Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Okay...I must admit...I'm easily amused...

I was VERY much amused last night around 12:30 am. Kevin & I were sitting in the living room watching 'Nightline', and he got up to go to bed(I'm the one who watches tv all night!) He's walking past the stairs, and I hear Tiff, all of a sudden, "Daa-aa-ad!! Dad,Dad,Dad!! Willl you come up here and get this thing....before it gets me?" Remember this is a 21 year old...she'll be 22 in October! Anyway, we looked at each other & shrugged, and he headed up the stairs. Meanwhile, I'm in the living room wondering 'what could it be? bug? spider? snake? (not a chance), bat, wolf, kangaroo, centipede?' So I just kept layin' there in the la-z-boy...all of a sudden I hear Kev I knew it wasn't a spider, he hates them more than I do (fortunately, he'll kill them for me...if I BEG!). What was it? A friggin' CRICKET!! Oh, my God, what a baby!! Then she actually was considering sleeping down here on the couch, cuz she was afraid there'd be more, and they might get in her ears! Kevin's saying, on the way down the stairs, "It's not like it was a nest of earwigs, or anything! But come on, if you want to..." but she never, that was SO friggin' funny! And he actually killed it! I told him that it's VERY, very bad luck to kill a cricket...don't even think I'm sleeping in the same bed as you!! (I did, though...and we're both still far...). Oh, and as for talking about sex with her...I did for the first time even before Kev & I started dating, so that was cool, but, when she was about 15 or 16, she brought the movie 'American Pie' home, said 'Come on, guys, let's watch this! It's funny!!'. She plops it in the dvd player, & starts it, and OMG, it WAS so frickin' funny!! But...for your 15 year-old daughter to bring it home & watch it with you?? Auuuuugggggghhhhh!! Oh least she didn't get pregnant as a senior in high school (as she reminds me frequently!)...I always tell her it's cuz she had such an awesome mom & dad...of course she just coughs, and turns around...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

i forgot...

I forgot to mention...for some reason, all my links are all the way down at the bottom on the right, and there's a cool test at the bottom of them...
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I'm back!! This is from the inside of the house I grew up in, I lived there from 1966 to April 8, 1983! I hated it, when I lived there, but now I want it back! Shit!! Anyway, I had called the old man that bought the house from Mom & Dad in, like, 1986 or 7? And I asked him if I could bring my family over & we could go through it again, and he said that'd be great! He recognized my name cuz they left my name and height marks on my mom's closet door, from 1970, and on!! And some of the wallpaper is even the same! WOW!! And it's kinda ironic...we went over & went through it on April 6, 2003...almost 20 years to the day from the time I moved out!

Anyway...last night, Tiff called me on her cell phone, and she was so pissed she could hardly talk without crying (yup, she's her mommy's daughter, alright!). She'd been pulled over by a state highway patrol last night when she & Ricky were going to a store. He followed them from out in the country, and pulled her over in the parking lot of the store! So she got out of the car to stand in front of him, and she asked him why he pulled her over, was it because she had a headlight out? And he said 'No, I didn't know you did.' Walked around and looked at it (which was stupid, cuz the car was off, and of course, she'd turned the lights off because they were parking the car to go in the store!!) Duhhh!!! Then he asked where Ricky worked...then he took Tiffany & had her sit in the front seat of his car with him while he checked her license, and insurance, etc. Asked where she worked. Then accused her of not wearing her seatbelt. And that really set her off! She told him, #1, she ALWAYS wears her seatbelt, & #2, she's been to about 8 of her friends' funerals who all died because they weren't wearing their seatbelts, she said 'I'd have to be REALLY STUPID if I didn't learn anything from that!' He said, 'Well, okay. You had it off when I stopped you,' Holy crap!! She told him, 'I was getting out of the car! You can't do that with a seatbelt on!' He said finally that he had originally pulled her over because one of her license plate lights in the back was out. Was this guy grasping at straws, or WHAT?? Then he got out of the car, told her she could too, and didn't write her a ticket, just wrote her a warning for her headlight...which, mind you, he wouldn't even have KNOWN about that if she hadn't been the honest girl we raised!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!! But, I know, there's really nothing to do about it...he said, she said, that kinda thing...and, like Kevin told her, if she called the state highway patrol office & made a big deal about it, she'd get her license plate tagged in their computers, and she wouldn't even be able to drive to work without getting pulled over!! He's probably right (dammit! that happens more often than I care to admit!).
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

last night's discussion...

Okay...I hafta admit it...I WANT this house!! Even though, yes, I know I can't do stairs anymore because of my ms, and Kevin never wants to own a 2-story house again, much less 3 or 4 stories! (boo...they're the ones with character!). This house was a few houses down the street from the one I grew up in, and I've always loved it!!
So...last night for some silly reason, Tiff, & Kevin, & I were sitting in the living room, talking about caskets! Tiffany said she didn't think people should have to pay for 'em. I could definitely understand that, because, you know, they're going in the ground, and nobody'll ever see them again! I see...I think a good idea would be if a funeral home would rent out the caskets to people for their 'open casket' funerals, and then after the funeral & everything is over, they could take the body, and just put it in a box to be buried in, then they'd still have the casket for the next person...I don't know...maybe that's a stupid idea...I really have been to lots less funerals than my 21-year old daughter has, and that, in itself, is the saddest thing in the world...So then she started talking about cremation, and Kevin & I both said that was what we're each planning on for ourselves.....and she's like "Eeeeeewwwww, gross!! You want to be burned??" I said, " death..." No, seriously...I don't care what anybody does with my body after I'm dead...I'll be done with it! Like one of my friends used to say..."Just stick a hambone up my ass and let the dog drag me away...what do I care??" Good point...
Then Kevin told her that some people get airtight seals on their coffins, like on refrigerators, and we just don't get that. #1, there's no air underground, and #2, Kevin said "Do you know what would happen if you put meat in something airtight? You'd just be cooking your loved one!" Okay, I know, we're just sick & wrong...but, at least, we're honest with our daughter........I think....I don't know...most of my information comes from the a & e show 'Family Plots"....
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Friday, August 26, 2005


What in the world happened to my kid? Not 'kids' these days that are more spoiled & 'gimme, gimme, gimme' all the time. No, I only have this question about Tiffany. She might look a lot like me, and have my same sense of humor, wear the same size clothes as me, well, for the most part, anyway, but, major differences! Like I told Kevin a long time ago, when she was in high school, and more popular than anyone I EVER knew. "I know what the problem is here. We're a couple of 'thems'...she's an 'us'!! How did that happen?" No, I'm thankful for it. Life as a teenager was a lot easier for her than most! But, yeah, she did go through a while where some people told her she had a big nose, etc...but she got over that. So did they, obviously. I still say the reason that she didn't get away with things in high school, was that, between Kevin & myself, we've got it covered, we did it all...(lucky for us, not so lucky for her). I remember her telling me a few years after she graduated, about the time she stayed overnight with Amber in the sixth grade, and they sneaked out the window about 1 am...they walked around for awhile, didn't know what to do, got bored, and went back and sneaked back in! HAHA!! Tiffany is always concerned with her health too. I just went out to the kitchen to get some cheese and crackers...I look at the box of crackers after I get in here with it...yes, they're Wheat Thins...LOWFAT ONES!! Auuuggghhhhh! That's actually kind of funny. I always tell her to get the stuff that has extra fat, cuz it tastes better!!
She's always been that way, though...likes vegetables & fruits, was a cheerleader for Midget football, then also one in middle school for a couple tired of that, was a soccer player & a cross country runner...whew! That's way more than I EVER thought of! (yeah, Kim & I were busy thinking up stuff to do that led to trouble...).
Tiff actually remembers a lot from when she was really little, too. Back when she was, like, 2 or 3, she always called change "moneys", as in "Can I have some moneys to put in my bank, Mommy?" And, who could say no to that? (she's still doing that...I think that was just rehearsal...). Once, years ago when we were at KFC to pick up dinner for the 3 of us, a mom & her little girl were in front of us, and the little girl was talking about 'moneys', and Tiff poked me and said "I used to talk like that...remember?" Wow...that blows me away. She also remembers the time she was 6, not too long after we were married, when we lived at our old apartment (great place! with $160 a month rent!! Utilities under $40 a month!), Tiff called me in the middle of the night for a drink of water...she'd gotten in that habit. So, after I got up & got it for her, & she'd been back in bed for awhile, Kevin called her! And asked her to get him a drink of water...then when she brought it to him, said "I think your mom wants one too...". Voila...she never did that again!!
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Thursday, August 25, 2005


OK...and SHUT UP!! I know it's only the end of August! SO WHAT?? You KNOW you all start dreaming about Christmas in early November!! This guy was dressed like this a few years ago at a Halloween party we went to. That was the party I wanted really bad for Kevin & I to dress up for! I had a brilliant idea, but we couldn't find costumes to wear, so we'dve had to make them....strike one, two, AND three, right there. I wanted Kev to be a yellow bag of m&m's,& I'd be the brown know, with and without...
Ok, ok, I'll quit~! I've been watching the morning talk shows everyday (welcome to my life...) and they've all had women my age on there bitching about how they were picked on & put down so bad in high school they just can't get over it, it's so terribly,terribly, painful!! So...who in the world has never been picked on by people that they thought were their friends in high school? And, trust me...I was picked on and teased worse than anyone I knew! But ya know what? I grew up & realized that in the grand game of LIFE, high school truly isn't shit! You have a real life to get on and live, and, if you don't want anyone to know about that, well, either don't tell them, or move away! How hard can that be?? Come ON!! At one of the places I worked, one of the department managers was hired (with no experience, mind you), and a lot of the people there used to make fun of her because she was really, really fat (no, I did NOT)...& in high school, she was one of the girls that was, like the meanest...she always was one of the 'perfect ones', according to her. Her dad was one of the assistant principals of our high school (he actually suspended me once! How DARE he??)Anyway...obviously, she wan't perfect anymore, and she didn't like it one bit that I was,well, far from perfect, but blond and 5.4 & 108 lbs. So, she always was not real friendly. Then, one day, she came upstairs to the break room carrying a book. truly was...our high school yearbook!! Cuz there were tons of pictures in there from when she said she was thinner & popular. OMG! To me, I would've thought that would be kind of humiliating, each his own, I guess.
So I really do not understand why anybody holds on to their high school years (and YOUNGER!), and, say 'those were the best years...I'll never forget them'. Things should get better when you get older. At least you have a chance to make them better, which you don't have when you're young. (at least I couldn't!) (and no, it wasn't my parents fault, have to stop passing the blame around when you're that old!).
Wow, what a rant...didn't really mean to, it just kinda 'fell out'.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Wow, I so totally LOVE this time of year! Especially the weather! Last night overnight it was about 55 outside, and today it's 80 and sunny!! How perfect is that?? It even smells like fall outside! Woo-Hoo! Come on Halloween!! Don't have a clue what I'm gonna be, but I'm thinkin', ok? A couple years ago I saw a tall guy walking down the street across the street from our house, and, actually, for all I know, he was an axe murderer. He had no kids with him, he was just walking leisurely down the street...and he had a big bag....AND he was dressed like Santa, with the beard, boots, and everything!! Now THAT'S a perfect Halloween costume!
Okay, anyway, I was looking at my bill copy they e-mailed me from victoria's secret yesterday, and I'm trying to figure out why the one thing I bought cost $58.00 including shipping (standard). It's not like it's a HUGE bit of material, for heaven's sake! Maybe if it was a size 44 double H bra or something, but, uuuhhhh, guess's like, well, the opposite!! It damn sure better be worth it!!
I was thinking today about some stuff that happened when Tiff was a whole lot younger...once when she used to be in 1st grade, and walked to school with her friend across the street. She came home crying one day, and Kevin & I were like, "What's wrong?". She blubbered, "Danielle hit me on the head with her bookbag!" Kevin got down on his knees with her and talked to her, and, more importantly, listened to her. (he's really good at that!). Come to find out...Tiff hit Danielle in the stomach (HARD) with her bookbag first!!
Then there was the time that Tiff was in her biology class in middle school, and was dissecting a fish...The teacher came up behind her, and said "Are you boning the fish?"...she looked at him and said "well, I guess you could call it that..." Then when she was in the same middle school (the same one Kev & I went to!), she was talking to one of her teachers when she was in 8th grade, and she mentioned her music class. The teacher asked who the music teacher was, and Tiff said 'Mrs x'. The teacher said "What?? Isn't she dead yet??" I can see why he said that....she was my music teacher when I was in 6, 7, and 8 grade, too! And when it was Christmas time that year, she wasn't singing the Christmas carols with the class, and that teacher (Mrs x) stopped the class and looked at Tiff & her best friend, who had been talking, and she asked Tara "Why isn't Tiffany singing??", and Tara didn't even think about it....she said real loud "She's Jewish."...which we're not, but I can't think of a better teacher to embarrass!!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

boring Tuesday...

hey, this is FUNNY!!
From: Bin Laden, Osama []Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:17 AMTo: CavematesSubject: The Cave Hi guys. We've all been putting in long hours but we've really come together as a group and I love that. Big thanks to Omar for putting up the poster that says "There is no I in team" as well as the one that says "Hang In There, Baby." That cat is hilarious. However, while we are fighting a jihad, we can't forget to take care of the cave. And frankly I have a few concerns.
First of all, while it's good to be concerned about cruise missiles, we should be even more concerned about the scorpions in our cave. Hey, you don't want to be stung and neither do I, so we need to sweep the cave daily. I've posted a sign-up sheet near the main cave opening.
Second, it's not often I make a video address but when I do, I'm trying to scare the most powerful country on earth, okay? That means that while we're taping, please do not ride your razor scooter in the background. Just while we're taping. Thanks.
Third point, and this is a touchy one. As you know, by edict, we're not supposed to shave our beards. But I need everyone to just think hygiene, especially after mealtime. We're all in this together.
Fourth: food. I bought a box of Cheez-Its recently, clearly wrote "Osama" on the front, and put it on the top shelf. Today, my Cheez-Its were gone. Consideration. That's all I'm saying.
Finally, we've heard that there may be American soldiers in disguise trying to infiltrate our ranks. I want to set up patrols to look for them. First patrol will be Omar, Muhammed, Abdul, Akbar, and Richard.
Love you lots.
Osama that my sick humor is out of the way, I can get down to my real business.
I actually did do a couple things today...1) went to victoria's, and shopped...and...2)scooped poop outta Truman's box..Well, that's work isn't it?
Honestly, I learned a few months ago that it's MUCH better to get on the damn website to order anything! Because I called Victoria's Secret a couple months ago.. just to order a shirt I saw in the catalog (Kevin gets one in the mail every week or so!) that wasn't on the website. And the shirt I wanted was only about $30.00, but I was the BIGGEST sucker in the world! By the time I came back down to earth (yeah, I was abducted by aliens, that's it! but I refused the anal probe...), my order was over $100.00!! Holy crap!! How did that happen?? Never again! Internet for all...and to all a good night! I wonder if she was on commission...she was a damn good salesperson, I have to admit...
Okay, I just remembered a good "Kim story". First of all, I have to say, my dad was Archie Bunker personified....he even kinda looked like him (remember, Mom and Dad were both well into their 40's before they were 'blessed' with me.). So once when they were taking me & Kim up to visit his friend/business associate at his house on Lake St Clair, and we had to drive on the highway when we got close to Detroit. Dad was cussin' away, tossing racial 'epithets' toward all the other drivers, and all of a sudden his big old Buick we were in started to hiss, & we all saw steam come from the hood of his car! My mom was freakin', "Bob, stop, we'll all be killed!!!" He pulled over to the side of the highway and stopped, gave my mom a look I NEVER want to get, then he got out of the car & raised the hood & acted like he knew what he was doing (but I guess that's just a guy thing, isn't it?). Pretty soon a black guy stopped his pickup truck behind us and walked up to dad with a can with a funnel in the lid, and talked to Dad for a second, then poured the water in. Lo and behold, the car started right back up when Dad got in & tried it. So, Kim and I were giggling, snorting, laughing in the backseat. Finally (Ihave NO idea where she got the guts!) Kim sat up and said "So...did you tell the 'spook' thank you?" (that was his word, not ours!)
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

laffs with Tiff...(not at...WITH!) 2nd post of the day...

does everybody remember 'Baghdad Bob'?

A long time ago, Tiff and I were driving over to a friend of hers house (I was friends with her mom too) who had just moved from our street out to a big farmhouse near a small town about 20 miles away. She was about 12 or 13 at the time. I'm just about lost being all the way out there, driving over these gravelly roads and trying to figure out how to find their road. All of a sudden, Tiff's grabbing my arm, yelling "Mom, LOOK!!" Not only did I look, I stopped the car and STARED!! There was a car parked out by someone's barn (and it was sunny, in the middle of the day, so I can't blame it on the dark, either!), and there was a full-grown COW curled up on the hood, sunning itself!! WTF?? Yes, I said it, in front of my 12 year I'm sure anybody would! I really wish I would've had my camera with me!! My big ongoing question did it get up there?? It had hooves, for God's sake!! And it wasn't dead, it was just looking around on a lazy Saturday afternoon! (I could understand if it was dead, I'd think somebody hit it while it was crossing the road).
Once, when Tiff was 16 or so, we went out to my brother's house (also about 15 or 20 miles out of town). We were hanging around with him and his wife and their 4 kids (he's my big brother....didn't he find out what causes that??), then Tiff and E (his next-to-youngest daughter) started talking about this house out there that's supposed to be haunted. And, of course, Tiff and I are both obsessed with anything to do with ghosts or anything! So Tiff & E didn't have to talk me into it, I was the first one to the door! Even though by that time I had a cane, I still beat them to the door.

So, with E's directions, we found the house. Not much...a little one story shacky-like thing with a big barn out back. It sure didn't look like my idea of a haunted house. I thought it was almost mandatory that they were big old 3 story houses, with broken windows, you know, that kinda stuff....but I pulled up in the driveway on the way to the that looked scary!! We ended up going out to the barn first. Poked around on the first floor, nothing interesting, so E went running over to this ladder up to the 2nd floor and yelled "hey, let's go up here!!" I said no way! My brother will kill me if you get hurt! So we walked toward the house, and Tiff & E started running to it. Suddenly it started to feel really creepy to me, and I said maybe we shouldn't go in. You never know, the people that live across the road might own it & say we're trespassing...I was WAY outvoted on that! So I headed over to the car. Tiff turned around and saw me...'MO-OOOM!! Come ON!' I said no, I believe I'll just wait in the car for you 2. It's only a few feet from the car. Tiff yelled "Mom, what if something happens??" And I told her the truth. I said "If you guys have trouble in there, just yell....I'll go find someone to help you..." No I didn't get away with it, but it wass worth a try..I walked in there with them and we looked around. It looked really little, just the big kitchen we walked in to, and it was a mess...kinda like mine, except I know where our dirt comes from! (I always tell people 'you could eat off my floor. There's probably lots of good stuff down there'.) But we got home okay, just a little 'creeped out'.

Well, turns out that Tiff just found something about that house on the internet a few weeks ago, about how it was haunted, and that the story behind it was that something happened one evening, and that nobody ever saw them go, heard from them again, they even left the food on their plates. Eeeeewww! So that's one of our ghost hunting stories.

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my 'news analysis'. 1st post today (a boring Sunday)

...where's Bert?

I'm watching the news today, and hearing about the 'illegal aliens' waltzing across our borders...and wondering why our federal government isn't trying harder to stop it. And, unfortunately, I have doubts in President Bush's decisions about it. No, I'm not saying "I don't think anyone should be able to come here." What I'm saying is that anybody is welcome to come here...legally!! I know that the vast majority of people who come here just want to be in America, have a job and make money honestly, maybe create their own business, everything any American dreams about. sneak across the border and get our welfare, health care, when many of us who were born here don't get it? Don't you have any pride, people? And they can get a driver's license?? That's the worst thing I ever heard of! Why would you just give somebody a driver's license who broke the law to GET here? I don't know...maybe I'm just one of those misguided republicans, or something, but, to me, that would seem to be a no-brainer! You really shouldn't reward bad behavior, as anyone who's been a parent will tell you! And I honestly believe that the next terrorist attack in this country will come from someone who came across our border (north or south!) without questions from anyone. The president always says his number one job is to keep our country and citizens safe. Well, with the exception of this issue, he's done well...but I think this is a HUGE oversight! Sorry, but it's my opinion, and my blog!
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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Okay, I had absolutely no idea I was even gonna write about this tonite, but just as I put that 'so-called' title up top, Kim called, and she was telling me about something her youngest son did, and we were laughing about it, and all of a sudden she said "Eastport Dock"....of course that brought up all kindsa, the story begins...
Kim's mom & dad decided I could go with them on vacation one summer. It was Kim's mom & dad, her younger brother, D, his friend M, & Kim & me. They've always been more into doing outside stuff, like camping, boating, etc. So we drove down to Eastport Dock in Tennessee, they had already arranged for us to rent a, well, I guess it was a cabin. It had 3 little bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and the bathroom was...outside in a cinderblock building! I think that was one of the funniest things about the place. Because when the lady in charge of the place told us about it, she explained that it was terribly, terribly important that nobody ever flush toilet paper! OMG!! Of course, all 4 of us 'kids' were standing behind Kim's mom & dad, snickering! After the 'campground ogre lady' left, all 4 of us busted out laughing, rolling around, and Kim's mom & dad (hereafter known as J & J) told us "she meant that! don't do it!" We just said ok, as all kids do, and went on our merry way, exploring the lake, woods, everything! Oh yeah, don't forget the vending machines full of snacks. Then we headed back up to the cabin from the lake, and decided that it'd be better if we went to the outside bathroom before it got dark, so Kim & I went in. There was a 'girls half' & a 'boys half'. We were just a little bit confused about where we should put the damn toilet paper. Then we noticed the trash can, so that was okay. Then, all of a sudden, we heard "splat, splat" on the window, but couldn't see out, cuz it was dark, & the window was high. We sneaked out and around the corner to the window, and there was the solution to the was Kim's little bro & his friend throwing little frogs at the window! GROSS!
We got up the next day, went out to the bathroom again, and this time Kim decided she had to 'go #2'. So, then she's sitting there with the 'used' toilet paper in her hand, and she decided "fuck it!", and threw it in the toilet & flushed. We all went down to the lake fishing, & swimming, & everything! Had tons of fun, even though we were with parents. The next day we were all awakened by the 'campground ogre lady' knocking on the door, and she demanded to know 'who flushed toilet paper??'. We still, to this day, have NO IDEA what she had to have done to know that Kim did that! I think we laughed all that week with the mental image of "ogre bitch" swishing her hands through the stream to sift out anything 'foreign'. By the way, there was an outhouse that looked kinda like the picture at the top...but it was much smaller, & perched precariously atop a hill......
TTFN!! (i'm swearing off bouncing) LibbY!

Monday, August 15, 2005

memory jog...

I actually had to call Kim this morning & ask her to give me some more stuff to write about.I still have a LOT of stuff, but I wanted her to get in on this too, dammit! I can't do EVerything, for heaven's sake!! :-) Mom still, to this day, isn't a big "Kim fan", even though I've already let her in on the sad news that any time we did anything wrong (that she caught us at, that is!), it was MY idea, not Kim's! She was only the one stupid enough to actually DO it! Well, I'd do it too...but only after I saw she lived through it! ;-)
Kim also gave me hell (again) for the "dumpster-vs-car" episode when I mentioned it. She said 'You're supposed to be the SMART one! Why didn't you just put the car in reverse and get out of the way', nobody ever suggested THAT at the time, did they??
So...when Kim and I became friends, we were in 8th grade, and she started hanging around with me because her former friend B had told everyone she now hated Kim and was gonna kick her ass. I guess she must've thought I'd protect her. Yeah...I'm SO tough...although it IS flattering to be thought of like that in 8th grade, right?
We had art class together, and that was a lot of fun. One of the guys in the class was a BIG jerk! Big being the operative word here. I'm not kidding. Randy was really big (fat), and he terrorized the whole entire school, even including some of the smaller teachers! And we were blessed with him in our art class. One day we walked in and the teacher said we were gonna iron design thingys on the t-shirts she'd had us bring a couple days earlier. So, everybody was all excited, it just sounded like fun! We're all sitting on stools beside our big tables, everybody had an iron, and there were outlets above our heads, connected to a pipe or something, so, no they weren't just hanging down or anything. We're all busy ironing, and Randy, for some reason, was sitting across from us (wonderful...he hated us as much as we did him...he always called us "watermouths"...ask him why, he'd say "cuz they're always running!")...anyway...Kim reached up when he was turned around yelling at another kid for making fun of him, and she unplugged his iron, and he had no clue! So, Randy kept sitting there ironing away, while everyone else in the room had their shirts finished. Finally, he looked up and started to yell at the teacher about it. He got as far as "my damn iron doesn't work!" when he looked across the bench and saw Kim & me almost falling off our stools laughing!! Then he looked up at the plug. OMG, he got off his stool and started to come around at us, but, God bless that teacher..."Randy, is your shirt done?? If not, SIT DOWN and finish it NOW!!"
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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kim & me...part 4...

First of all, this breaking news...
Mick Jagger...formerly of The Rolling Stones, is now officially a member of 'The Strolling Bones'. Truth! I heard about it Saturday on FOX News, the Strolling Bones even has their own website!

Now that's out of the way, I can get to the important stuff...
when Kim & I were a lot younger (hahaha...WAY younger!!) , it was our habit that she would always stay overnight at my house on Friday & Saturday nights because we KNEW that we could get away with damn near anything at my house! I remember once when we were getting ready to go somewhere (a dance for teenagers, I think), we had a bottle of champagne (it must have just magically appeared..), and we took it and walked right outside town, to a business that was closed for the day, and settled ourselves down in the field right behind there, and I finally got the bottle open and took a great big swig. Then, of course, I did the ultimate thing classy people do...I'm sure I wiped my mouth on my sleeve. Then I gave the bottle to Kim, and she took a big ol' swig...and PUKED on the ground right between her legs!! That, in itself, was funny (you'd laugh,too, I KNOW you would!!)...then she still sat right there, while I was jumping up, and yelling "Eeeeewwwww,Eeeeewww!!", pointing, saying "Look! There's the corn I had for dinner and the...". OMG!! And we're STILL best friends!
There was also the time that I was driving in my car, and we were sitting out behind another gameroom (pac-man, cheeky mouse (a game) freaks!). So, we were just sitting in my car out back of it, cuz I had a joint, and we were gonna smoke it first. It was pouring down rain, thundering, lightning, windy as hell! So we're just sitting there in the car, smoking away, and all of a sudden a big gust of wind started blowing everything all over the place, and when that happened, Kim screamed and leaned over on my side of the car. I remember telling her "Get off me! I'm not gay!". She kept screaming 'Help, help!'. I had no idea what the hell was up... then I noticed that she was pointing at something, and I looked over there. I had to shake my head and look again. The big dumpster out back was rolling!! Towards my car, I might add! You know how big & heavy a dumpster is? Especially when it's ROLLING RIGHT AT YOU!! We just BOTH screamed this time, and sat there and watched the damn thing. Nothing else to do about it crashed against the car (my '72 Comet, 8 cylinder, you know, this car had some meat on its bones!). After that, we both jumped out, and ran to the rear passenger side where it hit, and, of course, started laughing (our trademark). There was a big ol' ding on the back. And, in 1988, I actually saw that car, parked in a parking space against the building next to our stores' main office, an hour north of here!! I even went over to see it close up (& personal). Everything was the same, even the old "dumpster ding"!! That was "surreal", even if you didn't know what the word meant (which I wouldn't have, at that age!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, August 12, 2005

kim & me...part 3

Okay...not too sure where I'm goin' with this one, but...oh, ok! Got it! We always used to run around with our friends that were, well, a little bit...'hoody'. (Remember the groups in high school? hoods, preps, jocks, sluts, druggies, etc?). We were over at Denise's house one night, and we left (Kim & I) to walk back to my house, probably 3 or 4 miles across town. For some reason, and, no, I TRULY do not remember how it got there, I had a bottle of a fifth of screwdriver under my jacket! I had my hands in my jacket pockets as we were walking (I think to our boyfriends' houses, now that I think of it...), and we went past a big gameroom that we all used to go to sometimes. We saw some friends in there, so we went in for a while, then when Kim & I left, we went bouncing down the concrete steps out front, and when I hit the bottom, I lost my grip on the bottle, and CRASH!! Glass, & 'screwdriver' all OVER the place!! OMG!! Everyone was dying laughing, so we did too...then we ran like hell!! After a little bit, we went to a pizza shop close to there.We were just sitting there, all prim & proper, and the guys that worked there came out and yelled "You gotta see THIS!", so we all ran out back and there was this old drunk guy out there. They introduced us to him "This is Hermie". We're standing there talking, and all of a sudden we hear ""KA-BOOM!" Hermie had taken a firecracker and tossed it in a big empty trash barrel beside us! He just kept getting drunker & drunker. I don't know why, we never saw him drink anything...he kept telling the guys "C'mon, put a firecracker in my mouth, I'll do it for a dollar!!"No, nobody did that...we weren't totally heartless (just a little). The last thing I remember before we left is Hermie banging on the back door of his house (he lived right behind the pizza place), yelling at his wife "Lemme in, old lady! I gotta go to the piss-pot!!" I'll never forget him...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kim & me...part 2...

...okay, time to continue our 'debacles' of our teenage years...yesterday I called Kim, and told her exactly what I'm doing on here. And it's really funny, she always brags about being 'computer illiterate', and she won't even try to get on here, even though she has an adelphia cable modem connection! And, I think she thinks this is the north-cantral ohio wide web, no matter how much I tell her otherwise! ;-) I only hope her kids don't get on this site...oh well...
Okay, she reminded me of some stuff...said I should write a book called 'Blonde and Blonder' hmmmm...
I had my driver's license and my car,we must've been 16. And we were out cruising around town and somebody we met had beer. yes, I KNOW we were too young...and did any kid ever say 'no thanks, I'm too young.' Yeah, right. So I drove past a church that was kinda in a valley in town, and it was almost midnight, and Kim said 'I gotta pee!!' I got an evil thought in my head, and grin on my was dark, so she didn't see...I said 'Sure. I'll just pull in this parking lot, under these trees, so nobody in the houses will see ya...' She said ok (such a sweet kid!). I pulled in, and she jumped out and went around to the front of the car where it was the darkest...then she pulled her jeans down and squatted...I turned on the car's headlights and honked the horn over & over again!! OMG!! You NEVER saw anyone pull their pants up faster, and run & get in a car and yell 'DRIVE, YOU BITCH!!' I NEVER laughed so loud & long in my life!! But we got home was only 2 blocks to my mom & dad's house. Once, before this, before either of us had our licenses, Kim & I decided to walk the 4 blocks to my high school one evening, I think it was 8 or 9 at night...I know it was dark. We get to the school, and were just walking around it, and we noticed that the flag had been taken down for the night and the rope & chain to put it up were hanging there...they must've looked all lonely, and stuff, so I took Kim's suggestion to climb up on the rope, and she'd push me on it. So I didn't think twice about it, it just sounded like fun to me! So I climbed up there, and she started pushing me. All very well and good, until we started laughing (who, us?) and acting stupid ( Kim started pushing me faster & faster, and all of a sudden she couldn't reach me anymore, I was up too high, wrapped around the damn pole! All she heard were the yells & laughter coming down from the dark....and then....KLONK again!! I'd wrapped all the way around the pole, faster, & faster.....ok, you get the picture...I finally got myself unwrapped, and down, and Kim was down there, laying on the ground laughing, and I soon found out why...she'd peed her pants!! So, after we both quit laughing so much (still laughing some, though), we started walking back to my house, and these two guys pulled up beside us in their car, and asked if we wanted a ride. I started to think about it, and all of a sudden Kim was saying 'say NO, say NO!!' Oh, she'll never live that one down...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

kim & me...forever ago! part 1........

Kim called last night, and we talked forever...even though she's in this town, we don't get to talk that know, she's one of those stay-at-home moms...that never stays at home!! just got me remembering stuff from when we were about 14-17 years old . FUN STUFF!! I don't think 2 people laughed as much as we did...ever!! no particular order, again. We were riding around in her car (well, ok, her mom & dad's car) right after she got her driver's license, we were, of course, being stupid. And we we both barefoot, and she hung her left foot out her passenger window, and I scrunched down so nobody could see my body sitting there, and I hung my right foot out my side. OMG, did we get double-takes as we drove thru town!One time she sneezed and didn't even cover her mouth or nose at all, she just straight-out sneezed on the windshield, in other words, she shot 'snot-rockets' everywhere!! (she still to this day denies it, though!). Once we were staying all night out in their pool-house (her mom & dad had an in-ground swimming pool, and the pool-house was neat, with a big living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, &, best of all, A PHONE!!). So, we called my current boyfriend (also a Kevin, but that's neither here nor there..), and told him we were coming in this time we were only 15, so we couldn't drive yet. Her house was all the way out of town, out by the city airport, & past the prisons. So...we set out on the 'walk of hell' as we call it now...and got the 5 to 7 miles into town, past a shefiff's office, past a maximum security prison, over an overpass, through a cornfield, through a residential area...etc...anyway, we're going through the yards (sneaking...cuz it's about 2 or 3 am...hiding from any police, cuz it's WAY past curfew!). So, we went through one house's yard, and we heard a car, so, of course, we hid behind the car in the driveway. We stood up after the car went past and, of course, me with my renowned 'gracefulness', stood up and hit my head on the corner of the window air conditioner! KLONK! (echo, echo...). So, we saw lights come on in the house, and started laughing, & RAN the 7 or 8 city blocks to the back of Kevin's house! (Remember, this is a different Kevin...). So we were there with him & his 2 or 3 friends for another hour or so, laughing cuz they had the police scanner on, and had heard the police called about someone trying to break in to the house that I had just hit my head on! Phew! More later...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

more tree...

Yup...toldja we had a pile of tree in our front yard. Attractive, isn't it? Keep in mind, if you look at the tree itself, you'd never know anything happened to it! Because the tree itself is so big, this was like 'a puny little limb'! The 'logs' of it (the part that grew close to the tree) are bigger than my leg! and I think that's saying a lot!). Kev said if it would've fell on anyone, it would've killed them immediately, because the 'logs' alone weighed about 400 lbs!! I'll try to get a picture on here of some of them stacked up by the's at the top...
So, Tiff's planning her wedding & honeymoon 100 people on her list to invite already, and that's only Kevin's family!! She still has all of mine, and most of her friends! HA!! Actually, she's thinking about a cruise for the honeymoon, and getting married outside somewhere near here, and she wants Jill (Ken's girlfriend/ladyfriend) to marry them...not only is she a Christian psychologist, but she's also an ordained minister...and she works with the homeless...and has a full-time job working with developmentally disabled people. She is SUCH a good person!
Then there's mom said something about me being 'disabled' the other day, and I said "Oh, let's call a spade a spade! I'm a cripple!!". Then I blew it...I started laughing! (you either laugh or cry...TRUE!!)
And Tiff had to go to another friend's funeral the other day (yes, another...she's lost about 10 or 12 friends since she's been in school...which is more than Kev & I put together! And a lot from drunk driving...)...this guy was from cancer...& his dad made Tiff and her friends take some of his flowers from the cemetary, cuz he said they'd just be thrown away. So when Tiff came in and told me, & showed me the flowers, of course I said "Well, if Tom wants 'em back, he'll come & get 'em..." She said "You better not take them, cuz if they're gone when I get up, I'll shit!!" haha...that's my little girl!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

a little bit of everything...

I'm just kinda wondering about some things today, some serious, some stupid...
Yes, I'm very glad the mainstream Muslims in our country have spoken out against the extreme terrorism, people using the Qur'an to further their own ideas, re: violence & killing of innocent civilians. So, some of their religious leaders have issued a fatwa against people who commit these acts. Which is all very well and good...but....WHY did it take the London bombings to get everyone that upset?? Where were they after the 9/11 attacks on America, where nearly 3,000 were killed??
Okay...I'm pretty resigned to the fact that there's no answer to that, here's my stupid wonderings...
A few years ago when the Russians lost the sub 'Kursk' underwater...I remember getting up & Kevin telling me a Russian sub sank. I looked at him and said, "What do they expect it to do? Fly?" Okay...that was bad, I admit it, but I'd just gotten up. But I'm thinking about this one, and there are only 7 people on it, and they're quickly running out of air to breathe. So...what's one of my first thoughts, after sympathy & prayers for them? Yep, you got me. "Well, if I was down there, I miight live longer if I killed everybody else, so they wouldn't need the air anymore" But with my luck, they'd rot and stink so bad....
All right...I need to quit...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, August 05, 2005

and here i thought my life was boring...

Yeah...this is exactly how boring it is. Kevin & I got woke up at 4 in the morning, and it was thundering & lightning like crazy! Our bedroom's downstairs, but Tiff's is upstairs. I expected her to come downstairs, but she didn't. So, this morning, it was all nice & sunny, and we didn't even mention the storm! Kevin's & Tiffany's cars were parked in the driveway (which is, ummm, right under this tree limb!), but they both left by 11 am. So, I came in here and got on the computer, and I heard something against the porch railing around 12:30. I just figured it was Tiff & Ricky coming home. I turned around to say hi, and THAT was all I saw!! OMG!! We have this huge, enormous tree in front of our house, and we've tried to get the city to trim it a little every year, but they always say no, that's our I asked them a few years ago if we could just take it out. Nooooo....."it's on the tree lawn, and that means it's our property." WTF?? If it's theirs, trim the damn thing!! So, anyway....I got up & went out on the porch & took some pictures of this, im'd Kevin to tell him. He called & said I should call his dad to come over and see if the outside of the house was damaged at all. So I did, but Kev came home anyway, in case he had to call the insurance company. And even before he got here, some of the guys that work for the city had gone past & seen Kev's dad outside, pulled over & talked to him cuz they know him, and had already called people to come over and cut it up! And when they got here and got to work on it, they finally realized how big the tree is! They said that limb was about the size of a tree itself! (we knew that...duhhhhh). And it wasn't a branch, it was a whole limb, with branches attached! We just were blessed with the facts that...#1, neither of the cars were in the driveway....#2, the limb didn't hit the house at all...#3, the city took care of it within a couple hours!, #4, actually, the limb didn't hit ANYTHING except the ground! Because there was nothing in the cars in the driveway, the neighbors have no idea that they had a freakin' tree in their yard! Even though it came down just inches from the wishing well they had just put out there! it's all cut up in a pile in our front yard! Damn! I told Kev 'I liked it better when it was in THEIR yard!'. Hmmmppphhhh...

So we have a big pile of tree in our front yard that's probably 5 feet tall...Kev says they're gonna pick it up on Monday...we'll see...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

these dreams...

Wow! I slept last night from 1:15 am straight thru til 1:30 pm today...with the exception of the 10 minutes that Kev called from work at about 11 am, and I woke up just enough to say hi and I love you....then I went back to sleep immediately! That was weird. I got my avonex shot last night for my ms (it's a once a week shot in my muscle in my arm, not in the butt [or hip as they call it!]) and it's the most expensive shit I ever saw! Thank God insurance pays for it! One month's supply (4 shots) is $1,237.00!! Is that bs? But, really, the company's been good to me...when Kevin & I didn't have insurance a few years ago, they sent me enough for a whole year, without any charge! All I had to do was call & ask!
Anyway...I had the most awesome dream last night! I worked at a store that was just opening up north of here, and I got to unload the trucks & decide how to set up the whole produce department! And it was autumn, my favorite time of year, especially in that department! I remember setting up the potato & onion sections (with sweet onions! that was specific!),and the gourds and winter squash, and I remember getting called to the phone, and it was my mom, who had Tiff, and I said I was coming home after I got done, only I had about an hour (or more) work to do, & it was an hour drive home! And when I was on the way out the door, one of my assistants said I forgot to call the order in for tomorrow to the Indiana warehouse! So, I went back in to do that, and couldn't find the fuckin' number!! And that's where the dream weird!
Okay, so it wasn't an exciting dream for anyone but me...but I loved it, because...I didn't have ms!!
Oh,'s the picture of the day...sent to me by Kevin!! Well, I guess it's up at the top...
So I'm hearing stuff on the news about al-Zawahiri...he's actually got a master's degree in SURGERY!! Holy shit! It scares me to think that somebody actually trusted him enouugh to let him take a knife to anyone!! And he also said something in his rant on tv about us taking their oil!! Hmmm...I've never seen a camel with a gas tank! But it would be funny to see camels lined up at a gas station, with little doors on their hips to put the gas nozzle in!!
Okay, that's I'm just getting stupid!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I kinda miss goin' to I used to, not like now...
Def Leppard (twice)
John Cougar (scarecrow concert)
Billy Joel
Barry Manilow (quit LAUGHING!)
Great White
Eddie Money
Faith Hill
Gloria Estefan
L A Guns
Pat Benatar
The Outlaws no particular order...matter of fact, there's some that I only remember cuz I remember the, lemme know who you saw...but be warned, if you saw AC/DC, I'll have to kill you...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

first time in Myrtle Beach...

I went down to Myrtle Beach in the summer of 1988 with my best friend, Joe, and his brother, P...Tiffany stayed with my mom & dad for the week, for 'her' vacation! At least that was what she called it before I left....damn, did I miss her, though!! I called her every night from there, and I bought her every souvenir I could find! She even got me one on HER vacation...a Mac Tonight glass! (he was cool! I got her a mac tonight beach towel down there too!).

So, we had a good drive down there...except Joe would NOT let me drive! And I have no idea why, I was a better driver than either one of them! So I had to sit in the back seat and sulk almost all the way there. And then, overnight, we went through a drive-thru & got food & Cokes, and everyone decided an hour later we all had to pee. So, Joe pulled over to a rest area, and they went in & peed. I went around the building to the women's room, and it was padlocked!! I didn't have a clue what to do. Joe came around a second later to see if I got lost or killed by an axe murderer, but I just got pissed & told him they had to take me somewhere to pee. They just laughed & pointed out to the dark woods, and said, "there ya go...hurry up, the train's gonna leave!" Dirtbags! But I did...I thought nobody had to do that except teen-agers! Grrrrrrr!
So we finally got down there, and it was even more fun than I had thought it would be! We'd rented a condo on the beach, and it was 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big living room, & a kitchen (like anyone was gonna use THAT!). We had a minor disagreement about where we'd all sleep, because Joe said he was taking the big master bedroom, cuz he was the one who had made all the arrangements. That was ok...but I wasn't gonna stay in there with him!! That left the other bedroom, but it had 2 twin made no difference to me if P slept in the other one, but he didn't. He slept on the couch, probably because he had a girlfriend (she's his wife now).
So we went shopping...for beer!! And we bought a big watermelon, I remember. Then we went downstairs & checked out the pool & the beach, very cool! That's actually where we spent most of our time down there. Except, of course, for when Joe & P had to go upstairs every day from 3 to watch General Hospital!! I always laughed at them, said 'I thought you were GUYS!!' Oh well...I had fun at the pool by myself, anyway! So, I remember one night when we were all sitting on the beach, and it was a gorgeous full moon. We were just sitting there not saying anything, and I remember thinking that this could be a cartoon...P looking up at the moon thinking of his girlfriend...Joe looking at the moon thinking of me (yeah, we had settled a long time ago that we would never be anything but friends, but I knew the thought was always there on his part)...and I was looking at the moon, and over my head was the thought balloon that just had a big question mark!
Then I also remember that one night we sat around in the apartment drinking, and I must've fallen asleep or passed out before them, because later on I saw the pictures they had taken of me sprawled out on the couch, and they had put their underwear all over me!!
By the time we were ready to come home, I think we were all sick of each other...BIGTIME!! When they dropped me off at my mom & dad's, Joe just took my suitcase out of the trunk and put it down in the driveway...then we all just said "bye" and they took off back to town!
Might I say...I had MUCH more fun down there with Kevin & Tiff 10 yrs later! And I wasn't drunk!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!