Monday, August 29, 2005


I'm back!! This is from the inside of the house I grew up in, I lived there from 1966 to April 8, 1983! I hated it, when I lived there, but now I want it back! Shit!! Anyway, I had called the old man that bought the house from Mom & Dad in, like, 1986 or 7? And I asked him if I could bring my family over & we could go through it again, and he said that'd be great! He recognized my name cuz they left my name and height marks on my mom's closet door, from 1970, and on!! And some of the wallpaper is even the same! WOW!! And it's kinda ironic...we went over & went through it on April 6, 2003...almost 20 years to the day from the time I moved out!

Anyway...last night, Tiff called me on her cell phone, and she was so pissed she could hardly talk without crying (yup, she's her mommy's daughter, alright!). She'd been pulled over by a state highway patrol last night when she & Ricky were going to a store. He followed them from out in the country, and pulled her over in the parking lot of the store! So she got out of the car to stand in front of him, and she asked him why he pulled her over, was it because she had a headlight out? And he said 'No, I didn't know you did.' Walked around and looked at it (which was stupid, cuz the car was off, and of course, she'd turned the lights off because they were parking the car to go in the store!!) Duhhh!!! Then he asked where Ricky worked...then he took Tiffany & had her sit in the front seat of his car with him while he checked her license, and insurance, etc. Asked where she worked. Then accused her of not wearing her seatbelt. And that really set her off! She told him, #1, she ALWAYS wears her seatbelt, & #2, she's been to about 8 of her friends' funerals who all died because they weren't wearing their seatbelts, she said 'I'd have to be REALLY STUPID if I didn't learn anything from that!' He said, 'Well, okay. You had it off when I stopped you,' Holy crap!! She told him, 'I was getting out of the car! You can't do that with a seatbelt on!' He said finally that he had originally pulled her over because one of her license plate lights in the back was out. Was this guy grasping at straws, or WHAT?? Then he got out of the car, told her she could too, and didn't write her a ticket, just wrote her a warning for her headlight...which, mind you, he wouldn't even have KNOWN about that if she hadn't been the honest girl we raised!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!! But, I know, there's really nothing to do about it...he said, she said, that kinda thing...and, like Kevin told her, if she called the state highway patrol office & made a big deal about it, she'd get her license plate tagged in their computers, and she wouldn't even be able to drive to work without getting pulled over!! He's probably right (dammit! that happens more often than I care to admit!).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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