Friday, May 13, 2005

when kevin got his spinal fusion...

...about 3 or 4 years ago. That really sucked! He had already had one back surgery, and we were hoping that would take care of it for a long time, even though the surgeon had warned it might not, the disc might bulge again. So it only took about a year, and it went again. So, he went to a surgeon in a big city and set up the spinal fusion. He had it done in a hospital there, and me, Tiff, his brother k, sister k2, and his mom & dad were all there, and we were sitting in his room while he was waking up from the surgery. We were all sitting there, & all of a sudden, k & their dad suggested we bet on how much urine would end up in his catheter bag before he woke up!! Now how disturbed is THIS family?? We all bet all the time on everything, NASCAR races (I'm not into them, but they all are!), football games (I'M into that!), and everything else we can think of! Not FOR anything, just so we could say we won! Anyway, Kevin woke up, and said, "Why are you all laughing at me?" Well, his mom won, dammit! And every time I decided I wanted a cigarette, I'd get up and start out of the room with my rollator thingy to go downstairs (lots of floors, but also lots of elevators!). So every time that happened, Kevin would look at k and k would follow me (i guess to watch & make sure I was ok...they're so nice). The first time he got up to do that, I had my cane in the room too for some reason...I grabbed it and handed it to k and said "here...pull me!", and he hooked it on the back crossbar and pulled me all over while I sat on the seat!! We went to the elevators like that, and everybody we passed in the halls got a HUGE laugh out of it! Especially when I started calling him "Rickshaw Boy"!! Then we went through the downstairs lobby, and there was somebody playing the piano (it was just there for anyone who wanted to play it), and they almost fell off the seat when we went past!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!
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