Thursday, August 17, 2006

thursday already...thouught it was tuesday!!

Damn! How did it get to be Thusday already?? Seriously!! Maybe I'm just spending too much time reading about angry yawning hippos swallowing dwarfs...or, the story Kevin told me about last night where a guy was pushing something down in a woodchipper with his foot, and got sucked in and chipped. Oh shit. Could you even imagine what that would make an innocent bystander's clothes look like? was there...
There's so much stuff that's gonna go on in the next few weeks...Kevin's mom's birthday is Saturday...Kevin's gonna be at the doctor's ofc for a minor procedure the 21st & 22nd...I'm gonna get intravenous steroids for 3 days starting the 28th...then there's the big campout in Kev's mom & dad's backyard over Labor Day weekend. Actually, most of this is gonna be fun! (except Kev's dr stuff). Kevin & his brother have already set up 2 webcams toward the yard where everything's gonna be! That's gonna be fun! Kevin made a website for the's gonna be at 'The Lazy B Campground' ...which is their yard...his brother made up flyers last year that say 'So comfortable you'll feel like you never left home.' Their yard is connected to the yard next door...which is also, oops, his brother's backyard too!!
Really, there's not anything else up here...well, I guess I DO still hafta clean Truman's litterbox today...but, like I said before, that's NOT exciting....all right...I'm gonna got sit outside or something...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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