Mother's Day and everything. Then they were asking the girls 'tell us about your mom', and Tiffany said "My mom's my hero! And I know you're listening, so Hi Mom!" I almost started crying! But....I guess that's what comes with pms, & cousin & I laugh about the time we were watching tv, and she started crying at a coffee commercial, for heaven's sake!!

Kevin said a lot of the geeses' eggs are hatching out at Verizon, too. They have a big pond out behind the building he works at, and there's so many geese out there, I always tell him he should have his dad & brother go out there hunting one night, and we could have a deep fried goose for Thanksgiving...anyway, he said the babies look funny, they're all green, their feathers don't get that brown mix into them for a while. I said, so it looks like a bunch of mama geese with frogs following them around? He said, well, actually, yes! But he isn't sure how long the babies will be there, cuz there's some stray cats hanging out there in the country around that building...mmmm, lunch!

And I just ripped up some pieces of bread in little pieces, and threw them outside for the birds that always hang out chirping here outside the window, so Truman could hang out here on his 'kitty condo' beside the window & look at them. Then it started to look like it was gonna rain! Kev called on lunch, and I said 'I threw bread pieces out in the yard for the birds, and now it's gonna rain!! Wahhh!' He said that's ok...we'll just grow a bread tree, I guess...

Okay, I guess I'm done...not much else...I'm just really restless now after the steroids, and I'm busy, uhhhhhh, eating!! As a matter of fact, I hear a box of strawberry shortcake ice cream bars in the freezer calling me right now...after I finish my second sloppy joe here...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

continued from Mon, May 1 post...if you didn't read that, you oughtta read it first

Okay…to continue with yesterday’s post on “the rickshaw solution”. My cousin and I had an extensive conversation on some more creative and fun ideas to do with them…I know if I could do the rickshaw drag, I’d have a helluva time with it! We decided that, since we’re in Ohio, and people here always talk about “we’re going to Amish country this weekend! Yippee!”…sounding like they’re little kids talking about going to Cedar Point or the zoo or something…sheesh! I know, it’s something enjoyable to a lot of people, but just not my cup of tea (or can of Coke). It just brings me a picture in my mind of people going there, wandering around among “the Amish”, looking curiously at them like they’re wandering around in the exotic animal exhibit at the zoo. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d feel all degraded if I was Amish and people treated me like that. But anyway, we decided that we could set up “rickshaw town”. She even chose the perfect town for it up in northwest Ohio! That would be a huge income for the whole part of Ohio! A tourist attraction, if you will…
Okay, that thought led to something…during all the festivals in that area all summer (like the testicle festival…do not disbelieve me here…I worked in that area for two years, and I KNOW FOR A FACT they have one up there…look it up! They actually deep-fry them and serve them…TO EAT!! They’re said to be delicious with beer.) We could set up rickshaw races, with just the ‘draggers’ pulling empty carts around the track…for an extra challenge for the men & women that were the best, maybe we could have them compete against horses (not real racehorses) with a sulky with a rider in it. Then I had to put one more nail in the coffin when I caught my breath after we’d been killing ourselves laughing for about 10 minutes. For the really daring, tough guys that wanted to…we’d let them do a rickshaw demolition derby! I’m disturbed and out of control now, maybe I could blame it on the 1000 milligrams of ‘liquid prednisone’ that’s going into my veins for a half hour a day!
But, I’m working on something that could tie it in and maybe help the illegal aliens with working on getting citizenship. Our federal government could supply a rickshaw to people that wanted to become legal, and once they did that job for 5 years, and take the citizenship classes, and be fluent in English, and had no criminal record or arrests, that could maybe somehow speed things up for them. Also, Tx brought up the point yesterday that it may not be good for some people’s health. Okay. We’ll also spring for a total physical exam, to be repeated every year. We can afford that, because we’ll be getting taxes on their income, and hopefully some deal can be made with an insurance company to give a super good deal to all ‘draggers’, illegal or citizens, and that may help defray the losses of the hospital bills that don’t currently get paid (like emergency room visits).
Well, I think that’s all I can come up with for that right now…
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, May 01, 2006

I am SO friggin' smart....

...sometimes I scare myself!!

Would this be a solution to some of America's problems today??

This would kill a bunch of birds with one stone. RICKSHAWS, that's the solution!

#1 - no more gas stations for you. You could sit there on your cell phone, and not have to worry about paying attention to the road, or other crazy drivers. You could calmly sit there and wave leisurely at the 'dummies' that are sitting in line at the gas stations, waiting impatiently to pay $75.00, just so they can get to work faster! What?? Why? So they can make more money to give to the gas station, etc, etc, etc. And so it goes....

#2 - Obesity in the United States is at a record high, and people just don't know what to do to lose weight. Eureka!! No more crap about how expensive a gym is to work out in! Walking & liifting weights are some of the best exercises you can do for yourself! People would start to be fit again, and feel much better about themselves, therefore, America would be the good looking nation it has always been!

#3 - This could do away with a lot of the unemployment. Rickshaw drivers (draggers) would get paid just like taxi drivers. Only they would have a lot less expensive maintenance on their vehicles! I can just see a body shop with a rickshaw on the lift.."Well, it looks like you're missing your catalytic converter, your muffler must've fallen off at some time...."

#4 - You have lazy teenagers that just WILL NOT get a job? There'll be no better of a character-building tool as a rickshaw dragger for their first job. When they're finally ready to grow up & realize that you HAVE to work in the real world, there will be no other 'first job' that'll speak better of their character, their commitment, oh, everything! After all, if you want a damn good worker, you hire the person that really wants a better job than what they used to have. And, as far as a lazy person thinks, well, what job wouldn't be better than 'rickshaw dragging'?

#5 - And last, but not much for the fallacy that America does less than nothing to help out on the 'global warming' problem!

Okay...those are just some ideas I've been working on this weekend...

....another idea just came to me...'undocumented workers' could get applications for citizenship after they are rickshaw draggers for 5 years, if they have no criminal record, and are fluent in English after taking classes for it. Also, they MUST pass a yearly physical....I'm still thinking about some more stuff to put in here...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!