Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Jan 29...

I had a really cool dream last night. It was about when I worked an hour north of here. That store was kinda yuk and old, but I liked it. Actually, the store itself was very old, but I liked the people there. The co-workers & the customers!
In the dream, I was moving stuff from one display to another, mostly it was 3 lb bags of onions, & I had a huge display on a table with about 20 bales (each bale had 12 3 lb bags in it), with a basket of fresh jalapeno peppers in the middle. And I remember Max M, a Mexican old man who lived out in the country and grew them & sold them to me up there, kept coming in and bringing me more bushel baskets of peppers, and saying, "No, no, don't pay me for them, just take them! I have too many!!" And a woman kept bringing carts over with 10 lb packages of ground beef in it, and getting another cart full of onions & peppers! And then I woke up. anyone mystified why I woke up hungry for Taco Bell??
That store really WAS one of the most fun...mostly because everybody, employees & customers, had senses of humor! (which seems to be in short supply lately in the world...MY world anyway...). I remember a guy that had a condo behind the store, beside a lake, and his name was Mark. He was in a couple times a week, and really nice (& cute, I guess, but I never thought of that..he looked more like a brother-type). One time he came in while I was building a display of yams & sweet potatoes (yup...there's a difference) at Easter-time...we talked for a second, then he started to push his cart away down the aisle, and all of a sudden I tossed a yam, about a 3 lb one...BIG! from behind him, into his cart. He kinda jumped a little bit, & turned around and said, "What's all that about??". I just smiled and said "It was a yambush." He laughed his ass off, then I said, "Watch out when ya go around the corner to the meat department......they're planning a hambush." Geez, it's shit like that I miss!! That's the store I built the end display of prunes, with 4-pks of toilet paper on either end. And I always wanted to make a display with a big bin of cantaloupes lined with cases of beer and a big sign above it saying something about welcome to where the beer & the cantaloupes roam...That would've been the perfect store for it! That was also the store where I glued a quarter to the floor, and all the employees used to hang out in my back room, and watch people trying to pick it up!!
Working up there really made me appreciate how nice it is to have an hour drive home alone after work, so if I had a bad day, I could get rid of it without taking it out by yelling at Tif!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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