Wednesday, January 31, 2007

bunny bunny...

Re: saying work here is almost done.
When you hear certain songs on the radio, does it take you back to where you were the last time you heard them? I mean seriously take you back, to where you were standing?? I was listening to 'Tiffany Tuesday' yesterday morning at 6 am, and they played "Throwing It All Away" by Genesis. My God, that just started it all! I remember that song from the first store I was at, here in town, where Kev was assistant in the meat dept. And that song was always laughed about first thing in the morning every day, cuz I had always gone through the produce aisle, and pulled all the 'garbage' (stuff that wasn't good enough to sell), and was pushing the cartful out the back door to the dumpster...the other guys that worked there were always calling that my theme song!
Another song I always remember from a certain place is "King For A Day" by the Thompson Twins. That played on the radio on WLVQ-FM every Sunday morning at 8 am, in around 85 (?). Yup, it was, I just checked. And I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. No, but, I always remember songs because of the people who were most influential in my life, or the places that were most important to me then. Don't you? How 'bout Corey Hart's "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night"? or "A Room With A View", by Lou Rawls? I remember both of those from when I worked in Bucyrus, with the store manager we called (behind his back, of course!), "you fuckin' wop", cuz his license plate started with 'UFW'...and he was very Italian & a macho pig! And all of the George Michael songs, like "I Want Your Sex", and Cinderella's album, "Long Cold Winter", with "Comin' Home"...and Great White, "Rock Me" (oh, Jack Russell's voice on that song!), and "Mean Mistreater"...on the way home from working an hour north and driving home at 2:30 in the morning after the bars closed...or Heart, "All I Want To Do", from when Kel & I went on vaction up to Marblehead, in, well...a long time ago! Or Boston, at a concert with John, & Tom & Tom's wife...
Well, I think I'm gonna go to eBay & 'browse'...I still have $100+ to spend there from Christmas & Bro. Who I just a few minutes ago got off the phone with. I love him so much! He always says when we hang up, "Bye. Love ya Little Girl!" How could ANYONE not love that guy??
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

almost time for bunny, bunny...

Well, these two would fit my mood today...'nuff said about that...
Mouse called me today at 11...that surprised me! It was really neat though, because I had just been thinking about her. A lot of it was because her birthday is Feb 11, and some was cuz she worked at the same store up north that I did! She's the one that I hated from the first minute I SAW her when she walked in for the interview. And it was mutual...I was always 'that skinny blonde bitch in the produce dept'. But, we got over that after we got drunk together a few times...
So, she called today, and we were on the phone for an hour, and she was catching me up on what this person & that person were doing now. And then she said, "Ya know, I'm really surprised that we ended up being friends." . Thinking about it, I'm very surprised too, although not for the same reason she thinks. She figures it's because (John) left me to go out with her. But, she knows I didn't care all that much about that, cuz we all used to go out partying all the time, & after Mouse was his girlfriend, it was Denise, who also worked at the store, then it was Tammy, who also worked there! Yes, he WAS a whore-dog, okay? At least I was first! Mouse & I used to have fun talking about him, comparing notes, and all that...& laughing our asses off at the other girls who went after him, and when they got him, you could see them thinking "I'm so special!"...sorry...meow!
More of a problem, I think, would be if Mouse knew I went out with two guys that she was after the whole time I worked there. Carl, who was married, and Tom, who was also married! I knew both of the wives, and they were nice. But I never told Mouse about the time that Carl (who also worked at the store, he was the night manager) was talking to me & said he wanted to go to a festival in a town about a half-hour away cuz he & his wife weren't getting along (no surprise there.....). He asked if I wanted to go with him (we were good friends), so we went over there and went on the rides, hung out in the beer gardens, and just messed around...The next day at work, Carl's wife called me, and asked if I knew where Carl had been the night, uh-uh, don't have a clue. Then Mouse came in to work, clocked in, and told me she could NOT find Carl amywhere the night before! Oh, holy shit. I just went back to cutting watermelons up, and never said shit. That was like 'Peyton Place' up there!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Jan 29...

I had a really cool dream last night. It was about when I worked an hour north of here. That store was kinda yuk and old, but I liked it. Actually, the store itself was very old, but I liked the people there. The co-workers & the customers!
In the dream, I was moving stuff from one display to another, mostly it was 3 lb bags of onions, & I had a huge display on a table with about 20 bales (each bale had 12 3 lb bags in it), with a basket of fresh jalapeno peppers in the middle. And I remember Max M, a Mexican old man who lived out in the country and grew them & sold them to me up there, kept coming in and bringing me more bushel baskets of peppers, and saying, "No, no, don't pay me for them, just take them! I have too many!!" And a woman kept bringing carts over with 10 lb packages of ground beef in it, and getting another cart full of onions & peppers! And then I woke up. anyone mystified why I woke up hungry for Taco Bell??
That store really WAS one of the most fun...mostly because everybody, employees & customers, had senses of humor! (which seems to be in short supply lately in the world...MY world anyway...). I remember a guy that had a condo behind the store, beside a lake, and his name was Mark. He was in a couple times a week, and really nice (& cute, I guess, but I never thought of that..he looked more like a brother-type). One time he came in while I was building a display of yams & sweet potatoes (yup...there's a difference) at Easter-time...we talked for a second, then he started to push his cart away down the aisle, and all of a sudden I tossed a yam, about a 3 lb one...BIG! from behind him, into his cart. He kinda jumped a little bit, & turned around and said, "What's all that about??". I just smiled and said "It was a yambush." He laughed his ass off, then I said, "Watch out when ya go around the corner to the meat department......they're planning a hambush." Geez, it's shit like that I miss!! That's the store I built the end display of prunes, with 4-pks of toilet paper on either end. And I always wanted to make a display with a big bin of cantaloupes lined with cases of beer and a big sign above it saying something about welcome to where the beer & the cantaloupes roam...That would've been the perfect store for it! That was also the store where I glued a quarter to the floor, and all the employees used to hang out in my back room, and watch people trying to pick it up!!
Working up there really made me appreciate how nice it is to have an hour drive home alone after work, so if I had a bad day, I could get rid of it without taking it out by yelling at Tif!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tiffany Tuesday..., this morning... 'little Tiffany Pooh-Bear' brightens my day every Tuesday morning on the radio...and especially today. I was rolling laughing!!

First they were talking about the new world sport of pillowfighting! They said the competitions started in Canada, and then came here through New York! I'm sure that's gonna be done next week!

Then Tif was bitching about being bored!! The guys asked if she was a competitive type of person, and she said yeah, sure, she played soccer in high school, cross country, was a cheerleader, etc...then they asked, well, if a guy beat you in a race, what would you do? At least she was honest...she said, "Well, I'd run up and dance around him yelling 'WooHoo, I won...he lost!!'" to which all that was heard was groans, and 'No wonder you go through boyfriends!'

Then they decided they had to do "Tiffany Games"...they gave her aa choice of thumb wrestling or leg wrestling...she said thumb wrestling...they said, "Okay! Leg wrestling it is!!" Hmmmm...She actually lost that, but she did acccidentally kick Gary in the face!

Then she and Gary went to a laundromat to do "Laundromat Lotto"! They got there, and Gary dumped 40 ping pong balls, each with a number on it, in a big dryer. Then he boosted Tif into the dryer and made sure it was set on low heat. Then he closed the door and turned the dryer on, and all that anyone heard over the radio was "Aaaahhh! Oooowwwwww! Aaaahhhhhhh! Help me!!" Gary opened the dryer door every five seconds and hzd her hand him a ball with a number on it!! So they got 6 numbers. And I didn't write them down, but I guess they'll be on the website of the radio station, WDCM . Nothing is up there yet from today, but...I can't wait!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Friday, Jan 19th!

Wow, I'm in such a good mood today, I can't believe it...something must be wrong.."the sky is falling, the sky is falling" said Chicken Little.
Naww...I know what's up. I'm finally getting all of my Christmas pairs of jeans exchanged & stuff! WooHoo!! No, I had on my list that Kev used to tell everyone what I wanted 'size 3 straight leg jeans' a bunch of wide leg in assorted sizes...haha! Sorry...I don't mean to sound picky or ungrateful. But anyway, I can't wear sz 4 women's yet...I guess even though I'm 42, my butt must not be a woman's sz I'm still stuck in junior sizes. So, Kevin fixed my 'little red wagon'...he went and took the 4's back, and got me sz 3 skinny...and, yes, it actually says skinny on the inside of the back! But, who cares? They finally fit! And now I have 6 new pairs of jeans for Christmas!!

I know a lot of people have a hard time losing weight...I'm here to give the 'fair & balanced' other side of the story...some of us truly have a really hard time gaining weight, no matter what, how much, or what time of day we eat! But, nobody ever talks about us...or if they do, they say, 'they're just anorexic & bulimic!' Nope. I eat more than most, and the only time I've ever thrown up for the most part, is because I drank too much.

Hey all, have you ever seen movies or videos where they run it backwards? If you have, have you ever thought about how funny it would be if someone took the video of their baby being born, and ran it backward? I bet that would win some major money on America's Funniest Home Videos! Sorry, I can't...this 'baby factory' was shut down after the first one...due to pain!
Tif was on a little clip for AFV one time, and she told a joke, cuz they were at the mall filming..."What do ya call a vegetarian with diarrhea? A salad shooter!" She was about 8 or 9. And no...she didn't get that joke from me, either!

Well, Kev did go to Best Buy yesterday, and he got some kick-ass speakers (Klipsch brand! better than Bose), and got 'em hooked up to the computer last night, and they have a big subwoofer on the floor under the desk...and today was 'testing' them. That's okay, we don't have neighbors anymore, well, for the most part, we don't. Next door, divorced & moved a few months ago...straight across the street, well, I don't know, just gone....2 doors down across the street, for sale. Hmmm....was it our fault?? Anyway, if anyone would've heard it, they would've thought 'those damn kids' parents must be gone again!', cuz we were playing Great White, Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Queensryche, etc...

Okay...gotta go!

BoiUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

tiffany tuesday...on kevin's birthday!

Hey everybody!! Tiffany Tuesday was fun this week! There's some pictures on the website where they had her dress with firehat, boots, and a hazmat mask to go through everybody's desks in the office, and, believe me, when ya see the pictures, you'll know why...the expiration date on the milk carton she is holding up (from Shawn's desk!) is December 11!!
They did this cuz yesterday was national 'clean out your desk' day, allegedly.
When Gary said first thing at 6:00 am that yesterday was a national holiday, Tiffany yells, "Yeah! It's my dad's birthday!!"...and she told him he had requested some Def Leppard on the morning show...Gary said not unless Kev called in, and, of course he wouldn't, but he did text Tif on her phone...but they wouldn't count that! Puh-leeez...then they play Guns & Roses right after...sheesh...
Okay...they also had a very funny discussion about Boza beer...check that link's hilarious!
And next week, laundromat lottery starts! I have no idea at all what that is, all I know is that the last thing Gary said before they went off the air was "I bet you never rode in a dryer, before, Tiffany..." I laughed my ass off cuz she has! She and one of her friends used to ride in an old dryer in the friend's basement (no heat...just their old dryer they weren't going to use anymore.).
Kevin's birthday party was over at his mom's house last night, and we all had a lot of fun! And he got a lot of presents, it always works out good with his birthday being that close after Christmas, cuz we always know what he wanted and didn't get for Christmas! Of course, he is a guy (duhhh), so Best Buy gift cards are always perfectly welcome! There is no better place for him to spend a day browsing.

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

OSU sucks (or blows...whichever's worse!)

...or..."It's all fun & games until your wiener falls off..."

First of all (well, I guess it would be second, huh?), I have to put a disclaimer on here about how every name of everyone I have EVER used in here is a total fake (yeah...I lied...just like EVERY writer in the world...except maybe the writers of the Bible...and, how would you know if they did? For all you know, "Jesus" might be "Mike"). Well, I am Libby, but you probly could figure that out...who would EVER choose that name for themselves?

So, I just thought I oughtta do that, you know "names have been protect the guilty". That's from an AC/DC song, but I'm not sure which. Oh wait! It was 'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap'! Or, like my friend's little sister used to sing "Dirty Jeans, Dungarees!". She always thought she had it right, so far be it from us to break her heart!

Anyway, all of Ohio is SO TOTALLY humiliated about the national championship game last night, so don't even try to pretty it up by blaming it on bad calls, injuries, etc...someone called the radio station this morning and said, "But they won all their other games...look at the bright side!" If I'dve answered the phone, I would've given her a resounding (and wet!) 'phhhhttt'! I don't wanna talk about it any more... was Tiffany Tuesday again, & it was good! I actually got to disagree with my daughter on the air! Woo hoo! heehee! They were going over Tif's 'celebrity news flash & trash', and she mentioned Kid Rock wanting to kick Tommy Lee's ass on New Year's, then she was saying that Tommy Lee was better looking than Kid Rock...and that was all it took! I called in and told Gary? Sean? I dunno...whoever answered...that I HAD to disagree with my daughter...Kid Rock is WAY better looking! Look at him in 'Joe Dirt' least HE knew how to be clean & take a shower!! And then they patched the call through so I was on the air too, and we got to argue with each other on the air. Then Gary mentioned how we must get along like oil & water at home. I told Tif 'well, you're not allowed to date anyone that looks like Tommy Lee' , which Tif came back with 'Mom...I'm 23!' I said 'Fine! Just don't bring him home for dinner or anything!' Mind you...this whole exchange was broadcast live to the city. So, here I am, 42 years old, arguing with my daughter live on air about whether Kid Rock is better looking than Tommy Lee...then she whips out her 'coup de gras' "Yeah, but YOU thought Bucky was cute on American Idol! So what?? He IS/WAS! And so it goes...

Anyway...that's pretty much what's up here. I'm a few days behind in reading 'The Purpose-Driven Life'...just because, well, life really sucks for me now. Yeah, I know..."Libby, then this is the time you need to read it!"...but, I'm reading my old Stephen King books...the REALLY old ones, that have been in the bookcase just looking nice for a long time...and I DO mean a looooooong time! So far, I've read 'Bag of Bones', 'Cell', 'Hearts in Atlantis' (that's a good book!), 'Black House', and now I'm on 'Dreamcatcher'. I've had all these books for years, but some of them I never finished, and, reading them now, I'm thinking WTF?? Why in the world didn't I??? And I do have a Christmas present movie I hafta watch. Which one? Oh, of course, it's 'So I Married An Axe Murderer'. Woohoo!! Thank you for passing that knowledge on to the person that gave it to me, Miss You-Know-Who!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Go, OSU!!!

Ya know what? I wish I'dve seen these before Christmas!

I did get a couple really awesome sweatshirts for Christmas, has the cute little bunny on it, that says "You'd be cooler if you were me." and the other has Eeyore laying on the ground, saying "Wake me up when it's over..."...and, of course, I wore that on New Year's Eve...not that we went anywhere, mind you...

Talked to Joe again today...he was talking about this 'friend' of his, that he likes, and she likes him...only problem is...she's married, and is still living with her husband! Ouch! I thought he knew better! But he says they're in love, and even if it's when he's 100, he knows they'll be together someday. Hmmm...well, I hope he gets that......but, anyway, this was really funny...he said something about her husband is from Syria. I started laughing, and said, "Do you think that means he's not circumcised?" I just got a "hmmph! Libby, that really wasn't one the forefront of my mind!" Then, I couldn't let it go, I'm so glad he's an understanding friend. I said "You mean the foreskin of your mind? Ba-da-bing!"...(from Joe..."Sigh")

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Jan 5, 2007

" don't really love just keep me hangin' on..."
I'm really getting sick of this 50 degree weather in Ohio!! It's frickin' January!! Come on!! What about the people that want to play in the snow? Or that got boots for Christmas?? Or all the kids that want snow days? Global warming, you say?? said last time that that was why it was cold, Mr Gore. I think I'm missing something, Mr Gore. Can you explain it again, sir?
Shit. Here I go again, being a smartass. Oh well. That's me. Love me or leave me.
Has anyone read "The Purpose-Driven Life"? Jill got me that for Christmas, said it's good, so I started it last night, and I'm reading it the way it says, one chapter at a time. How-EVER...I fell down today, got stuck, and totally let loose! I truly let loose with a string of words that sailors are afraid to use!! No, I'm not hurt, just pissed! I said all kind of stuff about if THIS is the purpose of my life, well, He can have it back, I'm DONE with it!! Pee-shaw!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Once upon a time, somebody asked, "What color is fun?"...all I can think of as an answer is..."black & shriveled my heart"...
Allrighty then...I won't rant here...all I can say is..."SHIT, OR GET OFF THE POT!"
Well, everybody here will be happy & relieved to hear this...I just called Kim, first time we've talked since October. Did you catch that? I called her! Pretty much because Bro called from Arizona, and I mentioned that I hadn't talked to Kim in that long. He was quiet for a minute, then said, "Libby, she's been your best friend for 30+ years. You know how she is...she always has spoken before she thinks. C''re bigger than this...right?" Dammit!! He's so calm, cool, collected!! Thus the reason he has a successful business, I guess...and has had the same secretary since before he started it! So I thought about it for a long time, then realized he's right...I AM bigger than this! I called her, and mostly listened, cuz I'm actually better off only listening to her, not talking to her. :-D !
And Kev was just talking about how much Bro & I are like each other. I already know how much we look like each other...after all, when I was the produce manager at the last store I was at in this town, I was on the sales floor doing something, and I heard a woman say, "Libby?". I turned around, and there was a women who looked vaguely familiar, and she yelled "I KNEW it was you! You're XXXX's baby sister!! Remember me? (yeah, right!) I was one of XXXX's friends when he was in high school! I used to come over all the time when you all lived at the house on Church Street!! You STILL look just like him!" Holy mother of God! That was in the late 60's/early 70's!! It's a really good thing neither of us is 'infamous', isn't it? You know, if we were a murderer or something? Or, well, it could be worse...I could look a lot more like Psycho...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jan 3, 2007...

Well, here we go again (on my own?)
Yesterday was Tiffany Tuesday...and I freakin' SLEPT through the first hour and a half of the show on WDCM!! Can you say, "Wow! What kind of mom are you?" So, what I heard was funny as hell. They were comparing local bars & clubs, and Tif said she liked XXXXX...that was really funny, cuz that's the bar that Joe works at. I remember when she was 20 and out with her friends, she called me on her cell phone, and she said "Mom, you'll never believe who I'm sitting here looking at, 5 feet away from me! Joe XXXXX!" And I just said "What? Get out of that bar immediately, you're too young!" I knew exactly where she was, cuz he had always wanted to work there, and I heard he was, as a second job, after he got married and had his kids. That used to be one of the places we used to go drink at 20 years ago! Along with the raquetball club, that was fun, too...And she was telling the other morning guys there about Don't Date Him, Girl website, and they were like, "What? There's really a website called that?" And she said yeah, it even has our town in it!! So, of course, they had to go there immediately and check it out!
Anyway, that's about all there is to talk about today...what about everybody else? Any New Year's Resolutions made/broken yet??? I resolved a few years ago to never MAKE another THAT one I've kept!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!