Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday!! and it's SUNNY!! two days in a row!!

Wow!! It's really great to feel like this. Ya know, not tired & dragged out all the time. Prednisone has to be my favorite drug EVER!! I sound like Patrick Kennedy here? Nope, not touching that one....

Okay, I've got a few of the pictures from the radio show...Tiff's doing the eyebrow waxing, & you won't believe Candy / Jesse!! Candy's about 7 months pregnant with her first baby (she's the one I told it'd be a girl a couple days b4 she got her ultrasound). When they were on the air, one of the dj's said she should name her daughter Jesse, when she has her! I think that would be neat! Even as a middle name!
I am getting way worse about eating today! It's weird, sometimes when I'm on pred, I get real hungry, then other times, I don't....guess what kind of time this is...I've tried to explain it to Kevin, it feels like my stomach is just eating itself! Between 7 am & noon, I had 2 strawberry shortcake ice cream bars, one of those new Wendy's deli-style sandwiches (leftover from last night), a handful of twizzlers, and a pepperoni hot-pocket...oh, yeah, and don't forget about 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk, a bunch of orange juice...holy shit! At least my jean shorts don't feel too tight...(yet?).
Tiff did my ms avonex shot again last night. She's been doing it once a week for at least a month now, and she's so good at it! I told her last night I was really proud of her for doing that for me...especially since I know she has absolutely no interest in doing anything 'nurse-like'...I watch all the surgery channels on tv while they're eating, and Kev & Tiff bitch when we're eating pizza & I turn on the show about Dr G, Medical Examiner. She's pulling the brain out, Kev & Tiff & Zak are retching, and I'm 'diagnosing', while I'm eating! :-/
I was wrong about Zak's graduation, it's this weekend. So Tiff's up there til Sunday. She got stuff like, hundreds of balloons, and a huge blow-up palm tree that holds a bunch of beer & ice, and everything.
Okay....Kim called this morning, and I'll do something about that's kinda funny, but really gross, mixed in with something very odd...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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