Tuesday, May 31, 2005

new week, kinda new attitude

Okay, I talked to myself (that's disturbing in itself, isn't it?), and all I could think of was "Get off your pity-pot, Nancy!!". Ok, ok! Anyway, thank you to all that posted, it really helped.
So, I was just reading an article about AD/HD, and I'm thinking back to when I was a little kid, in elementary school. The behavior they're describing is normal little kid behavior! Maybe I'm totally off base here, but, honestly, I'd be more worried about a kid that didn't act like that, that was calm, paid attention all the time, behaved the way they were told....you know what? Those people may just grow up to be the ones that you see their coworkers, neighbors, friends on the news, saying, "I don't have any idea what happened! He was always so nice & quiet!", after their shooting rampage! Geez...maybe I'm a jaded old lady (at 40!), but little kids have always needed to be active! That's part of the normal growing up process! Maybe a big part of the problem (just my opinion, you understand), is that kids are started in preschool so young. My God, did we not think the 12 years of school we had was QUITE ENOUGH?? And maybe the parents need to be a little bit stricter at home in backing up the rules. When your parents say 'no', well, that should be the end of discussion. And, forgive me, but I don't think a smack on the butt is 'child abuse'.There is a big difference between abuse and reinforcement of the word 'no'. And the smack on the butt shouldn't be with anything but the parent's hand, don't be afraid of it, and use a belt or something, so YOU don't feel it! Time outs,for the most part, haven't seemed to be working (maybe that's the reason for the uptake in 'AD/HD'...). A smack on the butt, when not given in the middle of the parent's fit of anger, works amazingly well. Remember,this is only my opinion, but...I have raised a child, by myself, for the first 5 years, and she wasn't my"friend", but my child to raise when she was under 18! NOW she's my friend, when she's 21! Just my opinion...
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interesting link...take the test

Good luck!! I only answered yes twice!
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Friday, May 27, 2005

the days are so NOT packed!

...and I'm SO fucking bored!! I WISH I could go for a fucking walk down the street! That's how boring it is here. That would be EXCITING to me! Cuz I can't even get down the 5 steps off our porch!!! How did I get to this point?? What'd I DO for this? And I'm not wanting pity, either, I HATE that! No, I'm just bitching to try to make myself feel better (not working...). And I want to drive again! I used to drive about 1000 miles a week in my old jobs, and now, I don't have a fucking license, because my eyes are bad...they're not awful, I just can't read road signs, because I get dizzy when I move my head. And now we're coming up on the big weekend where all of Kev's extended family get together to go camping, and his sis dj's a dance at the big thingy at the campground, and, guess who used to go dancing 2 or 3 nights a week...HA! The person that CAN'T dance now!! I don't know why I'm bitching, they're all so nice, if we have corn on the cob, Kev's mom even cuts it off the cob for me, cuz I'm too clumsy to eat it otherwise! But STILL!! It's getting really, really hard to sit on the sidelines, and watch other people have fun doing the stuff I used to do. Like, play volleyball? or horseshoes? or dance? Oh SHIT, I'm gonna start bawling, good thing I'm home alone...

Thursday, May 26, 2005


....Bo lost!!! This country is full of losers!! ;-)
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

a link to learn stuff at....

...if you get bored.


Great party last night! Since my hands are so klutzy, Kevin always makes me a taco salad, & it's great! So, when we sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jill (I'm breakin' down, I'll use real names), the whole family sings off-key, and we always make it a point to try to sing louder than everyone else, and stupider than anyone. As a matter of fact (and this may be offensive...), Kev's younger bro, Ken (k), started us singing on Christmas mornng when we all go over to their mom N dad's, 'Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday to you!' So now that's a 'family tradition'! So, we got Jill (Ken''s 'ladyfriend') something for her laptop, a fan for under it, or something, Kat (k2) made her a blanket with trees & 'mooses' on it, & Ken gave her a set of golf clubs & a bag, that he got at Cabela's sports store in MI, and also a pool cue! Man!! & I forget what Kev's mom & dad gave her. Oh yeah...the golf clubs have pink trim on them, and Ken gave her a set of white balls with her name on them, and another set that's PINK! So, we're all sitting around the table, and Ken said 'I gave her a set of pink balls'..I died laughing, and said 'at least they're not blue!' Everybody loved that! Then we had lemon cake, and cherry-vanilla ice cream So, Kat came over & sat by me, and whispered 'do you like this cake?' I said yeah, why, & she said "I don't. I think it tastes like lemon pledge smells!" And I whispered back, "maybe you need to be like me...don't dust!!!" lol! She is a total clean freak, even with 4 yr old twins her house is perfect!
sorry, no jokes left today...
Oh, by the way, Kev told me this morning that he hates his job so bad, he'd rather be a scuba-diver for Roto-Rooter...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY! also, Bo'ss gonna win tonight, he's too hot!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

birthday party tonight for k's girlfriend...

Tonight is the birthday party Kev's mom(J) always has for k's girlfriend, (Ji) (or would she be classed as a "ladyfriend", cuz she's, like, 43..even older than ME and Kev, and k is a few years younger than us!! Well, it must run in the family, huh? Cuz I'm one year older than Kev, and, get this, k2's husband is about 4 or 5 years younger than her! k & his girlfriend aren't married, but they've been going together a week less than me & Kevin! (15 yrs!). And the way they started going out was, he worked in the office next to hers in the next town over.and always drove down the 2-ln highway between the towns, and she actually went out one day, and left signs to him all the way down the highway to him!! That is SO cool! I LOVE this woman!! And she's the one who is now a religious psychologist!! k2 met her husband when she was about 19, and cruising around town in her car with her friends. b (husband) was runnning around downtown with his friends, he ran towards the street, and BOOM!, she hit him & knocked him down with her car!! (he was 14!!) That had to be forever ago, I guess, probably about 12 years! And they've been together ever since! She's in her early 30's and he's, like, 26! They just had twins before k2's 30th birthday, one's a boy & one's a girl. And she got her tubes tied right after, she originally only wanted 1, like Tiff! So we're going over for taco's, and everything else! I'm starving!!! Oh, by the way, speaking of food..............when I put my jeans on today, I could hardly pull them over my butt! I'm getting a 'booty', or a 'caboose', as my cousin calls it! At least they fit everywhere else...anyway, I have one tacky joke for today...

What do you call a prostitute with a runny nose?


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Monday, May 23, 2005


This'll be long....but bear with me? Okay...what's more important in life...love, or money? I'm curious, because I came from the family where my dad made lots of money, my mom was home all day, every day with me, she taught me to read, write, everything. I think I really turned out to be a total disappointment to her & my dad, because my mom had in mind the perfect little girl that she could make dresses for, and show me off to her friends, like I was a doll. That dream died when I got to middle school, but in my grade school years, I had EVERYTHING, piano lessons, swimming lessons 3 times a week, all the clothes I wanted, all the money I wanted...etc. But when I was 13, my attitude changed completely, especially toward my mom. I saw her as someone who lived off of my dad (I never got along with him, either, and no, he didn't abuse me, before you ask...he just picked on me, made me cry, teased me meanly [like called me ugly], etc...everyday). But, as bad as I was, they still gave me everything I asked for, even when my mom gave up her car for a new one when I was 13, & she got a new Honda, they put the other one (which was a 72, 8 cylinder, Comet, had been bought new) in storage for me for when I turned 16 and started driving! And after I did, my dad would go take my car out every Sunday, and get a full tank of gas in it. And after I turned 15, I was wild. Had a best friend who was a good 'follower', and she went along with everything I suggested! Who could ask for anything more? Mom & Dad even took me & Kim up to Amish country in northeastern Ohio to buy me brand new bedroom furniture when I got my older brother's room, when he moved out. The furniture was a joint decision between me & Kim, what we wanted! Well, I had some boyfriends, some good, some shitty (first one was a Kevin too...does anyone see a pattern here?? lol...of course, after I was divorced I went out with 2 other Kevin's before I went out with mine!!). Then I went out with a guy named Don, from age 16 to 18, and got pregnant with Tiff right after I turned 18. We got married before I graduated, and I stayed in school, graduated, and started a life sitting at home (his trailer).
Okay, that was a long road to nowhere...now for Kev...he was born a year later than me, and his mom ALWAYS worked. She worked days at the bank (still there...everybody knows her & loves her!) His dad always worked 2nd shift at all the places he worked, so that he could stay home with the kids all day when they were little, & they didn't need babysitters. So...needess to say, they weren't rich, or even 'comfortable' as my mom calls it, Kevin & his brother & sister didn't get extras like I did. They all got jobs when they were old enough, & had to buy their own cars when they got old enough to drive, and insurance...but...their mom & dad didn't take the shit from them that I gave out, not that they would've tried like I did...respect is the most important thing in the world to all of them...more important than money. And that was NEVER even mentioned in the house I grew up in! Money was important, but that's it, even though it was never talked about, it was just there. So now, I'm seeing the difference between having money & having character, I guess. Because, as ashamed as I am to admit it...I don't know if I'd be half as good at taking care of him as he is at taking care of me! Well, I guess I just answered my own question, didn't I? BTW...I've never gotten a penny from my mom & dad since I moved out...but that's ok, Kev's mom & dad have helped us any time we needed it, when we were between jobs, or anything. (not very often,thankfully).
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Saturday night race (Nascar for kev & k, preakness for me....

How cool! I love it when there's a Nascar race on Saturday night! k always comes over, & he & Kevin go to Kroger's & get steaks, & come home and grill them. They both got, I dunno, sirloin, or something, but Kev got me my favorite, a filet (told you I grew up spoiled, didn't I?). So when they were sitting in the living room watching the race, I heard k say really loud "remember whenh we used to eat steaks EVERY NIGHT??" (cuz Kev was a meat mgr, so he used to buy everything when it went out of date, & they'd take it home & put it in the freezer) and Kevin said "Yeah, before I got married...". Hmmmph! I yelled, "Yeah, but you didn't get 'fringe benefits' then!!" ;-) Then they went to get milkshakes for dessert...when they came back, k said they had to drive all over to find someplace to get them. Kevin said "k said fuck libby, she doesn't need one" (total joke!), and he said "but I told him, you don't have to live with her, dude!" So...the horserace was a total pisser...I bet on Noble Causeway, but he came in 5th! I WAS gonna take Afleet Alex, who fell on his knees, but still came in first! Grrrrr! Okay, I know, that's boring to everyone but me, everybody loves Nascar instead!
So, Kevin had to mow the lawn today, for the first time since, like, this summer. No, we're not gross, we just have a shitty yard that doesn't grow, because of the way the weather has been. But, today, it was really high...I told him it really looked like he'd be better off taking a machete to it first. He just turned around and said uh-huh. Then he came back in later & told me "I found a Japanese family out there, and they didn't know the war was over..." (sorry)
Okay, I'm done. My strawberry milkshake is gonna melt. Plus, I have a pint of mint choc. chip out in the freezer, if I need a snack later!
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Friday, May 20, 2005

joke...worth reading...

OFFERTORY PRAYER > > A visiting minister during the offertory> prayer:.."Dear Lord," he began with> arms extended and a rapturous look on his upturned> face, "without you we are but dust." > > He would have continued, but at that moment one> very obedient little girl> (who was listening carefully for a change!) leaned> over to her mother and> asked quite audibly in her shrill little girl voice,> "Mommy, WHAT IS BUTT DUST?" > > Church was pretty much over at that point...
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....bad for senators. If they'd just get their own blog, they could do it all day, but, we didn't ELECT them for that...we elected them to represent us in the capital, to elect the right people to the right federal jobs if the person is qualified. At least I THINK & HOPE that's what happens if a person is up for a position in the federal government, especially if it's for a judge's position! Why? Well, let's stop & think for a minute. Doesn't everybody in this country want to be able to depend on laws? And exactly who is the last person to decide if you're "guilty" or "not guilty"? That's right. Hopefully, most of us will never have a case that goes high enough to have to BE in a federal court, but if you've appealed as far as you can in local & state, you better hope there's a good judge at the federal appeals court. So the people we elect have the job of putting the best there...by voting on them! After all, that IS their job...but, by filibustering and leaving no time for a vote, they manage letting nobody vote! So, basically, what that says to me, is that the filibuster is a 'no' vote, but nobody had to actually come out and say it. That makes me wonder...'Why? Did everybody elect senators who have no balls? And if so, why? Does everybody even know who their state senators are?? or what they stand for? or if they'll stand for anything?" Anyway, this is gonna get ugly, and the senators that held up these votes for the last 4 years may end up paying...
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Oh yeah, by the way...

...we've created a MONSTER!!! (and I love it). She was just telling Ricky (her boyfriend) & me that they're trying to get rid of the death penalty in Ohio...and she was outraged! "I think they ought to put an express lane for it!!" andd she's only 21....just think when she hits 60 or 70! I totally agree with her, by the way.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

In Op~s honor...to compete with his games!

This is some of the MOST FUN you'll have today!!!



Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Good joke Tuesday!!

Okay...pirate, this is in answer to your 'bad jokes'!
A woman came home from work early one day, & found her husband in bed with another woman. Immediately, she kicked the woman out of her house, and grabbed her naked husband by the ear, and hauled him downstairs and outside to the shed. Once inside, she put his penis in a vise grip, and he yelled, "No,no, you're not going to cut it off, are you??" She just smiled calmly and handed him a saw. "No, of course I'm not going to cut it off. I'm going outside to lock the shed & set it on fire. You do what you have to do."
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Monday, May 16, 2005

water?? please read, i'd like opinions!!

Well. I was cleaning up the kitchen, and getting ready to put the trash out back (&, yes, I scooped Truman's poop-box too, like I do every other day!). So, there were a bunch of plastic bottles with some Coke left in them on the counter, so I was dumping them & throwing them away, when I got to the back, I saw that there were all kinds of 1/2 full bottles of water too. So, as I was dumping them, I started thinking about it, & was wondering, "Hmmmm...would Tiffany even KNOW if I filled them all the rest of the way up with 'sink water', and put them back in the case she has in the refrigerator?" I know, that's just fuckin' wrong, but shut up, it'd be funny!! No, I didn't do it, but I really thought hard about it! I've tried bottled water, and 'sink water', one right after the other, and there's absolutely NO difference! At least not in our city! And I ought to know, as a former "very spoiled child"! I'll tell more about my family in future posts, but, my mom spoiled me SO MUCH, it wasn't even funny! I used to call Mom, whose bedroom with my dad, was on the second floor, like mine. However, my room was all the way at the back of the house, right in front of the back stairs leading straight down to the kitchen...while Mom & Dad's was all the way at the front of the house! So, I'd call her if I woke up, and was thirsty in the middle of the night when I was 5 or 6, and, being the spoiling kind of mom, she'd get me a glass of water & bring it to me in my room, cuz I was scared of the big, dark house! And one time she brought me water, I took a drink, and said, "That's 'bathroom water'. I want 'kitchen water'. And I GOT IT, can you believe that shit? I was awful!! But they put up with me, didn't they? The one time Tiff called me & Kevin to get her some water in the middle of the night (when we were in the apartment, the second one, not the first scary one!), I did, and about 5 minutes later, Kevin called HER to get us water! She did, and never called us again! haha!!
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Sunday, May 15, 2005


Well, this morning, I woke up, and Tiffany was in the bathroom doing her hair, and talking to Kevin, who was in here on the computer. I just stayed in bed & listened to the them talk, and I learned all kinds of shit!! It was hilarious!! Tiff & Ricky (her boyfriend) were up at the new tattoo & body piercing shop yesterday, Ricky's friend works there/owns it. And they were talking about the stuff...Tiff was talking about the tattoos she has (2), one on her ankle, and one on the small of her back (Kevin calls that a 'tramp stamp')! And piercings...she has both ears pierced twice, her bellybutton pierced (I took her to get that done when she was 16...and I had it done too!), and she has the left side of her nose pierced! But that's at least tasteful...it's a very small ruby, you can hardly see it! So...Tiff was telling Kevin everything people had had pierced up there, their nipples, bellybuttons, and some women have even gone there to get their, well, their clitoris pierced! OWWWW! That hurt just to type it!! And then Tiff said some guy had his 'septum' pierced (that thing in your nose between your nostrils), and had a barbell through it. I started laughing right then, and said, "Did anyone have their 'scrotum' pierced too? Well, hopefully, you wouldn't have SEEN that!" And she said no, but they had told her they knew somebody who had...OWWWW for that too!! The guy who pierced our bellybuttons at the other shop was named 'Fester' (do you believe that shit?? And I let him come at me & my daughter with a 4 or 5 inch needle!). That was funny, cuz he walked in the back room where we were waiting, wearing like, a big black monk's robe that hung down to the floor, & his face was all pierced up (eyebrows, nose, upper lip, etc). So, he walked in & said "well, who's first?" and Tiff & I pointed at each other...then she said "Mommy...". Who can say no then? So I got on the table & lay on my back, and when Fester walked up to me with the needle (did I say how BIG it was?), I started laughing...hard! He said if I didn't stop laughing, it might be crooked. That's all it took, I shut up! So he did it, it wasn't too bed...then I got down, & Tiff got up there, and immediately started doing the 'snif, snif' thing, so I scooted over and held her hand, and as soon as he was done with hers and she sat up, she bawled! I felt awful, even though it had been something SHE wanted to do! How sucky is that?? The curse of motherhood...
So, today Kevin, and k, and k2 & her husband, k's girlfriend went to the Nascar truck race...it's only about 45 minutes from here. k gave everybody tickets to it last year & this year for Christmas. But...last year we all loaded up in our cars to go over there. It had been really bad weather all weekend, and had just finished raining. So, it was impossible for us to park anywhere that we could have used my wheelchair cuz it was all mud...we couldn't have even gone from the field where we were supposed to park, even if we'd been able to find a place, to the stands where the seats were! That sucked, but I felt much worse for Kev than I did for myself. Cuz I'm not into racing at all, even though Kev & all of the rest love it! But Kev said 'don't worry about it, wanna go to Best Buy?' Is he perfect, or what? So, when I found out a few days ago that the race was this weekend and we had tickets, I kinda hem-hawed around, and then said, well, I'd rather not go, if that's ok? He said that's ok. Damn, I'm so glad I don't hafta go and pretend to like racing. I guess there is a bright side to not being able to walk...
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

sick & wrong...

Okay...how disturbing is THIS? Around 3 this afternoon, Kevin was on msn music setting up my gift certificate I still have from Christmas...and I yelled from the bedroom, 'hey, download that song 'spirit in the sky'! i want that played at my funeral, the original, by Norm G.!!' And he took it as a challenge! He started picking out what HE wanted at his! He said he wanted everyone crying at his (he was kidding about that...I hope!). So he picked out 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' (Elvis), 'The Flame' (Cheap Trick), &, of course, 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door', & 'Would You Hold My Hand If I saw You In Heaven' (Eric Clapton?). I said oh yeah? Well add 'Don't Worry, Be Happy', and, of course 'Waiting For The Worms' (pink floyd)...and, as you dump my ashes off the top of the Marblehead Lighthouse, maybe 'The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald'! Oh, and 'Forever Young' by Rod Stewart! Tiffany and her boyfriend walked in around 4, and heard the songs we were playing & asked what we were doing...we said, figuring out songs we want played at our funerals She yelled "You guys are SICK!!" But, you know, to us, that's a compliment~! I already picked out who I want Kevin to marry if I die first. I told him, he said ok, but please, don't tell her yet! (She lives out of town, we only see her once every 2 or 3 years, and she's my age, but divorced).
Yeah, there's something wrong with us...I don't know what yet...
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Friday, May 13, 2005

when kevin got his spinal fusion...

...about 3 or 4 years ago. That really sucked! He had already had one back surgery, and we were hoping that would take care of it for a long time, even though the surgeon had warned it might not, the disc might bulge again. So it only took about a year, and it went again. So, he went to a surgeon in a big city and set up the spinal fusion. He had it done in a hospital there, and me, Tiff, his brother k, sister k2, and his mom & dad were all there, and we were sitting in his room while he was waking up from the surgery. We were all sitting there, & all of a sudden, k & their dad suggested we bet on how much urine would end up in his catheter bag before he woke up!! Now how disturbed is THIS family?? We all bet all the time on everything, NASCAR races (I'm not into them, but they all are!), football games (I'M into that!), and everything else we can think of! Not FOR anything, just so we could say we won! Anyway, Kevin woke up, and said, "Why are you all laughing at me?" Well, his mom won, dammit! And every time I decided I wanted a cigarette, I'd get up and start out of the room with my rollator thingy to go downstairs (lots of floors, but also lots of elevators!). So every time that happened, Kevin would look at k and k would follow me (i guess to watch & make sure I was ok...they're so nice). The first time he got up to do that, I had my cane in the room too for some reason...I grabbed it and handed it to k and said "here...pull me!", and he hooked it on the back crossbar and pulled me all over while I sat on the seat!! We went to the elevators like that, and everybody we passed in the halls got a HUGE laugh out of it! Especially when I started calling him "Rickshaw Boy"!! Then we went through the downstairs lobby, and there was somebody playing the piano (it was just there for anyone who wanted to play it), and they almost fell off the seat when we went past!
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oh, happy friday the 13th! here's the link of the day! >>> http://www.softwar.net/

Thursday, May 12, 2005


My friend in Australia sent this to me last night...it's interesting!
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weird weather

Good Lord, this is crazy! All day today here in Ohio (no, lillee, i'm not saying where in Ohio! lol), at least where I am, it's been sunny & in the low 80's, and I've been in shorts & a t-shirt all day...however! Now as soon as it got dark, the breeze turned into wind, and I had to go around the house and close all the windows I had open all day! AND...go change into my Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt and sweatpants, and slipper socks!! And yes, I do love the Steelers, and yes, it gives me all kinds of headaches in football season, because Kevin and his whole family have always been Browns fans (pee-shaw!). Anyway...we've been under a severe thunderstorm watch all day, I guess, since around noon until 10:15 pm! Huh...good thing it didn't happen.
Speaking of the Browns/Steelers challenges in the family...the first time I ever had a seizure (I guess that's one of the many, many side effects of ms, unfortunately!), Kevin & I just happened to be in the emergency room talking to a dr about my chin still hurting after I fell the night before on the kitchen floor (of course, the only room without carpet!), and had been out there getting it stitched up the night before. The dr that did the stitches said he could see the bone in my chin...gross!! That was something that Kev kept quiet about until the dr told me! So, we were sitting there giving an emergency room nurse all my info, cuz I wanted some help with the pain, & and all of a sudden she asked me a question, and Kev said I didn't answer, so he looked down at me (I was in a wheelchair), and the nurse said "she's seizing" and called a dr to the room, and, omg, I'm glad I don't even remember anything about this! They put me on a table, took me to a room, and hooked me up to iv's of dilantin and they cut my t-shirt & jeans off!! So I didn't actually 'wake up' for about a half-hour! Then I had a hospital gown on, and Kevin's mom & dad, and his brother were standing there in the room with us (my mom & dad weren't there, even though Tiff had called mom & told her...and they live about 3 minutes from the hospital). So, when I woke all the way up, I asked where was my Steelers shirt & Kev's brother tossed it to me, laughing, cuz it was cut in 2 pieces. So his mom & dad were talking to the dr, and I threw the shirt back to k (the little bro), and whispered 'go hang this out your dad's car window'. He laughed and took it out & did it! k is funny, he worked at the store with me & Kevin forever ago, and we were good friends before I ever met Kevin. And he introduces himself, since Kevin's the oldest, k is 2 yrs younger than him, and their sister, k2 (they all have k names!) is a couple years younger than him!, so k, the younger brother, says he's the #2 son, cuz they always call Kevin the #1 son...he says 'you know, I'm #2, the shitty one!' . It's funny, we get along really well...once we were joking around about something stupid (like always), and Tiff looked up at me & asked 'why didn't you marry him instead?'. I laughed and said 'your dad's much sexier.'. She put her hands over her ears and said 'I did NOT need to hear that! Eeeeeewwww!'. Well, don't ask then, right? haha! So, after I had my seizure (1st one ever), the dr's here decided I needed to go to the Cleveland Clinic...and we had to ride there in an ambulance! And it took about 2 1/2 hours! And, yes, I did get a $1,000 bill from the ambulance co. a few weeks later! But it just took a phn call to the ins co, & it was straightened out. Boy, did that whole 'debacle' SUCK!!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

marijuana for ms?

...i still haven't read it yet...

Monday, May 09, 2005

oops, i forgot again!


This is AMAZING!!
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i want a new drug??

I see they're advertising new drugs for everything on tv. That's to be expected, I suppose. But I still have some questions about the whole 'drug thingy'. First of all...Kevin & I always laugh when a new commercial comes on...he turns to me and says, "I've got that!". But you know what? There are people out there saying the same fuckin' thing..and they mean it!! So, do you think that might be part of the reason insurance is so expensive? I know the drug prices are so high it's crazy, but the drug companies DO use the money to develop new drugs. I hope so, anyway, cuz I want a new drug for ms! In a pill form, please, shots every week SUCK!
But...I have a couple questions...first of all, levitra...I hear in their ads where they say, 'if your erection lasts more than 4 hours, get immediate attention.'. Hmmm...I guess if you can get your wife or girlfriend to leave you alone...or the fact that four hours isn't exactly immediate, now, is it? And then there's the sleeping pill that promises to put you to sleep, but 'side effects may include...dizziness, DIARHHEA, VOMITING,'...the last two sound like they'd be about the last things you'd want to happen if you're SOUND ASLEEP!!I I think I'll take the insomnia, thank you very much...
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Sunday, May 08, 2005

thinking again...(the world might be in trouble)

Well, there's still a smoking ban in Columbus, Ohio..they just had an issue on the ballot May 3 to take the smoking ban off of bars, etc, anybody who had 65% of their sales in alcohol, and that was turned down, too. Now they're talking about how easy it will be to make Ohio a smoke-free state! Hmmm...that just might also make Ohio a 'tourist-free state',...which I highly doubt any government official would want, right?
I may be a little prejudiced here, but doesn't anybody but me think it looks a little bit trashy to see people that had to bundle all up in the winter and go outside to smoke?? Especially if it's a HUGE building with extra floors that have plenty of rooms to make into smoking break rooms or lunchrooms? As long as they put the right kinds of exhaust fans in, and put the rooms well away from the people who don't want to smell it, what's the problem?? Other people wear godawful smelly cologne, so much that you think they haven't taken a bath or showered in a week (& to look at some of them, they may NOT have!! You know, they just have a nodding aquaintance with the bar of soap!!) Nobody says SHIT to these people, even though it may make you sick with the smell of 'rotten crotch', dirty ass, bad breath, etc! "No, we can't say anything, the union said we can't. It might hurt their feelings!" Grrrrrr!!
Let me ask you...what the hell might happen if they said "we're not having anymore black people work here. They're nothing but trouble, and besides, they'd have to be having their desks outside." No, I HATED typing that, but that's what we're starting to feel like...discriminated against! So, where's the ACLU for us?? This isn't fair, it hurts my feelings to be made to stand outside and smoke! Grrrrr, again!
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Friday, May 06, 2005

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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well, I woke up today, and, finally, I feel almost 100%!! But I do have to bitch about one thing....my hands are so shaky now, that I can hardly even EAT (good thing, or I'd be a fat hog!). They've been this way since shortly after I got ms...found out in Nov 95, but was still able to write until 96. I was still able to work, since all telephone orders at Verizon are put in the computer, and I was still good with customers. Before ms, I was the person the dept mgrs at the stores I worked at asked to make signs, because I had the best handwriting...now I can't even sit here & pick up a pen and write my freakin' name!! Grrrrrrr.... Anyway, back to my attitude...oh yeah, I've always been right-handed, but now that's my biggest problem hand. One of the things my dr has me do every time I see her, is, 'okay, touch my hand with your right finger, then touch your nose.' Sounds easy, huh? Yeah, I thought so too....until, like, 10 yrs ago. My left hand isn't AS bad...but not good, either. So, consequently, few years ago, I had to start brushing my teeth with my left hand, and it is easier. HowEVER!! Yesterday I was in brushing my teeth at the sink with my cinnamon gel toothpaste (yum), my stupid hand shook, and the brush full of cinnamon gel toothpaste ended up in the corner of my eye!!! OWWWWW!! I ask myself all day today 'there's vanilla mint right beside it...can't you use that?' Well, no. I like cinnamon! Obviously, I don't get to wear mascara anymore... My life has changed enough in the last 10 years, I'm keeping what I can! I can't cook at all, well I can microwave....but that's it. Of course I couldn't cook before, so that's not really different. I can't smoke with my right hand anymore, but I'm still coordinated enough to be able to do it with my left. Yup, I should quit...but now it's been 25 years...I don't smoke tons, or anything, but...well, I smoke half as much as Kevin does, and he's the one that has to do it outside on break or lunch, cuz he's at work 8 hours a day....and I'm here and can smoke whenever I want! Kevin's such a damn good cook, I love him! His mom & dad really raised him right! His mom worked days at the bank, dad stayed home with the kids all day, then went to work on 2nd shift. I think Kevin inherited his cooking skills from his dad, he's always cooking stuff & bringing it over. And making bread....once he brought a loaf over & said it was 'friendship bread'. I took it and looked at him, & said 'you stand outside WalMart, & try to give a loaf to everybody, & say,' will you be my friend?' Well...it was funny when I said it...
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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

'tag' answers for op~

Okay, here goes...If I could be a linguist...I'd be able to read and write, and talk all the Arab languages, so I could work for the government, and translate all the ''chatter" they hear on the cell phones and letters and computers they intercept! And possibly prevent another 9/11!
If I could be a doctor....I'd love to be either an emergency room surgeon, or a brain surgeon...anything but eye surgery, which would gross me out & I might 'yak' all over the patient while they were asleep! Of course, they wouldn't know it...
If I could be a psychologist...I'd probably try to analyze myself first, then Opie, Dorko, Christine...& Kevin & his brother and sister, and THEN hang out my 'shingle' for other people, cuz I'm so nosey, I want to know everything about everybody! Oh yeah...pirate, you too!!
Additions to the "If I could be" page...If I could be an angel...
If I could be a zamboni driver...
If I could be a lighthouse keeper...
If I could be a veterinarian...
If I could be a dressed up animal at an amusement park...
And I tag Christine, pirate, & op~ again!!
Have fun!!!
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Monday, May 02, 2005

addition to a few minutes ago...


This is fun and addictive!

snif, snif, coff,coff...

Okay, how bad does this suck?? Kevin's on vacation this week from Verizon, and I'M F**ng SICK!! This is the second vacation he's taken this year, he only has one week left! And that's not til October or something! Oh well, we weren't even thinking about going anywhere (no $$, which sucks, but what's new?). I am going to take a 'vacation' from getting my weekly avonex shot (for ms) this week. I've been getting them faithfully, every week for the past 10 YEARS!! And what I'd love to know...are they even helping?? Avonex is an interferon shot that's supposed to slow down the progression of this disease...but....how do I KNOW? Yeah, I'm still able to walk (with my cool purple rollater walker with handbrakes!...well, as cool as a walker can be, anyway....). But...maybe I'd be able to walk anyway, but the hell of it is, I'd be scared to death to try to go off of it, cuz what if I ended up in a wheelchair 6 months from now, permanently? Huh? Huh?? That would be TOTALLY my fault!
So, anyway, I'll have all kinds of stuff to bitch about next week, when life gets back to normal.
In the meantime...I watched (well, rewatched) part of 'Men In Black' today, and I had forgotten how damn funny that was!! Kevin's brother gave me a $10.00 gift certificate (like, just a trial, to see if I like it) to cinemanow.com for Christmas, and I haven't used it except for 'Amityville: The Beginning'...which was kind of a 'yawner'. Of course, I've already read every one of the books about it, and I'm DEFINITELY one of the type of people that says the books are always better than the movie. Kevin & his brother seem like they've made it their business to make sure I have anything I want, available on this computer. It's a new Dell Kev got me for my 40th birthday a week before Christmas, a 19-inch flat screen monitor, Kev's brother also gave me a video card for Christmas, so I can watch tv while I'm on the computer, Kevin ripped all of the cd's we and all the family have on our spare hard drives, so I don't even have to try to mess with the actual cd's, cuz my hands are so frickin' clumsy! So we have about 7,000 songs on this computer I can listen to, just by pulling up Windows media player, and clicking the mouse on the song I wanna hear! I love it, and them, but....you know...I'd trade it all in the blink of an eye, just to get my balance, and strength, and eyesight, and...oh, everything back!! Well, I wouldn't give Kev or Tiff away, but everything else....well, I'd live in a damn dumpster, and be satisfied, if I knew my ms would go away! No, I've honestly gotten over the bitterness & depression about this 'situation', that took at least the first two years...but I still have the question, "Why ME??" But, then I ask myself "Why not me? What would make me so special that I shouldn't ?", and get myself back with both feet on the ground...(but sometimes it's funner to live in the ozone! When will they legalize medical marijuana in THIS half of the country?). No, I'm lucky, I have no physical pain with this disease (thank you, God!), but...at least it would make having it more bearable! I love instant messaging with my friend in Spain, who also has ms, but she always tells me she's getting ready to have a smoke (pot), brb while she gets it! She said all her friends want to borrow her medical permission thingy, but she guards it with her life!
Okay, enough for tonight....beddy-bye time...
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Sunday, May 01, 2005

i forgot....

...was just looking around at some more stuff, when I heard about N Korea possibly testing an underground nuke in June, so I went here... http://www.terroristwarning.com/ haven't looked through it yet, but I will...the only person that scares me more than Hillary Clinton is Kim Jong-il! I want them to invent a Chia Pet of him someday...his hair would be perfect for it!!
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it's sat nite/sun morn...but I slept all freakin day!!

I really don't have much to say tonite, i got up at like 11:30 am, and then was up & down most of the day! i'm getting a stupid sore throat, and i hate them like poison!! I can't even play my Metallica, Megadeth, or any songs, cuz I can't sing with them (I bet if it didn't hurt, I'd probly sound just like 'em, though! even on my best days, i sound like i ate a spoonful of gravel!).
I've been watching the news on and off all day. Heard about the 'runaway bride-to-be', when I first woke up around 8 am, and heard them talking about if she should be charged...I'm thinking, 'for what? damn, she's 32 years old! can't she change her MIND???' And then somebody mentioned 'those poor 600 people that made arrangements to go to the wedding Sat nite!' Oh, bite me!! It was their weekend...it was going to be the rest of HER LIFE!!! Better to change her mind now, than after a year or 5 or 10....But yeah, I realize she used a lot of law enforcement people, so she should try to reimburse for that...but that's where the public's interest & 'right to know' should end! I actually heard someone say this afternoon, that they were gonna try to find the people on the bus that talked to her...WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT?? You were just saying that they wasted all these resources on her....wouldn't that be MORE UN-NEEDED resources?? I think this is the exact reason Kev & I got married at City Hall by a judge! We didn't need 600+ people there, it was fine with his mom & dad, my mom & dad, his brother & sister, & me & Tiff, & Tiff was my 'flower girl'!We got engaged on Feb 14th, and married on the 16th...exactly what we wanted! (and, NO, I was not pregnant, for heaven's sake! Get your mind outta the gutter!) We told people that 'we didn't get engaged to think about whether we wanted to be married...we want to start our lives together NOW!' Okay, okay, I know it may not work for everyone...but everything's come together, so God must think that we gave it enough thought, huh? Plus, it's been 15 years, and I can count the number of times we've ever argued, on one hand!! But, this lady's fiance was probably quietly relieved!! I do not know one guy who would've wanted a wedding this size!! In fact, I'll be surprised if it doesn't come out someday that he knew about it all along! We'll see...I wish them all the happiness in the world, either way it goes!
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