Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yay, Wednesday! and Bones is on tonight!...and "The Messengers"!

^^^^^^^^^...No shit?? Really??

Okay...that's totally tasteless, and I apologize.

Anyway, I just tried to call Kim, cuz I haven't talked to her all week, cuz I was busy having an iv needle poking outta my arm from Monday til today, and I was trying not to call her and say anything about it, cuz she faints when she gets a regular blood test!! I'm glad Tif isn't like that! The one time, years ago, when I was getting iv steroids, and we went to wal-mart for something, (and, no, I wasn't dragging around an iv pole or anything...I was 'disconnected') we walked past a boy with his family (the boy was about 8-10...and the whole family was pukey-looking). The boy started looking at my arm, and pointing, yelling 'Eeeeww, eeeewww, yuck! Look at that everybody!!', etc, to infinity.Tif wanted to say something to him right then, but I just grabbed her arm, and said, 'Keep your mouth shut! Ignore him, he's nothing!' When we got done in there, we got in line at the register...we were behind about 5 people, and she said, "Mom, I HAVE to say something! I'll keep it civil, even though HE didn't!!" So my darlin' baby girl got out of line, and went back and found the family, and she didn't really yell at the boy, cuz obviously, nobody'd ever taught him anything about manners and all (ya know, like bathing...brushing his hair....), but Tif told the mom exactly why that needle was there, and how that mom should be ashamed at the fact that her boy was so rude to a stranger...had she ever, ever taught him about manners? She was gone for about 10 or 15 minutes, so long that I had to let the person behind me go ahead! But, holy shit, I almost cried when she came back and we were outside and she told me what she said! Wow...

And then I think that there are actually parents out there ruining their baby's credit, as soon as the baby gets a social security number! When I was working at Verizon, well GTE then, I had at least 2 people a week calling (from all over the US!) to install new phone service in their house. When I was putting all the information in the computer, I'd usually get to the address page, and it would advise that there was a phone there that was disconnected for nonpayment. Of course, they didn't know that person, or anything. Then we'd get to where I had to get their SS#. It usually came back as an unverified #, so I'd put the customer on hold and call our verification center to check, and find out that that SS# had just been issued a few weeks ago, and it belonged to a 5 year old! these people actually think they're outsmarting ANYONE??

Kevin bought a 'best of Boston' cd last night, and oh my God, I forgot how much I used to like them! I went to one of their concerts in Toledo once, and they were good, but you could tell that, in the late 80's, they didn't have the voice to hit the high notes anymore!

OK, gotta go...

BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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