Friday, May 25, 2007

edgar & tru...

Here's big ol' Edgar, waiting to get petted and his belly 'scritched', not scratched! I was acually smart enough not to open the door & go out, uh-uhm no friggin way!

Another dignified pose....he thinks ...

Truman's thinking "there is
absolutely no way that animal is getting back in here!

En garde!

It's SO nice out so far this week! sunny, 80+, but today's the last of the 'no rain' days this week :-( ...heat isn't a great thing for people with ms, but, this is long as it's not 90+, I'm good.
Mom came over yesterday cuz she had an appointment somewhere, & I was gonna go with her. That was a lot different than I ever did before! Usually, I would've said 'no, I can't, I'd need too much help'. This time, I used my walker to get to the stairs at the end of the front porch, then folded it up and sat on the top step, then lifted it down to the bottom of the steps, went down the steps on my butt, then unfolded the walker and we went to Mom's car, and I folded it up again and put it in the backseat, and that was all it took! Holy crap! I'm ashamed of the fact that I haven't been doing all I can, all along, I've just been taking this shit, and assuming I could do a lot less than what I could. For years! I'm getting my old self-confidence, and cockiness, and, most importantly, my self-respect back! This is kinda a hard thing to write about, but it has to be said, not for anybody else, just because I need to keep my eyes open to what I'm doing, and kick myself in the ass sometimes (obviously, more than I have been!). Other people have tried to tell me I can do more than I have been, has to be understood that someone else telling you you need to do this, because I'm sure you can...well that's a good thing to hear, but nobody else can make you pull your head out of your ass and DO! Maybe I could compare it to losing weight or something...has any overweight person EVER lost weight because somebody they loved, told them they could, they had to for their health? Hmmm...lemme think...well, it's great to hear that somebody ELSE thinks you can do it, but, until YOU realize for yourself, that you're doing less than you can, and quit taking a lot more help than you need, just because you can, it won't change. Like I doesn't matter how hard anybody tries to help you, until you look up & see what you're NOT doing, well, you're screwed.
Mom & I sat around here yesterday after we got home for about 3 hours, just talking, and was good. We had fun yesterday, she was parking the car behind a building, and there were names on the building where certain people's names are, where they park...she drove along looking for one that had no name, then there were places there was just a letter, like an initial. So all of a sudden, she pulled into one with a 'C', and said 'remember, we're the Cunninghams'. Oh my God! She has finally decided to be me, and say what she wants!! I fell out of the car laughing to get my walker, and said 'But, I was thinking it would be more distinguished to be 'the Cheeseheads', okay? And I've called her Mrs Cheesehead ever since! :-D
Joe called last night too, and we already have it planned that he has to come over on his last day of school (teaching), and sit out back & have some Bud Lights! That'll be fun!
Okay....I'm hungry again, I'm thinking a couple ham sandwiches...and a HUGE glass of chocolate milk!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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