Wednesday, May 16, 2007

steroids, day 1!

Is this not the 'ky-oo-test' picture of them ever??They're checking out the flower box, I'm sure, to make sure everything's planted in the right places!

And the next picture is,ummm, the lunch I ordered yesterday. I LOVE these nachos, even though they sound kinda gross...they're "barbecued nachos", and the meat on them isn't hamburger, it's their specialty, pulled pork! This only cost $10.00, including delivery fee & tip! Wow!

This is from the bar down the street. It's changed hands a few times, and now it's a bar, but it's also about the best place in town to eat! Hmmmm...used to be about the best place to drink! lol!

Uhmuhgawd! There is SO much going on at this house today, I canNOT believe it! The first thing is that Bro showed up at 8 am. By the time I got dressed & to the door, he and one of his guys were walking out to the backyard, and he said they were going out to start measurements & stuff. They got done, took off, and around 10 I start hearing pounding out there! I went out to the back of the house, and the two guys (not Bro) were out there working on the ramp! I am SO fucking excited! Then a home nurse showed up to give me my steroids, (intravenous). So that's gonna put me over the moon this week!

Okay, I'm a little tired right now, so I'm gonna go stretch out for a few, cuz I know this is probably the last sleep I'll get for a week!

Oh, by the way....I think Mitt Romney won the debate last night...and he is so cute I can't believe he's 60! Ack! I think a 60 year old married guy is cute?

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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