Friday, June 17, 2005

deep thoughts...(ya, me haha!)

Okay, I have a dumb question for everyone, okay? can ya HANDLE IT?? (haha!)
All moms and dads: have you ever made up stupid, descriptive names for your daughter's (or sons!) dates? That's mine & Kevin's 'entertainment', if you will. Don't worry, we don't humiliate her or anything, we're lucky, she's been with me all her life & her sense of humor is as warped as mine! Also keep in mind that she's now 21, so she can drink, legally, finally! But we have made up names (well-deserved!) for every guy she's ever gone out with...for example, her first boyfriend was 'Stick Boy', cuz he was skinnier than me (or her!). Next was 'Mean Boy', cuz he actually tried to hit her at school...before the great big huge black guys that were her friends in her class went after him and "showed" him why that was a mistake! Then there was 'Bum Boy', who was not too bad at first, but lost his good job, and never tried to find another! The one she's with now isn't bad,(at least he's cute! & has jobs all the time.). But...he's like 2 years younger than her, so he's 'Youngster'. Is that wrong ;-) ! Aw, c'mon, you'd do it too, and you know it! So, lemme know! I'll post what else is on my mind later, after Kev's been home for lunch!
BoUnCeS!! LibbY!

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