Saturday, October 30, 2010

random...that's my life now, i guess...

Well, now I'm making it official, my life IS truly a whole shitload of random stuff that would never happen to anyone else!
Kim and I have been getting together as much as we can again, and that's good...I know exactly what she's going thru, but I have no answers for her, except "Life happens, you just need to know you CAN get through this, and you WILL!!" Because, obviously, for most people, life NEVER ends up going the way you always thought it would! And, that's what keeps it exciting...I guess...:-/. Yeah, it might be hard and suck at times, but, there's always a tomorrow, and usually there's something else to laugh about! And it's really important to understand you HAVE to be able to laugh at yourself too! Honestly, if you're too "high & mighty" (read 'elite' here) to laugh at yourself, I'd want nothing to do with you. Kim reminds me of this stuff every day! There was the time I'd asked her to bring over bathroom cleaning supplies, etc for me...she said okay, then half an hour later I hear a car door slam out front. I went to the front sliding glass door & opened it, and there's Kim, running across the parking lot, yelling "Dah-dah-dah-dah-dumm!! In the melody to Scrappy Doo, singing Puppy Power!! Oh. and waving a plunger in the air :-) How could you NOT laugh???
...last night's 'random' happened after trick or treating out here at the apartments...It was from 5 til 6:30, and Kim came here to pass out candy bars with me (mini ones), & there were probly 100 kids altogether, &, OMG, she had more fun than the kids! I didn't even think about it, but she's never been able to hand out candy before! She's always lived in the country since 8th grade! Anyway, we had fun...we were sitting there watching the parade of kids go by, and saw two kinda sleazy dressed girls go down the street, and we looked at each other, and Kim said "Holy shit, there's Libby & Kim!" lolol!
So, she left around 7, & I ordered dinner from the ok pizza & barbeque (their barbecue nachos are the best! regular nachos with barbecued shredded pork as the meat..mmmmmmmmmm!). So I was sitting here, lol'ing at Two & a half men, and thought I heard something outside the door. So what do I do? Well, I went over & opened the door. Nobody there...but then I looked down...there was a freaking ANIMAL walking in my door!! At first I thought it was a rat or something, but it was white & furry & soft looking, & had a furry tail about 3 inches long, not a long hairless tail. Oh, and by the way...I was barefoot! So it waltzed its way on in here, while I just stupidly sat in my wheelchair. I finally woke up to this thing that I was actually seeing, & went over & got a phone, & called Kev...asked if he was busy, and if he wasn't, could he please come over & get this animal out of my house? It freaked him out a little too, especially since I didn't know what it was. He said when I said it had a little white tail...well, maybe it's a has a triangle-shaped face...
Well, I left the front door open, & followed it around in here while it explored. It did make sure it stopped at Truman's food bowl for a snack, squeezed under the door to the pantry...when it started heading back to the bedrooms, I cut it off at the hallway, and started kicking it back to the front of the house...yes, kicking it in the face with bare feet...stoopid, but nothing happened. I finally got it close to the front door, gave it one last boot in the face to get it out, then shut the door!! WooHoo!! Then I listened, and it was frantically scratching to get back in!! wow. Just unbelievable! I heard Kev pull in a couple minutes later. He came in and asked where it was & I said I already got it out...he went out the sliding glass door, & around to the front door and looked and said "That's a ferret, someone's pet! No wonder it was so tame & friendly!" Never a dull moment here in my life, right?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Oct 22

Okay, my last post was only about one thing I've had going on in the last couple weeks. Truman is still being boarded by the vet's office, he STILL will not eat!! He's not in the 'hospital', he's just being boarded so they can do the syringe/force feeding for me, he doesn't need medicine, just food & nutrients, through his digestive tract, to get it working again. Thank God he's not in the hospital...THAT would be major $$! Boarding is only $16/day, which adds up, but he's worth it to me. He's loved more than a lot of people in the world, for heaven's sake! Even the pizza guy last night came in & asked how he was right away! So, like I said, I'm looking at it taking a few weeks. He's not eating yet, but he is getting out of his cage out there and walking around...huh...kinda like being on vacation from me?? Flirting with Brooke & Courtney all day...meeting all kinds of new people...yeah....he's in 'his happy place'. I just called & talked to the receptionist & she said he's doing the same, they're feeding him twice a day, and he's got the run of the 'cat room' out there, they're hoping that if he gets up & gets some exercise, maybe that will get his appetite going...I'm going to ask Kev if he'll boil some chicken breast and take it out there, and they can try to feed him that...that's his favorite.
Honestly, with the way my life's been since I moved here, he's better off not being here, ya know? A couple weeks ago, I was in the bathroom, going past the tub...lost my balance, and fell on the side of the tub on my ribs. Kev was here, picking Tru up to take him back to the clinic, thank goodness. I hurt, but, when you fall or get a bruise, you hurt, you know? So he got me set up on the couch with an ice pack & aspirin, & I figured I'd be okay...about an hour later I called 911, cuz it still hurt even worse than giving birth with no pain meds (yeah, been there, done that too...epidurals weren't around back then, & I didn't want to hurt the baby), and they took me to the hospital, xrayed me, I called Kev & Tif, & I was admitted because I had 2 or 3 broken ribs...So I spent 2 nights in the hospital! Now I'm on vico-prin after seeing the pain dr! He's neat! Kev & Tif took me in to see him after I got out of the hospital a couple days later (my gp told me to go to him). Anyway, he's the only dr I've ever met that was wearing jeans! (& cute, too!). So, basically, that's what I've been doing while I was gone, and thank God for Tif & Kev, they've been coming out to make sure I'm ok, Kev's put my new bookcases & desk together, & my friends from going out have been calling & coming over & saying I need to heal up so I can go out and laugh with them again! Okay, this is just a small taste of my life lately :-/...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21

Hey, I'm back! Worn out and weary, but I'm here...I feel like I've been in a blender and survived...
Doris, just in case you stop by, I did have the hospital's sw come over & she and Tif & I did all my advance directives & living will & everything! So it's here & done, & I feel better...thank you for the extra nudge!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

lipidosis...(please pray for Truman?)

Got what the problem is...lipidosis...or fatty liver disease in a cat. The article describes exactly what happened to Truman, to a T! So, it seems like the kickoff factor was the stress moving here...(cats really ARE homebodies, it seems!). But it kept on as an anorexic-type disease. He needs to start eating again & getting all his vitamins, and the only way to cure this disease is to syringe/force feed him, so he gets used to digesting food through his body & liver again. Because it seems to me (maybe I'm wrong), that he's just living off the fat in his body, that has no nutrients left.
All I know is it's awful! Thank you, God, it's not cancer...and is curable with diet & force-feeding for a few weeks, but that's the point I'm at with him now.
I thought at first I was going to be able to do the syringe-feeding myself here at home, but, after trying last night, there's absolutely no way I's not that he's fighting me so hard, I just don't have the physical ability & stamina...Truman doesn't have the strength to actually fight with me...he's so weak he has a hard time jumping up on my bed...I watched him try last night & he hit the side of the bed & had to struggle up. :-( So, I have a call in to the vet's office to ask if I could board him there so he could get fed, or even keep him in the hospital there.
We are a pitiful looking couple, for sure...(yeah, me & Truman!). He's lost so much weight he's like a bag of bones (stick kitty!). He's having trrouble keeping his balance and walking and all that, so I've been putting him on my lap when I go to the bedroom to go to bed, taking my hoveround-type wheelchair, so we BOTH ride! And then I put him over on the bed, and I crawl in with him.
Okay, I need to go eat, before I get fatty-liver disease too!