Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday... can life go from what it was Friday, to what it is now? Sometimes it's because of a choice you have to make, if out of nothing else, keeping some self-respect, knowing that you're not the one doing something shitty...

Spice died Thursday night. I honestly do not know why, or what happened.Wednesday evening, she got sick a little bit, not, like, violently ill, or anything! But after that, that evening, she didn't do anything, just dragged around, and ended up dragging herself into my bedroom. and I saw her go under my bed. Which wasn't all that unusual, she slept under there a lot of the time. I was awake all night (steroids!), and kept calling her name, looking under the bed for her, doing the 'pssss, psssst,, Spicey!'
Never heard her meow back, nothing, so when Tif came downstairs from bed at 7 am, I asked her to try to get under there, please, cuz I hadn't heard Spice all night. A minute later, she started crying...Spice was laying under the far side of the bed, she looked like she was sleeping, but when I reached under & pulled her out, she was all stiff. God, that was the worst thing I ever had to do, pull her stiff little body out! I've never cried that hard in forever! I was just sitting there petting her & crying! The only relief (I guess) I can feel, is that her body wasn't all convulsed up like she'd been in terrible pain, she just looked like she was stretched out peacefully, sleeping, and died in her sleep.
Kevin just happened to call right then (maybe we were totally screaming & wailing loud enough for him to hear 7 miles away!). Well, to make a long painful story shorter, Kev's dad came over & took Spice to his house to bury...kinda ironic...all the other pets they have buried back there, are the hunting beagles they had when Kev was growing up...and they're all named after spices!! You know, Pepper, Ginger, etc...
Okay, I really think I hafta be done right now...I have the picture of Spice & Trumie up on my desktop, and I can't quit looking at it...Got some more pix of the ramp out back today...they're almost done!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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