Wednesday, May 17, 2006

wednesday.... my dad's in the hospital. He went to his regular dr for, like, a checkup yesterday, and the dr checked him out, and said, "You belong in the hospital now!", because he's so unhealthy, is now down to 102 lbs (he used to be 150+!), he does nothing but sleep all the time, doesn't eat more than a couple bites of food at a time, then goes back to the couch and goes back to sleep. Holy crap!
My bro took them to the dr yesterday, Mom called me last night & told me about him having to be in the hospital, and she actually sounded a little relieved that she'd be able to sleep. And I felt good for her too, as bad as I feel for Dad. Life will be much more settled and peaceful for her.
But I called bro on his cell today, and he said that honestly, he thinks Dad walked out the door of his house for the last time yesterday...he's going to a nursing home next, as far as what his dr thinks. Dr has set him up with all kinds of tests for the last year, chest x-rays, and every other test they do to an 88-year old man. And Dad never went to any of them! Now bro & I are worried that even if they find something wrong, they won't be able to fix it, because he's so weak now! Geeez....a month ago, everybody thought everything was great...including Mom! She said before she found out about the cancer, she felt great! Actually, she still says she does!! So WTF is up with life?
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