Saturday, February 26, 2011

i honestly cant believe it!

I went to bed last night at 10, & woke up today at 8 am!! So I'm getting over the steroid 'rush' ('roid rush? is that an expression? should be...), & now I'm ready for the bummed feeling for a couple days...(sigh...where do I register my complaint for this kind of health? Is there a complaint department anywhere?)

I was flipping channels on tv the other night, & saw "toddlers & tiaras" on TLC, & I watched, transfixed by the obnoxious behavior...mostly of the little girls, but 'the moms, oh my God, the moms!' It showed us exactly where kids get their behavior training. Kids being spoiled, demanding brats, and the parents acting like 'She has personality...she's sassy...' as if 'sassy' is something every parent would want their child to aspire to...A generation ago, if a kid acted like that, like it or not, they might get their butt smacked...not now..."Isn't she cute?"...Sheesh, Tif had personality at that age too, but I made sure she was not obnoxious...she was likeable....someone that people like to be around, not someone people make excuses not to have to be around!! In about 20 years, these parents are going to realize they've created monsters...just think, when the parents go to a dr or lawyer, said dr or lawyer being 'sassy'...I may weep for the future, but, I'd just love to be a fly on the wall then!!

That's my girl up there!! One of the most favorite times of my life...she was so full of life (sassy? you betcha!...but she was never a spoiled BRAT!), that this was at the time she was a beautician at a salon, and also volunteered one morning a week at the local radio came to be known as "Tiffany Tuesdays"! She was great on the radio, she & the head dj were a helluva team! He was always thinking up something for them to do...oh, my mistake....something for Tiffany to do....but it always worked well! My girl did the 'wacky stuff', for the pictures above show, this was the 'laundromat lottery'...Gary made all the painted ping-pong balls with lotto numbers on them, they drove across town, & Tiff got in a dryer with all the balls, he'd start the dryer, & every so often, open the door & have Tiff give him a number! Or there was the time around Christmas where they had a contest for people to gargle & sing a Christmas song at the same time...they were always doing something funny!
The group of 3 pix up there is really there just to show the middle pic, which shows Tif's look when her uncle gave us a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday morning...3 am

Ummmmm...welcome to the excitement of solu-medrol, liquid prednisone! I'm up all night watching Fox News, Headline News, the History Channel, A & between reading like crazy...and I watched Paranormal Activity one & two...I dunno...they should've scared me, even a little bit, but, nothin'! It's like...I dunno...I can't get scared...& that's no fun!!
I absolutely love Anthem Insurance...I still have them with the Cobra plan, & it's expensive, but I'll be able to have it until September, & I have the same plan that Kev had thru VZ, so 2 weeks ago, a lady called from the office in New York, went over a lot of stuff with me, & told me that my plan has a lot of stuff available, so she's making sure I take advantage of all of it! What kind of insurance company does that?? So she went over some stuff with me...then last week I got a call from a guy in their Denver office & he had a lot more I got a call from a dietician at their office in Albany, & she gave me tons of stuff that I should eat to gain weight, & everything! She & the first lady are looking over my plan to see if they will pay for some home health aides that will do some laundry & cook & clean a little...holee crap! I almost feel somewhat guilty for it, but then, I pay for it, & I'll only be able to keep it til September, so...I'm just almost in shock...but, like I said, October starts my Medicare, so this'll be WAY gone then...
I've been watching the Libya news now...what kinda makes me worry is the fact that Iran sent 2 ships through the Suez canal...what are they up to? Just showing that they can, or is there a bigger, craftier plan besides trying to intimidate Israel? And where is the president, leader of the free world, condemning Qaddafi for shooting his own citizens? For God's sake! PERU condemned it!!! You cannot be too timid to do this!! Errrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Prediction...I think Chris Christie will run for president in 2016...that is, if the world doesn't end on Dec 29, 2012, like the Aztec calendar says....
Okay, I'm goin' to bed...g'nite!
BoUnCeS!!!!!!! LibbY!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

yea, i'm on iv steroids every day til Fri, & i'll be doing that once a month now....

...not exactly the best news in the world about how the ms is going now, but, I gotta figure that I've been putting up with this shit since 1994, and now my neurologist is saying it's secondary progressive...with everything that's happened in my life since March 2007, what else could happen??
Yesterday after Kev's mom & dad brought me home from getting steroids, I went in to bed to start reading the book I got "Addict Nation" by Jane Velez, see? I'm not a narrow-minded jerk that only follows Fox News...I get all the news I can, & sift through it to try to find any kind of truth...not easy, cuz I think you have to prove that you can lie to go to Washington DC...

ANY-way...About 3:45, Tiff & Talan showed up...with ice cream from the Jer-Zee, which just opened yesterday (!), & a big strawberry milkshake for me! I have the best daughter, did I ever tell you that?? Somebody raised her right...with the best grandson. I met his temper for the first time at about 4:30...!
...when the ice cream from his little cup was all gone...mind you, Talan never had ice cream before, but once he did...I im'd Kev last night & told him it's almost like Tif got my grandson hooked on crack, for heaven's sake! When she showed him the empty cup, and told him it was all gone, holee shit!! The boy's lungs exploded, his head did a couple 360's, he puked pea soup, tried to head butt Tif when she hugged him...I told Kev abt that, & he said, well thats something else he got from grandma...I'd never try to take ice cream from you...:-/
But eventually, he got over it, & we watched "Ellen", he LOVES that show!! :-D
I got 'friended' on FB last week by a girl I knew in the 80's in Fostoria...we weren't close friends, but got along...holy crap, who DIDNT I get along with? If we were in the same bar, & drinking, we got along! I'm not an uptight person, probably TOO easygoing, but...anyway, she emld me & asked whats up, I told her about my grandson, & about Tif & her husband, & at the end I told her about how I have ms & can't walk, but that's only a small part of my life. She wrote back & said she was sorry, & I was always a strong person & a fighter. Wow...she has a picture of herself & her 10 yr old daughter, and, OMG, they look like twins!! Quite obviously, she was, well is, a lot younger than me!'s gettin' late, & I wanna go to bed with my leftover pizza, & Tif's leftover cup of ice cream she left me in my bedroom freezer! And that book...which talks about how everybody in America is addicted to something now; spending money, eating, sex, video games, drinking, drugs...I kinda have to agree with her
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!