Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Introducing Spice!

Spice, on her first bed inside!! (in my room).'re all gonna want to puke, you'll see her & Truman so much!
And, guess what...she hasn't gone anywhere but in her box since she's been here, since Sunday night! I was taking her out to the box the first night, but, Tif said she just has been following her out to the box (it's in the back part of the house), and she's pooped in it a few times, and I always see her peeing in it! Damn, she's good! So is Tif...she cleans Spice's box! X, you'd even want to keep her!!
So Tif's taking her for her first vet appointment today, and she's even gonna ask how soon we can get her front declawed, I know that's gonna be a while, but it'll be good to know. She really doesn't claw anything, and she obviously knows Truman is THE BOSS when it comes to this house! Every time he comes up to her, she flops over immediately on her back, to show him her most vulnerable area (stomach!), and she does not have her claws out! He goes up & nuzzles her stomach a while, then walks away. And she absolutely idolizes him! She gets right back up & follows him!!
And, oh yeah! This is the funniest thing EVER! She chases her tail...and catches it!! Then she'll sit there on her butt with it sticking up between her back legs, and plays with it! And sometimes Truman lays down in front of her & teases her by switching his tail around in front of her. That's funny, cuz she jumps on it, and he moves it away!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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