Thursday, May 05, 2005


Well, I woke up today, and, finally, I feel almost 100%!! But I do have to bitch about one hands are so shaky now, that I can hardly even EAT (good thing, or I'd be a fat hog!). They've been this way since shortly after I got ms...found out in Nov 95, but was still able to write until 96. I was still able to work, since all telephone orders at Verizon are put in the computer, and I was still good with customers. Before ms, I was the person the dept mgrs at the stores I worked at asked to make signs, because I had the best I can't even sit here & pick up a pen and write my freakin' name!! Grrrrrrr.... Anyway, back to my attitude...oh yeah, I've always been right-handed, but now that's my biggest problem hand. One of the things my dr has me do every time I see her, is, 'okay, touch my hand with your right finger, then touch your nose.' Sounds easy, huh? Yeah, I thought so too....until, like, 10 yrs ago. My left hand isn't AS bad...but not good, either. So, consequently, few years ago, I had to start brushing my teeth with my left hand, and it is easier. HowEVER!! Yesterday I was in brushing my teeth at the sink with my cinnamon gel toothpaste (yum), my stupid hand shook, and the brush full of cinnamon gel toothpaste ended up in the corner of my eye!!! OWWWWW!! I ask myself all day today 'there's vanilla mint right beside it...can't you use that?' Well, no. I like cinnamon! Obviously, I don't get to wear mascara anymore... My life has changed enough in the last 10 years, I'm keeping what I can! I can't cook at all, well I can microwave....but that's it. Of course I couldn't cook before, so that's not really different. I can't smoke with my right hand anymore, but I'm still coordinated enough to be able to do it with my left. Yup, I should quit...but now it's been 25 years...I don't smoke tons, or anything, but...well, I smoke half as much as Kevin does, and he's the one that has to do it outside on break or lunch, cuz he's at work 8 hours a day....and I'm here and can smoke whenever I want! Kevin's such a damn good cook, I love him! His mom & dad really raised him right! His mom worked days at the bank, dad stayed home with the kids all day, then went to work on 2nd shift. I think Kevin inherited his cooking skills from his dad, he's always cooking stuff & bringing it over. And making bread....once he brought a loaf over & said it was 'friendship bread'. I took it and looked at him, & said 'you stand outside WalMart, & try to give a loaf to everybody, & say,' will you be my friend?' was funny when I said it...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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