Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yay, Wednesday! and Bones is on tonight!...and "The Messengers"!

^^^^^^^^^...No shit?? Really??

Okay...that's totally tasteless, and I apologize.

Anyway, I just tried to call Kim, cuz I haven't talked to her all week, cuz I was busy having an iv needle poking outta my arm from Monday til today, and I was trying not to call her and say anything about it, cuz she faints when she gets a regular blood test!! I'm glad Tif isn't like that! The one time, years ago, when I was getting iv steroids, and we went to wal-mart for something, (and, no, I wasn't dragging around an iv pole or anything...I was 'disconnected') we walked past a boy with his family (the boy was about 8-10...and the whole family was pukey-looking). The boy started looking at my arm, and pointing, yelling 'Eeeeww, eeeewww, yuck! Look at that everybody!!', etc, to infinity.Tif wanted to say something to him right then, but I just grabbed her arm, and said, 'Keep your mouth shut! Ignore him, he's nothing!' When we got done in there, we got in line at the register...we were behind about 5 people, and she said, "Mom, I HAVE to say something! I'll keep it civil, even though HE didn't!!" So my darlin' baby girl got out of line, and went back and found the family, and she didn't really yell at the boy, cuz obviously, nobody'd ever taught him anything about manners and all (ya know, like bathing...brushing his hair....), but Tif told the mom exactly why that needle was there, and how that mom should be ashamed at the fact that her boy was so rude to a stranger...had she ever, ever taught him about manners? She was gone for about 10 or 15 minutes, so long that I had to let the person behind me go ahead! But, holy shit, I almost cried when she came back and we were outside and she told me what she said! Wow...

And then I think that there are actually parents out there ruining their baby's credit, as soon as the baby gets a social security number! When I was working at Verizon, well GTE then, I had at least 2 people a week calling (from all over the US!) to install new phone service in their house. When I was putting all the information in the computer, I'd usually get to the address page, and it would advise that there was a phone there that was disconnected for nonpayment. Of course, they didn't know that person, or anything. Then we'd get to where I had to get their SS#. It usually came back as an unverified #, so I'd put the customer on hold and call our verification center to check, and find out that that SS# had just been issued a few weeks ago, and it belonged to a 5 year old! these people actually think they're outsmarting ANYONE??

Kevin bought a 'best of Boston' cd last night, and oh my God, I forgot how much I used to like them! I went to one of their concerts in Toledo once, and they were good, but you could tell that, in the late 80's, they didn't have the voice to hit the high notes anymore!

OK, gotta go...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 28, 2006

another Monday...

<<<<<> least she's wearing a helmet, right?

And, I wonder exactly how long it's gonna be before everybody riding in an actual rollercoaster is made to wear a helmet...hmmmmm?

Well, I've only taken two naps today. Believe it or not, that's an improvement over this weekend. Yeah, life's still suckin' here, but you know what? I was told before this weekend that all I write about is the 80's...well, guess what...this is MY fucking blog, and if YOU don't like it...don't read it!!! Plus the fact that the 80's is when I had fun...not now! And it's not MY fucking fault if YOU didn't!! It's not that I had the easiest time back then...but it was mine & Tif's life, and if I didn't like it, it was up to ME to change it!!

Okay...after that tirade, I guess I'm done...

Kim & I were talkin' before the weekend about some shit we did A LONG-ASS time ago. My first boyfriend lived on a small street, without much traffic. We were all (4 or 5 of us) out playing in the street & the sidewalk. (yeah, we were 14, or what?) All of a sudden, here came another of the guys we hung out with. Driving down the middle of the street. On a fucking red TRACTOR!!!! Holy shit!!!

So, of course, Kim and I took turns climbing up there beside fat Davey, and rode up & down the street with him! Of course, he was just a tad too big for both of us to fit on there with him. And no matter how much we begged and pleaded with him, he wouldn't let us drive it without him! I guess he knew enough to listen to the guys that knew us better than him when they were yelling "No, Davey, NO!! You'll never see it again!" Hmmmmph! They were telling him we'd steal it and take it down to the "sledding hill" in town, and ride it down! Oh, right...we were that bad...naahhhh !

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Geez! It's been forever since I sat down and wrote anything in here! Damn! Life's just been so busy & shitty lately, well, I don't want to do a G-damn thing except sleep...
Tif & I got a call Sunday (well, Tif got the call from my mom Sunday) that my cousin"s daughter was killed in a car accident Saturday night. She was only 20, and she was a gorgeous girl, so much in front of her! She had tried the National Guard, didn't like that, but was still in college for equestrian training (she was a horse nut, and lived in the country with her parents & younger brother, in the house her dad (my cousin) built on my grandma's land years ago, so she had horses too). My God, why does her family have to deal with this? Her mom & dad can deal with this, but her 18 year old brother is totally crushed, and can't stop crying. I hugged him at the funeral yesterday, and I havent seen him for years, I honestly don't know if he knew who I was, except for the fact that I was the one in a wheelchair and I was with Tif, who he's always been close to, he and his sister and my brother's daughter all used to play together when they were able to, the girls were all older than him, and they used to chase him, calling him "Graham cracker" cuz of his name, until he'd cry. Can you imagine what the poor little boy went through, being chased by three 4 or 5 year old girls teasing him when he was only 2 or 3? God! It's amazing he wasn't scarred for life!
So, the funeral was handled by the same funeral home that did my dad's, and she was buried in the same cemetary. Tif & Zak took me up there for the funeral, which was at the church in the teeny little town my whole family has always been in and close to. As a matter of fact, I had Tif baptised in the church 2 doors down from that when she was 6 months old!
I told the funeral director "We've gotta stop meeting like this", and I was bawling all the way through this, and I felt, well, almost guilty, (do ya understand that?) when I was hugging my cousin & his wife, because I still have my daughter with me. Thank God, Tif felt the same way, cuz we sat there squeezing each other's hands the whole time. I guess this was the biggest funeral and calling hours this church & funeral home had ever had...I didn't make it to the calling hours the day before, but they were scheduled for 2 pm-8 pm, but there were still people lined up outside waiting to go in at 11:45 pm! And I thought it was really neat, that the preacher had known her for 10 years, and he said, in the middle of the sermon, that if it was the Gwen he knew, she was in heaven right now, sitting next to God, telling him how to do things!
We all went back to the church after the cemetary, to eat with everyone, cuz there were about 200 people there! So, Tif, Zak, and I went back there, and that church didn't have an elevator, which was really weird, but you know what? Guys got together and carried my wheelchair (with me in it!) up & down the stairs!! And somebody asked me, "Well...were they cute?" and I told her "well, they were all somewhere between 50 & death...but they were nice!!"
All right, I guess that's part of my shit life right now, there's SO much more going on, but I don't even want to go there...suffice it to say, my life is going to change drastically soon...

Sunday, August 20, 2006


I talked to Kim today. It wasn't our regular conversation, so I'm gonna disregard that, and just write about other shit! (so there, Kim! nyaahh!). First of all, I can see Kim playing the dustpan in a band like that when she gets old!! And, from anything I can figure out, the 'car' picture is a redneck roofrack!
Remember the old 'pull my finger' joke? Well, I had never had that done to me before Kim & I started hanging out in 8th grade! NEVER!! Before that, I was just a sorry excuse for a teenage girl, being home all the time, studying, and reading everything...and farting in front of people was unheard of!! I never had a problem with that, only the fact that I was called "Pig" by Psycho every time I burped. Cuz, of course, Bro taught me how to BURP when I was really young. Like the kinds of burps that come from all the way down in your heels, for God's sake!! Unfortunately, when I was growing up, Psycho was the one who came over all the time, not Bro!! My family was, well, proper. My mom's worst insult for anyone was "Oh! That's common!" I STILL wonder if I was left on the doorstep by someone with a sick sense of humor...
Well, a few years ago, when Tif was still in high school, in the culinary arts classes, Kim & I used to go out there for lunch at their restaurant at least once a week. One time, a girl that had a great big butt (she wasn't real was ALL in her butt) was our waitress. And she actually had an attitude! Now, I don't know, it might've been because I was "Tiffany's mom", and maybe she was pissed at Tif that day, I dunno...but, ya know what? I really didn't give a shit, you just DO NOT treat customers like that! So when she put our Cokes on the table, we said thanks, she turned around and started to 'flounce' off. We looked at each other & snickered our evil snickers...I unwrapped my straw, and it turned out to be the 'bendy' kind I was hoping for! WOOHOO!! So after we got our food, I dropped something on the floor, something stupid like an ice cube, a french fry, something...When said waitress bent over to pick it up, that was my chance! Her big ol' butt was almost in someone's face at the next table, and I took my straw, put the short end in my mouth, and stuck the long end, bent back, under my armpit and blew! You all hafta remember making "armpit farts" when you were little, right? This was, like, louder than about 200 people all doing it at the same time!! And, actually, it was probly a little bit funnier too, being that 2 mom-age women were doing it!!
Okay, I'm done, gotta go clean or somethin'...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

thursday already...thouught it was tuesday!!

Damn! How did it get to be Thusday already?? Seriously!! Maybe I'm just spending too much time reading about angry yawning hippos swallowing dwarfs...or, the story Kevin told me about last night where a guy was pushing something down in a woodchipper with his foot, and got sucked in and chipped. Oh shit. Could you even imagine what that would make an innocent bystander's clothes look like? was there...
There's so much stuff that's gonna go on in the next few weeks...Kevin's mom's birthday is Saturday...Kevin's gonna be at the doctor's ofc for a minor procedure the 21st & 22nd...I'm gonna get intravenous steroids for 3 days starting the 28th...then there's the big campout in Kev's mom & dad's backyard over Labor Day weekend. Actually, most of this is gonna be fun! (except Kev's dr stuff). Kevin & his brother have already set up 2 webcams toward the yard where everything's gonna be! That's gonna be fun! Kevin made a website for the's gonna be at 'The Lazy B Campground' ...which is their yard...his brother made up flyers last year that say 'So comfortable you'll feel like you never left home.' Their yard is connected to the yard next door...which is also, oops, his brother's backyard too!!
Really, there's not anything else up here...well, I guess I DO still hafta clean Truman's litterbox today...but, like I said before, that's NOT exciting....all right...I'm gonna got sit outside or something...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

it WAS a great weekend!

Today is my unofficial funny cars day...

The weather here in Ohio was totally gorgeous this weekend!! And, well, some of the other big stuff that's been happening in my life, is on the road to being corrected, which is totally great! And that's all I'm saying about that...
Kim called me today, and she was telling me that there was something in the paper about someone we went to high school with had died...and, actually, that's what I can always count on Kim for. She's definitely the one who always reads the obituaries first, to find out who died! My God, I never heard of anyone doing that til they were old-old!! Like, so they could compare who they lived longer know 'woo-hoo, I made it longer than them!'
Kim was also telling me she had to get her son's school registration papers filled out before they had to go to the meeting at the school tonight. I just said "Mmmmm...didn't you get those papers in the mail at the beginning of the summer?" Like 3 months ago?" And she asked, "Hmmm...can you see me sticking my middle finger up at you right now?" And I said yes, I could even feel it, cuz it was going up my nose...All right, I know that's nothing but a childish thing...but it WAS funny. Oh, and speaking of funny, I'd called her yesterday, and we were talking about her daughter (A1) going to college, and about that Kim took her up there to finish her paperwork & apply for her job up there. Then Kim was telling me about A1's former boyfriend who rode up there with them (Bobby). Bobby's the same age as our girls, 20, to 22, something like that. And her daughter's always been kinda on & off with him, but Kim's always really liked this guy...he's 'sensitive', ya know? I mean, bad enough that his own grandma told Kim when she ran into her once at the store, that Bobby really needs to go into the service and toughen up, and quit crying so easily! Holy Mother-of-God, his own GRANDMOTHER said that about him!! Don't you think she'd be the one who'd stand up for him?? So, after that long road of explanation, Kim said yesterday, "Oh, Bobby's going to California! Guess what he's going to do there?" I said the only thing I could think of..."Cry?" I'm almost willing to bet that she was laughing so hard at that, she peed her pants...
Well, I guess I oughtta go do, well, something...even if it's wrong...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Friday, August 11, 2006

friday...gonna be a perfect weekend, weatherwise!

Well, my apologies to jimmyb, but this cat is SO DAMN CUTE I had to steal these pictures! And this is an early hint for my birthday & Christmas present...isn't that nice of me? Takes the worry all out of your shopping for me, and makes it so simple! ;-D

Actually, I was just thinking...what do ya think would happen if this cat ran into a mouse? There would be a fight, I'm sure...but, who'd win??
So, I finally got to babysit for Jenga today.It's so funny how she & Truman get along so well! Tru actually walked up to her when she got here, and sniffed her looked like he was giving her a sweet little kiss! Awwww!! Yeah, yeah, okay, I had the "awwwww" factor.....
Oh, this tv channel is too cool! I've never even realized we had it before, but it's called 'History International'. Right now I'm watchin' a show about the Bermuda Triangle and the area in the Great Lakes that also has that reputation.

All right, I hafta say this, and if ya don't have any interest in the shit goin' on in Israel/Lebanon, well, so be it...I'm not twisting your arm...I just want to put it in here, so I can maybe get it straight in my mind.
Maybe I have it all wrong, but it almost seems to me that, actually, Lebanon has a very small part in this whole thing, except for the fact that it is their land!! What it's sounding like to me is that, Hezbollah just 'took over' that land...because they don't have any of their own, and, well, they saw an opportunity & took it. The Lebanese army isn't fighting now, all anybody says about them is that they're, well, ineffective, cuz if they were stronger, Hezbollah never would've gotten in there! Israel doesn't want that land, they just want their own land, and for other countries around them to quit fuckin' with them! So, if I think about it, it really makes sense when they refer to it as "a state within a state". It almost seems like if a bunch of 'those crazy-ass drivers from up in Michigan' (sorry peach!), came down here and took over on Ohio, and we weren't strong enough to fight 'em off. And then they started a war with Kentucky and we had not a Goddamn thing to say about it! Hmmpphh...I feel better, even if that a totally wrong take on it.
All righty then. I'm done...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

hey, i'm back!!

Now, tell ya think this picture of the boys was taken while at a family picnic at this park?

Well, no, I haven't done anything fun or exciting yet. Well, I've ummmm, cleaned the cat box every day, that's not new. Or exciting, for that matter...unless, like me & Kim, you find it hilarious that Truman always leaves a turd the size of a full-grown person's!! That's really not exciting, just part of our sick sense of humor. Actually, Truman is a very thoughtful cat. Sometimes, when I'm cleaning his box, he crawls over me and, gets in his box, and squats and pees right in front of me. And looks me in the eye while he does it! But...I take that as Truman saying "Thank you Mommy, for scooping my poop! I may not be able to talk to tell you, but I really appreciate it!" Ya think?

Kim & I were talking yesterday about going out somewhere, and I told her that when we decide to go, I'll give her the gas money, of course. Cuz this is kinda weird, but Kim has just this month had to start going to a gas station & pay for her gas! And she's just shittin' when she sees the price of gas now! Cuz since she's been married, her husband's family has always owned this huge pig farm, her husband works on the farm with all 4 of his brothers, and, of course, the farm has a gas pump, for all the vehicles, and all the brothers use it for personal use, too, and it's never been a problem with anybody using it (Kim's been married to him almost 20 years. (yay Kim!). But now, since a few weeks ago, 'the farm's' new rule is that the gas is only to be used for farm trucks, tractors, farm stuff in general, and that's it! So when she comes 5 miles into town, and pulls up to a gas station, and sees the price of almost $3 a gallon, she almost had a heart attack the first time!!

Kim just called me, & she was practically hyperventilating!! And, actually, when she told me why, I almost did too!!

She had just been reading the paper, and she saw a name that was familiar...I blogged a long time ago about us going out riding around with these 2 guys when we were young, maybe freshmen, and they stopped at an apartment, one of them went upstairs to the apt, the other stayed in the car with us rolling joints...and it was in a horrible part of town! So, yada, yada, yada...we just rode around and had fun and partied, and that was it. Fine, until Kim called me about a week after that, and the guy that had gone up to the apartment...well, his name was in the paper because he'd been arrested for rape. This was in the late 70's. today's paper, was this guy's name & address in a southern Ohio town, and he's arrested again for rape and for molesting children...thank God they got him again! and maybe they'll keep him locked up this time!! By the way, it also had his age...50!! Holy shit! That means he was 10 years older than us...that was also him messin' around with younger teenage girls!

Awww...this just makes me wanna puke....I'm outta here...(need some ice cream!).

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday night...

 last picture of the cat smothered in bird carcass & feathers on it? I thought that picture should've had the caption "GUILTY" under it...then I found the picture of the dog & cat here...this dog's face says guilty to infinity!! But that's not the important question is..will he respect the cat (the pussy!) in the morning??

I love Sunday night tv! The Learning Channel has good stuff! I LOVE 'The Messengers', then "The Untold Stories of the E.R.'. That's kinda my "balanced diet" know, something that's spiritual and gives you a little more hope for the human race...then stuff that almost makes ya wanna puke, cuz you never would have even considered that something like that could EVER happen!! Like tonight a girl was in there saying she thinks she has bugs crawling in her scalp...they were checking her out, and when they couldn't see anything, rolled their eyes at each other, then left the dr to deal with her...when he looked again, lo and behold, a little larvae-wormie thingy poked its head out of the top of her scalp in the middle of her hair...and then pulled its head back in her scalp!! EEeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!! Oh, I'm almost losing it right now!! Cuz I did take a shower this afternoon and wash my hair...but my head's itching right now...just like yours is, I bet!! Anyway, they think a bug laid eggs on her head a few months ago, and maybe even buried them in her scalp...nightmares, anyone? No, no, you don't hafta thank me, I'm a giver...
Okay....I just had to go over to the Discovery I'm watching 'Dirty Jobs'...kinda makes me thankful I'm not a produce mgr anymore...
Speaking of jobs...I actually kinda surprised myself today, remembering something I learned when I worked at a lumberyard once. Kevin walked in this afternoon, and I asked him, "Do we have a spline somewhere?". Now tell me, does everybody remember really goofy shit from 13 years ago, that you'll never, ever, EVER need to know? He asked me why, and I said, 'Well, you know the big screen in the back screen door? I was going to go hang out on the deck, and I had the door open, and was stepping down, and I lost my balance (again! as usual!), and kinda/sorta fell backwards through the screen into the real back door. But I was okay, and the bonus is that the screen wasn't ripped, it just pulled out of the frame! Weee-haaaa! Actually, we didn't end up using a spline (we do have one!), just cuz Kevin put it inwithout it, cuz the rubber & screen was still halfway in the frame. (yeah...he IS good with his hands, thanks for asking!)
So I also watched Mr Destiny & Groundhog Day today. And read more of the Dean Koontz book I'm in the middle of, 'Seize The Night', and it's excellent! I was gonna get a tattoo of Carpe Diem, but now I'm thinking Carpe Noctum is a little more thought-inspiring...
Anyway, that's about all I've been doing for almost a, next time I do something fabulous & exciting, I'll catch everyone up on it (don't hold your breath for me to do that fabulous, exciting thing, though...I'd miss you all!)
Oh, and I think someone thought we lost Jenga, but, no, she's alive and well, I just don''t get to see her much, cuz she lives where Zak lives, which is a few streets over...and, oh yeah...they live with Zak's mom & dad! I'm gonna start asserting my 'grandparents' rights', don'tcha know?
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August first...ya days...well, it's the second.....

didn't didi

Hmmmm^...guilty?? and...morans??...that doesn't even sound right!!

I was busy cousin Boo and her mom (used to be married to Mom's youngest brother, but they divorced years ago...nicely) came down here. Ny mom came over and we went out to lunch, and we were out forever!!

Then we came back here, & it was SO funny!! See, with my ms, I can walk (mostly, long as I have something or someone to keep my balance, which is my worst symptom). So, we were getting up the 5 steps to my porch, and all of a sudden, my legs got really stiffened up, & I couldn't bend them, so I just sat down on the second step. I wasn't hurt at all, I just sat on my ass so I didn't get hurt. So, I'm sitting there and Boo says, 'oh, I'll help you...hold on...'. What does Boo do? She friggin' grabbed hold of me under the arms and fuckin' dragged me backwards up the rest of the stairs!! While I was dying laughing the whole time, by the way! I told her I could see why she was a great mom and kindergarten teacher!! LOL! Well, she must be a great mom, cuz she has 4 kids, and they're all so smart!! My God, she doesn't think IQ tests are worth a shit, but her 2 youngest kids had to take an IQ test before they started school, and at the age of 7 or 8, their IQ's were higher than mine!! (only by one or 2 points, but STILL!!).

Then we all came in here, and I grabbed a couple of books that I knew they'd love..."Nightfall" for my aunt, cuz she's as obssessed with TWA flight 800, the same as me, cuz I think their explanation for it was bullshit...if anyone paid attention to that, it was the first terrorist attack...IMHO...

And I gave Boo the book 'More Is Never Enough', that's all about how Americans always want the newest, biggest, best products...which kinda leads to why this country's citizens are in debt over their heads, and how people want their new houses built with way more room than they need, you know 4 or 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms...with 2 kids...!!

Who knows when I'll get the books back, though, cuz they both live about an hour north of me...howEVER...I need to at least store the books somewhere for awhile...I'm running out of room! ;-D!!

Hmmmmm.....what else....oh, on the Israel/Lebanon/Hezbollah conflict...I listen to everything I can on the news about it, and, what I think (not that anyone listens, but they oughtta!)...when this all started, I think the Lebanese society wanted Hezbollah out of there, they didn't like them, thought they were nothing but trouble. But, after Israel bombed the house and killed 60+ regular women & children, even if the house was being used as a place where Hezbollah used citizens as human shields...I think the mood on the street in Lebanon is getting to be, "What do those Jews think they're doing? They're killing our people! We might not like Hezbollah, but at least they're not Jews!!" Why can't people understand this??

I don't like what Bush is doing in the middle east, but, if we weren't there, they'd be here! Even more than their cells are, all over the US. And, God only knows how many more 9/11's we'd have. But the whole mideast is like a fucking wasp's nest, and when we get involved in anything there, it's like putting a stick in the nest and stirring it up. So whatta ya do? You can't leave them alone, you can't do a damn thing about 'em. But I want everyone to remember, like Billy Joel says....."We didn't start the fire."

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!