Monday, May 23, 2005


This'll be long....but bear with me? Okay...what's more important in, or money? I'm curious, because I came from the family where my dad made lots of money, my mom was home all day, every day with me, she taught me to read, write, everything. I think I really turned out to be a total disappointment to her & my dad, because my mom had in mind the perfect little girl that she could make dresses for, and show me off to her friends, like I was a doll. That dream died when I got to middle school, but in my grade school years, I had EVERYTHING, piano lessons, swimming lessons 3 times a week, all the clothes I wanted, all the money I wanted...etc. But when I was 13, my attitude changed completely, especially toward my mom. I saw her as someone who lived off of my dad (I never got along with him, either, and no, he didn't abuse me, before you ask...he just picked on me, made me cry, teased me meanly [like called me ugly], etc...everyday). But, as bad as I was, they still gave me everything I asked for, even when my mom gave up her car for a new one when I was 13, & she got a new Honda, they put the other one (which was a 72, 8 cylinder, Comet, had been bought new) in storage for me for when I turned 16 and started driving! And after I did, my dad would go take my car out every Sunday, and get a full tank of gas in it. And after I turned 15, I was wild. Had a best friend who was a good 'follower', and she went along with everything I suggested! Who could ask for anything more? Mom & Dad even took me & Kim up to Amish country in northeastern Ohio to buy me brand new bedroom furniture when I got my older brother's room, when he moved out. The furniture was a joint decision between me & Kim, what we wanted! Well, I had some boyfriends, some good, some shitty (first one was a Kevin too...does anyone see a pattern here?? lol...of course, after I was divorced I went out with 2 other Kevin's before I went out with mine!!). Then I went out with a guy named Don, from age 16 to 18, and got pregnant with Tiff right after I turned 18. We got married before I graduated, and I stayed in school, graduated, and started a life sitting at home (his trailer).
Okay, that was a long road to for Kev...he was born a year later than me, and his mom ALWAYS worked. She worked days at the bank (still there...everybody knows her & loves her!) His dad always worked 2nd shift at all the places he worked, so that he could stay home with the kids all day when they were little, & they didn't need babysitters. So...needess to say, they weren't rich, or even 'comfortable' as my mom calls it, Kevin & his brother & sister didn't get extras like I did. They all got jobs when they were old enough, & had to buy their own cars when they got old enough to drive, and insurance...but...their mom & dad didn't take the shit from them that I gave out, not that they would've tried like I did...respect is the most important thing in the world to all of them...more important than money. And that was NEVER even mentioned in the house I grew up in! Money was important, but that's it, even though it was never talked about, it was just there. So now, I'm seeing the difference between having money & having character, I guess. Because, as ashamed as I am to admit it...I don't know if I'd be half as good at taking care of him as he is at taking care of me! Well, I guess I just answered my own question, didn't I? BTW...I've never gotten a penny from my mom & dad since I moved out...but that's ok, Kev's mom & dad have helped us any time we needed it, when we were between jobs, or anything. (not very often,thankfully).
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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