Friday, August 12, 2005

kim & me...part 3

Okay...not too sure where I'm goin' with this one, but...oh, ok! Got it! We always used to run around with our friends that were, well, a little bit...'hoody'. (Remember the groups in high school? hoods, preps, jocks, sluts, druggies, etc?). We were over at Denise's house one night, and we left (Kim & I) to walk back to my house, probably 3 or 4 miles across town. For some reason, and, no, I TRULY do not remember how it got there, I had a bottle of a fifth of screwdriver under my jacket! I had my hands in my jacket pockets as we were walking (I think to our boyfriends' houses, now that I think of it...), and we went past a big gameroom that we all used to go to sometimes. We saw some friends in there, so we went in for a while, then when Kim & I left, we went bouncing down the concrete steps out front, and when I hit the bottom, I lost my grip on the bottle, and CRASH!! Glass, & 'screwdriver' all OVER the place!! OMG!! Everyone was dying laughing, so we did too...then we ran like hell!! After a little bit, we went to a pizza shop close to there.We were just sitting there, all prim & proper, and the guys that worked there came out and yelled "You gotta see THIS!", so we all ran out back and there was this old drunk guy out there. They introduced us to him "This is Hermie". We're standing there talking, and all of a sudden we hear ""KA-BOOM!" Hermie had taken a firecracker and tossed it in a big empty trash barrel beside us! He just kept getting drunker & drunker. I don't know why, we never saw him drink anything...he kept telling the guys "C'mon, put a firecracker in my mouth, I'll do it for a dollar!!"No, nobody did that...we weren't totally heartless (just a little). The last thing I remember before we left is Hermie banging on the back door of his house (he lived right behind the pizza place), yelling at his wife "Lemme in, old lady! I gotta go to the piss-pot!!" I'll never forget him...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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