Thursday, May 12, 2005

weird weather

Good Lord, this is crazy! All day today here in Ohio (no, lillee, i'm not saying where in Ohio! lol), at least where I am, it's been sunny & in the low 80's, and I've been in shorts & a t-shirt all day...however! Now as soon as it got dark, the breeze turned into wind, and I had to go around the house and close all the windows I had open all day! AND...go change into my Pittsburgh Steelers sweatshirt and sweatpants, and slipper socks!! And yes, I do love the Steelers, and yes, it gives me all kinds of headaches in football season, because Kevin and his whole family have always been Browns fans (pee-shaw!). Anyway...we've been under a severe thunderstorm watch all day, I guess, since around noon until 10:15 pm! Huh...good thing it didn't happen.
Speaking of the Browns/Steelers challenges in the family...the first time I ever had a seizure (I guess that's one of the many, many side effects of ms, unfortunately!), Kevin & I just happened to be in the emergency room talking to a dr about my chin still hurting after I fell the night before on the kitchen floor (of course, the only room without carpet!), and had been out there getting it stitched up the night before. The dr that did the stitches said he could see the bone in my chin...gross!! That was something that Kev kept quiet about until the dr told me! So, we were sitting there giving an emergency room nurse all my info, cuz I wanted some help with the pain, & and all of a sudden she asked me a question, and Kev said I didn't answer, so he looked down at me (I was in a wheelchair), and the nurse said "she's seizing" and called a dr to the room, and, omg, I'm glad I don't even remember anything about this! They put me on a table, took me to a room, and hooked me up to iv's of dilantin and they cut my t-shirt & jeans off!! So I didn't actually 'wake up' for about a half-hour! Then I had a hospital gown on, and Kevin's mom & dad, and his brother were standing there in the room with us (my mom & dad weren't there, even though Tiff had called mom & told her...and they live about 3 minutes from the hospital). So, when I woke all the way up, I asked where was my Steelers shirt & Kev's brother tossed it to me, laughing, cuz it was cut in 2 pieces. So his mom & dad were talking to the dr, and I threw the shirt back to k (the little bro), and whispered 'go hang this out your dad's car window'. He laughed and took it out & did it! k is funny, he worked at the store with me & Kevin forever ago, and we were good friends before I ever met Kevin. And he introduces himself, since Kevin's the oldest, k is 2 yrs younger than him, and their sister, k2 (they all have k names!) is a couple years younger than him!, so k, the younger brother, says he's the #2 son, cuz they always call Kevin the #1 son...he says 'you know, I'm #2, the shitty one!' . It's funny, we get along really well...once we were joking around about something stupid (like always), and Tiff looked up at me & asked 'why didn't you marry him instead?'. I laughed and said 'your dad's much sexier.'. She put her hands over her ears and said 'I did NOT need to hear that! Eeeeeewwww!'. Well, don't ask then, right? haha! So, after I had my seizure (1st one ever), the dr's here decided I needed to go to the Cleveland Clinic...and we had to ride there in an ambulance! And it took about 2 1/2 hours! And, yes, I did get a $1,000 bill from the ambulance co. a few weeks later! But it just took a phn call to the ins co, & it was straightened out. Boy, did that whole 'debacle' SUCK!!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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