Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday...and Kev's on vacation this week!!

No, no, this isn't Truman...he's far too sophisticated for this kind of crap (at least, that we know of).
I hope everybody had a great & wonderful Mother's Day!!
Kevin made me a cool card on the computer about how raising a daughter is so hard, and we'll laugh about it all someday...cuz that's what people usually do in insane asylums. And Tiff got me a Cookie Monster card that said I love cookies...& Mommy!!! And flowers. Tiffany & I went to Kev's mom's church with her and Kev's sister & her daughter (5 yrs old) for the mother's day mother/daughter thingy, and Tiff & Kat & her little girl showed up wearing t-shirts they'd made that were cool, and said "I love Mom!". How keey-ute!!
My mom still can't go anywhere, but I do call her everyday, and Tiff's over there right now, and so is my cool brother, and they're having Chinese food for dinner...GOOD! Better them than me!! I'm picky, don't like Chinese food...well...I like Ramen noodles (did you say Ramen poodles, Jill??).
Anyway, all the shit's still up in the air about what'll happen with Mom (& Dad). A social worker from the assisted care place they've been talking to was over there with my brother Friday, doing an evaluation on their levels of disability. I guess they're coming back this Friday to go over it. But, as far as anything goes, I absolutely am sure my dad needs a nursing home, and Mom would be great at an assisted care place. And she's saying that too. Because, ok, Mom has already had about 4 heart catheterizations, and her blood pressure is up around 180...she takes a lot of heart when I called her she had just taken a digitalis, cuz she said her chest was feeling tight. I asked why, she said my dad's still laying in bed, and just called her to bring him a ginger ale (from the other end of the house, of course...). The dr's have Mom on oxygen sometimes (she can take it off & put it on when she feels she needs it). So the company delivered it the other day, after the guy left, Dad walked in there and looked at it, and said "Insurance better be paying for that! I personally don't even think you need it...." and walked away 'grumble, grumble...' And this July will be their 56th anniversary....anyone with a doubt of whether love or money is more this again!
Okay, I'm done with this for now...

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