Thursday, May 31, 2007


Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)
It's an excellent forecast for you, dear Sagittarius! Although no specific events will occur, there is huge promise of freedom for the next seven months. In your chief occupation and in your love life, a fundamental shift is about to occur. As the months unfold, you can expect to be more visionary, more creative, and perhaps more rebellious. This time, you'll be much more effective than in the past two or three years.
Hopeful horoscope!! This has never been seen!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

hot, hot, hot!! days like this make me wish i had the guts to shave my head!!

All right, all right, I I'm just being lazy!! Nahhh....honestly, this is a better picture than I could get anywhere else at the moment...
It's been over 90 degrees today, and that's, just, sick & wrong! Mom came over & we went up to get me a state id....I've been resisting that, telling myself that someday the ms'll go away, and I can get another driver's license. Pee-shaw! I'm tired of waiting...
Anyway, she picked me up at 2, and it was a little harder than last time, only because it's SO hot & humid today! (welcome to Ohio in the summer...). I knew what I was supposed to have to be able to get an id card made, ss card, all that, but I couldn't find my birth certificate. So, me, the 'eternal optimist' *snort*, just got that stuff and told Mom "I'll have no idea how charming I can be when I try!"
Needless to say...I have GOT to find my birth certificate! I know it's here somewhere...I had to have it to vote in 2008....
Mom & I were going to go out for lunch after that, but, damn, does the heat take it out of me! Actually, she said she was already worn out too...she is 84, so I can understand that! So...we tried, but pooped out for the time...
Does anyone else love the band "Creed" like I do?? I absolutely would do anything for Scott Stapp and that voice! It's as good as Jack Russell's!...oh, and Chris Daughtry...ok...back to the real world....
I really haven't been doing much of any-damn-thing lately! Well, trying to dig out some shorts & t-shirts, and put away the sweatshirts and sweatpants. Cuz, of course, last week that was what I wanted to I'm having to think if it's even worth getting dressed!!
Kev's dad took me out to a couple dr's appts last week, and, of course, I rode Scoots2! I love that thing!! It's great that it can be taken apart into 3 or 4 pieces, and put in the back of the car, and then when we get there, put back together....there's no wires or anything that need connected or anything! The dr I saw last time was really nice, when I said something about feeling like I might be able to get it together one of these days, he looked at me & said "You've got something...".That's nice to hear from someone I've only met twice! Actually, I think the most fun part of it was after I got out, and was waiting for Kev's dad. I was just people-watching, ya know? I've missed doing that!
Oh, by the way...Kimmy, thanks, I had to steal it!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, May 25, 2007

edgar & tru...

Here's big ol' Edgar, waiting to get petted and his belly 'scritched', not scratched! I was acually smart enough not to open the door & go out, uh-uhm no friggin way!

Another dignified pose....he thinks ...

Truman's thinking "there is
absolutely no way that animal is getting back in here!

En garde!

It's SO nice out so far this week! sunny, 80+, but today's the last of the 'no rain' days this week :-( ...heat isn't a great thing for people with ms, but, this is long as it's not 90+, I'm good.
Mom came over yesterday cuz she had an appointment somewhere, & I was gonna go with her. That was a lot different than I ever did before! Usually, I would've said 'no, I can't, I'd need too much help'. This time, I used my walker to get to the stairs at the end of the front porch, then folded it up and sat on the top step, then lifted it down to the bottom of the steps, went down the steps on my butt, then unfolded the walker and we went to Mom's car, and I folded it up again and put it in the backseat, and that was all it took! Holy crap! I'm ashamed of the fact that I haven't been doing all I can, all along, I've just been taking this shit, and assuming I could do a lot less than what I could. For years! I'm getting my old self-confidence, and cockiness, and, most importantly, my self-respect back! This is kinda a hard thing to write about, but it has to be said, not for anybody else, just because I need to keep my eyes open to what I'm doing, and kick myself in the ass sometimes (obviously, more than I have been!). Other people have tried to tell me I can do more than I have been, has to be understood that someone else telling you you need to do this, because I'm sure you can...well that's a good thing to hear, but nobody else can make you pull your head out of your ass and DO! Maybe I could compare it to losing weight or something...has any overweight person EVER lost weight because somebody they loved, told them they could, they had to for their health? Hmmm...lemme think...well, it's great to hear that somebody ELSE thinks you can do it, but, until YOU realize for yourself, that you're doing less than you can, and quit taking a lot more help than you need, just because you can, it won't change. Like I doesn't matter how hard anybody tries to help you, until you look up & see what you're NOT doing, well, you're screwed.
Mom & I sat around here yesterday after we got home for about 3 hours, just talking, and was good. We had fun yesterday, she was parking the car behind a building, and there were names on the building where certain people's names are, where they park...she drove along looking for one that had no name, then there were places there was just a letter, like an initial. So all of a sudden, she pulled into one with a 'C', and said 'remember, we're the Cunninghams'. Oh my God! She has finally decided to be me, and say what she wants!! I fell out of the car laughing to get my walker, and said 'But, I was thinking it would be more distinguished to be 'the Cheeseheads', okay? And I've called her Mrs Cheesehead ever since! :-D
Joe called last night too, and we already have it planned that he has to come over on his last day of school (teaching), and sit out back & have some Bud Lights! That'll be fun!
Okay....I'm hungry again, I'm thinking a couple ham sandwiches...and a HUGE glass of chocolate milk!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

thursday, 5.24.2007 it is (most of it!)!! The guys weren't working yesterday, so I took Scoots out, and rode all over the backyard (it's bumpier than hell out there, but, damn, was it FUN!! It is almost like having a 4-wheeled dirt bike! And, yes, the outside ramp out the door was finished before I rode down it! I was coming back around to go back up the ramp from the yard, and they put some gravel down there at the bottom...and as I came around the corner, I realized something....I probably shouldn't ride that thing barefoot! woops! Luckily, I didn't drag my foot around the corner, but now I KNOW not to! Glad I thought of that, huh?
I called Mouse last night...I swear, her 16 year old daughter sounds exactly like her on the phone! Anyway, I am SO glad we stayed in touch! We still laugh at the same stupid shit we always did! "Remember when you and ..."oh yeah, and remember when I...
But, yeah, they both sound like Minnie Mouse! I am SO jealous of people with cool voices like that!
Anyway, I called Bro & left a voice mail last night telling him thanks again, I totally worship him! And that he has to keep Mom away from here while I'm riding, or else she'll whip out the helmet she always made me wear when he took me out on his motorcycle when I was a kid. Actually, if she wouldn't have done it, I know he'd make me wear it...but still!!
Well, some 'random' shit happened yesterday...first thing was, I went out on the front porch to check the mail...and all I got was a couple of June bugs!! eeeewwww! And while I was out there, Edgar The Cat came over, and rolled around in front of me, wanting me to scratch his belly...I love this cat, he's so good and friendly! He's big, and mostly light gray, and I swear, this cat has paws that look like kangaroo paws! Seriously!! (Edgar...can ya believe that name? teehee! It's even on his collar!). So, anyway, we just sat out there on the porch for awhile, then I stood up to go back in...opened the screen door...and Edgar zoomed right past me...and then up the stairs! Holy hell!! Truman gave out a big ol' hiss as he ran by, then he followed him! Jeez!! First of all...I don't (can't) do!! There was a total cat-fight going on in the spare room up there, so I had no choice! At least I just crawled up, didn't try to stand and run...good thing we have nice thick gray carpet on 'em...(everything's gray around here, ya notice?). I get up there, and Tru's standing in the middle of the room, hissing and everything, sounding all fierce, and he had Edgar cornered behind an easy chair up there!! So I called Truman off, Edgar came slinking out from behind the chair, and went straight down the stairs, and stood beside the front door, like he's saying "WTF was I thinking coming in here with that crazy animal??" heehee! But that really surprised me, that Tru intimidated Edgar! Cuz Edgar's probly a good 5 lbs heavier, and he's just a bigger, more solid-built, he's an outside cat, which means he's gotta be tougher, and he still has claws and all. Anyway...I thank God that I didn't have a 'catastrophe' on my hands while they were upstairs!
Okay, I wanna go out and play in the yard again...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday... can life go from what it was Friday, to what it is now? Sometimes it's because of a choice you have to make, if out of nothing else, keeping some self-respect, knowing that you're not the one doing something shitty...

Spice died Thursday night. I honestly do not know why, or what happened.Wednesday evening, she got sick a little bit, not, like, violently ill, or anything! But after that, that evening, she didn't do anything, just dragged around, and ended up dragging herself into my bedroom. and I saw her go under my bed. Which wasn't all that unusual, she slept under there a lot of the time. I was awake all night (steroids!), and kept calling her name, looking under the bed for her, doing the 'pssss, psssst,, Spicey!'
Never heard her meow back, nothing, so when Tif came downstairs from bed at 7 am, I asked her to try to get under there, please, cuz I hadn't heard Spice all night. A minute later, she started crying...Spice was laying under the far side of the bed, she looked like she was sleeping, but when I reached under & pulled her out, she was all stiff. God, that was the worst thing I ever had to do, pull her stiff little body out! I've never cried that hard in forever! I was just sitting there petting her & crying! The only relief (I guess) I can feel, is that her body wasn't all convulsed up like she'd been in terrible pain, she just looked like she was stretched out peacefully, sleeping, and died in her sleep.
Kevin just happened to call right then (maybe we were totally screaming & wailing loud enough for him to hear 7 miles away!). Well, to make a long painful story shorter, Kev's dad came over & took Spice to his house to bury...kinda ironic...all the other pets they have buried back there, are the hunting beagles they had when Kev was growing up...and they're all named after spices!! You know, Pepper, Ginger, etc...
Okay, I really think I hafta be done right now...I have the picture of Spice & Trumie up on my desktop, and I can't quit looking at it...Got some more pix of the ramp out back today...they're almost done!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, May 18, 2007

2nd day of steroids!

...and only the second day of ramp-building! Can you believe this?? All the posts that hold the ramp up are in concrete (or cement...I forget which one you use to make the finished product!). And, lemme tellya...Bro did good on having good-looking nice guys doing this! Of course, I'm probably referred to as the baby sister...but I'm actually 'the old lady'. I can tell! How painful is that? I absolutely know that one of them is young enough to be my son, cuz he's a good friend of Bro's second daughter. And the other guy is married and has a 13 yr old...and he thinks that's old! Hah!
Anyway...I think I'm just about ready to change my picture, because that's not how I'm feeling anymore. A lot of work, by myself and others has gone into this. And, no, it's not just being on steroids! I realized something tonight, and that is exactly what this ramp represents. It's hope! And, you know? If you've never, ever lived without it, you don't realize how important it is. I promise I'll never never never lose it again! I'm listening to Sting, 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You...' (in me?), soon to be followed by George Michael, 'Freedom', and 'Faith'. Geez, I'm probably being a little overdramatic here, but I honestly feel the same way this kind of depression and sadness was once described to me...that I just clawed my way up out of a deep bottomless pit with my fingernails, and I can finally look up and see the sun, & smile, & it isn't a "mask" (get it, queenie?) anymore! Because I absolutely know that whatever else is gonna happen, will happen...and I'll be okay, either way.
Tif came in tonight with a box and said "Your other present came today!" She pulled it open, and it's two silver necklaces, the one for me to wear is a bigger scrolled heart, and there's a cutout of another, smaller heart in the middle, and that's on another chain for Tif to wear! Oh...would anybody else be "weeping" the way I did? Shit! And here I thought the crying was over! But these are different. They're 'happy tears'! With a big ol' hug afterwards!
Oh, Tif's best friend is getting tickets for them to go to Columbus to the 'American Idol' concert when it gets here! Tickets aren't supposed to go on sale til next week, but her friend is a 'something' (don't remember what) at WNCI, the big radio station there, and she's allowed to buy tickets tomorrow. Ya know, she's special...not 'short-bus special'...I hope not, anyway...she has a little boy!
Well, I really need to get off here, so I can watch a cool movie that just started on the sci-fi channel...'Scarecrow Slayer'. Sounds like my kinda movie for 3 am by myself in a 2 story house...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

steroids, day 1!

Is this not the 'ky-oo-test' picture of them ever??They're checking out the flower box, I'm sure, to make sure everything's planted in the right places!

And the next picture is,ummm, the lunch I ordered yesterday. I LOVE these nachos, even though they sound kinda gross...they're "barbecued nachos", and the meat on them isn't hamburger, it's their specialty, pulled pork! This only cost $10.00, including delivery fee & tip! Wow!

This is from the bar down the street. It's changed hands a few times, and now it's a bar, but it's also about the best place in town to eat! Hmmmm...used to be about the best place to drink! lol!

Uhmuhgawd! There is SO much going on at this house today, I canNOT believe it! The first thing is that Bro showed up at 8 am. By the time I got dressed & to the door, he and one of his guys were walking out to the backyard, and he said they were going out to start measurements & stuff. They got done, took off, and around 10 I start hearing pounding out there! I went out to the back of the house, and the two guys (not Bro) were out there working on the ramp! I am SO fucking excited! Then a home nurse showed up to give me my steroids, (intravenous). So that's gonna put me over the moon this week!

Okay, I'm a little tired right now, so I'm gonna go stretch out for a few, cuz I know this is probably the last sleep I'll get for a week!

Oh, by the way....I think Mitt Romney won the debate last night...and he is so cute I can't believe he's 60! Ack! I think a 60 year old married guy is cute?

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday...more iv steroids starting tomorrow! YAY!

Sorry the cartoon came out too small to read, but, I think you can get the gist of it from the pictures, right?? :-D
And the second picture is the huge cookie/cake Tif got me with a card that made me cry! And she said she had to order my real present, and it's gonna get here Thursday. Oh. And Kevin bought me a windowbox, and a bunch of assorted flowers for it, which he planted with me Sunday morning (after 'So I Married An Axe Murderer' was over, of course.) Then we went to his mom & dad's for their big Mother's Day cookout. Had to be the best Mother's Day I remember...
And I had my Scoots2 over there, and that thing is SO fun on the grass!!
I actually got my real 'inside' wheelchair (battery powered too, of course!) the other day! It is a totally top-of-the-line thing, I guess it cost about $6,000...but thankfully, Kev's insurance paid for it all, and they don't charge any deductible for 'mobility devices'! And it has a zero radius turn! It's really great that I've got both of those things now, but even better that I don't absolutely need them to get around the house yet. I'm doing lots of the exercises that the physical therapist in Cleveland showed me, cuz I can tell they're helping my leg strength! Arm strength I have no problem with, just 'fine motor control' with my hands. Which is why I can't write physically. And you all know, I have absolutely NO balance, but I'll deal. I did fall on my ass, 2 days in a row, and both days I fell backwards against something, and knocked the wind out of myself! Holy Crap!! I've heard of that, but NEVER EVER done it!! I hyperventilated once...when I was having Tif, but...
I woke up today & yesterday, and Spice was sleeping with me on my bed! Holy crap! If I'd rolled over, I would've smushed her! She'd be strawberry jam!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, May 12, 2007 before Mother's Day's some pictures of my new 'granddaughter'! Teeny, isn't she??
I'm all embarrassed! My carpet is NOT stained! I don't have a clue what that is, but even looking down there's not even there!
Two of Bro's daughters came over last night, the oldest, 30 yr old & the youngest, 15. Actually, Tif went out for a walk (she does that a lot...just walks or goes jogging!...she's just healthy like that.), and went by the oldest girl's house, and they were on the porch, so Tif stopped, and C was drinking wine (I think it was her 2nd bottle...but that's neither here nor there...), so Tif stopped & talked for awhile, then they all came over. That was fun.....we all just sat around here bullshitting & laughing for a few hours, and playing with Truman & Spice! Then, all of a sudden, there was another cat meowing on the porch, and Tif & I knew that was one of the stray cats around here. Tif & I just ignored it, but all of a sudden, it came over to the door, and was meowing up at it, then it jumped at the screen on the bottom half of the door, and hung there by all 4 of its paws, meowing in the door!! Damn!!But, Truman took charge of the situation! I was so proud of him! He ran over to the door and hissed SO loud, and, well, meowed, but it sounded like he was yelling "Get the FUCK off my porch!!", and that other cat just dropped straight down!! And Tru''s tail was as big around as my leg!! Then he went over to Spice and nuzzled her for a second, like he was saying "There, there. Big Brother'll watch out for you...". That was SO CUTE!! I have never heard Truman hiss before, ever, even when I picked him out at the animal shelter. Other cats came up around him when I was 'meeting' him, and they'd like, push him aside, and he'd just walk away and ignore them! That's why I wanted him, he obviously didn't jump into fights!
So, C left me part of a bottle of wine, even though I said I didn't want it, little sister K took it out of her hand and put it on the desk here, and said "We're leaving it. She doesn't need any more!" So there's a half bottle of Piesporter Michel or something in the fridge. Ack! To me, wine always smells like nail polish remover! It ALL smells like Strawberry Hill to me!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Cathouse!

These are what I get when I try to take a cool picture at 4 am!
But my God, they are SO FUNNY!!
Tif took Spice to the vet yesterday, and she's all ok, but he did say she's got some ear mites, so he gave her some stuff to put in her ears, and that'll take care of it. He also gave us extra for Truman, even though he didn't see any there. Yay, no horrible diseases...just FUN!!
All right, it's 7:30 am the next day (Friday), and these two goofy cats are having too much fun, and I'm getting NO SLEEP AT ALL, DAMMIT!! heehee! They're tearing around here, chasing each other, it's starting to sound like a Nascar track in here...
Other than the "kitty fun", there's really not much else going on here...that's keeping me busy!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Introducing Spice!

Spice, on her first bed inside!! (in my room).'re all gonna want to puke, you'll see her & Truman so much!
And, guess what...she hasn't gone anywhere but in her box since she's been here, since Sunday night! I was taking her out to the box the first night, but, Tif said she just has been following her out to the box (it's in the back part of the house), and she's pooped in it a few times, and I always see her peeing in it! Damn, she's good! So is Tif...she cleans Spice's box! X, you'd even want to keep her!!
So Tif's taking her for her first vet appointment today, and she's even gonna ask how soon we can get her front declawed, I know that's gonna be a while, but it'll be good to know. She really doesn't claw anything, and she obviously knows Truman is THE BOSS when it comes to this house! Every time he comes up to her, she flops over immediately on her back, to show him her most vulnerable area (stomach!), and she does not have her claws out! He goes up & nuzzles her stomach a while, then walks away. And she absolutely idolizes him! She gets right back up & follows him!!
And, oh yeah! This is the funniest thing EVER! She chases her tail...and catches it!! Then she'll sit there on her butt with it sticking up between her back legs, and plays with it! And sometimes Truman lays down in front of her & teases her by switching his tail around in front of her. That's funny, cuz she jumps on it, and he moves it away!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, May 07, 2007

monday again...

The title of the second picture is "Spongebob's biggest fan"...I'll say!

Tif & I had fun yesterday. Bro had a Mother's Day cookout at his house for our mom, his wife's mom, and everybody. It was a good time! They have a bunch of cats living out there in the woods, I guess the mother of all of the kittens is the calico cat that hangs out at the back deck of the house, Bro said she's had tons of kittens over the years, cuz the 'father' of the kittens lives across the road, and comes over all the time. I just looked at him, and said, "Man-whore, right?". And he thought about it for a second, and said, "No. I just think my cat's a slut." haha! So, we were out there for about 3 hours, a lot of the time was spent by Tif trying to get the two orange & white kittens out from under the deck. (Meanwhile, I was inside eating, of course!). Bro is an awesome cook, and he loves cooking! That's probably why he's so good at it, you can't be really good at anything unless you really like it!

Tif and Bro's 2 youngest girls brought one of the kittens inside to show everyone (especially me!) how cute it was, and it totally is! She's so small she fits in the palm of your hand! I'm not sure how old she is, maybe a month or two. So, of course, Tif starts begging, pleading, whining, "Mom! I NEED this kitten!! Look how cute it is! It WANTS to come home with us!!" I'm used to this, I hear it every time Tif sees any kind of animal, including lizards & bugs, when she was little! So I said my normal "No" a few times, and they gave up and took it back outside to play with it and its sister.

The rest of us stayed inside at the table and bs'd, like the 'old folks' do at family dinners. We left at 9 last nite, and came home, and I went straight in and flopped on the bed, and started reading another Stephen King book, 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes', which is a bunch of really good short stories.

So, I'm sitting there, enjoying the book, and here comes Tif around the corner, and she plopped down on the bed too. I looked up, and she just looked at me with those sad, puppy dog eyes, like you see in the paintings on black velvet, ya know. She sat up and said, "Mom, I hafta tell you something. It's really kinda funny, if you think about it." Right then, I knew..."Tiffany, we already HAVE a cat!!". Thus began the begging & pleading again. She knew exactly how to do it, too! #1, she had brought it home from Bro's under her shirt, and it was about a half hour to get out in the country where Bro lives. Grrrrrrrr!! #2, Bro's wife had made a joke when Tif was asking for the kitten that she has a full return guarantee! Grrrrrr, twice!! Yeah,so anyway...guess where "Spice" ended up moving into last night? Tif went to WalMart and got a pink litterbox & scoop, and a pink food & water bowl, and a bag of kitten food & a bag of litter. And when she got home, she looked on the internet for a quick way to litter train a kitten, then she took Spice out to the laundry room, got a turd out of Truman's box, and put it in Spice's, then put Spice in there, and showed her how to bury the turd by taking her paw and helping her! Then Spice turned around and peed right then!! But she had to sleep on a towel in my room last night, because she's too small & clumsy to come down the stairs in the middle of the night to use her box! But she did go & pee & poop in the box when I took her out that way overnight! How easy was that! She's always been an outside kitten! (yeah, for all 4 or 6 weeks she's been alive!). Okay, enough, or you're all gonna think I like her too, or somethin'!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


KimmyK sent me 5 questions to answer. This sounds like fun to do, and since I really didn't know what to write today, it's great!! Thanks Kim!! Anyone else who wants 5 questions, let me know, and I'll email some to you!!

1) Tomorrow is your last day on Earth and you get to spend it with anyone you want. Who are you spending it with and what are you doing?

Kim, this is a really bad time for this one, so I hafta take a pass on it, okay? I'm sorry...

2) You read a lot of books. What's the best book you've ever read and why?

Well, if I had ever actually read the Bible, I'm sure I would say that, but I won't lie, I've never read it.
So, I have to say "The Stand" by Stephen King (of course) is the best book I've ever read! Stephen King has to have the best imagination & 'smarts' for researching all of the stuff he writes. I like this book a lot because it's all about good vs evil in regular people under extraordinary circumstances, and it makes you wonder about what you would do in this situation. I recommend this book to anyone! I read it for the first time when I was 12, and probably once a year since then, it's so good!

3) If you were a man what is the first thing you'd do?

Sorry, guys..I'd probably have a sex change operation as soon as possible! I don't see how you can walk around with those things dangling between your legs all the time!

4) You're given a choice-you can either spend the day with the first Lady or the President..who do you choose and why?

The president, cuz there's tons of stuff I want to know! Like are there really 'remote viewers' being paid by the government? Or other kinds of psychics? What about 'area 51'? & the whole Groom Lake thingy? What are we doing there that's so secret?

5) What color describes you best and why?

Well, it's kinda a toss-up between dark blue or dark green, depending on the day. If it's rainy, that's usually a 'green day' (isn't that a rock band?). A regular day would be a dark blue day.
I know, those are boring answers, but...give me a chance to email YOU some questions! Let me know, in comments!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sorry, everyone!! Gross pictures again ;-)

but at least they're not BUGS!! Naw, these are funny! I don't have any idea how many people have ever been to a greased pig contest, or been in one, but they are FUN!

I've never been in one...however...Boo has! When she was about 7 or 8. Since they live out in the country, and farm, all the kids up there were in 4H, and when there was a fair anywhere close to their town, they were there. That's why I love northern Ohio! There's a fair or festival every weekend! Such as... this !! I've never had the guts to go, though! I might puke just watching the enjoyment!

Anyway, when Boo was in the greased pig contest at the fair, she actually won! She ended up being the only person who could catch the pig. So, it went home with her, and lived in one of the pens in Grandma's barn for a while (his name was Pork Chop!). Then one evening when they were eating dinner, someone said, "Hey, pass me some pork chop, willya?" Oh, did that go over well.

I was telling my mom that I was gonna write about this, and she laughed. She said, "Make sure you tell everyone how embarrassed your grandma was (Mom's mom). She was, especially at church, when all the older ladies came up to her and said something about it!

That church was neat. It was in the village near where Mom grew up, and by the time I took Tif up to get her baptised when she was about 6 mos old, there were only about 20 members! It might've been small, but it was the best cared for church I ever saw!

Okay, I still have this freakin' cold, I told Bro last night that it's still hanging on (you don't really love just keep me hangin' on...I love that song!), and he said it sounds like the one he just got over, his lasted for 2 weeks! Aaauuuggghhh!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!