Monday, August 15, 2005

memory jog...

I actually had to call Kim this morning & ask her to give me some more stuff to write about.I still have a LOT of stuff, but I wanted her to get in on this too, dammit! I can't do EVerything, for heaven's sake!! :-) Mom still, to this day, isn't a big "Kim fan", even though I've already let her in on the sad news that any time we did anything wrong (that she caught us at, that is!), it was MY idea, not Kim's! She was only the one stupid enough to actually DO it! Well, I'd do it too...but only after I saw she lived through it! ;-)
Kim also gave me hell (again) for the "dumpster-vs-car" episode when I mentioned it. She said 'You're supposed to be the SMART one! Why didn't you just put the car in reverse and get out of the way', nobody ever suggested THAT at the time, did they??
So...when Kim and I became friends, we were in 8th grade, and she started hanging around with me because her former friend B had told everyone she now hated Kim and was gonna kick her ass. I guess she must've thought I'd protect her. Yeah...I'm SO tough...although it IS flattering to be thought of like that in 8th grade, right?
We had art class together, and that was a lot of fun. One of the guys in the class was a BIG jerk! Big being the operative word here. I'm not kidding. Randy was really big (fat), and he terrorized the whole entire school, even including some of the smaller teachers! And we were blessed with him in our art class. One day we walked in and the teacher said we were gonna iron design thingys on the t-shirts she'd had us bring a couple days earlier. So, everybody was all excited, it just sounded like fun! We're all sitting on stools beside our big tables, everybody had an iron, and there were outlets above our heads, connected to a pipe or something, so, no they weren't just hanging down or anything. We're all busy ironing, and Randy, for some reason, was sitting across from us (wonderful...he hated us as much as we did him...he always called us "watermouths"...ask him why, he'd say "cuz they're always running!")...anyway...Kim reached up when he was turned around yelling at another kid for making fun of him, and she unplugged his iron, and he had no clue! So, Randy kept sitting there ironing away, while everyone else in the room had their shirts finished. Finally, he looked up and started to yell at the teacher about it. He got as far as "my damn iron doesn't work!" when he looked across the bench and saw Kim & me almost falling off our stools laughing!! Then he looked up at the plug. OMG, he got off his stool and started to come around at us, but, God bless that teacher..."Randy, is your shirt done?? If not, SIT DOWN and finish it NOW!!"
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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