Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday...feels like Monday...

Wow...hard to believe this is a cat. I think I need to go puke now...

'kay, I'm done.
I'm really happy. My old friend, Mousy, from the store we worked at in, like, 1986, up north called me and we talked for an hour!! It's so cool that we're still friends!! And nobody would've ever guessed that would happen when we first met. People were surprised the first time they saw us out at a bar together, cuz at first when she was hired, we hated each other. I called her (behind her back, of course), a stuck up little teenage cheerleader. She called me (also behind my back) a skinny blonde bitch.
But after a few weeks, we realized that each one was nice (kinda), and everything was great...
I swear, we just sat here & caught up on everything & everyone that we used to hang out with at the store...okay, we gossiped, I admit it! We even laughed about my old boyfriend up there, who turned out to be dating her at the same time, on & off! Whoredog!!
Anyway....my dad was taken to the hospital from the nursing home yesterday, cuz the nurse said he was really unresponsive. Bro & Mom called me from the ER and told me. Then they called back a few hours later and said he was better now since he'd drank a glass of apple juice, and he was on his way back to the nursing home. When I called Mom this morning, she said it's like Dad is trying to starve/dehydrate himself, cuz he's not eating or drinking anything at all out there! Bro had told him the other day that if he wanted to go home, he had to eat something! And Dad told him that he never thought he'd end up like this, for God's sake. He's tired of this. Oh, shit...that's the same thing I've been saying about my health for years! I never wanted to end up like this, either! The big difference is that I was 30...he's almost 90! Okay, okay. I really feel like my whole fuckin' life is out of control right now. Not getting along too wonderfully with my husband right now either. But, I can't go out and 'walk it off' or drive it off...probly a good thing I can't drive at the moment, anyway. I would 'drive it off'. Off the highest fucking bridge I could find!! bullshit, horsepiss, ratshit, batshit...that's all I can think of, anyway...besides fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck ALL of this bullshit!! The last time Tiff mentioned moving out, cuz she's getting to be that age, I said, 'You can't leave me here!!'


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