Tuesday, May 31, 2005

new week, kinda new attitude

Okay, I talked to myself (that's disturbing in itself, isn't it?), and all I could think of was "Get off your pity-pot, Nancy!!". Ok, ok! Anyway, thank you to all that posted, it really helped.
So, I was just reading an article about AD/HD, and I'm thinking back to when I was a little kid, in elementary school. The behavior they're describing is normal little kid behavior! Maybe I'm totally off base here, but, honestly, I'd be more worried about a kid that didn't act like that, that was calm, paid attention all the time, behaved the way they were told....you know what? Those people may just grow up to be the ones that you see their coworkers, neighbors, friends on the news, saying, "I don't have any idea what happened! He was always so nice & quiet!", after their shooting rampage! Geez...maybe I'm a jaded old lady (at 40!), but little kids have always needed to be active! That's part of the normal growing up process! Maybe a big part of the problem (just my opinion, you understand), is that kids are started in preschool so young. My God, did we not think the 12 years of school we had was QUITE ENOUGH?? And maybe the parents need to be a little bit stricter at home in backing up the rules. When your parents say 'no', well, that should be the end of discussion. And, forgive me, but I don't think a smack on the butt is 'child abuse'.There is a big difference between abuse and reinforcement of the word 'no'. And the smack on the butt shouldn't be with anything but the parent's hand, don't be afraid of it, and use a belt or something, so YOU don't feel it! Time outs,for the most part, haven't seemed to be working (maybe that's the reason for the uptake in 'AD/HD'...). A smack on the butt, when not given in the middle of the parent's fit of anger, works amazingly well. Remember,this is only my opinion, but...I have raised a child, by myself, for the first 5 years, and she wasn't my"friend", but my child to raise when she was under 18! NOW she's my friend, when she's 21! Just my opinion...
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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