Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sorry, everyone!! Gross pictures again ;-)

but at least they're not BUGS!! Naw, these are funny! I don't have any idea how many people have ever been to a greased pig contest, or been in one, but they are FUN!

I've never been in one...however...Boo has! When she was about 7 or 8. Since they live out in the country, and farm, all the kids up there were in 4H, and when there was a fair anywhere close to their town, they were there. That's why I love northern Ohio! There's a fair or festival every weekend! Such as... this !! I've never had the guts to go, though! I might puke just watching the enjoyment!

Anyway, when Boo was in the greased pig contest at the fair, she actually won! She ended up being the only person who could catch the pig. So, it went home with her, and lived in one of the pens in Grandma's barn for a while (his name was Pork Chop!). Then one evening when they were eating dinner, someone said, "Hey, pass me some pork chop, willya?" Oh, did that go over well.

I was telling my mom that I was gonna write about this, and she laughed. She said, "Make sure you tell everyone how embarrassed your grandma was (Mom's mom). She was, especially at church, when all the older ladies came up to her and said something about it!

That church was neat. It was in the village near where Mom grew up, and by the time I took Tif up to get her baptised when she was about 6 mos old, there were only about 20 members! It might've been small, but it was the best cared for church I ever saw!

Okay, I still have this freakin' cold, I told Bro last night that it's still hanging on (you don't really love just keep me hangin' on...I love that song!), and he said it sounds like the one he just got over, his lasted for 2 weeks! Aaauuuggghhh!!

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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