Wednesday, June 01, 2005

unanswered questions...

...why, oh, why, does the company that makes Midol PMS make it SO HARD to get at the pills? If you have f*n pms, you're already pissed off enough. Someday, a pissed off woman with pms is gonna break in that company's door with a Uzi & take 'em out for it!
why do they call 'cat litter' that? Isn't the stuff you scoop out of the box CAT LITTER??
why do they say you got a haircut when you actually got your hairs cut? Don't you expect someone to say "you got a haircut? which one?"
why are there tanning beds close to beaches, such as in Myrtle Beach, in Florida, et al?
what's up with the Dollar Stores having stuff that costs more than that, even though most of the stuff IS actually a dollar? and why don't they make it clear that some of the stuff is manufactured (such as toothpaste) for other countries that don't have flourinated(sp) water, so there's WAY too much flourine for Americans?
for people who have city water that tastes good....why do they have to drink bottled water? Especially like, movie stars that live in Los Angeles? Does Los Angeles have that bad of water? Should we be as worried about that as we are about Mexico's water?
do people actually realize what 'chitlins' are? and that some are sold as 'clean chitlins' and the other ones stink very badly when cooked?
has anybody ever heard of a 'chicken omelette? or eaten one? think about it, isn't that one of the grossest things you ever heard of? think of possibly a mom & her 'baby' together? and then you eat it? Eeeeewwwww. this website helps a little, but doesn't cover everything!
why in the world are there so many different 'tanning oils' now? didn't we used to lay out using baby oil?
why are the people we love the most in the world, the people that we talk to the rudest? some of the shit you say to the people you love the most, well, you wouldn't say it to a stranger! I really think people need to realize the value of being 'nice', as old-fashioned as it sounds!! To everybody, not just strangers! But don't forget about the strangers who help you!
That's about it for now...I''ll probably think of more later....
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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