Thursday, May 24, 2007

thursday, 5.24.2007 it is (most of it!)!! The guys weren't working yesterday, so I took Scoots out, and rode all over the backyard (it's bumpier than hell out there, but, damn, was it FUN!! It is almost like having a 4-wheeled dirt bike! And, yes, the outside ramp out the door was finished before I rode down it! I was coming back around to go back up the ramp from the yard, and they put some gravel down there at the bottom...and as I came around the corner, I realized something....I probably shouldn't ride that thing barefoot! woops! Luckily, I didn't drag my foot around the corner, but now I KNOW not to! Glad I thought of that, huh?
I called Mouse last night...I swear, her 16 year old daughter sounds exactly like her on the phone! Anyway, I am SO glad we stayed in touch! We still laugh at the same stupid shit we always did! "Remember when you and ..."oh yeah, and remember when I...
But, yeah, they both sound like Minnie Mouse! I am SO jealous of people with cool voices like that!
Anyway, I called Bro & left a voice mail last night telling him thanks again, I totally worship him! And that he has to keep Mom away from here while I'm riding, or else she'll whip out the helmet she always made me wear when he took me out on his motorcycle when I was a kid. Actually, if she wouldn't have done it, I know he'd make me wear it...but still!!
Well, some 'random' shit happened yesterday...first thing was, I went out on the front porch to check the mail...and all I got was a couple of June bugs!! eeeewwww! And while I was out there, Edgar The Cat came over, and rolled around in front of me, wanting me to scratch his belly...I love this cat, he's so good and friendly! He's big, and mostly light gray, and I swear, this cat has paws that look like kangaroo paws! Seriously!! (Edgar...can ya believe that name? teehee! It's even on his collar!). So, anyway, we just sat out there on the porch for awhile, then I stood up to go back in...opened the screen door...and Edgar zoomed right past me...and then up the stairs! Holy hell!! Truman gave out a big ol' hiss as he ran by, then he followed him! Jeez!! First of all...I don't (can't) do!! There was a total cat-fight going on in the spare room up there, so I had no choice! At least I just crawled up, didn't try to stand and run...good thing we have nice thick gray carpet on 'em...(everything's gray around here, ya notice?). I get up there, and Tru's standing in the middle of the room, hissing and everything, sounding all fierce, and he had Edgar cornered behind an easy chair up there!! So I called Truman off, Edgar came slinking out from behind the chair, and went straight down the stairs, and stood beside the front door, like he's saying "WTF was I thinking coming in here with that crazy animal??" heehee! But that really surprised me, that Tru intimidated Edgar! Cuz Edgar's probly a good 5 lbs heavier, and he's just a bigger, more solid-built, he's an outside cat, which means he's gotta be tougher, and he still has claws and all. Anyway...I thank God that I didn't have a 'catastrophe' on my hands while they were upstairs!
Okay, I wanna go out and play in the yard again...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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